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There have been some amazing fish that have been coming out in all facets of fishing over the past week with the bigger inedible really showing face to the Rock and Surf anglers. There are brilliant fish coming out from the Ski Boats with the Dorado really coming alive. With this hot weather and the holidays coming up, we recommend you to grab your tackle and your family and head on down to your nearest beach, and cast your line, as the saying goes, the best bait is the one in the water.


Ski Boat:

Over these last few weeks KZN has managed to kick off an excellent off shore season, this last week has not changed with anglers catching incredible fish, including Couta. Now would be the time to rig your lures up with steel trace as the Wahoo and early season Couta really start to arrive, these fish have incredibly sharp teeth which always manage to snip through the nylon or fluorocarbon leaders.


There have been plenty reports of Dorado and Tuna around the St. Lucia and Maphalane area, these fish are coming out in boat loads and hopefully other should make their way down the coast. With the large amounts of these pelagic fish around, it is always good to keep an eye on your hatches. When the Dorado are on the bite, it is easy to lose track of how many go into the hatch, so to be safe, remember to check the hatches every now and again to make sure that you are within your bag limit and you are not taking more than you need.


Our reports of big Couta are mainly from Cape Vidal and Zinkwazi, these fish being caught on Rattlers in the metallic purple colour being trawled quite quickly, the Kingfisher Rattler range of lures are incredibly good at swimming at high speeds as well as low. Live bait has also been working well for anglers with a live Maasbanker doing the trick.


Around the Durban area the Tuna catches have been unreal, with some boats catching up to 5 fish over 20kgs in one session; this is really becoming an incredible season! It is incredibly good to see that there are literally thousands of healthy 5-8kg summer Yellowfin Tuna around as well.


Umdloti has been producing some excellent fish and will begin to do so more frequently as we get deeper into our summer, this is brilliant news for our Paddle Ski Anglers. Anglers trawling Rattler 120s should be rewarded with some excellent fish as this lure has been specifically designed to be trawled behind a Ski without taking too much strain on the paddler.


Bottom fishing around the Durban area has unfortunately taken a back seat with anglers being more focused on the vast amounts of game fish around at the moment. There has been a fair amount of Dorado caught off Durban recently but not too many around the ships; it is only a matter of time before the Dorado are in full swing. Konas seem to be working the best for these fish.


Further down the South Coast the summer fish are in full swing with Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo and even the odd Sailfish being caught in various locations, but in particular in the Shelley Beach area. Down towards Port Edward anglers are being menaced by the Amberjack when they are in search for the Yellowtail on bottom fishing outfits, live bait once again has been king.


Rock and Surf:

Starting off up at Cape Vidal, anglers have been reporting plenty of good sized edible fish coming out on small Chokka and Red Eye baits. Anglers have reported the larger Stumpnose coming out on Red Eye Sardine heads, pinned just through the mouth with a Mustad 4/0 Big Gun or Tarpon hook. These fish predominantly hang out around rocky areas or reefs; they are incredibly strong fish and will take every opportunity to cut you off once hooked. This fish is targeted with around a 12ft Poseidon KP rod and a 5-7 inch KP, normally spooled with 35 to 40lb nylon. This outfit is perfect for the hit and hold technique, not allowing the fish a cm of line before bringing it in. There have also been plenty of reports of Pompano and Bonefish.


North of Richards Bay has been excellent for anglers after the bigger fish. Some really good reports of Diamond Rays coming out at well over 60kgs and a few bigger fish really testing anglers tackle. Richards Bay south is producing some really good flat fish on big bloody baits, anglers are having issues with keeping their bait on their hook with the amount of Shad around, anglers who are lucky enough to have their bait left alone are rewarded with Diamonds, Honeycombs and Brown Rays. Anglers brave enough to risk the Shad are having brilliant catches on Bay Squid; this bait is excellent for the Brown Rays as they cannot resist it.


Ballito is still producing good catches of Grey Sharks as well as a few Guitarfish / Sand Sharks coming out; these fish are excellent for the greener non edible anglers who are looking for an exciting catch. These fish have unbelievable running power and are incredibly difficult to turn when you do not have the correct tackle. These fish always seem to fall prey to well-presented Chokka and Red Eye bait on a circle hook. The beaches around Durban are producing Diamonds Browns and the odd Honeycomb coming out, anglers are gnawing at the bit to get back onto the water and fish for the Shad with be ban lifting on the 1st of December, Shad have been prolific around Durban and the officials have had their work cut out for them taking down the poachers. There are a few blankets of the Honeycomb Rays further down in the Toti area, again these fish are taking big bloody baits.



