This past week has been excellent fishing for freshwater and saltwater anglers alike with plenty fish coming out in all facets. We have had an interesting week when it comes to our nonedible fish with fish coming out where you really don’t expect them to.

Rock and Surf:

For the Rock and Surf anglers, there is still plenty Sand Sharks to mention around the Kosi Bay area, these fish are being caught all the way to Sodwana Bay and are excellent fun for the weekend fishermen, Anglers who have a bit more experience with these non edibles are looking for the bigger fish and certainly finding them. The new Poseidon Azure heavy is the perfect rod to tackle these fish, paired with the new Daiwa Saltist 8000, there is almost nothing you can’t stop with this outfit.

Cape Vidal has had their influx of Shad; anglers fishing for Shad have also been hooking up to the odd Stumpnose on a ground bait. Anglers looking exclusively for Stumpnose are finding them with a Sealice bait. The Mustad Tarpon hook is the hook to go for with these fish as they are incredibly sharp as well as strong, these fish will try with all their might to break that hook out of their mouths, this is why it is important to have a strong hook.

Richards Bay North is still producing some excellent Diamond Rays as well as a few Honeycomb Rays; these fish have all been hooked on the banks. There has been one report of a large Ribbon Tail hooked but unfortunately lost in the shore break. Most of these fish are coming out on Mackerel bait or preferably a flapped Bonito.

Ballito, Tongaat and Westbrook have been producing plenty of Shad, Stumpnose and their best kept secret, the Bronze Bream. Non edible anglers will be excited to hear that there have been a number of Grey Sharks coming out around the Seabell area, mostly on a football style bait. You do have to get your bait out quite far as the undercurrent is very heavy, and your bait will be lying next to you on the beach in just under a minute.

Umhlanga has been alive with Shad activity with local angler Donny Ramburan hooking into a bus 7kg + Shad! This fish was caught on a Chokka and Prawn combo as Donny was looking for a new method of catching a Grey Shark. This fish was caught on a Poseidon HMG light 13ft and a BG 5000, this fish dragged Donny over the rocks a few times yet his Daiwa J Braid does not show any scars of the fight, clearly Donny was using the right tackle.

Anglers around the Port Shepstone areas are still finding Kob; good news to the artificial anglers is that they are tacking paddle tails, colours of choice being the White and Glow Green from the McArthy range. Bronze Bream are also currently coming out on a Pink Prawn dipped in Super Cast Banana dip, it is unknown why these fish take this bait but it is clearly working.

Transkei North is producing some good Kob, as well as a number of hammer heads on a chokka slide. Transkei South is producing a lot of good sized Grey Sharks, Raggies and the odd Kob.

Durban Harbour:

In the Durban Harbour we are still getting a lot of reports of big Brown Rays harassing the light tackle anglers who are fishing for Grunter; these Brown Rays love bloody Sardine bait but will also take Cracker Shrimp. These fish are good fun on light tackle outfits such as 6ft rods, 2000 size reels and 8-10lb braid. Fishing like this can be very invigorating to the angler as it can be a true test of skill and angling ability when there is a big Brown giving your tackle a real workout. There are a few Grunter coming out around the banks, many anglers have reported these fish coming on the bite on an incoming tide. There are lots of the smaller Kingfish coming out on artificial lures. A good way to target these fish is to kit yourself out with a 6/7ft light rod, 2500 size reel and braid between 8 and 15lbs, good lures to attract and hook these fish would have to be the Strike Pro range, this range is of high quality without the high prices. The Sprat Stick 45 in particular works incredibly well for this sort of fishing, with this lure being lipless and a sinking lure, you will be able to cater the movement to what the smaller gamefish in the area will be after. The South Pier is producing plenty of Kingies and plenty of Pick Handle Barracuda up to a meter long, these fish, commonly known as spikes are incredibly aggressive and will hit anything. Their sharp teeth make it easy for them to bite your lure off but normally you are able to land them.

Ski Boat:

Our real summer Ski Boat fishing is here with plenty of our bigger pelagic fish making an appearance around the north coast as well of Durban.

Starting off at Sodwana, anglers have been rewarded with brilliant catches of Dorado, Sailfish and Tuna. Most anglers have reported these catches on Pink and Blue hard plastic diving lures, being trawled along dirty water lines.

