With the changing of the season, apart from the extreme weather the past week there have been some surprisingly decent fish coming out on and off shore from some very brave anglers. As for the guys who decided not to brave the weather, this past week was ideal for stocking up and tying traces for the good weather on its way!

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Rock n Surf:

Starting off at Kosi Bay, the fishing was very productive the past week up until Friday due to the extreme weather. A large amount of edibles have been caught in the area such as Stumpies, Three Spot Pompano and the odd Bonefish. Bait used for these species predominantly consists of small nicely presented Chokka baits with the occasional addition of Red Eye Sardine for a stronger smell when the bites slow down.


From Cape Vidal to Richards Bay the fishing has also been quite productive with edibles being landed. Slightly bigger bait presentations have been preferred in these areas due to the fishermen attempting to entice a Kob or three to devour their well-presented baits. Moving to Ballito, there have been a decent amount of Grey Sharks being landed mostly off the deep water points, guys who have gotten their hands on live Mullet have had the upper hand as majority of the Sharks are picking up on live Mullet or fresh Mullet baits either flapped, heads or cutlet baits.


Over to Durban, fishing has been very productive on our beachfronts up until the weather turned. Large amounts of Southern Pompano and Grunter are being landed on the beaches and piers on Cracker and Mussels, ideal hooks for these baits are the Mustad Big Gun hooks due to their immense strength and wide gape for a proud hook presentation. A few in-edible fish have also shown their tails on our beach front such as Grey Sharks as well as small Diamond Rays, all being caught on fresh Shad baits or Mackerel baits.


Amanzimtoti has had copious amounts of big flat fish as well as the odd edible coming out. All the big flat fish coming out have been on very heavy equipment. The new Daiwa BG 8000 has been pushed to the limits and been put up to challenge with these big Honeycombs and Sand Sharks and has succeeded in landing these fish every time.


Moving south to Port Shepstone and Margate, the river has been flowing quite nicely and is bringing some colour to the water which should attract the attention of some flat fish and decent size Sharks hunting the edibles in the dirty water. Bronze Bream have been caught in the cleaner water in the vicinity on small Prawn baits using the Mustad ringed Chinu 1\0 hooks.


As for Margate Pier the guys have seen quite a few Shad and smaller edibles fish such as Kob, Grunter and Bronze Bream fishing shallower with smaller baits. The guys throwing plug in the area have been rewarded with some very nice Garrick and the occasional Kingfish. Snoek have been coming out from the surf on the 40g Kingfisher Bonnie spoon being casted a healthy distance trying to reach the backline.


Port Edward has been very quiet with not much action to speak of; however the odd Bronze Bream and Stumpie have come out on lighter tackle and smaller baits than usual.


Durban Harbour:

The fishing in the harbour has been mediocre the past while and not many fish are coming out. The fish that have been coming out mostly have been on artificial baits such as dropshot, hard plastics and spoons. As for the hard plastics, the Strike Pro Magic Minnows in various colours have been doing the job to entice the Kob, Kingies and the odd Torpedo Scad. Spoons used to catch the Torpedo Scads have been the Kingfisher Bonnie spoon in almost all colours. A Strike Pro Arc Minnow pulled through the water slightly faster will attract the bigger game fish such as the Kingfish and Pick Handle Barracuda, these fish are fun as they are incredibly strong. Surface action lures such as poppers are brilliant fun in the early mornings, late afternoons and evenings as the splash from the popper will attract most predatorily fish.

Ski Boat:

Some very nice fish have been coming out in Sodwana Bay, the guys have been catching quite a few smaller Yellowfin Tuna and large amounts of big Snoek. The odd Dorado has shown its face time to time as well as the odd Couta picking up the live bait being pulled for Tuna.


Maphelane has produced some excellent catches of Snoek over the past week on small trawling lures such as the Strike Pro Magic Minnow and Halco Sorcerer as well as throwing small bullet spoons such as the Halco Twisty and Kingfisher Snoek spoons, there have also been one or two Dorado cruising around that the guys have been hooking into trawling small konas.


The Bottom fishing along Zinkwazi has been good with a wide variety of fish being caught; anglers are opting for bottom fishing over this stretch due to the rough seas and rain, making it difficult to trawl lures for bigger game fish. Our local waters have proven to be more successful than most with abnormal amounts of Snoek being off the Paddle Skis as well as off the Boats. The guys targeting these Snoek are trawling small Rapalas, Strike Pro Magic Minnows; they are also casting/trawling small spoons such as the Kingfisher Anchovy spoon and Clark spoons.


Guys trawling for other game fish haven’t been too successful as only a few Tuna and Dorado have shown up for the party. Moving South the fishing has been very quiet with very few fish coming out the past week. However a few Sailfish have been landed in the area even though it’s out of season. The guys have been getting the Sailfish on live Mackerel and small Bonnies. Aliwal Shoal has produced a few fish as Wahoo have started taking guy’s lures and live baits as well the odd Couta picking up on big spoons and live baits. Hopefully in the coming days after this intense weather we had the fishing will pick up nicely and reward our anglers with some decent fish to show off.


The fishing has been somewhat challenging due to the large amounts of rain discolouring the water and washing loads of food into the water. Fish have been coming out none the less and some decent ones too!


