Large seas made for difficult fishing in most areas over the last week, with wind and rain making things even more difficult for most anglers. The shelter of the Harbour meant that quite a few anglers spent some time, in the calmer waters targeting Grunter and other species. Most anglers had good success and although the conditions at sea were far worse, reports still remain fairly decent.

Rock ‘n Surf:

North –
Kosi Bay has had some good fishing over the last week, especially for those who have targeted inedibles. Big Honeycomb Rays have been landed on fleshy baits, preferably fresh fish baits. More big Brown Rays and the odd Sand Shark have been seen landed on the same kind of fleshy baits used as with the Honeycombs. Lots of white rolling water due to the winds meant that much heavier sinkers had to be used.

Sodwana has had anglers busy with smaller edible fish such as Speckled Snapper, Bonefish and Spadefish. These fish have moved in with the prolonged North East winds. Fishing has been difficult and uncomfortable but the rewards are definitely something to write home about.

Richards Bay anglers are beginning to find the Spinner Sharks a nuisance recently, which have been taking anything on a hook.

Zambezi Sharks have been landed on swim baits and bigger slide baits which have taken perseverance to fish.

Ballito anglers hooked into Browns, Grey Sharks and a few smaller Diamonds. There have been a handful of Eagle Rays as well. Small Shad have been frequenting the area and make an excellent bait for most inedibles. Spinning enthusiasts are having some fun with these smaller Shad in the mornings, but have had more success with the Kingfisher Toby spoons in the 40g version, as the sea was up anglers needed a decent cast.

Anglers at La Mercy are still getting a few non-edible fish such as Browns and Sandies in the evenings, but the strong North East winds have also made fishing difficult for most anglers. The water has been dirty and rough, but will end up fairly decent by the end of the week, with Saturday looking like a cracker of a day for inedibles with the North Easterly winds coming up nicely.

Local – Umdloti took a bit of a pounding from the winds and not many fish were caught. Some small edibles for the guys scratching with light tackle in the quieter areas.

Umhlanga has been very quiet over the last week and weekend with only a couple of Grey Sharks being landed on Mackerel.

Blue Lagoon north bank has also been a bit quite apart from the Pompano and Grunter which have been taken on Sealice rigged on the Mustad Tarpon C68 hooks. The beach area has also been a bit quiet with only a few Shad. With the Westerly predicted early this week, try spinning for Snoek from this area as the West will assist with a long cast into the deep. Snoek have been known to go into feeding frenzies during the West so don’t be scared to give it a try.

Durban Piers are still producing lots of small Shad and due to the water temperature dropping, much more bait fish such as Red Eye and Maasbanker. The odd Brown Rays has been landed too. Smaller edibles such as Grunter, Sole, Snapper Salmon and Pompano have been landed on small Chokka baits or Sealice.

The Bluff is still producing Kingfish, but only on live baits. Live Karanteen is the best bait by far, but few and far between as well. With the water being rough, the Kingfish have moved into the shallows to feed. This generally happens when the Westerly pulls through. Remember, heavy tackle and thick line for these dirty fighters. For these fish, Maxima leader line is preferred, and is now available in 1,00mm up to 2,0mm.

South – Toti has been quiet except for small Shad and the odd Ray on the low tide. Most spots on the South Coast have produced very little fish due to the unsettled seas and strong winds. Bronze Bream, Hound Sharks, small Shad and Stone Bream have been the main species being landed. Most points are still producing Grey Sharks and Hammer Head Sharks. Most estuaries have seen some very nice Kob coming out, as well as a few Garrick.

Harbour – After quite some time of very unproductive fishing in the harbour, things have started to heat up somewhat and reports have come flying through. Charter boats as well as recreational anglers have had nothing but good stories from the harbour over the last week and it doesn’t stop there, the amount of game fish being caught around the popular spots for spinning has increased heavily.  With a seemingly immediate disappearance of the Pick Handle over the last two weeks, the Kingfish and Torpedo Scads have come through thick and fast, along with some good sized Sand Gurnards and Ox Eye Tarpon. The 2, 5″ McArthy Paddle tails have been king in the harbour and seem to be pulling more fish than any other bait. Rigged with a strong Mustad Jig head in 5g or 7g, this is unbeatable for most game fish species.

