Fishing the past week has been mediocre with a slight change of weather towards the end of the week. The Wahoo have started coming out more abundantly down south and our dams are very full which is always a good thing but can be a bit more of a challenge when fishing.


Ski Boat:

Starting up North, the Sodwana and Maphelane area has been quite successful with reports of a few Couta still being around, decent Tuna, and big Snoek. The Snoek have been coming out on small Halco’s and Strike Pro Magic Minnows, as for the Tuna and Couta; live and dead baits have been working as well as Kingfisher Rattlers in Pink, Sardine and Silver.


Moving down to St Lucia, fishing hasn’t been too bad with quite a few Snoek and small Couta being caught. The Snoek have been taking small bullet spoon as well as Toby spoons right on the backline. The Couta however have been a bit deeper picking up mostly down rigged Mackerel and small Bonnies. There have also been a few reports of Kob coming out in the evenings on whole Chokka and small live baits.


Richards Bay to Tugela has been very productive with some decent catches of Tuna, Couta, Snoek and even reports of Sailfish! The Tuna have been found basically along our whole coastline the past week which is very nice for the guys who are just starting off on the Ski’s as a lot of the newbies have been getting decent fish the past while. Apart from the Snoek being caught on strip baits the rest of the fish been taken on live Bonnies and Mackerel, some down rigged, others not.


Umdloti hasn’t been too productive after the Couta smash the past few weeks with reports of only a few shoal size Couta and a few small Snoek coming out. There have however been quite a few small Kob and Snapper Salmon coming out on Chokka and Sardine baits.


Our local water hasn’t been too bad with some good reports of big fish coming out the past week. There have been some very big Tuna coming out of the bait marks and predominantly off the Barge on live baits. There are still a few Couta around that the guys are picking up on spoons, Rattlers, dead baits and live baits. The guys fishing bottoms have been quite successful in the shallow and deeper water. Just off the back-line guys have been getting some decent Stumpies, Blacktails, Shad and Kob. Chokka strips is the preferred bait for targeting all these species as it stays on the hooks for longer and all these fish will take a Chokka strip.


Moving south to the Umkomaas area, fishing has been very good with loads of big fish being caught the whole week. The Wahoo have been coming out left, right and center on plastics as well as live bait. The plastics being bright colours and rigged with a length of AFW piano wire up to a meter long as Wahoo have a tendency of indulging quite a bit more than just the lure itself. Aliwal Shoal seems to be the hot spot with most the game fish species on our coastline being picked up, some landed, some not. There been quite a few Couta and Tuna also coming out mostly on live bait and Halco Lazer Pro 160’s. There have been reports of a few Sailfish being in the vicinity picking up on the bigger live baits.


Shelly Beach to Port Edward has been firing with some very big Couta and Wahoo being caught all week long! There have also been quite a few smaller Tuna and Kingies around. The Kingies are being picked up mostly on spinning with spoons, drop-shot as well as casting plastics. As for the Wahoo, Couta and Tuna, live bait proceeds to the winning bait for them, whether down rigged or not, they have been doing the job. When fishing for these bigger specimens, it’s not necessary to use very heavy line and a leader, a standard 25lb-35lb line (brand dependent) with a leader is all that is needed to target these larger specimens.


Rock and Surf:

Kosi Bay to Sodwana there has been a big sea with a strong side wash from South to North, but there has however been lots of Stumpies, Bonefish and Pompano around. The Pompano have been coming out Crab and Sealice whereas the Stumpies and Bonefish have been coming out on Chokka and Sealice baits. The protected bays have been producing the most fish.


Richards Bay harbour has been quite productive with lots of Rays and Sharks being landed. The surf has been quiet due to the big wash, but there has however been a lot of Milkies around. The low tide has been producing quite a few smaller Snapper Salmon.


From Tugela mouth to Ballito, there have been quite a few Grey Sharks being caught on big bloody baits as well as live baits. There have also been quite a few Stumpies and Pompano, coming out on the deep water points and the baits being used is Sealice predominantly and occasionally Chokka baits. From Ballito to Durban there has been a lot of activity with loads of edibles being caught and not many in-edible fish.


Our local water has been one of the better spots on our coastline to fish as the strong wash hasn’t affected us much. Our beach front has been fishing really well the past while with Stumpies, Kob, Pompano and small Shad coming out. Sealice and Mussel baits proceed to be the bait of choice for most of these fish. Kob on the other hand prefers a Chokka bait such a blob or Chokka strip.


