Over the past week some very big fish have come out and also given our anglers a run for their money as a large amount of the fish have been lost due to either being under gunned or the fish was just too much to handle! The weather is looking better than the past couple of weeks and sea has calmed down to almost a standstill in comparison.

Rock n Surf

Kosi bay to Cape Vidal have been more successful with edible fish than with inedible fishing as not too many skates and sharks have been coming while lots of smaller edibles have been harassing the guys. Three spot Pompano and small Kingies have been coming out on small 3inch dropshot on light spinning outfits. Stumpies and Rockcod are being targeted a lot more often now that they are around again on baits such as Sealice and small Chokka baits.


Vidal south to Richards bay there have reports of big Raggies in the area when the sea was right as well as a few big Grey sharks. Wave Garrick continue to give the spinning guys a good time as they are always around taking small spoons and very small dropshot. Early mornings and late afternoons prove to be the more successful times when targeting majority of these species.


Richards bay south to Ballito there have been lots of spinner sharks around especially in the dirtier water. Guys have been swimming these spinners out in the hopes to entice a Zambie or big Grey sharks but have been unsuccessful. There have also been a few big skates around in the calmer water and calmer conditions. Some bronze bream have also been coming out off the rocks mainly in Ballito on prawn baits.


From Ballito to Durban there have been lots of big Greys that the guys are targeting on heavy equipment and big throw baits on a heavy FMJ and 10/0 circle hooks due to some big skates being around too. The Brown skates have started to show due to the water temperature starting to come right.


Durban beach front is still producing some very nice edible fish such as Stumpies, Pomano and Grunter all being caught on Sealice and Muscles. Some of the guys fishing off the piers as well as on the surf between the piers have been harassed by the resident Honey combs.


From Amanzimtoti to Port Shepstone there have been some beyond decent catches of big skates and big sharks in-between. Some very big sand sharks have been caught on the lower south coast off the rocks.

Ski boat

Off shore fishing has been rather productive the past week as many species of fish are being landed as well as many big fish being landed off the boats and paddle skis. Fishing has been productive from the north coast all the way down to the south coast.


Starting up north at Sodwana there have been some very good reports with quite a few decent fish being taken on Rattlers and Halcos. A few big tuna have been caught using Halco poppers around the bait marks due to quite a bit of bait fish being in the area. A few Sail fish have also been picked up on Konas being trolled. Couta proceed to be caught along this whole stretch of water predominantly on live Mackerel and Bonito. Snoek and Bonito are still coming out in truck loads by the guys spinning for them with very small bullet spoons with light spinning equipment such as a 6.6ft bass rod, a 2500 size reel and 10lb braid.


St Lucia has also had its fair share of decent fish the past week as there’s been reports of Couta, Snoek and a few Tuna coming out. The Couta and Tuna have been taking live bait as well as hard plastics such as your pink Kingfisher Rattler and Halco lazer pro 160 in the R15 colour. Snoek haven’t been too much of a mission to catch as they have been coming out on almost anything from live mozzies, bullet spoons, squid baits and fillets.


Richards bay proceeds to shine as the guys fishing for Marlin have been quite successful with boating a few decent size marlin. Fishing in general in this area has been pretty successful with Wahoo starting to show in between all the Couta being caught. Big Tuna have been coming out in abundance on live bait mostly, giving the guys a decent run for their money as fish as aggressive as this at this size can’t be caught on conventional tackle as one would need to start looking at using a 30lb outfit to get the fish out the water quick enough not to let the sharks get hold of it.


A bit further south to Umdloti the fishing is starting to slow down after the huge smash of Snoek last week but there are still a few fish around none the less. The Snoek that are still coming out are being taken predominantly on spoons such as Clark spoons, Halco twistys and Kingfisher bonnie spoons. Couta have also been coming out in this area as well as the occasional Wahoo. The Couta are coming out on live and dead bait namely Bonnies and Mackerel. The Wahoo on the other hand have been tacking the Kingfisher Rattlers in the pink and Sardine colour. Be sure to put a long piece of AFW wire in front of your lures when targeting Wahoo as they usually gulp a bit more than just your lure when attack it from behind.


The local fishing in and around Durban also proceeds to be very productive with lots of Couta and Tuna coming out off the bait marks. The bigger tuna are taking poppers more often than bait unlike the shoal size tuna that are screaming off with almost any live bait at the end of the guys lines. Couta are being caught more and more often on big bullet spoons being worked with a 7inch kp with 16kg maxima line on a whipping rod. With the Durban ski boat competition coming up a lot of guys are stocking up and attempting to locate some more productive spots to have the upper hand during the competition.


Don’t forget the famous Durban Ski Boat Festival is going to be held on the 19th & 30th April 2017.  There are R1.5 million worth of sponsorship and other prizes. Visit their Website: or give them a buzz on Tel: (031) 337 9506, for more info as well as the entry forms. Early Bird Registration before 31 March 2017: R540 per angler. Thereafter: R675 per angler. Pre-Entries qualify for the Lucky Draw Prizes.

