With the majority of local anglers targeting edibles such as Kob and Garrick, we have seen a substantially increased catch rate with both species, including other species such as Shad, Musselcracker and general ski boat species as well for off shore anglers. With the horrific weather we are experiencing currently, anglers can relax for a while and spend some time sorting out tackle at home. The Kingfisher in Durban will also be holding bait presentation and knot tying clinics in the month of August for those who would like to participate.  Please contact The Kingfisher on 031-368 3903 for more info regarding dates and times.

Rock n Surf: 

North –
Kosi Bay has not fished as well over the last week as in the previous weeks on the inedible front, however there is no shortage of smaller edibles around. Bonefish are still frequenting the shallows and have been caught on any smaller bait.  The anglers fishing in the protection of the bays have managed to hook into a good few species on fly as well.

Around Cape Vidal there have been a few Kingies which have taken lure, along with a few Shad. Shad have been terrible slow and have been caught in very small numbers. Other species in the area include some very nice Stumpies, some of which weighed in at around 5kgs, and a decent showing of Mullet too.

Maphelane had a far better run in with the Shad, seeing far more than any of its surrounding areas.

At Richard’s Bay, the Harbour has produced good catches over the last week and will be close to the only fishable spot in the week to come. Species include Kob, smaller Garrick and some very respectable Grunter. The Shad have come and gone but when available; they have been put to good use with a few catches of big Zambezi Sharks at night.

In Ballito a nice change in species all around the Salt Rock and Ballito area over the last week, with anglers catching quite a few Grey Sharks on fleshy baits such as Red Eye and Mackerel.  The Shad have been scarce recently but there have been more catches of Stumpies to make the replacement. Snoek have also been caught on a regular basis in the Salt Rock area on spoon and also on plug by anglers targeting Garrick.

Local – Blue Lagoon has been the talk of the town with its excellent Shad angling over the last week and weekend, with very few days of slow fishing. There have also been a few Diamond Rays being caught on bigger baits such as Shad head and Mackerel. There have been many sightings of Garrick following plugs and smashing Shad on the surface which is only more reason to get down to the water and try your luck when the water has cleared.

Along Durban beach front most anglers have got their bag limits of Shad throughout the week and weekend. There have also been a few Diamond Rays in the area along with some decent Grunter and Stumpnose as well. There have been some decent sized Kob that have been landed around the Durban area and after this recent cold front and after the water settles, the water should be just right for these fish.

Reports of Shad have been slow from the Bluff recently, however an increase of catches towards the end of the week gives us hope for the week to come. As far as Kob go, they have been small but more regular at Sloane Road over the weekend. There have been plenty of Kingies, although smaller than before, being caught most small Kingfisher Anchovy spoons and live baits of the smaller sort. There has also been a rise in the numbers of Rays being landed. There have been better catches of Shad last week and a fair amount of Garrick in the mix too. The best time of day seems to be early in the morning off the rocks, throwing baits and Falcon spoons.

South – Garrick have been caught along the Winkelspruit stretch throughout the week, on live Shad as well as some excellent specimens on plug. A few anglers have been lucky enough to get some good sized Garrick on McArthy 7″ Jeri Minnows as well.  As most of the fish are relatively small at this time of year on plug, remember to change the treble hook on your plug to a decent single hook for easy hook removal. Recommended hooks include Mustad Tarpon C68, Red Tarpon 6/0, and even the trusted Mustad Kendal Round.  This will ensure a clean hookup and minimal damage to the mouth when releasing fish.

Grunter are still being caught near the Umkomaas mouth on Red Eye baits and also Chokka baits. The piers are producing some lovely Shad as well as a few some decent sized Kob. Many anglers shared the spoils during the week as a decent spread of Kob and Garrick moved into the area. Angling at night improved drastically with many reports of Shad well into the evenings as well as some very nice Kob. There has been an abundance of Grey Sharks as well.

Garrick seems to be the main target species in Port Shepstone recently which are being caught at first light, with Kob also being landed at night on McArthy paddle tails and live baits. The most versatile sized paddle tails have been the 5″ for many months but with the size of the Kob steadily increasing, anglers find themselves landing bigger fish on the 6″ McArthy paddle tails more frequently.
At Port St John’s any form of live bait will get an angler a Garrick or two.  The three best baits thus far have been Shad, Blacktail and Karanteen.  Brazen Head has been home of the big Grey Sharks, coming in second has been the Gap.