The Toti area has had a bit of its own action with the Garrick starting to come out now on live bait (nothing specific). The Stumpies and Kob have also been around with Chokka being the better bait for the occasion.


Umkomaas has seen Kob up to 5 kg on paddle tails, live bait and Chokka baits and the north bank has been the place to be as that where most of the action has been happening. Green Point to Scottbourgh has had Bonefish up to 4 kg on Sealice and small Chokka baits. The water has been very clean and sea conditions should improve over the next couple of days, making this area some of the better areas to fish.


Port Shepstone has been rather quiet with only a few small Kob and Kingies off the rocks, paddle tails being the preferred way to target both these species. There have also been some very big Stonebream on the south bank of the Shepstone River.


Trafalgar has been producing lots of edible fish such as Catface and Yellow Belly Rock Cods as well as a few Stumpies. Sealice and Chokka baits proceed to be the winning baits for all these edible species. The odd Blue Ray has also come out while targeting edible fish.


Port St Johns north has been rather quiet with only a few Sharks, Shad, Garrick, Kob and Bronze Bream. The Bronze Bream and Kob have been coming out on Chokka and Prawn combos and the Garrick on plugs and dropshot, the Sharks however have been coming out on Shad fillets and heads. In the Port St Johns south area we have heard that the Garrick are wild, the problem is too find a live bait, guys are throwing artificial baits and that has been the most productive way to catch the Garrick, The winter conditions have really started to settle in now, and guys have started fishing accordingly, which is why there is a spike in edible catches the past few weeks. Within the next few weeks there will be some very exciting fishing with the arrival of the Shad and hopefully the Sardines!



Fishing in the Durban Harbour the past week has been quite good as the Kob and big Grunter have been coming almost every day throughout the day as well as in the evenings. The Grunter have been picking up on swimming Prawns, Cracker Shrimp, small fillet baits and Chokka strips. The Mustad Circle hooks seem to be the winner when fishing for both Kob and Grunter as the secure hook up with a circle hook is unmatched when fished correctly. The Kob have been picked up on fillet baits, all sorts of Chokka baits but mostly on live bait, predominantly Mullet as Mullet are the primary food source for most predatory fish in the harbour. Spinning has been rather quiet with only a few Torpedo Scads coming out on small bullet spoon and a few small Kob coming out on paddle tails.



The Bass fishing in Shongweni Dam has been mediocre with not many Bass coming out at all, but the few fish that have been coming have been decent in size. The majority of these fish are being caught in the more weeded areas of the dam; along the reeds has also been a good option as the Bass stalk the smaller Bass and Tilapia hiding in the shallows. While fishing along the shallows, small crank baits and small natural colour fluke have been doing the job to entice the stalking Bass. The weeded areas are usually targeted with frogs and creature baits as that’s what the Bass mostly look for in those areas.


Albert Falls Dam hasn’t been too active with not many Bass being caught off the banks. The guys fishing off the boats have had a bit of success as they have been able to access some of the more difficult spots to get to. The guys fishing off the bank that have had a bit of success(mostly with small fish) have been drop shotting Senko worms and have been casting rather far trying to reach some structure. This will not be possible fishing with standard line as it’s too thick to get a decent distance when casting, so braid would be the recommended line to use.


Hazelmere Dam has been producing quite a few Carp the past week. The fish being caught are mostly quiet small but there have however been a few decent Carp in between the smaller ones coming out. When fishing from the bank it’s nice to have options on where to cast. A lot of the time guys try and cast as far as possible every cast; this will result in them not being too successful. When making a feeding spot whether you’re casting the feed out or have a Canoe/Boat, you need to make two feeding spots; one at 60m-80m and another at 100m-120m, this will enable you to fish one rod close and one rod far. Mix your baits up, don’t assume that the rod that you are casting close is going to pick up small fish. Bait up with small and big baits on the rod casted far as well as the rod casted close, you might be surprised as to which rod/bait picks up the bigger fish. Once a trend has been formed as to which distance and which bait is producing all the fish, you switch your other rod to that bait and distance. Don’t always assume that the bigger fish are in deeper water, especially in the early mornings, late afternoons and the evening when the water is calmer and surrounding are quieter.


Tiger fishing at Jozini Dam has started to pick up with reports of a few small Tigers coming out on bait in the deeper and shallower water. Very bloody baits have been doing the job to the Tigers attention. For these smaller fish, one does not have to use very heavy equipment as that will take all the fun out of catching the smaller Tigers.


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