Good reports have suggested an all-round good week for fishing last week, competitively and socially, along the entire KZN coast. Well done to all of the Competitive anglers in last week’s fishing, an excellent round with plenty of fish caught!

Rock n Surf

North- Kosi bay has seen a bit more action over the last week, with reports from numerous anglers who have had fun with Blackfin Sharks of all sizes on throw baits.  Bonefish have been plentiful as well, and may be the reason for the high concentration of Blackfin Sharks in the area. These Bonefish make an excellent bait, so be sure to take a heavy outfit down with you to slide a larger Bonefish bait.

The Cape Vidal and St Lucia areas have seen more visitors lately due to the reports of the Kingfish in the area, which have been in full force over the last week too, allowing many anglers to enjoy these awesome fish on light tackle. Some good size Speckled Snapper have also been seen in these areas, which are the main attraction as far as edibles are concerned.

Most of the lower Zululand stretch up until Mtunzini has fished well and seen a fair amount of Sharks and Flat fish, which have fed almost daily for most of last week and during the weekend.

On Thursday the B Nationals took place, in which a total of 112 Diamond rays were caught. Tugela has been a bit quiet, due to the sea conditions being a bit uncomfortable to fish, however the report of large Sharks which have been hooked are coming in regularly.

Ballito saw a handful of Skates and some Greys in the evening off the Tidal pool, with a few good Snoek coming out too. The Chase Spoons and Kingfisher Anchovy spoons both producing fish during the week.

Zinkwazi also saw a few Brown Skates and smaller Sand Sharks.  The best spot seem to be the gullies and reefs near Boys town, which have produced some good Grunter, Stumpies and Pompano.

Umhlanga has also been on the Greys, although no fireworks, some decent sized specimens were caught.

Virginia has gone off the bite recently, with some anglers fishing the last few evenings with no bite at all. The only good news has been in the form of Shad which have been plentiful.

Blue Lagoon has had quite a large surf, and very few fish besides a few Lanterns and smaller Rock Cod in the morning.   Further down near the bathing pools, there have been some very nice Pompano which use been caught on Sea lice.

Thekweni beaches has been a hotspot for Grunter and Pompano.

Addington beach has been a bit quiet lately, but has still supplied anglers with some decent Gunter, Shad and bigger Lessers.

Toti and Warner beach is also a bit off, and has only produced a few Shad and small Kingies in the mornings.

Umkomaas has had better fishing than the Durban area, producing good numbers of Grunter and Kingfish, and there has been no shortage of Brown Skates and Sand Sharks. Snapper Salmon have been plentiful and have been considered pests by Grunter anglers. The ledges have been a bit bare but started to pick up towards the end of last week.

Scottborough had plenty of Shad around, but unfortunately a lack of other species to be seen. The odd Grey Shark was landed on Mackerel head, as well as some smaller edibles in the front close in.

Hibberdene had its Locals fishing for Shad for the lack of other fish in the area.

Port Shepstone has suffered in these times of rough seas, allowing very few anglers to land fish. The lack of Kob suggests they have moved further down the coast.

Port st John’s is working well at the moment, and had plenty of good feedback from the estuaries in those areas. Kob, Garrick, Kingfish, Rock Salmon and Perch have all been in full force.  Most of these fish have been caught on the Strike Pro Sprat stick on ultralight tackle. Live baits have also worked well for the larger fish. Non edibles off the bricks have made a good showing for anglers and have been biting consistently throughout the week. Raggies, Grey Sharks, Hammerheads and the odd Flatfish have been regular catches mainly over the weekend.