There have been excellent catches of Grunter around the banks in the evening with a few odd Perch coming out. Anglers are still fighting the Brown Rays that are all around the Harbour at the moment, these fish are being reported eating Cracker Shrimp and Sardine belly, this bait is also the bait of choice for the Grunter. As the sun starts to rise earlier, more and more anglers are opting for an early morning light tackle spinning session off the piers into the harbour. Anglers using small clear and pink lures are having the most luck catching anything from small Kingfish to Sand Gurnards. Light drop shot lures are also excellent for this style of fishing until the Walla Walla show their teeth; these fish will reduce your Paddle tail to a sad pile of rubber in an instant by just biting the tail and ripping it off. A good way to combat this and also improve your hook up is to thread the eye of a treble hook over the point of the drop shot hook. This will give your lure full motion of movement and add two extra hooks into the lure. Surface lures will be working incredibly well for those of us that like to get to the water before the sun is up, Kingies and Scads love to eat at this time of the morning and tend to destroy any surface lure you can throw at them.


Fresh water:

The Carp fishing at Inanda has certainly slowed down over this past week with not many of the smaller fish being caught. Most of these fish seem to be taking a blend of sweet and spicy on Tiger Nut baits. Sometimes finding the fish can be a bit difficult so fishing as wide as possible with a large feeding area is the best, you must however be careful not to over feed these fish as they have been known to go off the bite in these areas where there is too much food available.


Albert Falls has been producing some good fish with them moving into areas that the dam has slowly started to claim back, these are excellent places to lay feeding areas as the Carp are looking for trapped insects amongst the reeds and grass that would have no doubt grown while the water level was still low. Here a high protein feed with Maggots or Hemp Seed will work exceptionally well to keep the Carp interested during the feed.


Nagle is still producing its constant feed of 3-5kg Carp with the odd angler getting one or two over the 12kg mark. Fish at Nagle Dam seem to be feeding on Garlic flavoured Bread bait on the center of a high protein feeding area, mostly taking baits between 2 and 3 am, so a stay over trip is a must. The right alarm is a necessity when fishing at night, a lot of dams are currently very low and the camp sites can be up to 40m away from the water’s edge. The correct alarm will allow you to hear the fish take off and allow you to get to the rods fast enough to set the hook and begin the fight. Having your alarm too soft can be detrimental to your fishing trip, not hearing the fish on the first run could destroy your chances of hooking up, as we all know Carp are incredibly skittish and will drop baits for any reason, so the faster we are to setting the hook, the more chance we have of landing the fish.



Albert Falls is producing some decent Bass currently in the deeper areas on load clicking crank baits, the fish at Albert Falls always seem to fall victim to a loud crank bait in the deeper areas. Many Bass anglers believe that Albert Falls is home to some of the biggest bass in KZN, this is very possible with us receiving reports of fish over 3kgs coming out almost week. The only issue that anglers have with fishing Albert Falls is because it is so deep, the fish often suffer from Barotrauma, this is easy to avoid by slowing your retrieve to the boat once the fish is on, and using a hypodermic needle to release the air in the fishes swim bladder.


Hazelmere Dam is doing exceptionally well with all the rain we have been having and has resin by a few percent. Anglers have not wasted time by fishing the dam and its new structure as soon as possible, these fish will be exploring the new found structure in search of food and safety, a weightless fluke flicked between branches or under the tree should yield excellent results. Inanda Dam has been quiet on the Bass front with not many huge fish coming out, there are still the odd big fish coming out but reports are mainly smaller fish between the 1 and 2 kg range. The Dam has risen a bit but fishing from the side is still difficult due to the lack of structure and very weeded up banks.


There are plenty of Tilapia around at the moment with anglers having a great deal of fun catching them on Fly Fishing gear, these fish are incredibly strong for their size and are extremely fun on a Fly rod. Anglers have reported these fish being extra aggressive lately and are loving surface flies like the white death and DDD.


Into the Berg now anglers have been reporting that the winter colours still seem to be working in this hotter weather, fish are sitting very deep so a sinking line is a must. To get to the bottom faster anglers are using braided sinking tapered leaders, these leaders have a sink element built into them and they drop the fly almost straight to the bottom. These fish will usually be hiding under the weed beds waiting for Insects or Frogs to fall down the sides, so an angler must be clever, by locating these weed beds, casting alongside them and letting the Fly slowly sink to the bottom of the dam, you are almost guaranteed a fish. These Trout are sitting waiting for an insect to do exactly that.


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