A good week has passed in the eyes of the local KZN Anglers, with good all round reports and stories from most of the anglers who fished socially and competitively. Offshore angling has been superb and boaters have racked up a number of good catches.

Rock and Surf:

North – On the North Coast, good size fish are being landed on slide Chokka baits, most of which being Kingfish and Sand Sharks. Kingfish of all species have been prolific in these areas, with larger baits preferred rather than on artificial presentations such as spoons and dropshot.

Vidal has been king of the 3-Spot Pompano over the last week, with dozens being landed by anybody willing to throw a small enough bait. Although these fish have been a bit on the small side, however there have been a good few bigger fish surprising some of the anglers when they least expect it. A few good sized Pompano have also been landed whilst targeting these smaller Wave Garrick. Along with the Wave Garrick have been some very respectable Black Tip or Yellowfin Kingies. These fish travel in huge shoals in search of food, which includes Squid, small bait fish, Crustaceans, and basically anything that moves. Most anglers will not struggle to get a few bites when these fish are in the area, but remember that these are predatory fish and like fast moving lures such as the Anchovy Spoons or KF Bonnie Spoons more than most baits.

Strong winds and rains have led to dirty and off colour water at Richards Bay, with more weed in the water than most anglers can compete with in some areas. Few fish have been caught, but the few that were landed were taken on smelly baits such as Red Eye and other fishy baits. The Bay itself has fired on all cylinders throughout the week and weekend, mainly with small edibles and some impressive Grunter, caught on Cracker. There have been a lot of anglers catching Springer too, on bait as well as dropshot and small top water lures such as the Strike Pro Gobi-Poppers and Taisticks. Some good non edibles have been caught by anglers looking to sit it out through the evening sessions.

Most deep water points in the Ballito area have been producing fish such as Snoek and Kingies on spoon and dropshot, early in the mornings and a surprising amount of fish being landed late into the evening too. After these game fish have basked in the sun (as we so often see the Snoek doing) the whole day, they become active and full of energy. This is why in most cases there is a good afternoon or evening session to be had after a hot sunny day. A good few edibles have been landed off the rocky points such as Dave’s Rock, mainly big Blacktail and Stumpies.

Local – Durban has been very quiet recently with the exception of the piers anglers having some excellent angling on the weekend. There are many flatfish in the deeper water beyond the piers and those who have been targeting these fish are really having some fun. Species include Browns, Diamonds, Honeycombs, very big Ribbon Tail Rays and some Sand Sharks. From our beaches, mainly North banks and South of Blue Lagoon have been kind to the anglers over the last week with catches of edibles and some nice Yellowfin Kingies on Strike Pro and Maria Lipped Diving baits. A decent Kingfish of 3kgs was landed on a McArthy 5″ Jerk Minnow close to the North Pier.

South – Small Shad have been coming out in the Toti area early in the mornings and most fish have only been caught on bait. Most anglers using spoons for these fish have been relatively unsuccessful over the last week and weekend. A few anglers have been lucky enough to hook into some Spinner Sharks on slide baits and even a few bigger throw baits.

Winkle saw some Brown Ray action on a few of the days during the week but the rest of the week was not as productive. These fish were caught on Chokka and Red Eye baits. It these areas where anglers have been known to catch smaller Shark species like Hammerheads and Grey Sharks, it is always advisable to add a small length of 40-60lb bite trace to your standard flatfish trace. This will avoid Sharks biting your hooks off and turning your fishing trip into an expensive outing.

At Scottburugh, a few Pompano were landed, mainly on Sea lice. There are not a lot of Pompano but the fish being landed are of decent size. Umdoni Point has come back to life, with a few Rays as well as Grey Sharks.

Trafalgar has seen very good catches of Bronze Bream of late, with many of the fish tipping the scales at over 3kgs!

As far as Port St John’s goes, the Skimmington area has seen a few big Shad as well as juvenile Garrick. The points are still providing bigger inedible species especially on larger slide baits such as Bonnies and Chokka. It is good to see that the Garrick have made an appearance again and have been plentiful in most of the popular spots.

Ski boat:

THE BIG Festival is right around the corner!!!! The Durban Ski Boat Club is really looking forward to hosting you all over 29/30 April and the 1st May. Please remember that as the 1st May falls on a Sunday, Monday the 2nd becomes the public holiday. There are R1,500,000.00 worth of sponsorship and other prizes. To those that have already entered… they look forward to seeing you, to those that haven’t, now is the time to GET YOUR ENTRY IN!! Available at The Kingfisher or visit their Website: (031) 337 9506 Fax: (031) 337 7673,

Email: Please email your entry form, together with your proof of payment to they will send you your YAMAHA number to confirm your entry!!


The Festival this year will belong to the angler!! It is their pleasure and duty at the DSBC to be the facilitator and host of your event. Besides the fishing it is also the time to renew friendships and make new mates. It is also very much a “family event” and even more focus will be on our families having a great time on the grass patch as we all compete for the fantastic prizes on offer.


