The past weeks fishing has been doing really well some great catches all along our coastline. Rock and Surf has been doing quite well, the guys fishing off the Ski Boats have been doing even better with loads of decent game fish coming out as well as a lot of nice bottom fish. The weather has been excellent the past week and overall weather conditions have allowed most of our anglers to fish the majority of the week without any hassles.

Ski Boat:

Starting up at Sodwana there have been a few reports the past week of decent catches coming out in the deeper water. There have been quite a few Couta coming out on down rigged Mackerel as well as down rigged Halco Lazer Pro 160’s. The guys throwing artificial baits in the area have been having quite a bit of success catching Tuna, a few Dorado and even hooking up to a few Sailfish! Lures being thrown consist mostly of 6-8 inch Jerk Minnows and spoons.


Maphelane to Cape Vidal has been just as productive with many reports of GT’s being caught and are predominantly being spun for. Spoons and drop shot seem to be the way to go when targeting these silver bullets of fury! There have also been reports of a few smaller Dagga coming out on down rigged live bait around the reefs. The guys trawling have been having a bit of success with Couta and Wahoo towards the mid water column.


Richards Bay has been a bit less productive with not as many fish being caught but there are still a few decent fish around the none the less. There have been very big Tuna around according to reports as there have been some proper smash ups on the bigger live baits. There have also been a few sightings of Marlin in the area as they have been spotted surfacing behind Kona’s being trawled.


Nhlabane has been quite active the past week with had a few big Couta coming out on live Bonnies and big Mackerel. There are reports of some big Dagga coming out now the water is much colder. When targeting the bigger Dagga, bigger baits are generally preferred such as whole Chokka rigged on a 10/0 circle hooks or any live baits. Mullet work very well when fishing near an estuary mouth as that’s what the Kob predominantly feed on in those areas. Just keep in mind that you need to down scale your hook size if you plan on fishing with a smaller live bait.


From Amatikulu to Tugela Mouth has not been active on the game fish side but has had its fair share of action fishing for Dagga and Snoek. Most of the fish have been coming rather close shore, right on the backline. The Snoek have been taking the Halco Twisty spoon and Clarks spoons whereas the Dagga have been picking up on small live baits and whole Sardine dead baits.


Princes Grant to Umdloti proceeds to produce some decent Couta as well as Tuna. There is a quite a problem with Sharks in the area so most fish are not being landed whole, if at all. It would be a good idea to fish slightly heavier as you need to put quite a lot more pressure on your fish to get them out the water as quick as possible.


Our local water has been quiet the past week as the guys trawling have not been too successful with only a handful of Couta being caught. There have been some Tuna that have been coming out on poppers and live bait off the Barge and bait marks. Bottom fishing has doing really well the past week with reports of Rock Cod, Dagga and early Geelbek. The guys fishing bottoms just off the backline have been getting quite a few Stumpies in the 2kg to 4kg range as well as a few big Grunter! Most of which have been coming out on Chokka baits and Sealice.

Moving South to the Umkomaas area, quite a bit has been happening from the guys fishing near the Aliwal Shoal area who have been getting some decent game fish ranging from GT’s to some decent Wahoo. All of which have been coming out on live baits, lures and drop shot. Most of the GT’s being caught have been on spinning and flicking out live bait. The Wahoo have been coming out on colourful lures and live bait.

On to Shelly Beach and Port Shepstone, Garrick have been coming out on live bait, drop shot and plugs. The odd Snoek has also been showing on plug while targeting the Garrick in the area. There have been a few Amberjack showing leading some of our anglers to start jigging again.


Rock and Surf:

Kosi Bay to Cape Vidal has been more successful with edible fish than with inedible fishing as not too many Rays and Sharks have been coming while lots of edibles have been keeping the guys busy. Three Spot Pompano and small Kingies have been coming out on small 3inch dropshots and small bullet spoons on light spinning outfits. Stumpies and Rock Cod are being targeted a lot more often now that they are around on baits such as Sealice and small Chokka baits.


Cape Vidal to Richards Bay there have reports of a few smaller Raggies in the area when sea was right as well as quite a few Grey Sharks. Wave Garrick continue to give the spinning guys a good time as they are always around taking small spoons and very small dropshots. Early mornings and late afternoons prove to be the more successful times when targeting majority of these species. The Raggies have been coming out mostly in the evenings on whole Chokka baits. When targeting Raggies, one does not require heavy equipment as they are not very hard fighters, but more of a heavy weight on the end of your line.