Hole In The Wall has produced Kob, Garrick and Shad in large numbers. There are more Shad in the area than before and anglers have bag limits within half an hour.

Harbour – After a small Garrick run in the previous week, the harbour has settled back down and the only real species on the bite has been Grunter. Reports of small Kob near the mouth have come through although most have been undersized. Anglers fishing on Fly have had much fun near the Yacht Moll area catching Flathead and small Kingies. Most fish have been caught on small minnow patterns such as Crazy Charlie’s. The water had become relatively clean and fishing with lures such as Strike Pro Thai Sticks and Magic Minnows has produced a number of fish such as Pickhandle Barracuda and Kingies in the Silt Canal area. After the horrific weather we are currently experiencing, Harbour fishing will be out for at least a week and boating should be limited if possible.  The amount of debris and junk in the water could damage boats and motors.

Ski Boat:

North –
Maphelane, Cape Vidal and St Lucia have all been fishing fairly well over the last week and on the weekend. With the generals such as Couta, Tuna and Snoek being landed on most days of the week, it seems that the pattern is set and we will be expecting a decent influx of Couta and Snoek from this point. With the sea being unsettled, fishermen will take a while to get back on the water. There have been reports of Cape Yellowtail on the North Coast as well, which have been caught mainly on live baits fished on the bottom and occasionally on the surface too. These fish are in excess of 10-14kgs and when targeted on the reefs, at least 100lb braid should be used. Many anglers prefer to use mono for these fish as one would try to “hit and hold” for as long as possible and with the stretch in the nylon, this is possible without losing too many fish.  The catches of Cracker have not slowed down over the last week and Zululand anglers have managed to boat a good few bigger specimens over the weekend.
Local – Durban saw few anglers launch over the weekend due to the predicted cold front and pumping Westerly winds, however the predictions turned out to be an exaggeration of what was actually experienced. The sea was very fishable and anglers that did manage to launch had a good time on the water catching a variety of species. Anglers fishing off Ballito managed some fairly decent Tuna up to 25kgs. The Paddle Ski fishermen have successfully targeted Daga Salmon off the Wrecks with live baits and have returned to the beach with full hatches. There are Tuna around, however they are of the smaller sort once again and have been taken at Number One and around the Containers.

South – The South Coast stretch seems to have had a disappointing Sardine run, with a high presence of Red Eye and Sprat only. There have been many Whales, Dolphins and Sharks but very few Game fish. Around the Shelley Beach and Aliwal Shoal area there have been good reports of Tuna and Wahoo as well. There are plenty of smaller Bonito around so be sure to spend a bit of time on the water targeting these fun game fish with our younger generation. The Bonnies will take a small spoon such as an Anchovies or a Bite Me Jig readily.  Light outfits such as a Laguna 2500 reel on a 7 ft. Laguna rod with 15lb Gatorbraid or J-Braid will be a great outfit.

Fresh water:

Carp –
August is the month of big Carp as they have been fattening up the whole winter to spawn, which takes place in September / October. Any angler stands a good chance of catching their PB at any of our local dams. Be sure to handle these fish with extra precaution to ensure no harm is caused.  A smaller dam which has really been producing the goods recently has been To Hier Toe dam. The dam has been producing fish up to 11kgs for the specimen anglers which is a respectable fish out of a dam this size. Due to the nature of these fish in small waters, expect slow fishing until you have learnt the dam’s pattern. Shongweni is fishing well currently, and can be expected to fish well in the next month to come. Inanda has come out on top again, with many anglers targeting its pre spawn monsters.  Be sure to up your line rating to at least 15lb for this part of the year as the fish tend to hold tight to structure. Daiwa Sensor 15lb is amongst the strongest of monofilament lines on the market up till now and can compete with the best of the best, for less.

Bass – Bass angling throughout Natal has been decent with some very good catches at Albert Falls and Inanda dams in particular. With the most recent front that came through, water surface temp dropped below what most anglers would consider “stay in bed” conditions, however we still received good reports of larger Bass being caught on spinnerbaits and crankbaits towards the river at Inanda. Anglers fishing below the dam wall in the river section also had a blast in the icy cold waters with small Strike Pro divers and on fly as well.

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