On the bait side of things, Grunter have made an appearance and have been averaging around 400mm/500mm. Most fish are being taken on Red Eye or Cracker. The sand banks have been relatively quiet and have seen a few Sand Gurnards and smaller fish. The larger Grunter seems to be hanging around the deeper waters where many anglers have found themselves hooking into a few Snapper Salmon too.

Ski Boat:

Over the last week the North East winds have made fishing on a Ski Boat extremely uncomfortable, if not impossible.  There were few gaps to fish, but anglers took advantage when possible. With the winds blowing for this long and as strong as they have been, the water becomes very choppy and off coloured. This will cause most fish to move off in search for cleaner water. Our entire coast line from Vidal to Protea Banks has been effected by this and fishing has been difficult throughout. There have however been fish landed in dribs and drabs. Some big Yellowfin Tuna have been landed off Durban on live baits but there are a lot of Sharks taxing most catches. The one species which doesn’t mind off coloured water and has been caught by many is our Natal Snoek. Snoek have a keen sense of smell and can locate a fillet strip bait in the dirty water, which has been the most popular presentation so far.


There have been a handful of Couta which have been landed in the cleaner patches of water off Seabell and Umdloti, mainly on Mackerel and Wala Wala.


Blue Lagoon has been working for most, with plenty of Snoek coming out on ice blue dusters; this may be due to the dirty water. Strike Pro lures have also got a few bites.


Further down the South Coast near Green Point there have been good catches of Couta on the Kayaks and Boats. Bottom fishing has been good recently, with many winter species moving through. Large shoals of Geelbek have arrived with the colder water.


The Durban Wrecks and the Table Top area have produced good catches of Geelbek over the last week. It is good to see the fish here a bit early, but this has been on and off according to water temperature.


The big Ski Boat Festival is right around the corner!!!! The Durban Ski Boat Club is really looking forward to hosting you all over 29/30 April and the 1st May. Please remember that as the 1st May falls on a Sunday, Monday the 2nd becomes the public holiday. There are R1, 500,000.00 worth of sponsorship and other prizes. To those that have already entered… they look forward to seeing you, to those that haven’t, now is the time to GET YOUR ENTRY IN!! Available at The Kingfisher or visit their Website: (031) 337 9506 Fax: (031) 337 7673.

Down to some detail!


  • They have added a sealed weight prize that “will” be won as the target weight will be under 20kgs.
  • They are enhancing the lucky draw prizes—–remember you must be there to win; otherwise the chant will be ONE TWO SORRY FOR YOU.
  • They will be offering camping for our out of town anglers——this is limited so it will be allocated on a first come first served—————–it will only be confirmed on full payment.
  • Besides splitting the beach North and South, they will also allow self launching which will once again be limited. The area set aside will be away from the main area. There will also be a separate Jet Ski launch area, and finally there will be a push in facility. The overall objective is to get you into the water quicker and into the refreshment area as quickly as possible.
  • Please don’t forget a little something for the NSRI. They also need you to write on the form if (a) you want to self launch (b) You are a Jet Ski operator and (c) you require camping and finally if you want (d) To be push poled in.



Carp – In most of our waters, Barbel are still present and have not gone off the bite as yet. Some anglers fish over the last week and picked up a few small Barbel. Only once the water temperature has dropped substantially will anglers start to see a decline in Barbel activity. Reports from Inanda are improving as the water temperature becomes ideal, and the fish start feeding far better. Shongweni is still relatively quiet, with some Barbel activity over powering the Carp activity. The average Carp at Inanda has been far bigger than in previous weeks and seem to be feeding extensively in certain areas closer to the river inlet.

Bass – As is usual for this time of year, Bass anglers find themselves engulfed by warm winter wear and travel from one spot to the next has slowed down in fear of near frost bite. The Bass have fed themselves to the point of bursting and many anglers will be in on the action in most of our dams.

Albert Falls is yet to disappoint, with many stocky Bass being landed over the weekend.

Inanda has surprised us with the amount of fish, unfortunately the average size being relatively smaller than that of Albert Falls.

Shongweni has fished quite well off the banks and has produced some fine specimens. Most anglers have been using flukes over the last decade and have had loads of success; new on the market is the Daiwa J Braid in a 15lb breaking strain, ideal for throwing weightless flukes around grass.

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