SALE, SALE, SALE. With a 20% discount on all items, (excluding bait, repairs and spares) the bad weather will be the last thing on your mind! A bit of a quiet week of fishing has passed and with bad weather on its way for this weekend, many anglers will find themselves taking advantage of The Kingfisher’s massive sale starting on Thursday and ending on Saturday.

Rock n Surf;

North – It was nice to hear of a few Black Fin Sharks that came on the bite last week at Kosi Bay. The flatter, calm, clean water has caused these Sharks to start feeding. Shad have also been on the bite as well as other smaller edibles. The Westerly winds predicted should roughen up the sea somewhat and clean the water.

Cape Vidal is a Dropshot paradise at the moment for anglers targeting game fish such as Kingies, Shad and Wave Garrick. Most fish have been caught on smaller jerk minnows and paddle tails. Due to the fact that in these areas there are no guarantees of hooking into manageable fish, the use of a slightly stronger rod is recommended. The Daiwa Exceler 3 Piece range of rods has all the bells and whistles and is perfectly suited for surf spinning for species such as Snoek, Shad, Kob, Garrick and Kingies. With a cast weight of 45-90g, smaller spoons cast effortlessly with light braid; this makes it the perfect rod for casting smaller spoons for species such as Shad and Snoek which often prefer a smaller spoon. With all its sensitivity and its ultra-light weight, it still has enough power to throw most spoons up to 90g as far as the eye can see and still has the pulling power that is unbeatable.

Shad are being caught daily in the Richards Bay area on spoon and bait. Most popular spots are producing bag limits and a few good sized fish have moved in. Spinner Sharks are also in the area and have had no issues with taking any baits in their path. Smaller Spinner Sharks have proven too good fun on light spinning tackle.

Tugela had an excellent run of Kob and Garrick recently, with a few Garrick over 10kgs and a handful of Kob in the 15kg range as well. Grey Sharks, Shad and some very nice size Zebra fish and Bronze Bream have been landed over the last week at the Ballito and Sheffield area. Sharks have been caught on fleshy baits which have been fished early mornings and into the evenings.

Local – Durban Piers are producing some fairly decent Shad and a few Grunter in between. Anglers will find that when the Shad are on the bite, almost every bait will be taken by them.  When targeting other species such as Pompano, Stumpnose and Grunter, it is advised to use Sealice as bait. This is one of the only baits that a Shad will hardly touch. The bait should be cast away from the crowds as well, as the mass of baits in the water create a feeding frenzy and the Shad take anything that hits the water. Smaller Shad have been on the bite as the sun rises along the beachfront, taking bait, but spoons seem to be producing few bites in this area recently. Grey Sharks in the dozens were landed in front of Addington on Mackerel baits and Red Eye baits. These fish were caught mainly on light tackle spinning rods which proved to be great fun.

More towards Vetch’s Pier there were a few good sized Grunter that were landed as well and some Stumpies. Divers in this area have seen many good sized fish including Kob and Shad in large numbers. Shad on the Bluff have been double up. Most anglers have landed large numbers of fish whilst spooning and using the slow retrieve method. Anglers using bait have caught bigger fish but not as many.

There has been an increase in reports of Kob off the Bluff and also a few Garrick. Some reports of decent Bronze Bream on small Chokka baits and Prawn baits. Many anglers using live Shad as bait but few to have success. Some smaller Garrick to be landed but also a few Grey Sharks. Some good weather predictions have been noted for the distant future so hopefully our anglers will persist and get a Garrick or two in the week to come.

South – Blue Rays and Grey Sharks have been present in the Scottborough area as with the Shad and also the Parks Board representatives enforcing the necessary regulations. Be sure to stick to your limits and to carry your permits with you as you are bound to be asked for it at some stage of your trip.

Plenty of Shad in the Port Shepstone area over the last week, however most have been undersized. Garrick have been landed on live Shad and some good sizes have been reported. Prawn baits producing some nice Bronze Bream as well as bigger Blacktails and small Brusher.

