Some surprisingly good results have come through over the last week, with a good number of larger species coming out despite the lack of bait due to the Shad closed season.


Rock n Surf:

North – Although there have been hundreds of menacing Shad into the Kosi Bay area, anglers have managed to land some lovely Kingfish on slide baits. The Grunter have been plentiful and have been willing to take most bait in the water.  Sardine head has been getting the bigger fish, whilst Prawn or Cracker baits have been getting a higher number of fish.

The majority of catches around Cape Vidal have been Shad which have been taking baits intended for other fish. Anglers fishing off the rocky points and ledges have caught plenty of Yellowbelly Rock Cod and other rock dwellers such as Lantern Fish and Speckled Snapper. The large number of Rock Cod has been due to the use of larger baits such as whole Red Eye, Bonito cutlet and Mackerel head, whichever been rigged on a larger hook such as the Mustad Big Gun 6/0 and up.

In Richards Bay, the action in the harbour seems to have drawn anglers in, and despite relatively good reports from the surf, anglers remain in the harbour due to the amount of fish being landed.  The bulk of catches has been made up of Grunter, Garrick and Kob with a few Stumpies and Grey Sharks as well. After the amount of rain experienced in the Tugela area, the water seems to be off coloured but has still been productive. Grey Sharks and Kob have been the main catch in the area, with a few Snapper Salmon and flat fish showing face at intervals throughout the day. Shakas Rock has fished well over the last week, seeing plenty of Grey Shark action as well as a variety of flatfish.  In areas such as these, it is important to make use of a high quality and high abrasion resistant line such as Kingfisher Giant Abrasion, in the higher diameters between 0,45mm and 0,58mm when fishing for larger species. During the morning sessions, anglers have been kept busy with large Bronze Bream and Stone Bream; there have been plenty of other edibles around the rocks as well.

Local – The north bank of Blue Lagoon has produced a surprising number of Garrick and Kob over the last week. Spinning enthusiasts have taken advantage of this and had fun on McArthy paddle tails and also plugs for the Garrick.  The Garrick have been caught at random hours during the day so do not give up hope if the morning session does not produce any fish. The Kob that have been caught have been feeding mainly at night.

In Durban, the rain seems to have scared anglers off over the last week, as the turnout on the beachfront was rather sad in comparison to the previous few weeks. Unfortunately, the anglers who did not fish areas such as Ushaka, Addington etc. missed out on plenty of good fishing. Brown Rays, Grey Sharks and Snapper Salmon were caught throughout the week, even on the harsh weather conditions.

South – Some very nice Garrick have been landed on live Karanteen over the last week in the Toti area, as well as some extremely large Shad caught on live baits intended for Garrick or Kob.

Scottborough Point has produced good fish, edibles and non edibles.  Grey Sharks have been abundant during the evenings, mainly on live Maasbunker or on Red Eye baits. Blue Rays have been caught throughout the day on cutlet baits on the south of the point. Rock Cod have been landed off the point on the pushing tide on bloody baits. Garrick have also been caught on live bait, as well as Kob at night on McArthy paddle tails.

Port Edward also had a good run last week, with many anglers catching multiple Stone Bream and Bronze Bream early mornings and in the afternoon session. The Stone Bream have been feeding in smaller baits, so it is advised to use a smaller hook that will still be able to manage a decent fish if needs be. Mustads Chinu size 4 or a Big Gun size 6 does a fantastic job.

Port St John’s was relatively quiet over the last week, as conditions have not been favourable. The weather is on its way to recovery so hold on and get ready for the days to follow. The few fish that were landed seemed to be more on the edibles side of things, comprising mainly of Bronze Bream and Kob.

Harbour – As with Richards Bay, Durban harbour has been on great form throughout the week. One boat managed to hook into plenty Grunter which all made size, two of which weighed over 5kgs!  All of the fish were released safely to fight another day. Other boats managed quite a few fish of various sizes and species, including Kob and Rock Cod. Charter boats did well, sending most anglers home with something decent for the pot. The Brown Rays have made an appearance and quite a few have been landed off the banks on light outfits such as the Daiwa Laguna 2500 reels and Laguna 7ft rods. Most of these fish range between 5-15kgs, so the sport is definitely appreciated. Smaller baits work like a charm, and although larger baits on size 5/0 hooks are used on the surf, all that is required in the harbour is a size 4 Mustad Chinu hook or Mosquito hook rigged with a Cracker as bait.


