Most would have felt the chill in the air in the mornings, particularly on the rainy days we have been experiencing. With the amount of rain we have had, there has been plenty debris in the water causing difficult fishing for many anglers, however there was still hope after a number of good catches were reported from the KZN Coast.

Rock n Surf:

North – So far Kosi has been relatively quiet with the Honeycombs, but to the relief of most anglers, they have started to make an appearance. Another species that has been seen a lot more over the last week are the Blackfin Sharks which are coming out mainly on Chokka slide bait and bonito slide baits.

Again, Vidal has been productive in the early morning sessions with a few Shad being caught on spoon. Dropshot fun for the early risers using McArthy 4 and 5″ jerk minnows, seeing a few Kingies and smaller Wave Garrick coming out regularly.

At Richards’s bay, there have been lots of Milkies around to keep anglers busy, but will become a pest to most anglers after a while. These Milkies take almost any bait thrown, no matter the size. When conditions were right, there have been a few Browns and Honeycombs as well, which have fallen victim to red eye baits and a few Mackerel baits.

Further North off Salt Rock the water has been dirty and has had plenty of debris from the coming down of the rivers during the week. There has also been a lot of strong side washes to contend with but there are still a couple of fish being landed on a well-presented Bay Squid or Red Eye bait.

La Mercy mouth area has seen a few big sharks again being caught using bait boats and taking out bigger baits. Both Black Fin and Zambezi Sharks taking these bigger baits.

Local – In Umhlanga, there are still many smaller fish being landed on small Chokka baits and also Sealice. The bulk of these fish being made up of bigger Black Tails and Wave Garrick. Not too many inedible species have been landed over the last week but with the forecasts being calmer than last week, this should change.

Virginia has been quite productive with a very nice trough being present which has produced many edible species such as Pompano and Grunter. During the week some very nice Pompano have been landed, some over 4kgs.

Durban Piers have been less productive than the previous weeks with less fish being landed, but some nice Grunter being taken between the smaller fish. These fish have been landed late in the evenings along with a few Grey Sharks.

Durban beach front, mainly near Addington has kept anglers busy with some Pompano, Stumpnose and Grunter all on smaller Chokka bait and Red eye. On the Bluff some nice Black tip Kingies have been landed on live baits, mainly Karanteen or smaller Black Tails. This style of fishing requires extra heavy tackle and an incredibly good sense of balance to keep upright when being pulled flat by one of these beasts. Most of these anglers are being cut off on the rocks due to their tackle being too light a good quality line is always a plus, or even a heavier braid to put some serious pressure on the fish. Daiwa’s J-Braid is now available in a 65lb and 80lb which are perfect for this application.

South – Small Shad and Grunter for the edible anglers and countless Milkies being landed by the anglers fishing for bigger inedibles at Umkomaas.

Scottborough has also produced some fish and a few Grey Sharks if the fish can locate the bait before the weed engulfs the line.

Margate has been offering a few better sized Shad; fish tailed Barbel and some nice Bronze Bream.

Transkei had conditions which left a lot to be desired, with water being flat, brown and cold. This steered the bigger fish well clear of the area and only a few smaller fish have been landed. Cave Bass and other smaller edibles came out by the dozen.

Ski Boat:
On the North coast over the last week we saw plenty good size Couta being landed on live baits and dead baits. Most of the bigger fish being landed on Walla Walla or Bonito fished slightly deeper. Remember, when fishing Walla Walla, that a minimum of 4 treble hooks should be used. These hooks should be spaced evenly apart reaching right to the back. Some anglers use as much as 6 or 8 hooks per bait. Because Walla Walla are so slender and flat they need at least a 1oz bait swimmer. Kingfisher makes some great bait swimmers which will do great.

Vidal, Maphelane, St Lucia and Sodwana are all producing good catches of Couta varying in size from 5kgs up to 28kgs. Dorado has been seen in the deep and some good specimens still being landed.

Good reports of Snoek up to 7kgs being landed at Tinley Manor on fillets. Many smaller Snoek are being landed on lures such as Rattlers and Strike Pro Magic minnows in the Shallows. Although the water has been dirtier than off colour and not as Green as the Snoek Anglers would have liked it to be, the Snoek have not minded hanging around.

