With the annual Kingfisher stock take a thing of the past we would like to thank all our loyal customers for their patience.  With mixed catches both North and South, those in the know have read the wind patterns and fished these to their best advantage.

Rock and Surf:


Kosi Bay has been producing some excellent fish with Rock Salmon of up to 15kgs being caught over the past week, fortunately for the Rock Salmon, they are being released after one or two quick pictures. Darrel Mc Kenzie has been showing off his excellent Sea Pike of around 13 kgs.


Cape Vidal has been producing some powerful Black Fin Sharks; most have been caught on live bait and have really been testing angler’s skill.


There have been a few Diamond Rays around the Richards Bay area but unfortunately the sea conditions have not been favourable. The fish that have been coming out seem to prefer a good sized Bonito baits. There have been the usual Grey Shark activity in this area but it seems that fishing has quietened down a bit, anglers will however be happy to hear that the fishing conditions should get a lot better as the rains move away and the sea gets a bit of colour besides Brown. There have been a few flat fish around this area at the moment which includes the odd Ribbon Tail as well as a few Diamonds. Big fleshy baits seem to be working well but a slid Chokka will end up in a Hammer Heads mouth.


There have been a few big Honeycombs around our Piers lately and anglers are getting very keen to have a go at getting one under their belt. Bryson Chander caught a131cm Diamond Ray using his 6-9 Oz Daiwa Saltiga Grinder rod, at Addington Beach recently using a small Sugar Mackerel throw bait.


Toti is on fire with flat fish at the moment with plenty of, Sand Sharks, Diamond, Browns and Honeycombs Rays enjoying the off colour water, with so many fish around, it seems to be a lucky draw to see what you will get once your bait hits the water.


Scottbourgh has been a bit quiet with only a few Grey Sharks and Spinners coming out, Ray Thompson believes that this area may produce some good fish if anglers put the time in to catch the big fish there. Shawn Saville landed an excellent Pompano of 9.3kgs on Saturday.


Port Shepstone is quiet at the moment with a few small Hammer Heads and the odd Hound Shark coming out. With the amount of dirty water around this area, the Bronze Bream seem to have disappeared. The Transkei seems to have also quietened down at the moment with Port St Johns producing a few Hammers and Greys.

Ski Boat:


There have been plenty of good fish caught over the last week around the Sodwana area with plenty of Tuna around still, anglers are having plenty of fun with the Dorado that are hanging around in the deeper water. There has been lots of rain and wind over the last week but this seems to have really turned the fish on with them really enjoying the dirty water.


Northern KZN has been a little quieter with not many fish coming out besides the odd Tuna; anglers are beginning to shy away from the standard trolling and moving towards bottom fishing. It is still a bit early to be getting the bigger fish, but anglers are reporting good numbers of fish coming up. Anglers are urged to release any breading size bottom fish to ensure the longevity of our reefs.


Anglers fishing around the Tinley Manor area have been connecting the Snoek over the past few days; there are also still some decent Tuna around the area.


Anglers fishing Zinkwazi to Westbrook are still catching Snoek and Dorado, the Dorado are being caught around the Ships on live bait as well as trolling lures. Anglers are targeting Ships that have been on anchor for a few days as they have had the time to gather bait and game fish. A popular colour for the Snoek at the moment is the Ice Cream colour in the Strike Pro range of Magic Minnow. This lure is excellent to troll behind the Ski as it does not put too much strain on the paddler, allowing you to get your Ski and lure up to Snoek feeding speeds.


Anglers off Umhlanga have been getting a few Couta around the barge; unfortunately the taxman seems to be getting the better of our fish. Anglers off Durban seem to be having a half decent time catching Snoek, Dorado and Tuna, bait is still scarce but it will move in soon with the water slowly cooling down. Mackerel and Red Eye do not like warm water and will often push further out to sea to find a cooler patch, unfortunately for anglers this means that fresh Mackerel and Red Eye are very hard to come by, and this is affecting the Ski Boat, Paddle Ski and Rock and Surf anglers around KZN. Due to the lack of bait around, catching big numbers of game fish is becoming more and more difficult. Anglers seem to be spotting lonely fish rather than schools, anglers on the Paddle Ski are reporting seeing one lonely Dorado more often than a shoal.


