Our anglers have had a very slow week fishing, clearly the fish are not brightening up the bleakness of going back to work, there have been a few fish here and there and it will get better as the year gets under way. Fortunately for the guys on the boat things have really been looking up with plenty of fish coming out. Hopefully some of this fishing luck will spread to the R&S guys too.



Rock and Surf:

Kosi Bay has been producing some really nice flatfish for anglers throwing big baits on heavy rods and grinders. There have been multiple reports of Honeycombs and Diamond Rays being caught on Mackerel and Red Eye. There have been some fantastic Kingfish coming out on Drop Shot as the water is incredibly clean.

Cape Vidal has been producing some big Black Fin Sharks that are taking almost any big baits. These fish are mainly being caught in the bay, along with a few Bonefish.

Richards Bay North was a little quieter with only the odd Brown Ray coming out; this shows the big part that the weather will play as well as the water conditions. Richards Bay South has had a lot of colour, but the water has been very warm. There still have been a few flat fish coming out and the usual Shad and Kingfish.

Ballito had a lot of Grey Sharks taking bloody baits later in the night. The odd Honeycomb Ray has made an appearance with anglers using Bonito either as a cutlet or cottoning the fillets onto the sides of the head.

Durban has been very quiet with plenty of small Shad around, there are a few Pompano coming out on Mussel baits. Anglers are having difficulty fishing with peckers destroying their baits before the big flat fish are able to take the bait, they are combatting this by preparing the bait and then lightly cottoning on the Sardine fillets to the sides of the bait. This way, as the bait hits the water, the peckers will begin to eat the Sardine giving the bait enough time to be eaten by the flat fish.

Toti has produced some excellent Grey Sharks and Sand Sharks this weekend as well as plenty of Shad coming out as usual, Warnerdoon Angling Club did incredibly well over this past weekend.

Scottbourgh was quiet with a few Grey Sharks coming out, mostly on Shad cutlets.

Port Shepstone was quiet with only a few Bronze Bream coming out and lots of under sized Shad. Unfortunately anglers who have made special trips to the Transkei were unfortunately it was very quiet with only a few fish coming out, manly Kob, Shad and Bronze Bream coming out.


Ski Boat:

An excellent week for Ski Boat anglers last week, with many reports coming in of Sailfish, Marlin, Snoek, Couta, Tuna, also Yellowtail and Kingfish.

Zululand anglers had excellent fun over the weekend with Couta and Sailfish in the deeper water, whilst anglers in the shallows hooked into dozens of Snoek as well as some lovely Kingfish. The Snoek have been shallow, however the larger fish have been feeding deeper on down rigged fillets, and a few Couta have been landed this way too. Tuna have loved the shallow diving Rattlers in about 50-80m of water.

The Yellowtail off Cape Vidal have been plentiful and have taken lures as well as live bait.

Further south, Zinkwazi fished well, having anglers stuck onto a few huge Tuna on live bait.

Durban is where it all happened, with countless Tuna over 20kgs landed with the Dolphins and on live bait on the bait marks, live bait in the area used would be Mossbunker and Mackerel. The Couta have moved in and a number of anglers have caught fish on live baits.  Most fish have been between 6-15kgs with the odd specimen weighing in at around 15-20kgs.

Bottom fishing off Durban has been spectacular, with good numbers of Santer, Slinger, Rock Cod and even the odd Geelbek still being around.

On the South Coast, anglers have had more than enough action with smaller Tuna between 3 and 10kgs particularly in the Shelley Beach area. Yellowtail have been caught on jigs in certain areas as well, most of which have been over 6kgs.  The lower South Coast has been hugely productive with regards to bottom fishing with live baits for Yellowtail.  Some of these fish have been 20kgs or more and have been caught throughout the week by many anglers. A lot of anglers are still using the old method of counting the turns on the KP to find their fish, over looking for the fish on the fish finders.



