With another cold snap coming through last week, fishing was not as good as some may have expected, however, the lower South Coast fished particularly well and some good catches were recorded. The rain coming up this weekend will yield more or less the same conditions so expect some cold conditions and light tackle scratching.


Rock n Surf:

North – The lack of rain in the Kosi Bay area has effectively cleaned up the water along the Kosi stretch and visibility is extremely good.  The clean water has made it easy to catch smaller edibles such as Wave Garrick and smaller Stumpnose. The slightly warmer water has brought along a few Bonefish which have been used as bait for larger species such as Diamond Rays and Spinner Sharks. There have been a few Black Fin Sharks at night that have been harassing anglers with inadequate tackle, so be sure to kit up for the task. Kingfisher Giant abrasion 0,50mm tied to a long leader of 1,00mm should be fine in areas with few rocks. Anglers will generally go one size up on each around rocky areas.

Cape Vidal has produced a variety of species, including some very nice Springer on Chokka and Red Eye baits.  Speckled Snapper have been landed more frequently throughout last week and some larger species were seen on the weekend. Anglers using spinning outfits have managed to hook into more of these fish due to the added casting distance and bite detection in the strong currents. Along with the Speckled Snapper there have been very good catches of Cave Bass and Shad too. The Shad have been slightly larger, taking lure as well as bait.

Many Shad have been landed in the bays around the Maphelane and St Lucia areas, many of which have been sent back to the water on a trace in hopes of hooking into a Garrick or other larger species. Some fairly decent Garrick have been landed as well as a number of respectable Kob. Good reports of Stumpnose have been seen just south of Crayfish Point over the last week with most of the fish weighing in at 2-4kgs which is excellent for the start of summer. Most anglers like to keep their traces simple when it comes to Stumpies, as they are dirty fighters and on a bad day a lot of tackle can be lost. The good old Kendal Round ranging between 3/0 and 5/0 can be used with an excellent hook up rate, without breaking the bank. The beauty of these hooks is the proud standing point, which can also be sharpened to a needle point in a matter of seconds. An offset can also be easily bent using a pair of pliers if the angler wishes.

Over the past week anglers were kept busy in and around Richards Bay, catching a substantial amount of Diamond Rays and also Raggies. There have been some Brown Rays, Garrick and also big Shad in the area. The activity on plugs and artificials has been relatively slow, and in contrast, the live bait option has produced a few Garrick and also Kob.

Tugela has been fishing well of late, with more Spinner Sharks being landed by the day. The usual suspects, Shad, Kob and Garrick have been frequenting the river mouth, and a few lucky anglers have managed to land some excellent Grunter on Cracker or Sea lice. The Shad have been mixed sizes and live bait is not an issue. The Garrick that are coming out have been caught on certain days, also north or south of the mouth.

Grey Sharks and a few Blue Rays have been on the bite in the Blythedale and Zinkwazi area, with catches on the rise due to the large number of anglers using medium to heavy spinning outfits. Most of these fish have been caught in pre frontal/ Westerly conditions especially after two or three days of North Easterly winds. The fish have been feeding well and a session producing five or more fish is not uncommon.

Shakas High Rocks had an excellent haul of Shad, Brusher and Garrick. With no shortage of Shad to use as bait, a few inedibles were caught as well as some lovely Kob. The areas close to the High Rocks saw some decent action with the variety of fish mentioned above too.

Local – Grey Sharks were caught almost daily at Umdloti over the last week, with most successful anglers using Mackerel head as bait.  Smaller baits rigged on 4/0- 6/0 hooks have picked up Blue Rays and Brown Rays, with a few edible species in the mix too.

Virginia has had some very nice conditions for fishing of late, with more and more large Shad being taken on a daily basis. The larger Shad seem to prefer the Japanese Mackerel or fresh Sardines presented on a double hook trace at first light.

There has been an increase of catches at Blue Lagoon over the last week, from Salad fish and Wolf Herring to big Shad and a decent amount of Pompano caught on Cracker close to the rocks.

Ski boaters usually begin to hook into a few Snoek at this time of the year, along the back line at Blue Lagoon so it seems the wise move would be to wipe the dust off the spinning gear and make way down to water’s edge for a shot at a few Snoek. Again, the suggested tackle would be an Exceler 10’6″ paired with a Daiwa size 4000 grinder and loaded with 20lb braid for maximum distance.  For those who know and love the popular Daiwa J Braid, you will be pleased to know that there are further additions to the family, introducing an 8lb, 15lb, 30lb and 50lb in Chartreuse colour for maximum visibility! They have also just added the popular Dark Green in a 10lb as well as a 30lb and 50lb in White, certainly worth trying.

Kingfisher Bonnie spoons or Anchovy have been on the top of the list for the fish targeted at Blue Lagoon from this point on. Make long casts into the rips and along current lines, retrieving as fast as comfortable for best results.

After a relatively slow start to the week, Durban anglers slowly got off the mark and managed to rack up a good report for themselves by the end of the weekend. Inedibles have been relatively quiet apart from the odd Spinner Sharks off the piers and Grey Sharks in dribs and drabs.  Blue Rays and Brown Rays were landed far less than in the previous weeks, with the only reports of catches being from anglers casting over the banks with grinder setups and braid. Grunter showed face mid-week, with reports indicating cracker or Sea lice to be the bait of preference.

Plenty of Bastard Mullet or Threadfin have been landed along the Bluff, many of which have been caught on Shad baits or small Red Eye baits. Small Kingies were caught on dropshot and also live bait towards the station over the weekend, all of which were released to fight another day. Good catches of various Rock Cod species were reported towards Cave Rock and off the Tidal Pool. These were landed on big Sardine baits, Mackerel head and also live bait.

