It is definitely safe to say that summer is here; blistering heat and hardly a breath of wind has been good and bad for all facets of fishing.

Rock and Surf: 

Anglers fishing the Kosi Bay area at the moment are being rewarded with lots of good catches of Sand Sharks and Brown Rays; there are plenty of Kingfish around for the guys fishing for edibles. Anglers have been having a lot of fun with these fish in the 5-10kg range, as they do take spoon as well as bait. Anglers are throwing their spoons just over the reefs that you can pin point from the shore and retrieving them very quickly, the aim of this is so that when the Kingie hits you, you already are pulling it with a lot of speed, taking it away from the reef, these fish will more than likely break you off as they will cut you off on the reef.

Richards Bay North is producing some good Brown and a few Diamond Rays on Mackerel bait, anglers lucky to have Red Eye Sardine are cleaning up the Brown Rays, and anglers are attaching the head of their bait to a Dingle Dangle that will hang under the new Mustard Offset Circle hook.

Richards Bay South is producing plenty of Diamond Rays and Sand Sharks at the moment; the warmer water seems to be bringing them very close as some anglers are hooking into fish that are no further than the first trough.

Ballito is producing some good Grey Sharks on big fleshy baits as well as on Chokka, anglers are commenting on how well fluorocarbon is holding up to the challenges of a Grey Sharks teeth, with one angler landing 3 out of 4 fish on fluorocarbon where anglers fishing in the same area with a small bite trace were not getting touched. If you do decide to start fishing a fluorocarbon leader for the non edibles, remember that your chances of losing the fish due to friction or being bitten off now sky rockets, but so do the number of fishing being caught, apparently.

Ian Andrew landed a Honeycomb Ray of about 20-25kgs on Monday evening, Ian was fishing just north of Eastmoor Crescent, Umhlanga, and was using the brand new Daiwa Saltiga 40HA reel filled with Daiwa 24lb nylon and the Daiwa Saltist 13’6”Medium rod. The Ray was safely released after a fight that lasted about 30 minutes.

There has been some good Snoek action from the shore around the higher rocks towards Durban North as well as all the way to Blue Lagoon where Michael Rodger, a name that is becoming very familiar to this article, landed one earlier this week. You don’t need any special spinning out fit to land these beautiful fish, all you need is a decent light rod that can throw a 1 oz. spoon as far as possible, as it seems these fish do not come in closer than maximum casting distance. Michael Rodger uses a Daiwa Lexa 11ft as his choice of Snoek spinning rod.

There have been a few Diamond Rays and Honeycomb Rays around the Winklespruit/ Toti area, these fish have been coming out on either a flapped Mackerel or Mackerel cutlets.

Port St Johns North has been producing some good edibles such as Kob and big Shad; there have also been a few Hammer Head Sharks around the area. Port St Johns South seems to be cooking with Hammer Head and Grey Shark action at the moment; this is good news for our non-edible fishermen who are looking forward to the upcoming long weekends.

Ski Boat:

Up at Cape Vidal the Tuna seem to be slowing down a bit with only a few coming out over the weekend, there are still a few Dorado around the deeper spots and off the colour line. Anglers seem to be having a lot of luck trawling over the colour line or right on it. There is a lot of structure and dirt in the water around this line so be careful and watch the water, but other than that you are almost guaranteed a fish.

There is definitely still catches of Couta and Dorado around the Sodwana area which is good news for those planning on taking a trip there over this weekend.

Zinkwazi and Tinley Manor seem to be producing some excellent Snoek at the moment for the guys fishing with Sardine fillet, these fish are incredibly temperamental and will be taking something one moment and won’t touch it the next, a good strategy when targeting Snoek would be to pack everything from Clark spoons to a box of Sardines, if you find that they are not biting on the spoon you are throwing, scale down the size, look for your smallest spoon in the box, like the 18g Kingfisher Anchovy spoon.  Normally when Snoek are feeding but are being very fussy, they will take a very small spoon as it mimics a Sprat or Anchovy.

There have been plenty of Couta around this area as well of late, these fish are coming out on shallow diving Rattlers on fluorocarbon leader, there is plenty of debate over fluorocarbon over standard leader lines, however if you are not going to fish a steel trace, many anglers would definitely recommend fluorocarbon.

Ballito seems to be producing some good Tuna still, as well as the odd Dorado all the way down to Durban.

Blue Lagoon is producing good fish for the guys on the Ski with plenty of Snoek and the odd Bonny coming out at the moment. Anglers on the Skis have also reported hooking into some big Shad on live bait such as Mackerel.

There have been a few Couta in the deeper waters off Durban mainly being hooked up on live bait, if you are trawling a hard plastic lure off Durban such as a Halco or Rattler, don’t be surprised if you hook into a billfish, as there have been plenty cruising around off Durban, there have been some Dorado and Tuna as well but these fish seem to be disappearing, so if you haven’t opened your account with a summer game fish, we really recommend you hit the water as soon as possible.

Anglers fishing towards Toti have been having good luck with the Tuna on live Mackerel and Maasbanker; there have been a few big Dorado around as well.