Moving towards the South coast off Tinley Manor, the odd Garrick has started to show its face on live bait right on the backline. Some decent Dagga have also been caught using live bait in the deeper water at night.


Off Umkomaas and the Aliwal shoal there have been some GT’s, Wahoo, Couta and Tuna being caught. The recent competition off Umkomaas proved to be rather successful with the local fisherman really standing out with their very nice catches of various species. It’s rather difficult to decide what equipment to take with you as there are many different species of big fish being caught in this area the past while. In these situations It’s always a good idea to have a spinning outfit on the boat for throwing a popper/stick bait or even a live bait as this is probably the most versatile approach to the situation.




Fishing in the harbour continues to be quite successful with a lot of our anglers still getting some very decent fish including Kob, Grunter, Kingies, Torpedo Scads, and some big Sand Gurnards. The Kob, Kingies and Torpedo Scads are being taken predominantly on artificial baits such as bullet spoons, paddle tails and small Strike Pros. Your Grunter, Kob and big Sand Gurnards are being taken on bait such as prawns, live bait and chokka strips. Colours of the artificial baits being used varies from plain white, chartreuse pearl, pink and olive pearl. Remember when fishing for Grunter not to use big hooks or thick line to tie your traces as there is a lot of pressure on the grunter in our harbour due to over fishing and past spillages. So fishing smaller and lighter is always a better option as your traces aren’t nearly as visible. Fly fishing in the harbour has proven to be very successful as it’s much easier to mimic a sprat with your choice of fly as well as your retrieval. Favourite patterns being Clouser minnows, Maxis, and flippers. Fish being targeted on fly include small Kingfish, Pickhandle, Scads and Gurnards.



Over to freshwater, the fishing is going to start slowing down over the next few weeks with the colder weather on its way and the water starting to clear up its going to be a bit of a challenge to get a bite across all facets. Although there are many approaches and tactics that you can change to increase your chances of getting a bite.




The bass fishing continues to excite the bass anglers as it continues to be extremely productive at almost all the bass dams in KZN. As the water is clearing up now after the excessive rains we had the past few weeks and approaches to catching this aggressive fish have been changing continuously from colours changing, size of the lures, retrieval and targeted depths! A lot of the anglers are now switching to more natural colours such as watermelon seed and crystella. C-tails and spinner baits are being used more and more often as the bass are very attracted to the movement. Bass will take shelter under structure more often now as the water is cleaner and don’t want to be seen. Fishing with surface lures around structure and frogs on lily pads is one of the more successful ways of targeting bass in clean water as you can almost be sure that there be bass in those areas.




Fishing for carp is about to get better for some anglers and worse for others as your specimen carp anglers wait the whole year for winter to arrive as the smaller carp and barbel tend to give you less hassles. Your conventional carp anglers dislike the winter months quite a lot due to the smaller carp that they target going into a type of hibernation and not feeding nearly as often as usual. When the winter months approach a lot of anglers think that it’s impossible to catch a carp but they are very wrong. When targeting carp in winter your tactics have to change drastically in order to entice one of these stubborn balls of laziness. Things to look at changing are the colours of your baits as well as the smell. When fishing in winter its crucial to have a high visibility bait that stands out from your feed to get the carps attention quicker and easier as they are not really feeding, just having a look at what’s happening in his territory. The smell of your bait has to be strong enough to encourage the carp to use some of its stored winter energy to go and enquire as to what smells the way your bait does. If your baits smell is strong enough to attract carp close enough to see the high visibility bait then your chances of catching something are a lot higher than continuously changing baits and casting distances.




Jozini dam hasn’t been too productive over the past week as a lot of anglers have been very unsuccessful in their past few trips there. Catching on artificial baits has basically come to a standstill due to almost no fishing coming out spoons or plastics at all. The few Tigers that have been coming out have been on Sardine fillets, live Tilapia and Tilapia fillets. The few fish that are being caught are being taken in the deeper water as well as the shallower water. When targeting Tiger fish in general is crucial to put a lot of pressure on them as soon as they take your bait\lure as they will always try to find structure such as submerged trees, drop off’s, rocks and water grass in an attempt to break you off, that’s also the reason why its recommended to fish rather heavy for them in case you get pulled into or around structure to pull them out and also to bully them away from the structure.


In the Kamberg area dam levels are generally good and night temps continue to drop which is starting to have a positive effect on catches of rainbow trout. Naturals are still a good choice with green/ olive colours being the firm favourites.

The Bushmans river below Giant’s Castle has given up some good Brown Trout and is well worth a try on weighted nymph patterns on light tippets.

The Mooi below Riverside farm has been fishing well. This water is regulated by NFFC and it is well worth considering joining this club to be able to access their water.

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