This week has no doubt been a hot week but with the warmer weather there has been some excellent catches of Snoek and Tuna off the Boats as well as some big flat fish from the Surf. Anglers in all facets are enjoying the warm weather as it certainly brings the bigger species out to play, but remember to get yourself a CliMate Sports Scarf to keep your neck and face from being burnt.


Rock and Surf:

Over the last week anglers have been having some excellent fun with the Sand Sharks from Kosi to Sodwana Bay; these fish have been taken on well-presented Mackerel baits on a Circle hook.


Cape Vidal has been producing a lot of fish for the edible anglers, with plenty of Stumpnose and Pompano coming out. These fish are being caught on a mixture of Crab and Sea Lice, another very good bait for the Pompano is the Mussel, and you can prepare this bait by gently drilling a hole through the shell and threading your hook through the hole.


There have been some excellent Diamond Rays biting around Richards Bay North area as well as some smaller Honeycombs around the 50kg mark, these fish have preferred a Bonito head with the Bonito cutlets cottoned on over the eyes. Three days of a North East wind has provided some good fishing to the anglers around the Richards Bay South area, there have been an influx of Diamond Rays around this area as the water temperature in this area has been correct for these fish.


Ballito has been alive with Grey Shark and Sand Shark activity during the evenings and early mornings, there have also been the odd Diamond and Brown Ray taking the bait.


Durban has been quiet with our anglers reporting odd pockets of Shad and Pompano, this hotter weather seems to have heated the water up a bit too much.


Toti has been on fire with lots of edibles coming out such as Stumpnose and Shad. The non edibles have been excellent with Sand Sharks, Grey Sharks, Honeycombs and Diamonds coming out.


Warner Beach produced an excellent Honeycomb for one of our local Anglers Michael Rodger, he caught this fish on his Poseidon Azure 14ft Heavy 5-7oz, Daiwa BG 6500 and the Daiwa 30lb J Braid.


Scottburgh has been very quiet with only a few fish coming out, mostly Shad with the odd Grey Shark.


Port Shepstone has been producing a few good edible fish with anglers searching for the Bronze Bream and finding Kob, a good trick to remember with the Bronze Bream is to try and fish in a spot with a natural pool, these fish will disappear if you happen to release one back, as it will head back to the shoal and move them from the spot. So if you do happen to catch an undersized fish, release it into a tidal pool, carry on fishing, and when you are done, release it back into the water.


Transkei North has been plagued with Hammer Heads of the 20kg Range, taking whole slid Chokka, there have also been reports of 50kg plus Grey Sharks coming out. Transkei South there have been a lot of Shad and Kob, as well as some of the smaller Hammer Heads, the odd big Grey Shark will certainly pick you up on a good looking live bait.


Ski Boat:

Mapelane has been on fire as far as reports from the locals go, with countless Dorado and Couta hookups over the last week. One of the boats saw two Marlin hook ups, one Marlin landed and one lost to a hook pull. In between the Marlin in the deep there are more Wahoo being spoken of too. Two specimens of Wahoo were landed on the 50m mark at Mapelane. These two fish were landed on baits that were being trawled for Couta. In most areas between Mapelane, Vidal and St Lucia have reached water temperatures in excess of 27 degrees which will make for even better angling over the next few weeks.


Nice to see some very large Snoek being landed on the Onda Spoons on the North Coast, mainly at Vidal and St Lucia. Some respectable Couta were landed at Mapelane on live baits and trawled baits, and the odd big Tuna on Kingfisher Rattlers.


Durban has been fishing well, game fish and bottom fish. Some of our local Charter Boats managed some very good hauls of Dorado, Tuna and even Marlin. The guys going for bottoms managed some very good Daga Salmon and Rock Cod on the deeper reefs which fell victim to whole Mackerel. Red Fish such as Englishman, Slinger and Soldiers have been plentiful on the northern reefs and marks. The Ships produced a number of Dorado, Wahoo and even Sailfish which have been taken on Rattler 150s and Williamson Dorado/Sailfish Catchers. Along the scum-lines around Durban there has been a lot of bait activity and Dolphin sightings, which are a good indication fish in the area. Tuna have been sighted feeding on the surface here and will readily take Rattler poppers and stick baits as they have been doing over the last week. Live bait will be a good way to target these fish on the scum-line as well.


Shelley Beach was on fire over the weekend and many an angler took part in the action. Amberjack were caught by the dozen by most of the boats that fished live bait and big bottom baits. The Amberjack and Yellowtail have also been taken on heavy Buck tail Jigs and Drop Shot fished deep. Jigs however, being the flavour of the day. Game fish such as Wahoo, Sailfish and Tuna have been landed on Protea, the most productive method is with trawling lures such as Halco Max lures and Rattler 150s.


