From boiling hot and huge seas to slightly cooler weather and duck ponds, this week has really been an up and down week. The fish how ever have not stopped, with excellent fish showing up during Rock and Surf sessions to upgrading of tackle to try and tame the beasts of the deep with our Ski Boaters, it seems as though the fish will never stop coming…

Rock and Surf:


This week has been a fantastic week starting off at Cape Vidal with the usual Stumpnose, Pompano, Rock Cod and Kingfish coming out in massive numbers. Pompano and Stumpnose coming out mainly on Mussel, and the Kingfish taking a nice Chokka bait wrapped around a Mustad Big Gun hook.


Richards Bay seems to have quietened down for now, but don’t be too quick to put away the big rods. There have been a few Sand Sharks around but the main attraction has been the abundance of 30-40kg Honeycombs, My advice would be to head down with your lighter rods, 30lb braid and 5000 size reels and give them a real stretch. Richards Bay South has had the odd Diamond coming out but there have been plenty of Sand Sharks coming out on big fleshy baits, anglers using the new Mustad 11/0 offset circle hook have been hooking up exceptionally well.


Ballito has had a sprinkling of Grey Sharks according to angler Ray Thompson, the water is very clean at the moment and he recommends a well-presented Chokka Bait put nice and deep.


Durban has had a few Grey Sharks here and there but nothing too exciting, anglers were rewarded on Thursday night around the piers with plenty of Stumpnose coming out, exciting times! There have also been reports of the odd Diamond coming out.


Warner Beach has been a favourite place for the competition over the last week, the champions leg was fished from 3pm – 8pm with most anglers hooking up with their fish within the first hour, unfortunately the sea turned ugly around 5.30. Very well done to Ray Thompson who landed an excellent Honeycomb Ray of 75.8kgs on 30lb braid. Ray was using the new Mustad Offset Circle hook 9/0, as Ray was using such light tackle, he had to fight this fish for 2hours and 45 minutes to ensure he landed the fish safely, Thankfully for Ray, Alan O’Connor was there with his undying support to help land and view this excellent fish, Unfortunately for him, his line never saw water, Sorry AOC. Michael Rodgers also managed to land a magnificent Diamond Ray of 45kgs at Sinties; Michael was also using the Mustad Offset Circle hook.


Scottburgh was quiet with only a couple of Bonefish and a few Rockfish coming out on Pink Prawn. Port Shepstone had good fishing on Thursday and Friday but unfortunately the weather turned sour on Saturday, there are still lots of Shad and the odd Kob around the area at the moment.


Port St Johns is unfortunately very quiet at the moment when it comes to Shark activity but a little further south there have been plenty of big Shad, Kob and of course, Yellowtail.

Ski Boat:

Anglers have been having an excellent time around the Cape Vidal last week with plenty of big Tuna playing around in this area, there have been Dorado off the deeper points and the odd Wahoo being taken on a Kona, these fish prefer the deeper Purple and Black colours that most ranges offer.

Kingfisher has recently released the new Daiwa Saltiga multiplying reels on the market and after this weekend the 50HA has definitely left a dent in the Tuna population, filled with Kingfisher 30lb and 600m of Bully Braid 48lb backing, the fish really has to be a monster to make that ratchet scream, which it does, loudly.


Sodwana has been producing some good Dorado and the odd Couta; hopefully those fish will filter down closer to home soon. If you are battling to find Couta, try something different, try hooking a live Red, you’ll be surprised with the results.


Zinkwazi and Tinley Manor have produced some excellent catches of Snoek this week for the Paddle Ski anglers. Jesse Schubach and the crew of ‘Verona’ had an excellent morning launching off Westbrook on Tuesday, with Tuna, Dorado, Bonito and Snoek, hopefully Jesse is enjoying his retirement.


Durban has been producing the odd Tuna but the Couta seem to have disappeared, anglers seem to be catching most of their fish North of Durban while trolling the Rattler shallow divers, especially the Pink colour. There have been plenty of Snoek off the Umgeni just on the colour lines, unfortunately they are too far out for the guys with spoons to get but the anglers on the Ski are plundering, they seem to be enjoying the lighter colours in the Strike Pro Magic Minnow range as well as a nice looking Sardine fillet, chaps on the boat are having a lot of fun throwing tiny Kingfisher Anchovy spoons at them with the lightest of tackle, light tackle really seems the way to go with today’s exceptional quality.


Port Shepstone is producing a few good bottom fish and there are some big Tuna out deep off Shelly Beach, anglers are having some real fun with these monster Tuna using 30lb Marlin outfits as your standard outfits can’t turn them. Anglers further down the coast are having fun with the Yellowtail at the moment on bottom outfits, these angers have been colliding the Yellowtail on a two hook bottom trace with basically anything for bait, often resulting in a double up.



