Happy Easter to all and safe holidays. With many families down on holiday over the weekend past, various reports have come in from anglers who have been able to get down to the water and spend some time doing what they do best. All in all, a good week and weekend has passed and many anglers will be going home happy.

Rock and Surf:

North – Kosi Bay has been fishing quite well over the last few days now, with bigger Sharks and Honeycombs coming out on a regular basis. Edible fish species of all types were landed over the weekend and some very nice Kingies were also caught. Plugging seems to be the more exciting method of catching these Kingfish, however the smaller fish seem to get to the lures first, making live baits and larger slide baits the better option for the bigger more aggressive Kingies. Cape Vidal has produced an impressive amount of Bonefish and 3 Spot Pompano, whilst the spinning enthusiasts were kept well busy catching smaller Kingies, mainly Blue Fin and Black Tip Kingies. The odd Black Fin Reef Shark has been landed at night on live baits such as Blacktail or even Bonefish. Maphelane has had a much better showing of Shad, which seem to be making pests of themselves by eating any bait that hits the water, irrespective of size. Even live Shad have been eaten by other Shad in some cases. In situations like this, unfortunately the only thing one can do is relocate to areas which have not seen Shad activity. There will be more edible fish in these areas but not as many game fish, which generally follow the Shad. If it is your wish to catch these smaller Shad all day long, then the right choice would be small spoons such as the Toby spoon, and remember to practice catch and release. Be sure to remove the original treble hooks from your spoons and fit them with the suited size of Mustad Tarpon C68 single hook, which will be the absolute best bet for any style of spoon, boasting the ability to be packed away without washing and still not rust, it is the perfect option for youngsters who struggle to look after their tackle. Richards Bay has seen more than enough Milkies, by any body’s standards. There are few fish that get to the bait before these fish latch on and ruin a well-presented offering. The Bay itself has impressed many anglers with its diversity, mainly during the day on spinning tackle for those who seek game fish. King Fish and Springer have been more than active for many anglers using small top water lures and smaller spoons. Some big Shad were also caught in the Bay close to the Caesarians over the weekend, along with some other smaller game fish. Salt Rock and surrounding areas has been productive recently, but over the weekend more so than before, with a good amount of Stumpies and Black Tip Kingies being landed on throw baits. The Kingies have also been hooked on spoons and McArthy drop shot early in the mornings. Ballito anglers have been treated to one or two Duckbill Rays and the odd Grey Shark, including one of around 10kg landed by Richard Weaver, a visitor from Trinidad in the West Indies, thanks to Lloyd Pereira for making Richards dream come true. Most anglers throwing small blob baits for Stumpies and Pompano have been picked up by smaller Browns as well which are always welcomed on light tackle. Westbrook has been relatively quiet of late, but has seemed to turn on over the last week or so, with some good sized Bone Fish coming through at over 2kgs, caught on soft juicy Chokka baits. Also caught on the same baits, a few Stumpies and larger Blacktail have been showing face for the last week or so. A few Spinner Sharks have been landed in the evening too.

Local – Umhlanga has been struggling a bit but had been picking up towards the end of the week, with Shad, Grey Sharks and Stumpies being landed, unfortunately most of the Shad have been undersized. Durban Piers have been producing fish such as Grunter and Pompano, even on Sardine. Blue Lagoon saw many Grunter coming out on most days last week, with some anglers getting as many as 5 fish. Remember the size limits of 40cm. Bluff anglers have been talking of the action with larger flatfish and also big Kingfish taking live baits.

South – Umkomaas has been seeing some small Kob becoming more and more frequent which is a very good indication of the change of season. Soon we will be seeing bigger Kob and Garrick moving up the coast. Brown Rays seem to have moved on from this area with very little sign of them over the last week. Ladder Rock has been starting to get some Hound Sharks in, taking mainly big bloody baits, but be sure to use steel trace in this area. The Hole In The Wall and surrounding areas produced some Blackfin, Hammer Head Sharks, and for the anglers who fish for the pot, some nice Shad making good size as well as other edibles such as Bronze Bream which are feeding very well at the moment.

Ski boat:

North – Whilst most anglers had a bit of a tough time with the weekend’s winds blowing, the sea was manageable on Sunday and still gave the anglers something for their efforts. Sunday was the day to fish, with small swells and light winds up until about 10am in most areas. Maphelane seems to be fishing quite well at the moment, with most pelagic. With the fluctuating currents and temperature over the majority of our coast line, targeting any specific species has been a bit of a nightmare, but the one species which has stood out amongst others is our toothy friend, the King Mackerel.  Almost every boat that targeted Couta was rewarded with fish and it has been nice to see that most of these fish are of impressive size. It has not been uncommon to boat fish of over 20kgs, and many an angler has had fish over 30kgs this season thus far. This can only be a good sign of what is to come. Other species which have provided action include Wahoo, Dorado and Tuna. Vidal and St Lucia have produced the goods as well, with good feedback all round with the use of Rattlers and Halco lures. More King Fish have been boated over the last week, including some very nice Yellow Spot Kingies. The odd Sailie has been landed on live bait and on smaller Konas such as Williamson Tuna catchers and Sailfish catchers. Zinkwazi produced dozens of quality Couta when the weather played its part, but saw a decrease in catches as the colder water moved through. This area had the Lion’s share of Couta along our coast over the last week, with some fish of 20kgs coming out on the bait marks