Port Shepstone is producing some good Tuna in the much deeper water on live bait; however it seems that deep diving Rattlers are working just as well.


The Durban Harbour: 

The Harbour has been producing some really good fish off the banks with Grunter up to 2kgs being caught off the side, these fish are around but won’t always take a bait, a good way to not miss these fish would be for you to use the new Mustad Offset Circle hook size 1. This hook is strong enough to hook any decent sized fish and land it with ease. Anglers are paddling their Kayaks to the center bank and fishing off the bank into the deeper water, this seems to be where the bigger fish are hiding. Anglers fishing on the boat are drifting further in the harbour and picking up plenty of big Pick Handle Barracuda around the Dry Dock area, there is also the odd Kob coming out there as well. Around the block anglers are still catching plenty of Sand Gurnards on drop shot; anglers fishing bait are picking up Stumpies, Blacktail and Grunter all on Cracker Shrimp. There are some bigger Stumpies in the harbour and they give a really good fight on light tackle, anglers will often beef their hooks up when targeting these fish and use either the Mustard Tarpon or the Mustad Chinu, both hooks are incredibly strong and will withstand any beatings these bigger rock fish can give. Fishing around structure looking for Stumpies in the harbour can always lead you to catching other species of fish, Rock Cod seem to be making a comeback in the harbour and plenty of anglers are hooking into them, these fish are an excellent surprise and you will never be disappointed to land one of these beautiful fish. Towards the mouth of the harbor, anglers are hooking into the odd Snoek, plenty of Shad and plenty of Grunter if they are fishing a ground trace.



Inanda is fishing incredibly well for Carp, as an angler showed this weekend with his overnight trip to the tented camps on the bank of the Dam, 8 Carp in total were landed from the 3.5kg to 10kg range. This angler reported that he had 11 misses in total due to being snagged in structure, and he recommends angers use a heavier line and to get to their rods as fast as possible. Dips that seem to be working there at the moment seem to be Carp Cream and Banjo, this mixed with Super Cast plain feed and Banana Pips seem to be a deadly combination. Most of the Carp action was over the 9pm to 5am time frame.

Albert Falls is fishing well on a combination of Super Cast Vaal Dam feed with Hemp Oil mixed into the feed. Anglers are fishing 16mm boilies on their rigs with a Mielie on to top, this seems to be producing.

Shongweni has had a lot of Carp action with anglers hooking into some decent Carp over the weekend but most anglers reporting being broken off in the structure.

Nagle Dam seems to be working well for anglers who are dropping their baits at a distance of around 200m; the Carp seem to be very deep and do not want to come closer to the side. Anglers making a feeding area with high protein feed seem to be getting the best results. Albert Falls is producing some good fish at the moment with lots of 5-8kg fish coming out, anglers are reporting seeing the bigger fish breaching but they are not willing to take the bait. Anglers fishing 4-6 rods are having more luck but this can be quite cumbersome in a crowded camping sight, we urge anglers to remember their sportsmanship when it comes to fishing especially in Carp fishing, and not cast over other people’s lines, and not take up all the space, remember, many anglers have many secrets and if you are nice to your fellow anglers, they may share their secrets with you.


Albert Falls seems to be producing some excellent Bass on the Ntuli side of the dam with anglers fishing from the side using Black Flukes and Paddle tails to attract their fish, some good fish were caught over the weekend with anglers hooking into fish of up to 3kgs from the side. Anglers fishing from the boats have been having an excellent time hooking into plenty of fish but nothing massive.

Anglers fishing Inanda have been having a tougher time and are finding it difficult to fish the fish, with Sunday being a cracker of a day and pushing temperatures into the high 30s, anglers were almost forced to put away their tackle early in the day and retreat to the shade with the Zebras.

There have been some good catches at Shongweni lately with one angler reporting that he had just gone down to check out the camp sight and not fish, but the water looked too good not to have a throw, and proceeded to catch a good Bass on his 3rd cast. There are plenty of Tilapia hanging around the reeds around the camp sight so take your 3wt fly rods down and go and have a cast, these fish are excellent fun on fly.

Hazelmere is fishing extraordinarily well at the moment with anglers hooking into plenty of fish from the side and from the boat, the Strike Pro Arc Minnows seem to be doing the job here, with the biggest fish of the weekend being 3,6kgs.

Some info that has just come in from Jan Korrubel from The Fish Eagle in PMB. “Customers coming through for Sterkfontein Dam report that the fishing there seems to be carrying on nicely – a Carp/Yellowfish customer came through yesterday and his choice was for Banana/Tutti-frutti / Caramel feed and floaties; the fly guys are looking for a mix of dries (e.g. Elk-hair Caddis / Rubber-leg Stimulator / The Good Doctor’s Beetle) and Nymphs (e.g. PTN / GRHE / Zak), and even small poppers as reports are that the largemouth Yellows are smashing surface flies. We have had some good rains up in the Midlands from this past weekend – Nottingham Road is sitting on 110mm for the month to date, while reports from higher up the Kamberg Valley indicate over 200mm for the last week.  Dams are full, spillways are running over, and the rivers are getting a good flush.  All setting up to be a great autumn on the rivers, and a cracker Winter Stillwater season …”

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