Port St John’s has had reports of bait in the area which is hopefully a good sign with the sardines in our sights. Kob have been prolific in the area and have taken McArthy Paddle tails willingly. Garrick have been taking live Shad on a regular basis and the Gap has been producing Blackfin Sharks, Grey Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks, the odd Raggies has also been landed.

Durban Harbour –   Boats are still doing well with good catches of Grunter throughout the bay, but attention seems to have been directed towards the Centre banks. Good reports from anglers fishing around the E7 buoy and towards St Ives channel. There has been some small Kob caught around the mouth area and NSRI. Most of these Kob have been caught on Cracker but anglers using bloody fish baits such as Red Eye have been getting more bites. Garrick have slowed down somewhat but should be increasing at some stage with the cold front coming through this weekend. There has been plenty of bait available around the NSRI area and also towards the coaling wharf, so these two areas would be the best options to try when targeting live bait for Garrick.

Ski Boat:

North – Maphelane has been fishing very well over the last week with reports from the locals of Snoek and Tuna. Many a boat had excellent Snoek sessions with more than 10 fish being landed per launch. With increasing numbers of catches of Mussel Cracker and Daga in these areas, it seems time to get the bottom outfits out for some fun and a good work out.

Local – With the water temperature dropping more consistently over the last week in the Durban area, the Daga Salmon seem to be back in full force. These fish are being targeted between 15-65m of water on any live bait or dead bait such as whole Sardine, Mackerel or Maasbanker.  Live bait will always produce a better bite and faster too. These fish have extremely sensitive lateral lines that pick up the minutest of vibrations, so any live bait kicking around just off the bottom is going to be sucked in. To further increase your chances of a bite, a Yamashita green glow squid should be added just above the hook which will slide down onto your bait. This will also increase your chances of the fish locating ones bait. Remember that your limit on these fish is one fish over 1,1m and 4 fish under 1,1m.

South – Anglers further down the coast have been catching a few Snoek on backline, trawling small Strike Pros and Clark spoons, with most lures being hit close in just behind back line. Towards the Transkei area, boats have been catching many Garrick on live baits also around backline. Remember that one should always use fluorocarbon for these fish on backline as it increases the bite rate over using standard leader or steel trace.

Fresh water:

Over the last week quite a few anglers have hooked into decent fish, but Inanda in particular has been the money maker. Reports of good size Carp from the upper dam near the mouth and also the south section other camp sites. Advice from a group of anglers that fish Inanda on a weekly basis that has been used successfully over the last few months to ensure fish move onto your swim is all about the feed. The “secret ” mix which issued by this group consists of 4kgs of Hemp, 4kgs of Maize, 2kgs of Tiger Nut, and in winter, 500g of boilies. This has been a successful mix for months and seems to work at Inanda and Shongweni as well.

Trout – With the temperature of the water in the Midlands and Drakensburg dropping, the Trout fishing has picked up nicely with reports of very good fish being taken. As with your winter pattern, lots of anglers use tandem fly setups.  This consists of a bright coloured fly such as an egg pattern, red setter, Alaskan omelet etc., and a very small dropper fly such as a flashback GRHE, or epoxy buzzer, black or olive.  A floating line is used with a strike indicator.  The coloured fly is there to get the attention of the fish but 9 times out of 10 the fish will take the nymph or dropper fly. This method has been successful throughout the Drakensburg area over the last week as reports suggest.

Bass – Waters have been extremely cold of late, which has driven anglers to fish deep and slow. More success has been seen at Inanda and Albert Falls on the ridges and drop offs. Bigger baits have been the key to success with bigger fish over the last week and many reports of good fish being landed on paddle tails. The reason why the paddle tails have been so successful is that they give off more vibration and can be easily located by the Bass, especially in the deeper darker water. Shongweni has been slow with only small fish taken on the weekend. Anglers on float tubes have done well in the river section in Hazelmere on June bug brush hogs and lizards. With the cold front coming through this weekend, many anglers will find themselves at The Kingfisher’s massive sale instead of on the water in the windy cold conditions.


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