Durban Harbour:

The water in the Durban Bay has been perfect for anglers looking to have some fun with the bigger Brown Skates and Honeycombs around the banks on the boat, these fish are prone to take a baby Squid just pinned to a 6/0 Demon Circle. Be careful not to under gun yourself with these fish as they will easily strip you 100m on their first run. There has been some Grunter around the banks as well taking strips of Chokka and Cracker baits. Around the Yacht Mall area there have been plenty of Perch under the boats as well as a few Sand Gurnard’s. The artificial anglers are having a very hit and miss time around this area with the smaller Kingfish and Scads, but they are around. Anglers fishing around the Block have been having some good fun with the bigger Stumpnose and Grunter, also taking mostly on Cracker. Around the Grunter Gully area there have been reports of anglers hooking into some nice Kob, of course it is illegal to fish from the side in this area but anglers have been drifting down with their boats. Anglers wading the banks will be happy to know that there are a few Grunter around but with this warmer weather they may be bullied by a few Brown Rays jumping onto their Cracker, unfortunately most of these fish are being lost due to insufficient tackle but if you do manage to land these fish, pull him onto the bank, slide your hand under the fish and feel for its mouth, hold it tightly in its mouth and remove the hook, but be very careful of the tail. These fish are excellent fish to catch on light tackle but they need to be handled with care and released safely with the hooks removed, if you are unsure how to do this, come into The Kingfisher and the Staff will explain it to you. Many anglers are turning to the Daiwa J Braid in the 8lb and 10lb for harbour fishing, this braid is impeccably smooth and soft yet it is able to take a true beating against rocks, mooring lines and chains. This braid has truly shown its strength with the 8lb pulling in a Brown Ray of close to 20kgs by angler Jesse Schubach in the bay late last year. If you are looking for an affordable braid that does not hold water, ties excellent knots and if packed correctly does not get wind Knots, look no further than the Daiwa J Braid.




Inanda Dam is Bass fishing incredibly well off the banks with anglers using the McArthy Watermelon Red Flukes, these fish may be smaller than the fish that you will find in the deep but they put up an incredible fight. With the dam being on the clearer side, anglers are doing a lot of sight fishing. If you find that you are not getting the accuracy with your spinning set up, take a look at getting yourself a bait casting set up, the accuracy is greatly improved when using a bait caster over a spinning reel. There are plenty of decent sized fish coming out around the edges of the Camp sight, with smaller numbers but the same size coming out around the Braai area.


Nagle is producing some good Bass around the sunken trees along the edges, most of these damns are producing good fish with the run off from the rains we’ve had. June Bug Flukes and Buzz baits seem to be working the best at the moment. Buzz baits are not big with our social anglers but it really is a lure that everyone should have in their box, this lure works brilliantly on over cast and poor condition days. The vibration in the water near any structure mimics a distressed animal or bird, and with Bass being a predator fish, they are designed to take the bait.


Albert Falls is still fishing well in the deep on big lipped cranks and dark flukes, anglers have been reporting a lot of Tilapia activity with these fish taking smaller cranks, poppers and jerk baits. This Tilapia has also been known to take trick worms rigged on drop shot. There are a few species of Tilapia in Albert Falls but the main species that will be taking the bait will be the Mozambique Tilapia. There have been a few reports of Red Breast but these will mainly be caught on Fly and they are few and far between.


Midmar has been quiet over the last week with only smaller Bass coming out; there have been a number of bigger Bass caught off the boat between the 2 and 3 kg range.


Carp fishing at Albert Falls has been very productive for the conventional guys with anglers catching plenty of fish between the 2kg and 6kg range. Most anglers having luck using the Super Cast Vaal Dam feed with a hook bait of a plain Mielie. Some anglers have been crushing egg shells into their mix to add a different texture in hopes it will keep the fish around for longer. Most of these bites are happening in the late afternoon and early evening. Anglers are dropping/casting their baits at a distance of 60m – 120m, the bigger fish seem to be coming out in the deeper areas. Anglers fishing Specimen are getting a lot of fish but unfortunately it has been more about quantity then quality. A lot of 8kg and under fish are coming out but nothing huge, anglers are fishing Particles with a high protein feed and added milk powder, this milk powder gives off a cloud which allows for a much bigger feeding area, these Carp can sense the milk powder in the water and will follow it to the feeding area.


All Carp fishing in Inanda has been very mediocre over the past week as the rain has had quite an effect on the dam. Visibility has decreased dramatically so most fish are coming out on high visibility baits. Anglers are using green fluorescein powder to help get the fish closer to their feeding areas but unless you are fishing a well-known carp spot or you are sight fishing, the catch statistic has been low. The best bait to use in Inanda would be the Banjo floaties with an Aniseed flavour in the ground feed.


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