Fishing this past week hasn’t been too productive as the amount of fish and quality has been decreasing over the past while. Winter is approaching now and the summer fish are starting to filter out as the winter fish are slowly but surely arriving.


Rock and Surf:


The Kosi Bay area has been very quiet the past while apart from the guys spinning. Guys throwing plugs and bullet spoons have been getting some very decent Kingies as well as some nice Snoek off the surf. The white Chaos plugs have been doing the trick for the Kingies but the bullet spoons have been taken by both the Snoek and the Kingies.


Richards Bay, the sea hasn’t been the smallest the past week nor has it been cold but seems to be coming right with lots of Spinner Sharks being caught on all baits put in the water. The smaller Zambies have also been around this area as the guys swimming the bigger Spinner Sharks are getting picked up more often than not.


Fishing at Ballito hasn’t been great as the fishing has slowed down a lot since the water cleared up, however some Grey Sharks and Stumpies have been coming out by the few anglers persisting through the calm clean conditions to catch something.


In the Durban area, lots of edible fish have been coming on the piers as well as the surf with the odd Grey Shark coming out on Sardine baits for Shad. Pompano, Stumpies and Grunter are all being caught using baits such as Mussels and Sea lice. Either a sliding trace or fixed can be used when targeting these edibles, the sliding trace being the preferred the trace as it allows your bait to move around the water more. There has been some nice colour in the water which excites our inedible anglers for what’s hopefully to come.


Quite a few Queenfish have been coming off Durban and Umgababa using live Mozzies.


Toti area was very quiet up until Friday, but the fish started coming out on Saturday with loads of Brown Rays and Spinner Sharks being taken out on lighter tackle, the Honeycomb Rays have also been coming out quite often as anglers upsize their equipment and baits targeting something a bit heavier and stronger. The edible anglers have been getting a few Stumpies and Pompano off the rock using Sea lice and Chokka baits. This is definitely one of the better fishing spots on our coastline at the moment.


Lots of Blackfin Sharks have been around the Umkomaas area, giving our edible anglers a hard time when they slide a live bait or are busy fighting a fish and only land half a fish. Some Kob have been coming out of the pier by the mouth at night by guys throwing white and chartreuse paddle tails to avoid the annoying Sharks.


Scottborough has also been very quiet with the odd Stumpie coming out on Chokka baits. The water is cleaning up very quickly which is attracting a lot of anglers to target your smaller species around the rocky areas.


Port Shepstone, some very nice Bronze Bream are still coming out in this whole area as well as a few decent Kob being taken on paddle tails off the rocks.


Port St Johns North has had lots of Hammer Head Sharks and big Grey Sharks coming out on the deep water points on heavy tackle with Chokka being the preferred throw bait for them. The swim baits that are being picked up haven’t been given a chance with size of the Sharks that have been in the vicinity.


Port St Johns South has been equally as successful with lots of decent Sharks showing such as big Grey and Blackfins Sharks. The Grey Sharks have been picking up almost anything from Chokka and Prawn combos to half a Tuna being dropped with a Drone and 30kg swim baits. The Blackfins on the other hand have mostly been taking slid live baits, small swim baits and big floated fillet/cutlet baits. Most of the Blackfin are being lost due to them jumping clean out the water and landing on your leader and popping it. When targeting these Sharks try add a meter of nylon coat wire after your trace in case this happens.



Ski boat:


Guys up North have been persisting over the past couple of weeks as fishing hasn’t been up to par due to the changing of the season. The guys that have persisted were rewarded with some nice size Snoek on live bait and Clark spoons. The occasional Couta has been harassing these anglers attempting to fish for the slightly smaller species. Some of the anglers fishing heavier did however manage to land some of these Couta by using a heavier wire and a stronger hook when targeting the big Snoek that are around.


Moving further South to the Umhloti and Ballito area some very big Tuna have been coming out as well as bucket loads of Snoek. The bigger Tuna have been taken on big Halco Rooster Poppers, the Red head in particular. The guys trolling live Bonnies have had their fair share of excitement with the big Tuna picking up on their live Bonnies too. The guys that have specifically been targeting the Snoek in these areas have been trolling small Halco plastics, small Rapalas and mostly the Strike Pro Arc Minnows.