Durban is still keeping anglers busy with Snoek, Couta, a few Dorado and many Tuna. Many bigger Tuna have been landed in the bait marks on live bait, including a Couta or two to the lucky ones who do not get bitten off with nylon traces. Anglers have been seeing a few Queen Fish off the bait marks, caught on tuna baits. Remember; increase your chances of a bite by using fluorocarbon leaders when targeting these fish.

Protea Banks have produced good catches of Yellowfin Tuna on lures being trawled at fast speeds up to 18km. Surface lures such as H2o feathers and Williamson Kona’s have been working well.

The big Ski Boat Festival is right around the corner!!!! The Durban Ski Boat Club is really looking forward to hosting you all over 29/30 April and the 1st May. Please remember that as the 1st May falls on a Sunday, Monday the 2nd becomes the public holiday. There are R1, 500,000.00 worth of sponsorship and other prizes. To those that have already entered… they look forward to seeing you, to those that haven’t, now is the time to GET YOUR ENTRY IN!! Available at The Kingfisher or visit their Website: (031) 337 9506 Fax: (031) 337 7673.

Down to some detail!

  • They have kept the early bird entry fee at the low figure of R475, and late entry at R600—-we know how costly fuel and other things are at it is their way of thanking you for your amazing support of many years.
  • All early bird entries will get a goodies bag valued around R260—cut off is 31/3/2016.
  • They have added a sealed weight prize that “will” be won as the target weight will be under 20kgs.
  • They are enhancing the lucky draw prizes—–remember you must be there to win; otherwise the chant will be ONE TWO SORRY FOR YOU.
  • They will be offering camping for our out of town anglers——this is limited so it will be allocated on a first come first served—————–it will only be confirmed on full payment.
  • Besides splitting the beach North and South, they will also allow self launching which will once again be limited. The area set aside will be away from the main area. There will also be a separate Jet Ski launch area, and finally there will be a push in facility. The overall objective is to get you into the water quicker and into the refreshment area as quickly as possible.
  • Please don’t forget a little something for the NSRI. They also need you to write on the form if (a) you want to self launch (b) You are a Jet Ski operator and (c) you require camping and finally if you want (d) To be push poled in.



Carp –
Things are getting a bit chilly now, with mist forming above the surface on the dams in the morning and waking up made slightly more difficult. A few of our favorite venues have seen plenty of surface activity and feeding which is a good indication of the fish stocking up for winter. A good few Carp have been taken at Inanda over the last week and weekend. These fish were caught of conventional tackle using Honey Mielies and also Tiger Nuts. A few fish being weighed in at between 10 and 13 kgs, caught from the Camp sites which is good to see and will keep anglers busy during the Easter weekend. The amazing thing is that these fish were caught on the size 8 Mustad Carp hooks, which are extremely small but have proven themselves time and time again. A rig fished on Daiwa Sensor line will be a perfect match for the strength of these hooks.

Bass – Bass have been feeding well recently and over the last week and weekend our main dams such as Inanda and Albert Falls saw plenty of Bass landed. Most fish at Albert Falls were caught on flukes, mainly in watermelon candy and watermelon red flake. Kyalami Bay fished well as well as the drop offs around the center banks and the Yacht Club banks. Shongweni has been cold and relatively dirty recently, and the Bass fishing has not been particularly good of late. Take the time to get onto the water and search for new spots that you may not be familiar with, by sounding around with a sneaker motor and a fish finder. It is the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourself with the structure, drop offs and grounds of the areas that you already fish. As petty as this may sound, it will help you with your fishing because the next time you are on the water, you will be able to be more confident with the spots that you have studied. For the deeper waters, particularly in the colder months, soft plastic selection is vitally important. A well-chosen bait can be the difference between a great day and an unsuccessful day. The McArthy range of Bass Plastics has taken the Bass market by storm and has already accounted for many catches of 5kg fish in various dams around KZN. With the price of soft plastics these days, it is nice to see that there are well priced options available on the market that are up there with the best of the best on the market these days.

The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00 and Saturday 8:00 to 13:00. Please note that The Kingfisher will be open on the following Public Holidays from 8:00 to 13:00, Friday the 25th and Monday the 28th. Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to Go to and “Like” us on Facebook to catch reviews, videos, fishing reports, great promotions and lots more.






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