Down to some detail!

  • They have kept the early bird entry fee at the low figure of R475, and late entry at R600—-we know how costly fuel and other things are at it is their way of thanking you for your amazing support of many years.
  • All early bird entries will get a goodies bag valued around R260—cut off is 31/3/2016.
  • They have added a sealed weight prize that “will” be won as the target weight will be under 20kgs.
  • They are enhancing the lucky draw prizes—–remember you must be there to win; otherwise the chant will be ONE TWO SORRY FOR YOU.
  • They will be offering camping for our out of town anglers——this is limited so it will be allocated on a first come first served—————–it will only be confirmed on full payment.
  • Besides splitting the beach North and South, they will also allow self launching which will once again be limited. The area set aside will be away from the main area. There will also be a separate Jet Ski launch area, and finally there will be a push in facility. The overall objective is to get you into the water quicker and into the refreshment area as quickly as possible.
  • Please don’t forget a little something for the NSRI. They also need you to write on the form if (a) you want to self launch (b) You are a Jet Ski operator and (c) you require camping and finally if you want (d) To be push poled in.


North – Over the last week, there have been many Wahoo on the North Coast, mainly at Sodwana, Vidal, Maphelane and St Lucia. Many anglers would use a length of steel trace on their Rattlers or Halco diving lures when targeting Wahoo. This is a good way to prevent being bitten off, but will halve the amount of strikes on average. These fish are clean water species, which means that all lures with steel trace will be seen. Other than Wahoo, Vidal has been on fire with all species including Couta, Dorado, Tuna and Sailfish. Once again, the live baits have been producing the bigger fish but anglers using lures such as Rattlers and small Konas have been hooking into a lot more fish.

Westbrook had some very good days fishing with a variety of species coming out of the Boats and Skis, mainly Tuna and Wahoo with quite a few Couta making their way onto the common marks. The famous Pink Rattler and the trusty R-15 Halco Laser Pro have been doing most of the damage in these areas.

Local – Durban has had some very good days of fishing over the last week and anglers who braved the less than desirable conditions were rewarded with some good fish. Umdloti saw massive shoals of Anchovy’s which had everything from Dorado to Couta, Sailies and Tuna. The problem was the Sharks, other than that, many fish were landed. In these situations anglers need to remember to use the smallest lures or spoons that they can as the fish are all feeding on these small Frey and will more often than not turn down anything bigger than the size of the bait in the water. Number One saw some small Tuna early in the mornings and anglers who traveled to the ships caught some very nice Tuna and Wahoo.

South – On the South Coast, Aliwal Shoal has produced a mixed bag of game fish over the last week. Species like Snoek, Couta, Tuna and Kingfish have all been landed. Artificial lures produced good results in the deeper water whilst live baits produced some very nice results in the shallows. In the dirtier conditions which we have been experiencing recently, a small green duster in front of your live bait will almost guaranteed to get a bite quicker than a plain live bait.

Fresh Water:

Carp – On the Carp front, anglers far and wide are getting ready for winter. Inanda has been fishing quite well with a couple of confirmed 13kg fish coming out mainly on well fed swims that have been stocked for 3 days or more. Shongweni on the other hand has become Barbel haven with uncontrollable amounts of 2-6kg fish taking any bait you place for Carp. On the conventional side, Albert Falls is still throwing plenty of medium sized fish, especially Pelican Bay next to the old electric fence. By this time, anglers should start digging out those thick winter sleeping bags and jackets as it should be a cold one this winter with some big fat fish to be seen on landing mats.

Fly Fishing- March, April and May are some of the best months to take out the fly tackle and start fishing for Trout. If you are outside of Durban, in Pinewood or Hillcrest, you would have already felt the cold in the mornings and evenings. It really is a magical time of year for Trout, but make sure you check the moon phases on your favorite weather site; a full moon is a definite no no when planning a fishing trip. Flies to take a look at include some of the bigger patterns such as Papparoaches, Mrs. Simpsons and Hamills Killers.

Bass – As far as Bass goes, our local dams are fishing well. Hazelmere has produced some very nice fish over the last week and weekend, with a few fish weighing over 2kgs. Larger baits in darker colours are working and rattles seem to be doing the trick when used in slow moving, heavily weighted lures. Daiwa D Frogs fished in the reeds and flooded grass can be explosive now as the Bass stock up for winter. Remember that rods for frogging should not be less than 7ft and have a heavy action. Braid is the way forward and nothing less than 40lb should be used. Daiwa’s new J-Braid is available in a Olive Green 50lb which will blow your mind with its exceptional strength and durability, which is exactly what one needs when frogging or fishing in high structure areas where strength is extremely important. The J-Braid is made in Japan and is by far one of the most affordable 8weave braids available on the market and outperforms some of the leading brands used for a variety of presentations.

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