South – Another area which was hit hard by Shad anglers over the weekend, resulting in good catches of a handful of fish weighing over 2kgs was Toti. Remember the Shad competition at The Kingfisher ends at the end of the month so be sure to keep a bait in the water. The Kingfisher’s “Biggest Shad Competition” had started and this month there will be three prizes. The heaviest Shad will receive a Daiwa SL 50SHK Reel, valued at R2, 145.00, the second heaviest Shad will receive a 13’6” Kingfisher Coastline Medium, three piece, 4-6oz Graphite Rod, valued at R1, 389.00, and third heaviest Shad will receive a Daiwa AG 6000 Reel valued at R769.00. Please note that all Shad (fresh) must be weighed at either, The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street or Tackle Centre, Old Fort Road or The Fishing Tackle Shop, Warner Beach during trading hours. Please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm and that the season closes 30th September, re-opens 1st December 2016.

Anglers fishing off High Rocks managed some decent catches in the Port St Johns area, particularly in the mornings on slide baits and big throw baits. Raggies, Hammer Head Sharks and Blacktip Sharks have been the main species being landed, however many anglers have opted to fish for edibles such as Kob and Garrick and have had lots of success.  Smaller species such as Shad, Bronze Bream and Brusher have also been plentiful and have been an absolute blast to target. Bronze Bream off the rocks have been the most popular target species.

Harbour – Water conditions have been superb throughout the week, which meant anglers found themselves spending a decent amount of time on the in the bay. There were good reports of Grunter around the Batt Centre, the Coaling Wharf and around N-Shed. Many other species such as Stumpnose and Perch were also landed in the same areas using Cracker or Sardine as bait. The Perch have made decent size and pound for pound will outfight most other species in the harbour. These fish make for excellent eating and great sporting fun, be sure to head on down to the harbour to try your luck. Catches of Kob have decreased but the Snapper Salmon have been plentiful in most areas. With the rain coming down over the weekend, water conditions should have been worse than they are. The water is relatively clean and many anglers have continued to fish and catch a few decent fish. Good reports have come through from the harbour mouth at the base of the South Pier, with anglers catching a number of Pick Handle Barracuda on fillet baits and smaller lures. Many of the local South Pier specialists will confirm that the Kingfisher Rattler is still one of the best lures for these fish and also a variety of Kingfish.


Ski Boat:

North – Flat seas for the majority of the week allowed many anglers to launch and fish around the Zululand stretch almost every day.  Many anglers kept shallow and targeted Snoek for the majority of the week as the current was screaming. Luckily enough, there were plenty of Snoek to be caught and along with them, a decent amount of Bonito and small Kingies which found the Strike Pro Magic Minnows appealing. There has been a high concentration of Shad in the area as well so most anglers starting their day pulling fillet baits, ended off using Strike Pro Magic Minnows and spoons to make their way through the Shad. Fish have been of decent size, averaging around 4kgs. There have been very few reports of Couta, but still a handful of Tuna in the deeper water.

Local – Locally, the same applied, anglers were kept occupied on a few of the days on backline catching Snoek between 2kgs and 5kgs just north of the Blue Lagoon area. Anglers venturing slightly north towards the Virginia area also managed to hook into some fish. Most anglers found Red Eye fillets to be working best, with Sardine coming in second best.  The smaller fish have been caught on spoons and diving baits such as Rattlers and Strike Pro Magic Minnows.

South – Garrick have been the main target species further down the coast, with decent numbers  being caught around all main river mouth areas and off high points. Out in the deep anglers have been successful with bottoms fish such as Rock Cod and Cracker. Large Slinger has been caught on the 50-70m mark. Shelley Beach ski boaters have managed to bag a few Tuna mostly between 4-8kgs on Rattlers and whilst chunking. For more success chunking, be sure to use fluorocarbon and an extra sharp Mustad Big Gun for a guaranteed hook up.


Fresh water:

Carp –
Inanda is fishing well despite the water level. Most anglers using conventional tackle have managed to land a few smaller fish up to about 7kgs in front of the river mouth section traveling up on boats or fishing from the Taxi Bay area and upwards. Specimen anglers fishing on the right of the camp sites managed some decent fish, however nothing over 12kgs.

Albert Falls fished well along the day fishing sites, around the slip way areas early in the mornings.

Nagle came out on top with many anglers traveling by boat towards the mouth have managed some very nice fish on specimen tackle.  Campers have landed many smaller fish on conventional tackle using mielies as bait, mostly caramel flavour. The river section has been the most productive area.

Bass – Decent weather and humid conditions have made Bass fishing in most of our dams very pleasant during the last week, however, the weekends weather was far from that. Colder conditions were experienced across Natal and early mornings became more difficult. With the fish becoming more active and starting to feed more aggressively particularly in the shallows, anglers are beginning to start angling with dropshot and crank baits with a lot more success.

Albert Falls has fished extremely well around the Kyalami Bay mouth which is pretty much what the bay itself has shrunk to, and also around the dam wall. Anglers using lipless crank baits have had a lot of success fishing in depths between 3ft and 12ft. The brighter colours will start working better as we move into and out of spawning and a more aggressive retrieval will get a better bite.

Inanda Dam fished well during the week as anglers had spots to themselves and took advantage of low pressure situations.  Lipless crank baits, spinnerbaits, top water lures and weightless plastics did the trick in most areas. The drop off produced a handful of lovely fish ranging between 1kg and 3kgs. For the bigger fish in deep water braid has been used to detect a bite easily; however anglers need to remember to increase the strength of their hooks accordingly. Mustad’s Kevin Van Dam Signature wide gap hooks boast some of the most powerful hooks under the sun and come with needle point tips to ensure the hook finds its place in even the most solid mouths.


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