The Carp at Inanda Dam have been showing here and there on the specimen and conventional side of Carp fishing. The guys fishing specimen have been getting some very decent Carp the past week using particles as well as boilies. Productive flavours and attractants include Banana, Strawberry, fish oil as well as plain baits. Most of the Carp are being picked up on long distance marks such as drop offs, submerged trees, gravel patches etc. As for the conventional side of Carp fishing the guys and ladies have been more quantity than quality but decent fish none the less. Feed being used is the SVB mielie bomb from Supercast. Preferred baits for these fish vary from sweet white dough, soft floaties, Brown Bread, Mielies and Chick Peas. Flavours that guys are dipping their baits into are mostly strong flavours such as Perdeby, Gumtree and Garlic from Supercast. Traces predominantly used the fixed Rietvlei and Baby Shoes trace. When using the Baby Shoes trace, after baiting up and putting the mielie bomb on, take one of your hooks and hook it into the Mielie as this will prevent your hooks from tangling when you cast. If you are using a fixed Rietvlei trace and the fishing is somewhat slow, try downsizing on your top hook, and then cut a whole mielie in half, put it on the hook and put the hook inside your mielie bomb as that will most likely result in a bite if the fish are only feeding on your mieliebomb.


Albert Falls on the other hand has very successful with large amounts of Red Breast Tilapia being caught up until the cold weather this past weekend as Tilapia are very sensitive to the initial cold fronts of the changing of seasons. When targeting Tilapia one has various ways to try catch them, spinners, grubs and small Rapalas. When targeting these little sporty fish, equipment recommended for the most fun is ultra-light spinning tackle and or a 2\3 wt. Fly fishing outfit.


The Bass fishing has been quite productive at most of our dams, not really with large Bass but a decent amount of fish in the 1kg range, this is loads of fun if targeted correctly with light tackle. The bigger fish have been picked up on big spinner baits and frogs in the weedy areas. When targeting these bigger Bass it’s recommended that one uses heavy braid\ line due to their aggression when attacking the bait and the large amount of pressure that needs to be applies to the fish to avoid it from getting snagged in the structure. Braid as heavy as 60lb is often used when frogging for Bass in the weeded areas. When fishing these dams and you find nothing seems to be working, change your retrieval, often anglers fishing off the edges get frustrated with not catching fish on a standard retrieve and bring their lure in fast to change it, this now quick movement is something different that the fish in that area have not seen from that lure and this may trigger an enquiry, our advice to any angler is to first try change up styles of retrieve before changing lure or location, because you may use a fast surface retrieve, when the Bass may want a slow deeper retrieve.


There have been good reports from Jozini with some decent size Tigerfish coming out but mostly on baits. Braid is the way to go when targeting these fish due to the directness and the fact that there is no stretch. These fish have incredibly hard plates in their mouths and catching them can prove difficult without the correct tackle. A fast action stiff rod would need to be used and a 15 to 25lb braid. The directness of the braid is very important as you lose no power from the strike, and all the energy is transferred to the point of the hook. The hook of choice would be the Mustad Tarpon 4/0-6/0, this hook is incredibly strong and sharp, and this hook will allow for the best possible hook up with a third of the damage to the fish’s mouth that the conventional treble hook will do.


Trout anglers who have braving the colder weather have really coming off well with big catches in most of our dams, there are some smaller Browns and Rainbows coming out in the streams around the Underberg area. These fish are getting very feisty around this time of the year taking smaller Nymphs, in the early morning most reports are coming back with fish taking on static dry fly. For those lucky enough to have a float tube or kick boat getting to the deeper parts of the dams and fishing a fast sinking line with a big wet fly will yield the best results for catching trophy fish, often these bigger fish lay right on the bottom of the dams, away from the heat and open areas. You can often also find them hiding in the reeds and water grass. These fish are more alert and if you are fishing in a popular dam, these bigger fish have most likely been caught before adding to the pressure on these bigger fish.


Jan Korrubel from The Fish Eagle in PMB reports that after the cold spell and mizzle of the end of last week, the weekend turned into a pearler and for those that were out about, some decent fish have been reported. The 14th Annual “Farm Dams Bass Competition“ held by the New Hanover Prep School took place on Saturday, with over 1100 avid anglers from all age groups taking place.  The Fish Eagle in PMB, acting as a repository for the competition packs, had a run on plastics for the comp – the lure and colour of choice was “Watermelon Seed”, Red-flake being the most popular: Thank You for the support!  An early report had the leading bass of 53cm, only to be pipped later by a bucket mouth of 56cm – congratulations and well done to all concerned! With the rains easing off in the Midlands, and the rivers fining off and clearing, some excellent wild Brown Trout have been reported.  Customer Tim Martin from Hilton landed a personal best of 46cm on The Mooi River, and visitor Daniel Factor of Stealth Fly Fishing (and Captain of the Protea Fly Fishing Team), landed a fine 51cm fish on the Bushman’s River (see attached pics).  The lads are being secretive about what flies did the deed, but with the rivers clearing nicely, the dry fly will come into its own…a good searching pattern is a Rubber-leg Stimulator, switching to a small Caddis pattern for the evening rise to “match the hatch”. Word from Andrew Fowler, chairman of the Natal Fly Fishers Club, is that a number of the NFFC waters are producing well, and as the waters cool off, the bigger fish will head into the shallows to start the nuptial rituals. The long-term weather forecast is looking great for the week ahead – only a couple mm predicted for higher up towards the ‘Berg – now is the time to get in on the autumn action.

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