Happy New years to all of our anglers, we truly wish tight lines for all of you this current year. Fishing has really been fantastic to start this year off, if you were brave enough to venture into the heat of New Year’s Day, you surely would have been rewarded with some excellent catches from all of our waters.


Rock & Surf.

Starting out as always, up north, Sodwana Bay is producing some excellent fish on artificial with plenty of Kingfish around, most of these fish are taking McArthy drop shot baits on medium spinning tackle. There have also been a number of reports of Three Spot Pompano/Wave Garrick coming out over the last few days on drop shot as well, so grab yourself a packet of McArthy’s, your spinning outfit and a some sun protection and start your year off with a decent fish on artificial. If you are around the Richards Bay north area, grab your heavy non edible outfit and head on down to anywhere with sand and water. There have been plenty of reports of Sand Sharks / Guitar fish, Brown, Diamond Rays and Black Fin Sharks as well. These fish have all been getting hooked on the full metal jacket trace, anglers are using this trace due to the pure strength of it, and how it seems to pull any fish effortlessly. The recommended hook for this trace is the Mustad 10/0 Tuna Circle; these hooks are incredibly strong and will not give up. Richards Bay south has been cooking over the last week, not with fish but with the weather, the weather has warmed the water up so much that most fish have been either Spinner Sharks or small Hammerheads. The combination of this warm water and a North East wind has brought us the bigger Diamond Rays close enough into the shore to feed; these fish have given plenty of anglers a run for their money if they are not using the right tackle as they will take everything from a Shad head to a whole Mackerel. Ballito has been very productive for its holiday makers over the festive season, if you were able to make it down to the beach to do some fishing, you would find that you would be hooking into some decent Sand Sharks, Grey Sharks and plenty of Shad. Most of these fish being caught on fresh Mackerel bait or Shad cutlet. The Shad however are taking the usual Sardine. Durban unfortunately has been quiet as most anglers tend to stay away from the beaches over the peak holiday season, but there has been some reports of some undersize Shad coming out. Down in the Toti area there have been a few flatfish coming out here and there, mostly Browns and Diamonds, all on Shad cutlet. If you are around the Margate area, your chances of catching a Marlin off the Pier is about the same as everyone else, but if you are there, send a live bait; you never know what you’ll end up hooking. Port St Johns is producing some Hammer Head Sharks around the points on live anything, most anglers are lobbing out live Karenteen and turning them into 8kg+ Hammer Heads. Port St Johns is also producing fish but more of the edible kind with plenty of Kob coming out on McArthy paddle tail.


Ski Boat:

In the Ski Boat side of things, it is great to hear of decent numbers of Couta being landed all the way from Sodwana down to Durban. Most of the catches up North have been on trawled lures such as the Rattler 150 shallow diving lures, mainly in the Pink or Blue colours. When using bait such as Sardine or Mackerel, Green or Blue dusters in the clean water or Pink in the dirty water has been a good indication. Tuna have been slow up North but the few which have been reported have been of good size. Snoek have frequented the shallows, taking Strike Pro Magic Minnows, Sardine fillet and Clark spoons. Most anglers trawling Clark spoons fast have managed to hook into some of the bigger fish off the rips in deeper water. Richards Bay has had good numbers of Yellowfin Tuna move in, and a few beast of over 60kgs have been reported so far. These fish have been taken on the 400m mark on Kona’s. Westbrook managed to dish out some fairly decent Couta, Dorado and Snoek too. Umhlanga saw a few small Tuna, some Snoek and also the odd Couta which have been landed mainly by Ski anglers. The normal stretch between Hyper by the Sea and Blue Lagoon produced good numbers of Snoek during the week, with most fish being landed on small spoons or fillet baits. From the Number 1 area off Durban, down to Isipingo there have been good catches of Dorado along the 50m mark. The most successful lures have once again been the Rattler 150 and the Williamson Dorado and Sailfish Catchers. Protea Banks are fishing better and have showed signs of increasing catches as the weeks go by. The usual species such as Dorado, Tuna and Yellowtail have been plentiful. Live bait has caught more of the larger fish, whilst anglers after numbers have stuck to trawled lures

Durban Bay:

