Fishing the past week has been rather slow for most of the Shore fishermen as very few fish have been coming out however our Ski Boat fisherman and Kayakers have had their hands full with all the Couta, Tuna and Wahoo that have been around.


Ski Boat:

Sodwana to Cape Vidal has been rather productive with some very juicy reports of big Couta and Tuna coming out, mostly coming out on live bait and Kingfisher Rattlers. There have also been some big Snoek around grabbing the smaller live baits and plastics.


From Vidal to Richards Bay there have been a few Couta around but the Tuna have really been keeping the guys busy the past week and have been coming out on spoons, plastics, plugs and live baits.


There have also been a few reports of big in-edible and edible fish the Richards Bay Harbour that the guys have started targeting more and more often. Ski Boat anglers have started to move into the harbour with their off shore equipment as the fish that is said to be coming out have been giving them a real tussle.


Richards Bay to Tugela mouth has had its fair share of action with Dagga and Three Tail Labotes coming out in the evenings and the odd Garrick in the mornings. Guys fishing right off the backline have had the most success fishing with Chokka baits as well as live baits and have had a lot of action the past week with not big fish but quite a lot of fish.


Tugela Mouth to Umdloti has not had as much action as the rest of the North Coast with only a handful of Couta coming out and a few Snoek. The Snoek seem to be quite interested in the Strike Pro Magic Minnows and the Kingfisher Rattlers as per usual. There have also been reports of a few Dagga being in the vicinity but not confirmed.


Umdloti to Beachwood has not been very active with very few fish coming out. The fish that has been keeping a smile on our angler’s faces has been the Snapper Salmon that never seizes to make its appearance. The Snapper Salmon are generally quite easily to catch as they enjoy Chokka and fillet baits, we have also heard that there have also been quite a few big Sharks around this area.


Moving to our local water, there have been a few Tuna, Couta and Snoek coming out as well as a few Dagga Salmon. The guys targeting the Snoek have been throwing Halco Twisty spoons and Kingfisher Bonnie spoons for them with loads of success. The Tuna have been coming out on live baits flicked out on a nylon trace snelled to a 8/0 circle hook. The Dagga have also been coming out on live baits and 8/0 circle, but have been down rigged around the Wrecks and just off Lime Stone.


Shelly Beach has slowed down a bit since last week with not as many Couta and Tuna coming out, there are however reports of Garrick coming out right on the backline with live Shad and Mozzies. There have been a few Kingies coming out near backline on the plugs too.


Rock n Surf:


Kosi Bay has seen quite a few edible fish the past week as there have been quite a few Stumpies, Rock Cod, Bonefish and Pompano being caught. The Stumpies, Bonefish and Pompano seem to have quite a liking in the Sealice baits as well as the small well-presented Chokka baits. The Rock Cod have been taken on small live baits and small Chokka baits. The new Mustad Soi Ring hooks have been doing the work when it coming to the strong-jawed fish having the perfect gauge and off set to hook up every bite.


Cape Vidal has been just as successful with many reports of decent edibles being caught as well as a few Duckbill Rays being spotted in the shallows. Stumpies, Pompano and many reef species have been targeted and landed the past week on Chokka baits as well as Sealice baits.


Moving over to Richards Bay there has not been a lot happening on the surf but a lot more in the harbour. The Rock and Surf guys have been moving into the harbour with their heavy equipment and have been quite successful with quite a few decent edible fish being caught, namely Cob, Grunter and Kingies. The guys targeting the non edible fish have also had their hands full as the Diamond Rays proceed to take their big juicy baits intended for anything strong and heavy!


Tugela Mouth has been doing rather well the past week with reports of Kob on paddle tail, Three Tail Labotes on small live baits and a few big Grey Sharks on bigger baits dropped with a drone. The guys catching the Kob on paddle tails have been using 6 inch paddle tails in a variety of colours such had goldfish, white, red mullet and the list continues, the Kob have not been massive nor have they been in abundance but still nice fish regardless. There have also been a few Kob coming out on white Chokka baits and live baits in the evenings. The Greys being caught have been in the region of 80kg.


Zinkwazi to Blythdale has been rather quiet the past week with only a few reports of Kob and Grey Sharks. Zinkwazi areas has had a few Greys Sharks in the region of 20kg and are coming out on Mackerel slide baits and live Mullet. Channel Rocks has also produced a few decent Greys as well as a few Kob in the 5 kg region. The Kob that has been landed has been coming out on live baits and well-presented white Chokka baits.


The Ballito area has had a few decent Greys as well as a few Stumpies come out. The Greys have been coming out Chokka baits, Mackerel flaps, Shad baits as well as live bait. The Stumpies have been picking up whole Muscles, Sealice, Ghost Crabs and Chokka baits, all of which have been caught off the rocks.


In the Beachwood area there proceeds to be some big Shad coming out on live Mullet and big Mackerel baits. There have also been reports of decent size Snapper Salmon coming out on Chokka and Sardine combo baits. A lot of the baits used for the Snapper Salmon have been rather long, so a double hook trace would be ideal to use to ensure a hook up every bite.