A little further south by Cape Vidal and St Lucia the anglers are really getting stretched by big Tuna and a few Couta, the Dorado bites are also on the rise in the deeper water the Couta have been caught on fast trolled Walla Walla. Fast trawling Orange and Pink lures are working well for the Wahoo, anglers who are having problems with landing these fish and loosing lures are using a short length of single strand wire, such as American Fishing Wire, to allow the angler to get a better hook up without getting cut off by the incredibly sharp teeth that the Wahoo is known for, if you are in a well-known Wahoo area, it is always good to keep the traces on your lures, just in case you pick one up.

Zinkwazi has unfortunately been a bit rough this week but anglers have still braved the conditions in order to find their favourite fish, Paddlers fit enough to get into the deeper water are getting a few Dorado but with the Ski Boats able to get out to the ships, they are reporting good numbers of big fish in the area, with a few Sailfish in between, this is a good sign that the season is in good swing. A few Snoek are still coming out on Sardine cutlets rigged with bright skirts.

Tinley Manor there is still plenty of Snoek around; bigger fish such as Tuna have been reported as well.

Durban has once again stunned us with what it has to offer with good catches of Tuna from Ski Boats and Paddle Skis, there are plenty of Dorado off the ships and a few billfish lurking around, a good trick to catching the Dorado is to use one live Maasbunker on a light spinning rod, small grinder and braid, throwing the Maasbunker directly at the shoal will create a lot of interest and a good fight. This is going back to basics with a light tackle touch; the fight will be outstanding and will be a good story to tell.

Anglers on Paddle Skis are catching good amounts of Snoek with the Strike Pro Magic Minnow in the new UV clear colour; this lure shines a brilliant Blue in the water attracting a lot of interest from the fish.

There are still a lot of good reports of good Daga Salmon coming in from our bottom fishing anglers further down south, most catches now later in the evening. South Coast there are still a lot of good reports of bottom fishing and plenty of  Tuna coming out in the Port Shepstone/Shelly Beach area, anglers are also having fun targeting the 15kg odd Yellowtail that are cruising around the area often hitting guys bottom fishing baits either on the way down or on the way up. Double up on Yellowtail do occur quite often as most traces have more than one baited hook, these fish can give the angler a hard time as they are shoaling fish, they tend to fight together rather than against each other.


Albert Falls is having a good run of Carp at the moment for the conventional anglers catching plenty in the area of 2-6kg. There was a report of a Carp in excess of 12kgs picked up in the deeper area of the dam, proving that if you want the bigger fish, you need to fish deeper and further out, these bigger fish are being caught mainly on specimen kit. Inanda has been producing brilliant fish over the last week for the specimen guys, catching a lot of fish in the deeper parts of the damn between 11 and 15kgs. If you are worried about your sinker and your hook sitting too close to one another when you cast, use PVA mesh which is the length of your hook link (considering the hook link is not too long) and load it with feed. Include your weight into your mesh, tie a knot above your sinker and hook your hook into the bottom of the mesh. The new Mustad BBS Carp hooks will be perfect for this application without the worry of your rig having any ugly snags in the mesh. A good thing to remember about handling the bigger Carp is not too pick them up for too long out of the water, having your hand under the stomach area puts huge pressure on the vital organs and often can damage the Carp where the anglers cannot see. This is why if taking the Carp out of the water it should be done so in the gentlest manner possible, weighed on a weigh mat, a quick photo and then back in the water, this will keep the fish and angler very happy.

There have been plenty of big Bass coming out recently at Inanda Dam on a variety of soft plastics heavily weighted and pulled quickly along the floor. The darker colours seem to be working well such as June Bug and the McArthy Wazza colour, anglers using these colours from the side are rigging them Texas Rig, which uses a standard bullet head sinker free running from the hook and up a short leader stopping at a swivel. This rig allows the plastic to be thrown very far and also get to the bottom of the dam very quickly; some anglers are putting a small glass bead between the sinker and the hook, giving a new sound and vibration element to the action of the worm. To get this sound element, a quick jerk every 2 or 3 rotations of the handle on your reel will pull the sinker quickly back into the bead, thus creating a ‘tick’ noise.

There are the usual big fish coming out at Albert Falls on deep diving crank baits in the deepest areas of the dam. There are also reports of anglers catching good fish on using a wacky rig; these anglers are using Chinu style hooks through a ring around the centre of a 5 inch dark coloured worm. This is a good method if you are able to fish from a boat. Nagle is producing a lot of smaller fish at the moment with lots of juveniles around. We are pleased to report that after the heat wave of December, the January rains around Pietermaritzburg and up in The Midlands have increased flows and brought water temperatures down – good news for Trout.  While the warmer water is (apparently) great for Bass, I couldn’t even tempt a Bass in the 24deg.C bathwater over December.

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