Anglers off Toti are getting good fish while bottom fishing and seem to be enjoying a few Tuna as well, the Tuna seem to be very deep and also few and far between, this seems to be the reason for the increase in bottom fishing at the moment. South of Toti there seems to be a lot of action with the Tuna as well as a few Dorado, anglers are reporting plenty of GT’s around at the moment as well.




There seem to be a lot of juvenile game fish around at the moment with the water being slightly warmer. Anglers seem to be always carrying a spare rod on the boat dedicated to throwing a small lure; the Strike Pro Gobi Popper seems to be working very well in the bay at the moment. There are also plenty of Grunter around at the moment; anglers walking the banks seem to be hooking up to some big fish as the sun is going down. Bait placement seems to be critical when fishing for the bigger fish, you want to get your bait as close to the drop off of the banks as possible, the bigger fish seem to be hanging around there, bigger predatory fish will be lying in wait at the drop off so it is advised to get your Grunter to fight on the sand bank as much as possible. This strategy will do wonders for anglers looking at targeting Brown Rays while wading the banks, as this is where these fish sit too.


Anglers fishing around the block are picking up a lot of the Sand Gurnards that habit this area; these fish seem to be taking any bait as long as it lands in their strike zone. These fish will often make a home for themselves which will be a few meters wide, anything that comes into their zone, will get taken out. There are some big Grunter around the Block area and the odd 1kg+ Stumpnose. This is excellent fun for those people looking to target a great fighting fish on a light rod. There are plenty of juvenile Bream and Blacktail, these fish are great to take the family down to the harbour and have some fun with.



Hazelmere is pumping at the moment, the influx of fresh water and the amount of insects in the water have turned the Bass on completely, anglers are colliding the fish on everything from 7 inch worms to Tiny Flukes, there is an immediate upper hand given to anglers fishing on the boat, yet there is still plenty of fish being caught from the side, up to 2kgs.


Anglers fishing Inanda are cooking in the valley, the water is very warm but there seems to be plenty of Bass around. Anglers on the boat are catching the Bass in the deeper water on deep diving cranks and heavily weighted flukes, though the water has risen a bit, there is still not a lot of structure to really catch Bass from the side, there still are a few smaller Bass around 1.2kgs coming out.


Shongweni seems to be producing the business with Bass coming out from the side; anglers are pitching baits at the reed beds along the side of the dam for the Bass. If this is your strategy, make sure you are kitted out with a heavier braid then you normally fish, you want something that will cut through the structure if you do end up getting pulled back into the twigs.


Nagle seems to be producing a lot of really healthy Bass at the moment, there seems to be a lot of bait in the water at the moment and anglers are cleaning up with the 4 inch mini Lizard from Zoom, colours seem to vary but there is a constant hum of June Bug on the Basses lips.


Albert Falls is taking in some good water at the moment with anglers really getting good fish in the deeper water, anglers fishing the flatter areas also seem to be getting some good fish.


The Carp anglers fishing the Inanda area seem to be getting some good fish on a boilie Mielie mix, there is a lot of ground bait in the water at the moment so it is advised to look for an already established feeding area, ground feeds seem to be working with flavours of Banana and Caramel mixed in, there is also a few anglers who are adding a bit more to their feed and this seems to be bringing in the bigger fish. Anglers are adding in red Earth Worms to their mixes and will often pin one to the hook, this is working well yet angers are reporting a few more Tilapia than normal with their catches.


Anglers fishing Shongweni are getting the 4-8kg fish on Banjo and Tjop Tjop mix, anglers are reporting their bites coming between 9pm and 3 am, yet nothing during the day. Anglers suspect that the Carp move towards the dam wall during the day to feed on the Algae growing on the top. Anglers are reporting plenty of Barbell taking meat baits early in the morning and then much later in the afternoon, so there seems to be fish feeding all around.


Albert Falls is really producing some good Carp at the moment and many anglers put it down to the rising levels of the dam, anglers are catching these bigger fish of the 6-9kg range using the Double Trouble boilie dip and the SVB feed, anglers are having plenty of fun as these fish seem to be taking throughout the day. At the moment there is no need to paddle your baits out far, as some novice anglers seem to be catching these fish within casting distance.


Midmar is producing plenty of fish in the 2-6kg range throughout the day; bigger fish seem to be coming out in the much deeper areas so paddling your bait out will avoid you catching the smaller fish. Anglers are using the SVB carp feed paired with the Banjo Boilie dip and a Mielie on the hook.


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