Harbour – With the game fishing in the Harbour slowing down over the last week, anglers have been fishing with bait flat out. Grunter have been caught in good numbers but have been lacking in size, apart from a lovely fish of 4,5kgs which was landed on a Daiwa Exceler 2500 on a Crossfire 7ft rod, using only 8lb nylon. This fish took more than half an hour to land and almost cut through the leader material with its Gill plates. This is why the use of Fluorocarbon leader is important when using very light leader materials as low as 6 or 8lb, so make sure that a good quality fluorocarbon is used. Siglon, Maxima and Kingfisher have an excellent range of Fluorocarbon which cover most requirements.  Another great catch was a 7kg Grunter caught by Marius Niemand on a cracker, what a fish. Anglers targeting larger fish in the deeper water have landed some excellent Rock Cod and have had equal amounts reef them.  These are not small fish and care must be taken to make an effort to use heavier tackle to get these brutes out of their holes. Live baits work well, as well as a simple cracker for reasons that remain unexplained. Most anglers have resorted to using either heavy bottom fishing KP reels or even Jigging outfits in an attempt to boat some of these larger fish.

Ski-boat – After heavy winds and big seas, not many boats managed to launch during the course of last week. The anglers who managed to get a gap and launch in decent seas did manage to hook into some lovely fish in the Sodwana bay area. The main species caught was Couta, followed closely by Dorado and surprisingly enough, Sailfish.  The amount of Sailfish in the Sodwana area has been phenomenal over the last month and only seems to be improving day by day. Most of these fish have been caught as bycatch whilst targeting other species such as Dorado. Wahoo have made a surprisingly high count this week and have been caught by anglers targeting Couta on live baits mainly. Some nice marlin between 60-120kgs have been landed on the boats as well as on the Jet skis over the weekend, which is an uncommon occurrence, especially off the Jet Skis. There seem to be a large number of Billfish around, so this would be the time to target these fish if it is on your bucket list.

Fresh water

Carp – Slip ways 3 and 4 at Albert falls produced far less fish than in the previous weeks even at the low water level, however the Pelican bay and Bon Accord stretches fished extremely well and had plenty of action. Smaller baits seemed to work well, as well as more subtle flavours such as plain and Banana. Most bites occurred during the evenings and into the early hours of the morning, with the occasional fish being taken during the day as well. Fish which were caught during the day were located substantially deeper and fed on larger baits. Towards the Kyalami bay area, anglers have been having fun on fly, fishing off a boat targeting Carp on the surface with dry flies. Along with the Carp, the same anglers have managed to land some big Tilapia in the grassy areas on fly too.

Midmar had an average run and apart from two nice fish between 8-12kgs, nothing spectacular has been reported.

Inanda has picked up somewhat and apart from the excellent Bass fishing, the Carp have been feeding extremely well and most anglers have had more than enough to brag about. With the water level stabilised and the fish seemingly back in the shallower waters for now, fishing has been far better in certain areas. At this stage of the year, most fish would have moved back onto their original holdings and started to settle in again. In the case where a dam has risen substantially, any grass or reeds which would have dried up, or alternatively any new grown plant life which grew due to rising water levels, anglers are urged to fish with a line class which can withstand abrasion or snags. Daiwa Sensor Monofilament has proven itself time and time again in these conditions and is trusted by millions worldwide. Be safe, don’t take chances and remember that a lost trace is often a fish killed.

Bass– Inanda dam has been fished excessively over the last week, by anglers from the banks, from boats and even by anglers using fly tackle. Anglers on fly managed to rack up decent numbers on the northern side of the dam using olive wooly buggers with orange tungsten heads. On lure, some larger fish were landed around the Car body and cabbage patch areas in the shallows. Hollow Body frogs and Thai Stick top water lures came out tops for the week, landing some excellent fish with a very slow twitch-pause retrieve.

Anglers fishing the Woodstock dam Comp struggled for numbers, with many boats blanking or only managing one or two smaller fish. The only two bags that made any significant weight were anglers in fist and second place with bags over 5kgs each.

Dam Levels are as follows- Albert Falls- 37,64%, Inanda Dam- 79,44%, Midmar Dam- 46,28%, Nagle Dam- 80,79%, Hazelmere Dam- 34,24%. With a decent amount of rain predicted for the following two weeks, hopefully the levels will rise a few more Percent for the upcoming months.

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