Rock and Surf:

Kosi Bay has seen quite a few 3 Spot Pompano, Bonefish and Kingies as far as edible fishing goes, all on Chokka and Red Prawn baits. Also been a lot of them landed on small jerk minnows in neutral colours.


Cape Vidal to Maphelane has seen the same fish with the addition of Blackfin Sharks. There have also been quite a few small Shad and Stumpies on Sealice. Garrick have made their appearance at Maphelane and in the evenings there have been some Kob on paddle tails.


Richards Bay has seen the odd Snoek on spoon, there have also been quite a few Stumpies and 3 Spot Pompano on Sealice during the day, and at night the Kob have quite abundant on live bait and paddle tails.


Tugela proceeds to be quite productive with reports of Kob at night and Garrick in the day on live bait.


Towards Zinkwazi there have been a few big Stumpies in the 5kg region coming out on Sealice.


Ballito has also had its fair share of action with Stumpies, Pompano and Snoek off the rocks. The evenings have proven to be the most productive time for the Grey Sharks and in the early mornings, the guys throwing plug have gotten a few small Garrick.


Umhlanga Lighthouse, when the conditions have allowed it, fishing hasn’t been too bad with reports of Stumpies, Pompano and Grey Sharks keeping the guys busy on Chokka baits as well as Sealice.


Durban beach front to Bluff has been rather quiet, with not many edibles coming out, only a few Shad and a few winter Diamond Rays. Bluff is very sanded up with only a few Stumpies, Bronze Bream and Shad coming out, small Kob have also been coming out in the evenings.


Umkomaas North to South bank, there has been a few Kingies around as well as a few Garrick, all coming out on live bait. There have been plenty of small Shad harassing most of the bait and spoon throwing anglers.


The Pennington area has been seeing some nice Stumpies, Garrick and Shad. There has also been the odd big Blackfin Sharks at Beazley as well as odd winter Diamonds. Baits used for the Stumpies are Sealice and for the Shad and Garrick, small live baits, there has been bait activity out at sea.


Port Shepstone to Port Edward, Kob at night on live bait and paddle tails and the Shad are full up. There have also been quite a few Bronze Bream around, being caught on Prawn baits and some winter Diamonds have started coming out of the deeper water points.


Port St Johns North, nice size Kob coming out on paddle tails and live bait with the odd Hammer and big Grey Sharks showing themselves in the deeper water picking up on dropped baits, there has also lots of Sardine activity in the deep with Sharks jumping. Port St Johns South, lots of big Kob on live bait and paddle tails and Garrick on plugs and live bait. The odd big Shark has also been coming out on swim baits and big baits being dropped in the deeper water closer to the Sardine activity.


Ski Boat:

Sodwana Bay has been rather productive over the past week with numerous reports of fish being caught throughout the week. The guys on the Paddle Skis have been catching quite a few Yellowfin Tuna and a few decent Snoek. There has also been a handful of Dorado in the area picking up small live baits. The guys fishing for Snoek have been getting their Snoek on small live Shad and all sorts of bullet spoons.


Maphelane has been fishing really well for the winter months with reports of Tuna, Couta and even a few small Sailfish showing, all of which have been picking up predominantly on live bait. The Sailfish have also been surfacing to pick up the bigger Kona’s being trawled. The guys fishing bottom have also had a bit of success with Dagga on live bait in the shallower water later in the afternoons.


Over to St Lucia, fishing has been quite good with a few Snoek and Couta being caught. The Snoek have been picking up almost anything being dragged and casted as long as it was small and shiny. The Couta on the other hand have been more attracted to live Mackerel and Bonnies. There have also been good reports of Kob coming out in the area mostly in the evenings; whole Sardines, Mackerel and live bait have been the bait of choice.


Cape Vidal has been very productive the past week with good reports of big Snoek, decent size Tuna and even a few Couta. The Snoek have been picking up on the Kingfisher Bonnie spoon in 40g. Where the Couta and Tuna have been picking up on most down rigged baits. The guys trawling 160 size lures have also had their hands full with the Tuna.


Richards Bay to Tugela has been very productive with some decent catches of Tuna, Couta, Snoek and even reports of a few bigger game fish giving the guys a stretch. The smaller Tuna have been coming out along the majority of our coastline. Apart from the Snoek being caught on strip baits and the usual bullet spoons, the rest of the fish been caught on live Bonnies and Mackerel.


Umdloti has had its fair share of action with many reports of Snoek being the area again as well as Tuna in the 8kg to 14kg range. The guys bottom fishing around here have also been quite busy with the Dagga Salmon and Stumpies. The Dagga have been coming out on small live baits and whole Chokka. The Stumpies on the other hand have been picking up on Prawn baits and small Chokka baits.


Our local water has proven to be quite productive with a few nice fish coming out off shore, trawling and fishing bottoms. There have been very large amounts of small Shad around harassing the Snoek anglers. The Grey Sharks have also not given the guys chance to pull a live bait for Garrick or Snoek. There have also been quite a few Stumpies and Pompano being caught on Chokka baits just outside the mouth of the harbour. There have also been a few Geelbek coming out on the Wrecks and Reefs on live bait and whole Sardines.