Over the Holiday Season the harbour has been very quiet, there would have been more fish caught but many of the local anglers stay away from the harbour over the festive season. We have however had reports of plenty of smaller Kingfish up to 3kgs coming out along the Yacht Mall area, most of these anglers are walking out onto the bank and throwing artificial lures into the drop offs, there seems to be the bigger Kingies hanging out in the deeper areas waiting for their pray. There is a number of small Rock Salmon being caught and released along any structure, it is vital that these fish are released as they will grow to become the much needed breeding stock of our next generation. The Grunter that have been coming out have been on the smaller side but there haven’t been a lot of guys fishing for them. There have been a few Shad coming out in the deeper water but all undersize. Most anglers are now putting a bait out on the boat and then throwing an artificial with the fishing being the way it is, there have been plenty of King Fish, bigger Scads and Pick Handle Barracuda around the Coaling Warf, being caught on everything from poppers to deep diving Bass crank baits. There best outfit for this type of fishing would have to be a very light rod such as the Daiwa Crossfire 6’6” with a Daiwa Ninja 2000 reel, paired with an 8lb Daiwa J Braid. This outfit is small, easy to use and cost effective, and will definitely pull a big fish, as well as allowing you to have some fun with the smaller fish. The new Strike Pro Hot Dog surface lure has been the lure of choice for catching the Kingfish and Perch on the surface. With this lures Walk the Dog action on the surface, no predatory fish can resist it.



There have been plenty of big Bass coming out over the last few days at Inanda on the Strike Pro crank baits. With the weather being so hot and the Bass lying very deep, the Strike Pro Crank has been the lure of choice when targeting the big boys. Anglers are fishing a heavy braid and thick nylon for their leaders to allow them to pull the Bass from the structure that it has made its home. A heavy braid for this style of fishing is nice as it enables you to cut through the Lily’s and branches that the Bass may be hiding in, a Clear or Greeny colour crank is working very well of the Bass at Inanda at the moment. Nagle has been producing some excellent fish from the Kick boat, again in the deeper areas, but a much more effective fishing method would be to use an actual boat. Anglers are able to fish anywhere they please without the worry of wind or structure, and there has been some sizable Bass coming out there as well. Shongweni is still a no go zone to anglers but it seems as though there are a couple that have tried their luck and been rewarded with some good fish, most of these fish coming out on Pumpkin Seed Flukes and surface poppers towards the evening around the reeds. There have been plenty Tilapia coming out on small spinners, live Worms and fly over the last week or so as well. Anglers are using the smaller Tilapia and swimming them for the bigger Bass, this works extremely effectively as the bigger Bass cannot resist these baitfish. Albert Falls is still producing excellent fish in the deep parts of the dam; shaded areas along the banks are also producing some good fish on surface lures such as the Strike Pro Gobi Popper. There have been a couple reports of some really nice fighting Bass coming out of this dam recently, and we really hope that does not change.

There have been plenty of Carp being caught all around Inanda Dam; many holiday makers have had some incredible catches all the way up to 17kgs. Almond Mealies and plain Super Cast feed seems to be working the best at around a 80m cast, with a braided baby shoes rig. There have been a lot of Barbel coming out as well on loud lipless cranks. With the anglers from Free State coming down for the holidays, many of them are using the new Poseidon Roep Stok for the Barbel, paired with a Daiwa SL30 and 50lb Daiwa J Braid. Anglers shake the tip of the rod in the water to attract the fish, and then release a sinking lure into the area they have stirred up. This is a new way of fishing in Inanda and seems to be producing some excellent fish for those who want to kill time while fishing for the elusive Carp. Nagle is producing some excellent fish on specimen gear, some Carp in excess of 20kgs, with hook baits being 20-24mm boilies. Unfortunately your conventional anglers are not have as much luck with the bigger fish, but are still catching good amounts of fish. Albert Falls has been producing good fish on conventional, Sweet corn Mealies seems to be the bait of choice with the new SVB Super Cast ground feed working very well for these fish. There are a few fish coming out on specimen tackle between the 5-8kg marks.

Around this time of the year you will find most of your Trout in the much deeper waters around the reeds and weed beds, the Trout do not like the hotter days and you will find that they will be feeding less on the surface then on the floor. These fish will go for more of a streamer type fly as they will be preying on the smaller Minnows around the dam bed. There have been some good catches in a lot of the Kamburg Rivers lately with anglers having most luck in shaded areas of the river on delicately presented dry flies such as your Adams Irresistible. These flies are great as they are easy and quick to tie. There have been a lot of Brown Trout coming out these rivers lately and will continue to do so, even though these fish are small, it is a truly invigorating experience to catch them in a river.


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