Richards Bay to Ballito there have been lots of Spinner Sharks around especially in the dirtier water. Guys have been swimming these Spinners with a bit of success in hooking Blackfin Sharks but not as much success in landing them. There have also been a few big Rays around in the calmer water and calmer conditions. Some Bronze Bream and Stumpies have also been coming out of the rocks mainly on Prawn, Chokka and Sealice baits.

From Ballito to Durban there have been lots of big Greys and especially Blackfin that the guys are targeting on heavy equipment, mostly sliding outfits. There have been a few small Brown Rays around as well as the odd winter Diamond Ray.


Durban beach front is still producing some very nice edible fish such as Stumpies, Pompano and Grunter all being caught on Sealice and Muscles. A running trace is preferred for these fish as you mostly fish around sand banks and need that baits to be rolling around on and off the banks to entice the hunting fish. A spinning rod with a 1 to 2 oz. ball sinker and Mustad Soi Ring hook is what most the more successful anglers have been using.


From Amanzimtoti to Port Shepstone has been very active with some excellent catches of Kob, Garrick, Kingies and Pompano. The Kob have been coming out in the evenings on Chokka baits and live bait whereas the Kingies and Garrick have been coming out only on live bait in the mornings and late afternoons. The live baits of choice are Karenteen, Blacktail and Shad.


Port Edward to Port St Johns has been happening with loads of Kob being caught on dropshot and live bait when available, loads of Garrick on plugs, dropshot and again live bait when available. There has been quite a few bigger Sharks around too picking up smaller swimbaits and big throw baits. The guys scratching with their spinning outfits have been having the time of their life with lots of Blacktail, Grunter and Kob being caught around the gullies on small well-presented Chokka and Prawn baits.



Fishing in the Durban harbour has been rather mediocre the past week as there have been quite a few fish coming out but nothing worth speaking about. There have been a variety of species coming out the past week including a few Garrick and Springer. The guys fishing with live bait have been catching all sorts of fish in the hopes of enticing a Kob. The Garrick that were caught were mostly on live bait, the bait being used is predominantly Mullet as that their main source of food in the harbour.



Hazelmere Dam proceeds to produce some decent Bass off the banks as well as off the boats. The guys fishing off the banks have been using top water lures, Salmo crank baits, small Kingfisher Rattlers in the Olive colour as well as Chartreuse Senko worms. The guys fishing from the boats have been using jigs, frogs and top water lures. Top water lures being used are Thai Sticks and Poppers. The Thai Sticks being used are from Strike Pro in White and in Silver. Poppers used are also the Strike Pro Gobi Poppers and Storm Chug Bug.


Albert Falls has also been fishing really well the past while as guys on the water as well as the guys fishing off the banks have been getting some decent fish. Creature baits fished very slowly on the ground have been enticing most of the decent catches to feed… As for the mid water column small spinner baits with a small c tail worms attached have been doing the trick. As for top water, there has not been too much action.

Nagle Dam has been very inconsistent the past few weeks when it comes to Carp fishing, making it quite difficult to decide when to go fishing. Winter being in full swing has also had quite an effect on the fishing, discouraging a lot of our anglers to go fishing due to their success rate dropping tremendously. This is usually due to their methods not changing much if at all from the conversion from summer to winter. Here are a few tips to assist with fishing in winter: Don’t put out a large amount of feed. In winter, contrary to popular belief, Carp do feed regularly in winter, just much smaller amounts. PVA stingers would be a better option over PVA bags as the goal is to feed little as possible, but still get some in the water near your bait. PVA stringers or PVC mesh allows you to feed smaller quantities and still gets the feed right by your bait as you hook the PVA or PVC right by your hook bait. Smaller baits are also recommended for winter fishing as Carp look for food that they can easily digest. Boilies cut up in you PVA/PVC would be the better option over whole baits, small hooks baits are also a better option due to the Carp seeking smaller baits to feed on.

The Tiger fishing at Josini Dam is still very slow but the guys aren’t blanking… There have been a handful of Tigers coming out here and there mostly on fillet baits and occasionally on live bait. Live Tilapia are excellent bait for Tigers in the warmer months but now in winter Tigers prefer not to have to chase their food around and that’s why fillet baits have been doing better in the colder weather.

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