What a week! Flat seas have been motivation for many anglers to get to the water and wet a line. This has resulted in numerous catches amongst Rock and Surf anglers as well as boaters along the coast with some exceptional catches seen towards the end of the week. Spinning has again come back to life and many catches have been reported throughout the week.

Rock ‘n Surf:

North –
Kosi Bay saw a decent amount of anglers at water’s edge, fishing mostly for edibles such as Stumpies, Bonefish and Kingies, with most of these fish being caught on Chokka baits and Red Eye baits. Most anglers have been successful on the high tide sliding bigger baits such as Bonnies and Mackerel. These Sharks frequent this area during the February – May months and due to their aggressive feeding patterns, will take almost any bait big enough for them to locate. Most anglers would prefer the sliding method but when these Sharks are plentiful, bigger baits such as Bonito head or whole Bonito can be casted. This can only be done with a good quality, heavy duty rod such as the Daiwa Saltist HMG 12oz.

Cape Vidal has been quiet over the last week and weekend but such results are only inevitable with the amount of visitors seen in these areas. Most beaches at these popular tourist locations are full of families soaking up the sun and leave little room for the serious angler at certain times of year.  The few anglers who did brave the crowds did however see results and species such as Pompano, Stumpnose and Kingies were landed.

At Richards Bay, it was nice to see quite a few warm water species still hanging around, with the winter species creeping in too. A good few Sand Sharks have been landed on smaller baits such as Mackerel head throw baits and small Chokka slide baits. Spinner Sharks are also still in the area and are showing no signs of moving on just yet.  Brown Rays have been caught on the smaller baits that are intended for species such as Pompano which have also been present in the Richards Bay area over the last week or two. Honeycombs seem to have been a popular target species and have been caught regularly.

Zinkwazi has begun to heat up slightly, seeing catches of various flatfish, such as Honeycomb Rays and Sand Sharks, a few Shark species such as Greys and small Black Tip Sharks and a variety of edibles which were taken on smaller baits.

Spinning enthusiasts have been happy with the fishing on the North Coast, particularly in the Sheffield area where there have been many Kingfish as well as a few Snoek catches. Spinning enthusiasts are always after a better cast and more power out of their line which has been extremely expensive up till now, but with the release of the already Popular Daiwa J-Braid now in a 15lb option, there are going to be big changes for many anglers. This thinner but stronger option will allow anglers to cast much further and still have the power to pull a large fish with ease. Ballito produced the odd Grey Shark, a handful of Brown Rays and some nice Stumpies for the anglers willing to lose some tackle near the rocks.

Local – Durban anglers flocked to the beaches to get their share of fishing in the good weather we had over the weekend. Fish that were seen over the weekend include many Lesser Sand Sharks, some huge Pompano some of which weighed in at over 6kgs, and a good few Grunter. Most fish were caught on Sea lice or Chokka baits. Durban had an excellent week which has produced various fish including over 50 reported Honeycomb Rays which have mostly been taken on Bonito or larger Mackerel baits. The Piers have started to produce good numbers of Shad and Bonito which have been keeping anglers busy, particularly those who have been making use of the Kingfisher Anchovy spoon.

South – The Bluff saw its fair share of anglers too, and it seems the fish decided to make an appearance as well. There have been many smash ups near the rocks, many of which are believed to be big specimen of Black Tip Kingies,  which have taken live baits as well as throw baits. Anglers also hooked into a decent amount of Grey Sharks and Stumpies.

Scottborough has been a bit quiet, with hardly any reports, besides a few Grey Sharks and Brown Rays, the odd Kingfish and Snoek has also made an appearance.

Port Edward has been productive recently with a generous supply of Hound Sharks. These fish have been landed mainly in the afternoons and have been enjoying Mullet head.

Port St John’s has had very good Shark angling off the deep water points, with most of the bites being in bigger slide Chokka. Good numbers of Kob and Garrick have been seen down south and many anglers have already started landing fish on McArthy Paddle tails, having loads of fun.

Ski Boat:
It has taken long enough, but St Lucia, Cape Vidal and Maphelane have been on fire over the last week, with massive shoals of Snoek and dozens of Couta. Reports from Maphelane indicate that the catches of Couta over 15kgs have sky rocketed. Most fish being landed on Walla Walla or Bonnies. Snoek have been taking almost any bait in the water but the bigger fish have been landed on Red Eye fillet traces and once again the trusted Strike Pro Magic Minnows.