Ski boat:

North – Big seas and strong winds have made for average fishing on the North Coast over the last week. The species that has stood out and made the most appearances over the last week has been the Garrick. Believed to actually enjoy the rough conditions, Garrick will take a live bait off backline in almost any conditions. For anglers who may struggle to believe this, then last week’s catches should be evidence enough.  Anglers were successful at every river mouth or Garrick hotspot from Cape Vidal down to Blue Lagoon, even though anglers were unable to position themselves close to the backline due to the swell size. Pinkies have been the bait of choice and this has been the hardest part of the outing, as anglers have had to find these tasty critters on the shallow bait marks.

Local – In the deeper waters, some anglers managed a few Tuna on Rattlers and small Kona’s. Blue Lagoon saw some terrible conditions last week, but the fishable days did produce a few Snoek.  Once again, Strike Pro Magic Minnows and Sprat spoons doing the trick. There has not been a presence of bait closer in on backline besides Shad, which means that the Snoek could be holding deeper in search for smaller Sprats.  Jet Ski anglers had fun with Tuna off Number One, pulling Rattlers and fishing with live Mackerel, which have been found in abundance near the South Pier.  Geelbek have been caught on the good days, but the weather has not permitted many fishable days.

South – On the South Coast, there have been a few Kingfish which have been caught on smaller artificials in the shallows. These smaller GT’s and Black Tip Kingies seem to prefer the smaller lures such as Rattler poppers, small Halco Rooster poppers, Strike Pro Thai Sticks and also small dropshot lures. Aliwal Shoal is producing one or two smaller Yellowfin Tuna, mostly between 5-7kgs. The Tuna should start to become more abundant in the Shelly Beach/Aliwal Shoal area from this point, so stock up on Rattlers now and beat the sharks.


Fresh water:

Carp – There has been some excellent Carp fishing for the anglers fishing through the week. Inanda Dam came alive with spawning fish, which have been feeding on any baits available. A few fish of around 17kgs and one bomber of a fish of 19kgs was taken at Inanda.  The most productive bait has been FX flavoured Tiger nuts.

Shongweni is also fishing extremely well for those who have braved the hazardous conditions, with catches up to 16kgs and a few fish which have taken the direction of nearby structure and haven’t stopped until the line has parted. This is why it is imperative to use the highest quality line available. Daiwa Sensor 15lb will stand up to any fish even in the thickest of laydowns. Midmar seems to be producing smaller fish but plenty of them.  Conventional anglers are doing very well and seem to be into the swing of things early. From this point on, the smaller fish will be plentiful and feed predominantly on conventional tackle.

Tiger fish – Jozini has been on fire lately, producing dozens of good fish. Two fish over 7kgs were landed on live bait, live bait rigged on a Mustad Red Tarpon 4/0 hook using a short length of either number 4 steel trace or 30lb carbon coated wire. Daiwa Sensor 12-15lb line fished on a Laguna 2500/3000 reel or the new Daiwa Ninja 2500/3000 will be perfect. Medium heavy to heavy action Daiwa Tiger Tamer rods in either 6′ 6″ or 7′ will work wonders for Jozini.

Bass – Most of our dams are fishing extremely well despite the level of water being so low. Recent rains will help to a certain extent; however a lot more rain will be needed to fill the dams. Albert Falls is producing good catches of fish between 1-2kgs on soft plastic baits on the drop offs and points, as well as on the ridges in the trees.  Top water baits such as frogs are getting bigger fish towards the entrance of Kyalami Bay in the trees. Inanda fished well on the weekend, producing a fish of 3,4kgs and 2,9kgs off the point of Taxi Bay on a dropshot rigged finesse worm. Around the Cabbage Patch area, a regular managed a bass over 2kgs on a Strike Pro Thai Stick walking the dog slowly along the surface. The Thai Sticks have become extremely popular top water bait for anglers in both Inanda and Albert Falls over the last year, as the results speak for themselves.  Midmar has come into the picture during last week’s bad weather, producing a few very good fish on jigs fished slowly along the rocky points, as well as frogs fished in the grassy areas.


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