Moving South to the Umkomaas area, the area proceeds to be quite productive with a few reports of Wahoo still coming out as well as Couta and Tuna. Baits being used to target most of these species, as always live bait, the guys more successful with the Wahoo have been using the more colourful Halco’s and Rapalas. The guys fishing off their Ski’s in the evenings have been getting stretched just off backline near the mouth by the big Dagga that has been around.


Shelly Beach to Port Edward has also been a bit of a hot spot with very good reports of big Tuna being landed in the deeper water on big live baits as well a few Yellowtails coming out on drop shot. There have also been a few Couta around picking up baits here and there.



Fishing in the harbour has started to pick up again with s few good reports of big Grunter being caught as well as a few Garrick and Kob. Most of the better fish have been caught in the deeper water on Cracker and live Mullet. The few Garrick that have been caught have been taken in the mornings just off Centre bank, the Kob and Grunter on the other hand have been plentiful in the evenings and the Kob have been taking live Mullet near the floor in the deeper water, remember not to leave your live bait in for too long as it will die and sink to the ground where a Stingray will probably pick it up giving you false hope. When fishing a small live bait I suggest you fish a single hook as two or more hooks will kill your live bait much quicker. When choosing a hook for your live bait when targeting Kob and Garrick never opt for a thick or necessarily a big hook. If you prefer using a J style hook over a circle hook, make sure that it has a wide gape and a short shank. When tying your traces, be sure to use a soft and supple line to tie your traces for live bait as a softer line will allow for more movement from your live bait. Fluorocarbon isn’t necessarily the right route to go when tying your traces as most fluorocarbons are quite hard and ridged, restricting the movement of your live bait.





Inanda Dam has been one of the more productive dams in KZN with endless reports of decent Carp being landed. When fishing big water, fishing in general can be quite difficult, it being winter doesn’t help the situation much. Single or double tigernuts /boilies are the most common baits at this venue and is has definitely been getting the fish. Stronger flavoured baits have been getting more frequent bites. Small amounts of initial feed as well as small amounts of feed when mouse trapping is also preferred as it does lure in all the smaller Carp and also because the bigger fish are not feeding as abundantly.


Shongweni Dam has started to pick up the past week as previous weeks were quite depressing. Margin fishing at Shongweni has proven to be most successful when looking for a suitable spot to fish. Fishing margins doesn’t have to be across the dam or very far away, a lot of guys that fish at Shongweni with loads of success fishing margins as close as 2 rods lengths away. When fishing as close as that it’s very important to be very quiet and preferably fish slack lines. Tigernuts have definitely proven to be the most effective bait at Shongweni and balancing the tiger with artificial corn or maize has also proven to more successful than most artificial baits.

Bass fishing in Nagle Dam has slowed down a bit in comparison to past weeks, still with lots of success, just not in quality. Small spinner baits in the deeper water have been getting most the action for bigger of the small Bass around the drop offs and structure. The guy’s dropshotting small craw fish and throwing jigs have also been quite successful. This is a good time to get out the lighter equipment and small baits like small crank baits, finesse worms and small top water lures and enjoy the size fish coming out.


Hazelmere Dam has shown quite a few decent Bass the last week as a few fish in the 2-3.5kg region have come out on top water lures as well as medium size flukes. Strike Pro’s white Thai Stick has been the top-water lure of choice the past week and if fished correctly can be potent at most venues all year round. The flukes being used are black in colour and are rigged with Mustads Ultra lock 4/0 hooks. When the fishing gets difficult or you’re fishing in cleaner water tungsten weights are preferred as they are much smaller than conventional weights and are obviously less visible.

Jozini Dam proceeds to be rather quite with only a few reports of Tigers being caught and the fish that the guys are getting have been in the 600g to 2kg region. The smaller Tiger have been taking small fillet baits from Bream and Sardines. The bigger Tigers have shown more interest in small live baits and whole Sardine baits. Fishing on the surface has not been too great as tigers are not too keen in putting in too much effort to get their bait this time of year. More Tigers are being caught in the mid to bottom water columns.

News from The Fish Eagle is that while the weather still can’t apparently make up its mind – it’s High Summer up in The Midlands – the Trout have been having a wee rest after the June rush and a fishing event every weekend.  The next fluff-chucking event see’s Leg3 of the TOPS Corporate Challenge on the Midlands waters cantered around Nottingham Road, over the weekend of 20-23 July. While there have been a couple reports of decent fish being about, the (usual, unsubstantiated) rumour of a 14lb’er is doing the rounds as it does almost every winter!  As they say – no pics, no proof! Another saying coming to the fore at present “Old school is cool…” applies to fly selection – with recent requests for flies like The Appetiser, Rasputin, Beams’ Woolly Worm, and Carp Fry, it appears that some of the older patterns are making a re-appearance in fly boxes.  And working too – maybe the fish are getting weary of the standard “trawled at lightning speed disco balls” populating many a fly selection at present.

Although High Summer at present, it seems that there may be the start of a late sting in the tail : a quick peek at the longer-term forecast appears to have a spot of rain, and even some snow, forecast for the early part of next…fingers crossed!



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