The Durban Harbour has been producing some good fish lately with plenty of Grunter, Stumpnose and Kingies all coming out on their preferred baits. Around the Yacht Mall area there have been plenty of Stumpnose and Perch coming out on bait. These rock fish are incredibly strong for their size and give a proper rev on lighter 7ft rods and 2000 size reels. There are still a few gam fish around this area with Kingies and Pickhandle Barracuda taking any sort of artificials. The block has been producing some excellent Grunter for the guys who are wading in, they have found that most of these Grunter are taking Cracker, if you are unable to get Cracker; these fish are also taking baby Squid, but by putting this bait on, you will be enticing the Brown Rays to pick up your bait. There have been a few big Kingies off South Pier for those of you with permits as well as a few fairly sized Stumpnose, these fish will normally take a well-presented Sea Lice or Cracker, but some anglers have been lucky enough to catch them on Drop Shot. Off the Boats over the weekend there were reports of some big grunter coming out around the Centre Bank on Cracker. One report truly showed how even though these fish are incredibly strong, you do not have to put huge amounts of pressure on them as it was caught on a 4ft kiddies combo rod and reel. We have seen lately the amount of Brown Rays in the Harbour and how easily it is to pick them up on Grunter tackle. These Rays are in the Harbour for the safety and food that it provides, they will jump on any bait you put out, but Red Eye fillets cottoned around a Red Eye Head will work just as well as a well-presented baby Squid on circle hook. With some anglers going as light as possible on these fish, often they are lost due to tackle failure, so if you are not as confident in the light tackle as other anglers, then a medium rod with 15 to 20lb braid and a 3000 size reel will be perfect for you, the Daiwa BG series as well as the Exceler series of reels will do wonders, paired on the Exceler 7ft Medium rod and the 15lb Daiwa Braid. With this combination of tackle you will have a brilliant time on these fish. Anglers fishing on the boats around the docks will be excited to hear that there are a few big Rockcod swimming around at the moment, these fish are taking a full sardines bait. These fish will be hiding in any underground structure, which makes fishing around the walls and ships in the harbour perfect, as there is always structure up close to these bays.



Albert Falls has been producing some excellent Bass in the 3-4 kg range over this last week. Fish have always preferred the darker colours in Albert Falls but the Wazza colour from McArthy seems to have hit the nail on the head. Fishing these in deep waters with a small bullet weight on the front seems to be the best way to attract these fish. Adding a small twitch every few winds and then allowing the bait to drop for about 3 seconds is a good way to start the hunt, if you are still having no luck with it, then change the style up a bit. Many anglers have had the case where they have fished slowly with no luck, and only when retrieving the line quickly to change the lure, have they had a bite.

Inanda is fishing well with the usual Water Mellon Red fluke doing the business, although there have been reports on good catches with anglers using a Baby Bass coloration instead.

Hazlemere is still producing some excellent fish on the sunken grass areas with the Chrystella Tiddler working incredibly well. This clear colouring works very well in clearer water fished weightless on Fluorocarbon leader, the Bass simply cannot leave it alone. Nagle is producing a few fish on the kick boats but nothing to report along the side. Most of our dams will be slowing down now as not as many people will be fishing due to the holiday makers going back to their respective homes.

Albert Falls is producing some really good Carp from the specimen guys, they are not producing the numbers of fish as the conventional  guys are, but they are really making up  for it by the pure size of the fish they are catching. The conventional guys are also getting some really good fish at the moment in Albert Falls on the Vaal Dam ground feed, mixed with a small amount of the Super Cast Sweet Corn oil. A well placed FX floatie in the middle of your feeding area will definitely insure you a bite.

Nagle Dam has been slow unfortunately but some decent fish have been coming out. The specimen guys have been getting a few fish on 20mm boilies, Mouse trapping with the high protein feed. The conventional anglers have been getting some really nice Carp between the 5-8kg range on white dough as backing behind a high visibility floatie. Anglers have been commenting on the brilliant condition these Carp are in and how well they fight.

Inanda is producing some excellent fish at the moment on conventional and specimen. It seems as though the pressure on the dam has gone so the Carp are back into their eating habits. The general SVB baits seem to be working well as well as the Double Trouble Dip. Anglers are still few and far between at Shongweni Dam, so if there are any reports on the happenings around this dam, please let us know. There has been plenty of Barbel as the dams heat up, these fish are eating a lot of the Carp baits in most dams but if you are targeting these species, a Chicken Heart or Liver from your local butchery will generally do the trick. There correct tackle to use if you will be putting out a stick for Barbel as well as Carp would be an 8ft fairly stiff casting rod, a 3000 size reel such as the Daiwa BG 3000, with a 20lb Daiwa j Braid, anglers will have a lot of fun with these fish as they fight incredibly well. There is also the good opportunity to catch a Albino Barbel, these fish are not uncommon as most of our dams and rivers do not have predators for these fish and they are able to grow well over 20 kgs in some areas. These fish are incredibly beautiful in their natural areas and will often take the very smelly baits over anything else. They use their whiskers to feel their way around the dam bed and use it to locate their food. They will also take surface feed as well, gently opening their mouths and sucking the food straight in.


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