Local – Durban has seen yet another Tuna explosion, after a relatively quiet spell. The thing that amazes us though, is the size of these fish. The smaller Tuna have been few and far between, with the larger fish being taken on poppers and live bait. The New Daiwa Exceler 7ft MH Boat rod is getting in on the action seeing its fair share of Tuna up to 32kgs on popper around the bait marks.  Sunday and Monday was the day to fish for those of you who target Snoek, as Blue Lagoon and La Mercy offered Snoek to anybody on a boat. Most of these fish fed in the dirty water and took Anchovy spoons and chrome Sprat spoons. Although some boats caught more than 10 fish including Shad, Snoek and Tuna, please remember that there is a limit of 10 fish per angler, which includes any other fish! E.g. 5 Snoek and 5 Tuna, not 10 Snoek and 5 Tuna. During the excitement of catching a number of fish, many anglers tend to forget the smaller fish they have caught for bait etc., and can easily make the mistake of overshooting their limits. Along with the catches of Snoek, stories of Couta and Wahoo were also plentiful. We are to expect less than desirable weather conditions late this week so make sure that you get on the water before the swells pick up.

The big Ski Boat Festival is right around the corner!!!! The Durban Ski Boat Club is really looking forward to hosting you all over 29/30 April and the 1st May. Please remember that as the 1st May falls on a Sunday, Monday the 2nd becomes the public holiday. There are R1, 500,000.00 worth of sponsorship and other prizes. To those that have already entered… they look forward to seeing you, to those that haven’t, now is the time to GET YOUR ENTRY IN!! Available at The Kingfisher or visit their Website: (031) 337 9506 Fax: (031) 337 7673.

Down to some detail!

  • They have kept the early bird entry fee at the low figure of R475, and late entry at R600—-we know how costly fuel and other things are at it is their way of thanking you for your amazing support of many years.
  • All early bird entries will get a goodies bag valued around R260—cut off is 31/3/2016.
  • They have added a sealed weight prize that “will” be won as the target weight will be under 20kgs.
  • They are enhancing the lucky draw prizes—–remember you must be there to win; otherwise the chant will be ONE TWO SORRY FOR YOU.
  • They will be offering camping for our out of town anglers——this is limited so it will be allocated on a first come first served—————–it will only be confirmed on full payment.
  • Besides splitting the beach North and South, they will also allow self launching which will once again be limited. The area set aside will be away from the main area. There will also be a separate Jet Ski launch area, and finally there will be a push in facility. The overall objective is to get you into the water quicker and into the refreshment area as quickly as possible.
  • Please don’t forget a little something for the NSRI. They also need you to write on the form if (a) you want to self launch (b) You are a Jet Ski operator and (c) you require camping and finally if you want (d) To be push poled in.


Fresh water:
Fly fishing-
We believe April is prime time for Fly Fishing for Trout in KZN. Places such as Underberg area and Swartberg are already feeling the nip of winter and water temperatures have plummeted. This really turns the Trout into breeding mode and flies resembling Dragon Fly Nymphs and small Minnows will produce lots of fish. Many of our dams have fished well and it is recommended to go have a throw while you can still comfortably stand in the water for a decent session. Most of the waters in the Underberg area, (those that are not very dirty from the recent rains), have been fishing incredibly well.

Bass – On the Bass front, all local dams are fishing very well, with most waters stained or off coloured due to rains and fluctuating water temperatures. Inanda has become relatively green with algae growth recently but is still producing fish. Expect to see water clearing up and becoming cleaner as the water temp drops. Whilst the water visibility is low, colours that have worked well include black, June bug and most chartreuse tailed lures. Dip and Glo is a must! All lures that have the profile which are able to accommodate rattles should be used deep with any form of rattle possible. Adding two glass beads above your hook will not only add a nice shine to your bait but imitates the sound of feeding baptism or small coruscations. Hazelmere Dam has begun to fish much better recently with its increasing water levels, which have reached 42, 45%.  This is a huge improvement and should be good for the anglers targeting Bass on the Float Tubes and Kick Boats. Albert Falls is sitting steady at 35, 32% and is fishing well at the moment, seeing some decent catches from the banks too. Inanda seems to have settled on 80,62% and has also had its fair share of fish in the 2-3kg range,  a few of which were taken on the Daiwa D Frogs and various spinnerbaits.

Carp- A weekend spent at Shongweni Dam proved fruitless, with little or no fish action. Inanda has produced some stunning fish over the weekend, caught on FX boilies and the conventional anglers seeing good fish on aniseed and honey mielies. Albert Falls continues to produce quality fish on most baits. A cast into the depths has proven less productive than a closer cast, probably due to the fact that the dam has settled at its level and the fish are set on an ideal depth. After the rains, a few anglers had some fun at the slipways and had a variety of fish taking Flying Ants on floats including Tilapia, Barbel, Bass and Carp; this is exceptional fun for the youngsters.

The Kingfisher’s trading hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:00 and Saturday 8:00 to 13:00. Please send any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area to Go to and “Like” us on Facebook to catch reviews, videos, fishing reports, great promotions and lots more.






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