Exciting times lie ahead with positive reports from the South Coast working their way up the coast at a rate of knots, along with a hint of Sardine action down the coast. Keep an eye out for the weekly report, as this year should be an awesome year for winter fishing.

Rock n Surf:

North – Over the last week anglers have tried their luck at Kosi Bay and surroundings with much success. There was a decent presence of bigger Honeycomb Rays, a good few edibles such as Stumpies, Pompano, Wave Garrick and Shad that all took most baits presented to them. With the numbers of Shad moving up the entire coastline more catches of them can be expected from this point on. Although these fish are not a particularly targeted species on the KZN North coast, it is a sought after bait for many of the larger edibles and Sharks which leads to its early morning popularity. It is also a fun and easy fish to catch on small Falcon spoons or Toby spoons in the mornings and evenings, resulting in many of the youngsters running up and down the beach chasing the Shoal.

Vidal also saw good Shad action in the mornings, with good catches of Bonefish and other edibles. Some smaller Kingies were landed on spoon and dropshot in the shallows, just behind and in front of the sand banks. Popular colours seem to be pearl watermelon and pearl. One or two decent sized Spotted Eagle Rays were landed on slide baits as well.

Richards Bay has had good fishing over the weekend, with the flatter sea on Sunday came many fish ranging from Stumpnose to Black Fin Sharks and everything in between. Some nice flat fish were landed on Mackerel slide baits, and some good Wave Garrick off the surf too.

Zinkwazi had a bit of a dead run over the last week, with most fish being smaller edibles and a handful of flatfish. Milkies were reported over the weekend as well, caught on any bait in the water.

Ballito and Sheffield seemed to fish extremely well over the last few days, particularly with species such as Bronze Bream and bigger Black tails. With the sea flattening out on Sunday, the fish went off the bite but will be back on as soon as the sea and wind picks up again. These fish tend to feed well through the Westerly winds when the water is rough and churned up. After reports of Shad being caught by the dozen in and around Sheffield and Ballito, anglers took to the waters in full force and saw a lot of Shad off the rocks. Many of the fish were undersized but most anglers got their quota.

Local – Most anglers fishing near the Light House at Umhlanga caught their fair share of Shad, Stumpies and Grey Sharks. Other than that, things were quiet.

Blue Lagoon anglers were fortunate enough to see decent catches of Kingies on McArthy dropshot and small spoons. Some even had a few runs on fly fishing the inside of the river mouth. On the sea side of things, anglers seemed troubled by a mass of Milkies which decided to eat anything in the water. Shad are definitely here and have been receiving a lot more attention recently.

Anglers fishing off Blue Waters pier had good catches of Shad and smaller Sharks such as Greys and Milkies. Pompano have not moved off just yet, as we have been receiving reports of decent specimens on a weekly basis. Smaller bait fish such as Mackerel and Maasbanker have been landed on small baits as well.

The beachfront has been relatively quiet recently, with not much other than a few small edibles and Shad being landed. The Vetches area has had good reports lately and anglers who have spent time there have seen excellent results, fishing for edibles and non edibles. Kob and Garrick have been spotted by Spear fishermen off the Bluff, in small numbers but decent sizes.

South – Bronze Bream are moving through in dribs and drabs and are now on most reefs and ledges. News from the anglers targeting Kingfish is that there are plenty around, but there is no live bait to be seen. These Black Tip Kingies will not take anything but a live bait, according to local anglers.

Transkei has had many Kob, Garrick, Bronze Bream and other winter species being landed over the last week, as well as a few excellent sized Yellowtail which were caught on McArthy 7″ Jerk Minnows. Spear fishermen have shot some very nice sized Kob up to 30kgs. All estuaries have been fishing well and many small Kingies, Garrick and other small edibles have been landed.

Harbour – Good catches of Grunter and Kingfish have been reported from various spots in the bay, mainly areas around the Coaling dumper and also around the mangroves. Wala Wala have been caught at night on Sardine fillets and glow sticks, for those who would like to go have some fun and stock up on Couta baits. Wala Wala feed at night in areas which have been lit up by the large flood lights surrounding the wharves. A simple trace is made up from a length of number 5 steel trace, a small green glow stick and a number 4 Mustad Big Gun or Red Tarpon. A Sardine fillet is bound to the steel trace and hook and cast into the light, allowed to sink slowly and attract the attention of the fish. Recently, small lures such as S bend spoons, Dropshot and Small diving baits such as Strike Pro Arc Minnows have produced the goods early in the mornings off the Piers and boats.

Ski Boat – Excellent weather over the weekend meant that a lot of boats launched on our KZN North coast. Most of the anglers targeted Couta as the reports indicated that would have been the wise way to go. Although the catches may not have been as big as the previous weeks, the fish were plentiful and most boats returned to shore with dinner. Tuna and Wahoo were also caught on the North Coast, but mostly on Rattlers and Konas. The bigger fish have been landed on deep divers in purples and blues, but the Tuna have showed signs of slowing down. A few bait marks in Durban have been seen with Boats, Jet Skis and Kayaks over the weekend, on Sunday in particular, where a few decent fish ranging between 15kgs and 22kgs came out.

Umdloti, Westbrook and even as high as Zinkwazi had plenty of Couta landed by anglers on Boats and Skis. Most fish have been landed on live baits but a dead Bonito or Mackerel seems to be doing the trick too. One or two Wahoo have been landed in the deep, but smaller fish and very far out to sea.  More and more boats took to the water for bottom fishing and more Geelbek and Daga have been landed. Good general bottoms including Soldiers, the Englishmen, Rubberlips, Rock Cod and Slinger have been plentiful. Wahoo have been the flavour of the week, with various reports of good sized fish being landed on live Bonito and deep diving Rattlers too. Tuna have been very active as well, with most boats getting at least 2 a trip. These fish seem to be a bit bigger than the previous week’s catch.  Many anglers have been enjoying some Daga and Geelbek action on the deep wrecks, fishing live Mackerel or dead Sardine.

Fresh Water:

Carp – Anglers around SA are enjoying the bigger fish that winter waters are throwing our way. Many a personal best has been broken since the beginning of winter and it has been a pleasure to see all of the dams producing good fish over the last week. Weekend anglers have even managed to pick up some large Carp on conventional tackle at Inanda. The secret seems to be larger baits. If Maize is being used, then at least 3 or 4 on a cluster bait should be used. Shongweni has had a decent amount of fish; all in the 3-6kgs mark, caught on tiger nuts mainly, but the Barbel are still making a nuisance of themselves. The Barbel usually starts moving onto your swim if there is a high concentration of fish meal in your feed. If you have too much of a problem, try use more Maize.

Bass – Albert Falls fished well on the weekend, seeing a few Bass over 2kgs caught near the dam wall and as far back into Kyalami Bay. Crank baits and weightless flukes have worked well.

Midmar has been the least favourite of all the local dams over the last few months but surprised us over the weekend with many reports of decent catches from anglers on the boats. Most fish have come out deep and on lures such as brush hogs, jigs and deep diving crank baits.

Inanda has fished well around the camping area for those who do not have a boat, and if you do, most spots around the river mouth down towards Taxi Bay have fished very well.

Shongweni fished a bit slower than normal over the last week with very few reports of decent Bass being landed. Most fish have been caught in the deep near the dam wall.

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