Zinkwazi has also produced good catches of Couta over the last week and these have been bigger Couta of about 16-25kgs, which is good to see. Live Bonito seems to be the best bait for these bigger fish, with Walla Walla being the second choice. It is often difficult to catch live Bonnies as they are feeding on tiny Sprats, and in order to imitate the Sprat anglers have been very successful using Kingfisher Sprat spoons or smaller Anchovy spoons. These spoons can be retrieved at lightning speed and are extremely effective.


Durban has been very good to us with Tuna, many of which have been over 20kgs, Snoek and only recently, bottom fish such as Geelbek and Daga. We have had more reports of Geelbek as the days pass. Hopefully we will have a good season!


Good catches of Snoek from the Umhlanga area, most of which include reports of fillet being the go-to bait. Not too many fish have been landed, however the size of the fish have been impressive. Some sizey Couta and Tuna have been landed, and also some nice Yellow Tail.

Aliwal Shoal has produced many Tuna on trawling lures such as the Kingfisher Rattlers.


Make sure to get involved in the upcoming Durban Ski Boat Festival which should be a cracker of a tournament this year with the amount of Couta coming out in the recent weeks. The Durban Ski Boat Club is really looking forward to hosting you all over 29/30 April and the 1st May. Please remember that as the 1st May falls on a Sunday, Monday the 2nd becomes the public holiday. There are R1, 500,000.00 worth of sponsorship and other prizes. To those that have already entered… they look forward to seeing you, to those that haven’t, now is the time to GET YOUR ENTRY IN!! Available at The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, Durban or visit their Website: Tel: (031) 337 9506 Fax: (031) 337 7673.



Durban Bay has fished extremely well over the last 2 weeks but last week saw some big fish being landed, including some Grunter of over 5kgs. The amount of bait at the harbour mouth seems to be drawing fish into the Bay, resulting in some awesome catches. Charter boats have seen good catches of Grunter and also some nice Stumpies. Many top anglers have recommended Mustad Chinu size 4 or 6 for a general presentation with the use of Cracker as bait, as these hooks keep the Cracker alive longer and are less detectable when the bait is taken. For the anglers on the piers, Rock Cod and Perch have been plentiful. Catches of Kingies have also increased, more towards the Coaling terminal and Grunter Gully side. With the colder water moving through day by day, make sure to get in on the Garrick action this year, but remember, the Garrick do not stay in the Bay for long so keep reading the report for signs of activity.

Fresh water:

Carp –
Specimen and Conventional Carp anglers country wide will be happy to hear that the fish on the bite and have been caught throughout the week. The ideal reel for conventional anglers looking for the edge over other anglers, or even for Specimen anglers who enjoy fishing Margins and Mouse-trapping is the Daiwa Emcast 4000 or 5000 which is ideal for a light 12ft rod or a 10ft rod. This reel is packed with features and has already been on the market for a while now, impressing every angler who uses it. May is a great month to be outside, camping and fishing. The evenings and mornings are fresh, and the sun is looked forward too, but the heat is moderate and angling becomes pleasant. The weather is also relatively predictable and trips can be planned easily. The Carp have been on the bite and dams such as Albert Falls and midmorning seem to be fishing the best. Over the weekend most of our dams saw few anglers and many anglers had time to relax and scope out the dams. If these dams are investigated when surrounding factors cause for good fishing, it is time wasted and one should consider using “bad weather” or “crowded dams” to their advantage and research water depth, structure, bed consistency and fish activity during these times.

Bass – Inanda has produced some fine specimen of up to 4,7kgs over the weekend, and it is also nice to see the fish in such good condition. Frogs and other surface lures seem to be working well.

Albert Falls has yet again produced lunker Bass for the anglers fishing competition and socially. Pelican Bay seems to be the spot of choice and reports of either floating minnows such as the z Man minnows and also the paddle tail style lures such as the McArthy Slinky.

Hazelmere has fish slowly but has seen decent Bass up to 3kgs, caught mostly on brush hogs and spinner baits. With the water coming up, the fishing has really turned on and reports are promising for the upcoming months! Get the deeper running crank baits ready, large curly tail worms and big creature baits. Winter will test the impatient anglers to the max, which means the dedicated anglers will find their fishing trips more productive. Larger baits, fished slower will get more bites 90% of the time.

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