This week’s weather has turned out quite nicely as the rain and blasting wind has given our anglers chance to have a cast, and hopefully get a pull. The weather for the rest of this week into next week doesn’t look too bad either.

Rock and Surf:

Kosi Bay to Cape Vidal, there have been a few of the smaller Raggies in the Cape Vidal/Maphelane area, but there have been loads of edibles being caught including Stumpies, Kob, Pompano, Wave Garrick on small drop shots, the odd Bonefish has also been caught. Bait used for the majority of these fish has been Red Prawn, Chokka and Sardine.


Richards Bay area there has also been a few small Raggies around picking up anything juicy and smelly. There have also been quite a few big Stumpies and Kob coming out. The Stumpies have been taking Sealice and Mussels. When fishing for Stumpies in the rocky areas be sure to use a very abrasive and heavy line. Chokka baits seem to have been doing the job getting the attention of the Kob as well as the small Raggies.


The Tugela area has also been rather productive with reports of Kob, Stumpies, Labotes and a few small Sand Sharks. Chokka and Sardine baits have been the preferred bait for the all these species. Around the mouth is where most of the Kob and Labotes have been caught. The Kob have also been coming out on live bait in the area.


Zinkwazi to Blythdale has been quiet with only a few reports of Kob and Grey Sharks. Zinkwazi area has had a few Grey Sharks in the 15kg region come out on Mackerel slide baits and live Mullet. Channel Rocks has also produced a few decent Greys as well as a few Kob in the 3 kg region. The Kob are coming out Chokka blob baits and as well as Chokka and Sardine combo’s.


Ballito area has had a few decent Greys come out as well as the occasional Stumpie. The Greys have been coming out on Chokka blob baits, Mackerel baits, Shad fillets as well as live bait. The Stumpies have been picking up Mussel, Sealice and Chokka baits, all of which have been caught off the rocks.


From Ballito to Beachwood there have been some big Shad coming on live Mullet and Sardine baits. There have also been reports of decent size Snapper Salmon coming out on Chokka and Sardine combo baits. Grey Sharks have also been around harassing the guys attempting to catch an edible fish.


Moving to our local water where there has been quite a lot of action the past week, the weather and the water has been rather calm giving us very flat seas, a very small swell and almost no shore break. With the water being as calm as this, mostly edibles have been caught such as Pompano, Stumpies, Kob and Shad. The Pompano and Stumpies are being caught between our piers on Sealice, Cracker Prawns and Mussel baits. When fishing for these species be sure to use a rather heavy gauge hook as Stumpies have especially a very strong jaw and decent flat teeth designed to crush Mussels and the hardest of baits when feeding. The Kob have been coming in between the Stumpies and Pompano on Chokka baits and live baits. The Shad have been coming out on Sardine baits, Chokka blobs and Mackerel baits all along our beach front.


Warner Beach has had mediocre fishing the past week with not many in-edible fish but have had a few edibles coming out here and there. In the evenings the guys have been some decent size Kob and Shad on live baits, Mackerel slides and whole Chokka’s. There have been a few Shad that have been slid out in the hopes of getting a Garrick or a bigger Kob, but this almost no success, the guys have moved back to bait.


Umkomaas has had a decent amount of activity the past week with quite a few small Spinner and Grey Sharks that have been coming out on all baits mostly intended for edible fish. Some smaller Zambezi Sharks have been harassing the guys trying to land their Kob but unfortunately they have not been getting whole Kob out. The Shad have also started coming out in these areas bringing hope that the Garrick will make their appearance soon.


Scottburgh has been rather quiet this past week as not much has been happening that side with only a few reports of Greys and a few Snoek off the rocks. The Snoek are being taken on the Kingfisher Anchovy 50g spoon. There have also been report of big Grey and Zambezi Sharks spotted off the boats quiet close to shore.


Umdoni area has had a few a big Black Tip Sharks swimming around, so for the in-edible guys that haven’t has much success further north this is a good area to attempt to catch one of these aerobatic beasts. Baits used for these beasts range from live baits, swim baits as well as big juicy throw baits that are very buoyant to allow for movement.


Port St Johns has been very active with quite a few Kob, Grunter, Grey Sharks and Hammer Head Sharks coming out. The Kob coming out have been on paddle tails, live baits and Chokka baits. 6 Inch paddle tails in White and Olive Pearl have been doing the trick in the mornings, late afternoons as well as in the evenings. The Grunter have been coming out the same Chokka baits with smaller hooks. As for the inedible fish they have been coming out on big baits being dropped with a drone, kite and bait boat.