There seems to be plenty of artificial lure action around the Yacht Moll area at the moment with the Sand Gurnards plundering anything that hits the floor, these fish are excellent to catch as they are incredibly strong for their size, often fooling anglers fishing bait that think they have hooked into a monster Grunter and end up with a 1 kg Gurnard. There have been a few decent sized Grunter coming out from the guys walking the banks in the later evenings; they are catching these fish on the new Mustad Offset circle size 1 hooked with a larger Cracker Shrimp. Anglers fishing off the boats have been rewarded with plenty of Grunter, Stumpnose and Brown Rays, these Rays are still tormenting the light tackle boat anglers with their Cracker eating tendencies.


Albert Falls has been producing some excellent Bass at the moment with plenty of the 2-3 kg Bass around. There have been reports of some bigger fish around, these pigs of 4kg + have been colliding the June bug flukes in the deep water, often breaking anglers off but with a heavy action stick, a decent bait caster and with 40lb Daiwa J Braid, you can land these fish with ease. Anglers have been finding plenty of the smaller 2-3kg fish in the reeds and along the banks around heavy structure, these fish are hiding nice and deep but with heavier tackle you will be able to get them out.


Inanda is also producing some good fish off the boat with the biggest fish this week being reported at 3.8kgs, this fish was caught on a DT 10 Rapala in a dark colour, unfortunately that was all the angler would let us know. There haven’t been any noteworthy fish caught from the side of the dam recently, but hopefully this will change with the weather heating up as we head in mid-February. The Water Melon Red fluke is still working incredibly well at Inanda as it always has, this lure is an excellent colour to use at almost and destination as the colour just seems to work perfectly, and it is available in an array of brands.


Hazelmere is still producing fish on the sunken grass areas, there were a few reports over the weekend of some big Bass coming out during the rains of the weekend, the Bass coming out of this dam were around 2-3kgs.


Nagle, we have had only a few reports from anglers fishing Nagle and the reports have been promising with lots of fish coming out during the latter afternoons and evenings, these fish are taking surface lures as the light begins to fade and are really hitting them hard, often running them straight into the trees and sunken structure, again this is why it is important to fish a heavier line and leader, so that you can pull those fish straight out.


Inanda is producing some excellent Carp on conventional tackle lately around the Camp site and anglers seem to be doing well on the Vaal Dam ground feed, Banjo boilies and Double Trouble dip. Anglers are mixing their ground feed with Peanut Oil to add extra flavour and to keep the Carp around longer, there was an excellent leather Carp that came out over the weekend on this exact method. There has not been much news from the specimen anglers at Inanda over the last week but if you do catch any good fish, please drop us an email with all the details.


Nagle is producing fish on the specimen side with anglers catching the bigger Carp using boilies infused with Banana, rigged on a hair rig using the Mustad BBS Carp hooks, ensuring that every fish that picks up the bait is hooked, and able to be released safely. There have been a few anglers fishing conventional and the Banana flavouring also seems to be working the best, this is showing that Banana is a favourite in this dam at the moment.


Albert Falls has been producing a few fish around the Bon Accord section of the dam with sizes ranging from 1 – 4 kgs, the predominant feed being used is the Super Cast SVB meilie bomb, with Meilies and a Bread dough backing. The preferred flavours of this dam seem to be Double Trouble, Passion Fruit and Banana; anglers are casting their bait to a distance of 120m, as the fish don’t seem to be interested in coming closer. Midmar has been fishing very averagely at the moment with some decent fish being hooked but not being landed. Anglers are able to see these bigger fish of around 8-12kgs jumping and swimming within casting distance but they do not seem interested in taking any sort of bait what so ever. There have a few Carp coming out from anglers dropping their bait around the 200m mark in very deep water, anglers are dropping a rig with up to 3 Tigernuts rigged on, as well as giant Maize clusters or strings of Meilies with White Dough backing. Large amounts of Super Cast Meilie bomb has been keeping the Carp in these deeper areas but has stopped the fish from eating as they are constantly full from the ground feed. Anglers are urged to look for feeding areas that have already been laid and not create new ones, as the fish are already scarce as it is.


We can report that the greater Midlands area, up to Underberg, has had some terrific rains over the weekend, some areas reporting 100mm+.  This will have the combined effect of giving the rivers a proper push, as well as filling the Stillwaters and lowering water temperatures – good news all round for the Trout waters and bodes well for the upcoming winter Stillwater season.

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