Our local waters have been showing great potential over the past few weeks as there have been lots of species at decent sizes being caught while bottom fishing as well as quite a few big Dorado, Snoek and Tuna showing their faces. Majority of the Dorado have been coming out on konas and poppers. Off the Bluff the guys have been getting some very nice size Tuna in the 10kg to 20kg range predominantly on live bait and the Pink Kingfisher Rattlers and Alowal Shoal has been quite consistent with the Wahoo coming out the past while.



Fishing in the Durban harbour proceeds to be quite consistent with the addition of the Kob that have entered the harbour. The guys spinning for the Kob have been somewhat successful on 4 inch drop shots in colours such as White, Olive Pearl and Goldfish. As for the bait fisherman, live Mullet have been doing the trick. A meter of 25 lb. Maxima snelled to a Mustad Fine Demon circle hook in a 4/0 size on a sliding trace with a ¼ oz. ball sinker is the preferred trace when targeting these bars of silver. Apart from the Kob there have been other species showing such as Rock Cod on Sardine baits, Torpedo Scads on tiny bullet spoons and Kingies on all of the above. There have been lots of Brown Rays in the harbour lately picking up Prawns that are intended for Grunter giving the guys false hope when fighting these aggressive fish. If one were to target these Rays for some sports, one would use slightly heavier tackle such as a surf spinning outfit, 4/0 Mustad circle hooks snelled with a 25-35lb line using either the preferred running trace or a fixed trace . Remember if you plan on targeting these fish off a Boat or Paddle Ski to never gaff these fish because it will damage them quite badly and will possibly lead to an infection, rather use a net.



Carp fishing has drastically slowed down over the past few weeks as the water temperature has been decreasing at an alarming rate in some of our dams which often sends our fish into hiding. That doesn’t intimidate our specimen Carp anglers as they can easily change tactics in order to entice one of these fat specimens. Some tactics used in winter to better your chances are as follows, use strong flavours in the winter as Carp don’t feed as abundantly so extra scent is required to get their attention.  Feed less than usual, due to the Carp being more skittish too much feed will spook them and your chances of catching something isn’t too good. If you’re fishing small water or a pond of sort, figure out where the safe zones are. Carp in winter don’t swim around much so they will spend most of their time in the areas of the dam that make them feel safe.


Bass fishing in Nagle Dam has been quiet for quite a while now but recently a lot of decent fish have been landed, sizes varied from 1kg up to and enormous 6kg!  Lures used were large Senko worms rigged wacky, spinner baits, frogs as well as super flukes. Tungsten weights were predominantly used to ensure the most weight from the smallest sinker to get the greatest distance possible.


Inanda Dam has consistently been producing small Bass along the banks as well as on the boat with the odd 3kg Bass coming out in between. Targeting the Bass off the bank has become a bit trickier after the rain as you standing further from the nests and structure now, which isn’t a problem as long as you increase the weight of your sinker. Guys have been very successful on small surface lures early in the mornings when the water is calm and flat.


Jozini Dam proceeds to produce a large number of Tigerfish in the 1kg to 3 kg range in the deeper and shallower water. Bait is mostly used for the fish in this dam due to it being under quite a bit of pressure from being fished very often by a lot of anglers. Your more conventional anglers use Snoek, Shad or Couta traces for the Tigerfish as the wire and hook sizing is near perfect. The Shad and Snoek traces are used for fillet baits either being drifted or dragged along the bottom. Only problem when dragging a bait along the bottom is that the Barbel gives you hassles. The Couta trace on the other hand is used for live bait such as Tilapia and Carp with treble hooks all down the back ensuring a definite hook up when the bait is smashed.


Fly Fishing, the weather is still quite warm despite the cold spells that have been occurring the past week, one good thing is that all the dams are filling up with all the rain we have had the past while. Unfortunately all the rain has discoloured the water drastically; with the water being discoloured one would use something like a large dark fly such as a Speed Cop, Woolly Bugger, fishing it slow and deep. Early mornings and late evenings seem to be the better times to target these beautiful fish. Ideally one needs to wait a couple days for the water become cleaner before attempting to fish again. The weather been very inconsistent over the past few weeks leading to a lot of confusion as to whether to fish or not. Best advice is to always brave the conditions and cast a line; you never know what you might get! The weather for the week to come is looking very nice and is defiantly worth a try.


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