Fishing in the Durban Harbour has been rather slow as the Grunter proceeds to elude our anglers with many unsuccessful evenings fishing with Cracker. The smaller Kob have however started coming out in the deeper water on Chokka baits and Cracker. Kingies have been very quiet with only a few bigger ones smashing the Mullet and Glassies on the water’s edge, but refuse to take any artificial thrown at them. Live bait fishing is probably one of the most effective routes to go if you’re looking at catching a decent fish in winter, as you can pick up most of the edible species of fish in our harbour.


Ski Boat:


Cape Vidal has had a lot of activity the past week with reports of big Couta, big Kingies and lots of big Snoek and Tuna. The Kingies have been in the region of 30kg and have mostly come out on spinning and occasionally on live bait. The big Snoek and Couta have been coming out on dead and live baits. The Tuna have been coming out on the Kingfisher Rattlers in Pink.


Richards Bay has been quite active with quite a few big Tuna in the deeper water on poppers as well as on down rigged live Mackerel and Bonnies. There have also been a Snoek in the vicinity taking spoons and smaller live baits.  


Blythdale\Tinley Manor there have quite a few big Snoek, Tuna as well as Couta coming out. The Anchovy balls have been the areas to fish as majority of the big Tuna have been picked around the bait balls. There have however been a lot Sharks around so it’s important to have your hooked fish out the water a.s.a.p.


Umdloti has had a few Snoek taken on small bullet spoons and drift fillet baits. There are still a few Couta in the area that the guys have been the past week predominantly on down rigged live baits and big spoons being whipped.


Durban has been very quiet with only a few small shoal size Couta and a handful of Snoek that been coming out. The guys fishing bottoms have gotten a few small Dagga on whole Chokka baits and live bait off the backline.


Cutting to Warners has produced a few decent size Couta the last week also on live bait and occasionally on spoons. There has also been the odd Tuna coming out with the live baits being down rigged. Aliwal Shoal area has had a lot of action the past week with many fish being caught such as Couta, Tuna, big Snoek and loads of Wahoo. The Couta and Wahoo have been taken on Wala Wala and live Mackerel. The Tuna on the other hand have been caught on artificial lures and occasionally on a flicked out live bait. The Snoek have been rather easy to catch as they have been picking up almost anything that fits into their mouths. There have been reports of early Geelbek and quite a few Dagga off most of the wrecks, mainly caught on live bait and whole Chokka. When fishing for Geelbek and Dagga your traces, bait and equipment is very similar. The only difference is that you will target Geelbek much further out of the wrecks and reefs where when targeting Dagga you fish much closer in.




Nagle Dam has been fishing extremely well with big Bass being caught on frogs, creature baits, top water and super flukes. The Bass being caught are being targeted from the banks as that’s where the majority of the action has been taking place.


Hazelmere Dam has also been fishing very well with lots of decent size Bass being caught also from the banks on worms and all top water lures. Senko worm’s rigged wacky style have been doing the trick. Colours being used are brighter colours such as Pink, Yellow and Blue. Top water lures being used are the Strike Pro Thai Sticks and Gobi Poppers.


Nagle Dam has been rather quiet for the Carp guys with very little action the past while. A lot of the guys tried down scaling their traces and equipment with hopes to entice a smaller Carp maybe but with very little success. Carp fishing with inconsistent weather is very difficult and can be impossible if you don’t know the dam lay out very well. Once you fished a dam enough times and have fished in all conditions, every season and all barometric pressures, then you will know when to move around depending on the time of day, weather and pressure.


Hazelmere Dam has been productive with a quiet a few Carp that been coming out the past week. Majority of the Carp are not very big but loads of fun none the less. Baits being used range from floaties, mealies, white dough to small boilies rigged under a mealie bomb. Flavours being used are strong flavours such as Garlic, Gumtree, R2K and a few other strong flavours. White dough as backing with a mealie or floatie above is the winning combination of baits as 90% of the Carp being like that. Feed being used is plain SVB mealie bomb as well as standard mealie bomb is assorted flavours.

Tiger fishing in Jozini Dam proceeds to be rather unproductive as not much has been happening the past week. The weather has been quiet calm tempting most anglers to get onto the water and fish very hard for the Tigers but very few fish came out. The kids playing around with Worms have been rather successful as they have gotten quite few Tilapia and Barbel. If the Tigers aren’t biting, Barbel can be loads of fun if targeted correctly. Worms, fillets, Livers, Hearts and even Steak can be used as bait to target Barbel, You don’t need a very big hook as a 4/0 to 6/0 size with be ideal and can be fished as a sliding trace with a small ball sinker. You will however need to use your Tiger fishing rods and reels as they can be quite strong and aggressive. They also grow extremely large so you might want to buy a pair of gloves so when landing the fish; they have a very fine sand paper like teeth that when clamped down on your hand can be rather painful.

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