Half way through the year and well into winter, anglers find themselves traveling a bit further to make a day’s angling worth the Time. With no shortage of fish in the Transkei stretch and the KZN South Coast, it seems that long distance trips for the week or weekend have paid off, with Local fishing still massively productive.

Rock n Surf –
Kosi bay saw many smaller Bone fish being landed on Chokka baits. This has been great fun on light tackle with light braid. Most successful anglers have been floating their Chokka with foam, which assists with not only the buoyancy but also with the action and movement of the bait in the water.

Cape Vidal has been producing many smaller edible species such as Speckled Snapper, Lantern fish, Black tail, Bone fish and Stumpies. Small Chokka baits and Prawn baits seem to be getting the bite, but the bigger fish seen to be coming out on Octopus tentacle and also Langoustine/Crayfish tail. There have been a handful of Sharks around, mainly small Greys and Spinners. These have been landed on Shad head and live Shad. Other than that, nothing really to report in terms of inedibles.

Quite a few Spinner Sharks have been landed off Richards bay, caught on one of the many Shad in the area. These Shad are also being successfully targeted on spoons as well as bait in the mornings and late afternoons into the evenings. It is good to see the odd Kob being landed on Chokka baits as well. When these Kob move through and become a target species of one’s outing, the best baits are normally Chokka baits with floatation. A Mustad Big Gun size 4/0 or the new Mustad Tarpon C68 size 5/0 or 6/0 hook with a 0,65 – 0,75mm hook snooting will get the best results. Try Fluorocarbon hook shootings for the added edge when fishing during the day in clean water conditions. Triple fish has a great range of fluorocarbon and standard mono leaders available.

Undersized Shad and other smaller peckers have been in abundance over the last week in Ballito, with water and wind looking a bit rough this weekend with the Westerly coming up, it will definitely be time to target the Bronze Bream. From last week we have seen a decrease in catches of Milkies, which has meant that anglers have had their baits in the water long enough to catch other species such as Grunter, Sole, Pompano, Wave Garrick, Shad and Kob have also been plentiful and the Spinning enthusiasts have caught plenty of them on McArthy dropshot and small Falcon spoons. Salad fish or Needle Scale Queen fish have been reported by the dozens.

Durban Piers have had a few anglers trying their luck at Shad angling over the last week, and have been relatively successful. Grunter off the piers have also been reported, caught mainly on Red eye or Chokka baits. There have been a handful of Grey Sharks and Spinners in the area too which provide ample fun on light tackle.

Durban beachfront has had a massive showing of Shad, with most being undersized though. It is imperative that these fish are measured before taken. Measurement is 300mm fork length, and a total of 4 per angler is permitted. Other species around the beachfront areas include small Grunter, Sole, Wave Garrick and also Milkies.

After the previous reports of poor fishing from the Bluff area, it is pleasant to hear of some decent catches all the way from the South Pier through to the Cutting. A few anglers have been lucky enough to get their hands on some live bait in the area, and along with the live bait has come their success with the Kingies and also Yellowtail. Remember that these fish are aggressive fighters and show no mercy to anglers on light tackle. Triplefish Fluorocarbon leaders are a must, as well as high quality, extra sharp hooks such as Mustad Hoodlums or Big Guns. Other species making an appearance on the Bluff include Shad, Bronze Bream, Kob and a few smaller Garrick. Cave rock area has been productive recently and has seen more anglers than the previous week.

Scottborough point has been producing some smaller Shad at night, which have been used as bait for Greys etc which have also been present. These sharks have all been in the 5-10kg mark. Kob have been more abundant over the last week with the better specimens being landed at night on bigger Chokka baits and on McArthy Paddle tails. Remember, the most versatile size paddle tail is the 5″ used on a 1oz, 6/0 jig head.

Some very good Bronze Bream are coming out at Port Shepstone on Prawn baits and small Chokka baits. Shad seem to be making size more consistently now, and Kob are feeding readily.

Port st John’s has seen plenty of Kob over the last week, which means anglers have been putting their Dropshot rods to use. The Daiwa Exceller SW 10’6″ 3 Piece matched with an Exceller or Vadel 4000 is the ultimate versatile combo for this type of angling. Hole in the wall has produced lots of Shad, Kob and Garrick recently and lots of Shark activity for those who opt for the inedible approach. Slide baits seem to be doing well with the bigger the bait, the better the fish.


No sign of Garrick so far, but the Kob have moved in which means the Garrick should not be too far behind. With the next predicted cold front we should see a Garrick or two. On the Grunter side of things, good reports all round from the charter boats and recreational anglers. Good catches of fish of varying species off the banks around the E7 buoy, and also good catches of Kingies around the batt centre Pier. Remember, McArthy 2, 2,5 and 3″ Paddle tails are the best options for these smaller fish, along with small poppers and spoons. The Grunter have been relatively small and hardly making size apart from the odd few, which have been taken in the deeper waters. For situations where there are just no big fish in sight, the use of ultralight tackle will be the best option if fun is what you are after. A 5’6″ rod paired with a size 1000 reel is perfect. The odd big fish that comes along will be a good workout.


Cape Vidal has shown good reports of Queenfish at the light house, mainly on live baits but a few have also been landed on Lures. These fish are averaging between 5-7kgs. Couta are still around, being caught more on Rattlers and Halco lures than baits strangely enough. The Snoek are still on the bite and most presentations have been successful. Most fish have ranged between 2-4kgs.

Zinkwazi has been pumping over the last week, with reports of Dorado in the deep, many Tuna, even a few Wahoo have been landed.  The interclub comp saw some very good sized Couta come out, many of which were over 20kgs.

Tinley Manor has produced plenty of Snoek recently, none of which have been small. Most fish have been over 4kgs and caught mainly on Maria 18g spoons in natural colours. Blue and pink seems to be working well as well.

Durban has held its own recently and is fishing as well as anywhere on our coastline. Big tuna are still being landed on the wrecks and bait marks. Couta have slowed down substantially but are still present. Snoek have been landed one or two at a time but have been consistent. Hyper by the sea stretch has been productive. Bottoms off Durban has been good, with many different species being brought to the scales.

Winkelspruit has produced plenty of Geelbek and Daga recently in depths of 50-70m, but the sharks have been a bit of an issue so once the fish is hooked, try get it to the boat as fast as possible. Hibberdene has had reports of bigger Couta on live baits. Mainly live Bonito. Geelbek and Daga seem to be in full force as well.

Carp- Carp anglers have been relatively happy with the results over the last week, with temperatures not being as low as they should be, the fish have still been feeding well.

Shongweni has fished decently although not too many fish were landed, the average size has been good.  Maize seems to be the winning hook bait.

Albert falls has had many smaller fish on maize but good reports of big fish being landed near the river mouth on boilies and tigers.
Midmar has been very quiet lately but saw good angling over the weekend with 3 fish over 10kgs reported.

Bass- Bass angling has seemed to slow down a bit over the last week or so, probably due to the fluctuating pressure. The weekend did however see a good change and fish were landed in numbers around the Midlands area.

Albert falls again being the dam of choice, with a good report from the locals of fish weighing in over 1kg and above.

Shongweni fished well from the banks over the weekend but nothing too big was seen.

Hazelmere has been productive with most fish being landed on brush hogs and small strike pro jerk baits fished in the shallows.  The water has begun to clear up slightly and visibility has improved, meaning that anglers have been able to go back to their favorite colors such as watermelon or watermelon red which usually work better in cleaner waters.

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