Our local water has not been as productive as the previous weeks with fewer edibles being caught. There are still a handful of Stumpies and Kob being caught off and in between the piers all the way up to Ushaka. There have also been a few Greys Sharks to the right of Moyo’s piers that have been harassing the guys trying to catch Shad.


Winklespruit has started to pick up with the numbers of Garrick rising week by week. The Garrick coming out have been on live Karanteen, Mullet and Shad. Generally a two hook trace consisting of 2 6/0 J-Hooks is the preferred trace when targeting Garrick; a single circle hook trace is also being used more and more often now to target Garrick as it’s very effective when using live bait in general.


Umgababa to Umkomaas, there proceeds to be quite a bit of activity the past week with quite a few Grey Sharks coming out on all baits mostly intended for edible fish. There have been a few very big Stingrays in the area some of the locals claim. The amount of Shad being caught has risen quite a lot which has also brought the odd Garrick to the scene.


Scottbourgh has not been too active on the edible side of fishing but rather more active on the non edible side with reports of quite a few smaller Grey Sharks being landed on the point as well as the odd Blue Ray. The guys fishing with drones and kites on the windy days have been getting some bigger Greys and bigger Spinner Sharks in the region of 50kg on big baits such as Bonnie heads and whole Shad.


The block by Port Shepstone has been very productive the past week as quite a few decent edible fish have been caught especially on live baits. Live Karenteen and live Mullet have been the baits of choice in the evenings and early mornings to catch the Kob, Garrick and Kingies that have been coming out.


Port St Johns has been seeing a lot of active the past week with loads of reports of Garrick, Kob and big Grey Sharks coming out. There has not been many Shad around so the bait fishermen have been desperate enough to put down the big rods and start throwing plugs for the Garrick and paddle tails for the Kob with lots of success.



Fishing in the Durban harbour the past week has been rather slow with not many reports of fish coming out apart from the handful of small Grunter and Torpedo Scads coming out. Torpedo Scads predominantly feed on Glassies and small Mullet, making a small bullet spoon the most effective route to go when targeting these silver bullets. Torpedo Scads are extremely aggressive and fight until they are removed from the water. There are lots of anglers who specifically target these fish as they are loads of fun to catch on ultra-light equipment. A 6.6 ft. light rod and a 2000 size reel loaded with a 8lb braid and a 12lb fluorocarbon leader would be ideal to target these fish.



Hazelmere Dam has been quite productive with lots of Bass being caught off the banks. There have not been a lot of big fish around, Senko worms rigged wacky style have been doing the trick to entice these fish, colours being used are not the usual bright colours but leaning more towards watermelon and pumpkin seed. The drop shot method has been doing very well whilst using a finesse worm in the baby bass colour. Shongweni Dam has been rather successful the past week with reports of a few big Bass being landed in and around the structure and along the reeds. The guys that have been successful have been using super flukes, top water lures and big crank baits. The colour of super fluke that has been working is once again the black super fluke, weightless. The colours of the top water lures that have been working have not made much of a difference as all of them have been successful as long as you are using a quality top water lure that makes a lot of noise or commotion.


Hazelmere Dam has been fishing really well for Carp the past few weeks as the dam is well over 110% full. Almond and Double trouble from Supercast have been the flavours to use the past while as the majority of the Carp coming out have been on those flavours. Small baits seem to be doing a lot better than the bigger baits as the guys fishing with mealie strings balls of pap have not been as successful as the guys fishing with a small dough backing and half a mealie pip in front of it have been having a lot more success than the rest.


Albert Falls has not had a great deal of success with very few fish coming out, the handful of fish that are coming out have been at a longer distance than usual measuring over 120m. Plain whole kernel mielies seem to be the winning bait with the plain Supercast SVB mielie bomb being the preferred ground feed. Small dough baits have also been getting quite a few fish, small fish, but fish none the less.


Last week saw the official closure of the Trout river season, giving the fish a break till Opening Day on 1 September. The Kamberg Trout Festival kicked off the winter Stillwater season in great fashion this past weekend – and this weekend see’s Leg1 of the Corporate Trophy Challenge, the Boston-Dargle Festival the weekend thereafter, and Leg2 of the CTC on the last weekend in June – it’s going to be a busy month for the lake trout!

The results from the KTF set the scene for what appears to be a great Stillwater season – the biggest fish of the Festival stretched the tape to 61.5cm and pulled the sale to 2.984kg.  Well over 1000 fish came to hand, with Captain of the SA Fly Fishing Team, Daniel Factor, accounting for 51 of those alone – the next best anglers, local lads Greg Zeiler and Graeme Pitt, accounting for 28 and 24 fish respectively. With 160 anglers flogging the waters, one might expect to see a trend in fly choice, but with our fishy friends being the final judge and jury, things are not always so plain and simple, fish were taken on a wide variety of flies – from small nymphs to large streamers.  More important was depth (fish are still holding deep) and speed to retrieve (the slower the better seemed to be the business), thanks to Jan Korrubel for this report.


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