Fishing will surely start pumping as the Sards move their way up from the South Coast, as soon as the water settles then the water will be full of boats and anglers trying for the game fish that are hunting a Sardine or three to feast on!


A reminder that on the 1St August 2017 the Kingfisher Biggest Shad Competition kicks off. This year it will be run over a two month period, August and September, with three prizes each month. The heaviest Shad for each month will receive a Daiwa BG 5000 Reel filled with Daiwa 8 weave 30lb J Braid, valued at R3000.00 incl, the second heaviest Shad will receive a 13’6” Kingfisher Coastline 5pce (L, M & H tip) Graphite rod, valued at R1998.00incl, and third heaviest Shad will receive a Daiwa Laguna 5000 spinning Reel valued at R998.00. Please note that all Shad (fresh) must be weighed at either, The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street or Tackle Centre, Old Fort Road or The Fishing Tackle Shop, Warner Beach during trading hours. Please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm and that the season closes 30th September, re-opens 1st December 2017.


Ski Boat:


Sodwana Bay has been one of the more productive areas as most of the Ski Boat anglers have been getting fish the past couple of days. Couta, Tuna and Snoek have been the primary species that have been targeted and landed, the Couta have been rather large where the Snoek and Tuna have been average size.



St Lucia has been doing very well as Couta and Snoek have been coming out in abundance. Some anglers that have been targeting the Snoek have been throwing bullet spoons, and others have been trolling a fillet with a flasher covering the majority of the bait. The Couta that have been caught have been on down rigged Sardines, Mackerel or Bonnies.



Moving further South to Richards Bay, big Tuna have been boated as well as Couta with the occasional Snoek. Most of the bigger Tuna and Couta have been caught in the deeper water predominantly on live baits, Bonnies and Mackerel seem to be working well. Throwing small spoons around the backline has proven to be most effective for the Snoek, Bonnies and Shad. The bottom fishing has also been doing very well as there have been quite a few Dagga landed on live baits, down rigged.



Tugela mouth to Zinkwazi is showing some decent size Dagga Salmon in the evenings mainly on live Shad, Karenteen or Mullet. There have also been a few big Couta in the area pushing the scale over 35kg, again, live bait being the answer to getting a bite, getting your hands on a Bonnie will increase your chances of catching one of these Crocs.



Umhlanga continues to be productive with Tuna and Couta coming out on live baits, poppers and spoons. Garrick seems to be the fish in the spot light at the moment as they have started to fill our waters now that the Sardines are back. To get your hands on one of these, you would have to put out a live bait, throw drop shot, stick baits or plugs, but live bait is the most effective.

Locally, fishing has recently started picking up with reports of most of targeted species being caught. Couta, Tuna, Snoek, Dagga and Geelbek have been boated this past week, the Tuna seem to have taken a liking in the brighter colours lures in the 140 to 160 size, the Couta as per usual have been taking live baits and the Geelbek and Dagga have been taking a variety of live baits as well as Chokka baits. Wahoo and some decent size Couta coming out mostly on Rattlers and Halco’s. There have also been a couple of Garrick coming out on live bait on the backline, the guys throwing plugs have also had a bit of success.



Moving to Shelly Beach area, the fishing has been quite productive with reports of huge Tuna being caught as well as Wahoo and a few Couta. Hard plastics have been doing the rounds getting most of these species of fish across all water columns.



Rock and Surf:



Kosi Bay to Cape Vidal, Stumpies, Pompano, Bonefish and even a few Speckled Snappers have been caught, most of which have been picking up Chokka baits and Sealice. The guys that have been spinning have been successful with reports of Snoek and Bonito landed and the guys throwing paddle tail have also been successful with reports of big Kob. Cape Vidal to Richards Bay has had a rather flat sea, so nice fishing conditions and the reports are that there have been a couple of small Brown Rays coming out. There have also been a few Blackfin Sharks in the 60kg to 80kg region picking up slide baits and small swim baits. Sliding or swimming a small edible fish is usually more successful when targeting the Blackfin Sharks, a live Grunter, Shad, Kob or Mullet are very good live baits to use. Sliding these baits is more successful as they fish usually won’t swim much further than the first couple of waves.


The Vidal area has been productive for the guys fishing artificial, 3 inch jerk minnows in the Chrystella colours have been doing the trick for the 3 Spot Pompano, and we have heard that bullet and the Kingfisher Anchovy spoons have been doing the trick for the Snoek.


From Richards Bay to Tugela there have been a few bigger Snapper Salmon and small Kob caught on Chokka baits on the low tide, there have also been a few very small Milkies coming out that some of the guys have been sliding for the Blackfin Sharks.



From Tugela to Ballito there been some reports of very big Salmon of up to 30kg landed on live bait. Closer to Ballito there have been a couple of Stumpies and Pompano caught on Sealice or Chokka and Grey Sharks on almost all baits in the evenings.



Moving to our local water, there have been a lot of undersize Shad coming out and there have also been some big Pompano hooked and landed on whole Muscles and Sealice off the Piers. We have also heard that there has been some bigger winter Diamond Rays landed around Blue Lagoon, some in the 50kg region. The guys sliding out Shad have also had a bit of action as the Garrick have started coming out more abundantly in and around Durban.



The Toti area has been rather active with reports of nice edible fish caught; the Kob and Garrick have been caught on live Shad throughout the day, but especially in the mornings and late afternoons.


Scottborough has started pumping as the Sardine are wild in that area, and the gamefish are seen smashing in the backline. Jig and drop trace are the main traces being used at the moment in order to get a live Sardine quite far out and still get it to drop down the middle of the Shoal.


Shelly Beach to Margate has also had its fair share of action with various species of fish landed on live baits; these fish include Garrick, Kob, Kingies and even small Prodigal sons. With the Sardines that have been moving through and netted in this area, the bigger species and gamefish have been landed, mostly on fresh sardine baits.


Port Edward to Port St Johns, the fishing has been beyond excellent as shoals of Sardine have been really accumulating the gamefish, big Sharks and Rays. There has also been an abundance of Garrick, Kob and Shad that has been caught in between all the Sardine madness, the guys that have been throwing plugs and drop shot have been very successful landing these fish





The Grunter seem to have taken quite a liking to Sardine heads and fillets, the conventional Cracker baits seem to have only really been effective for the smaller fish. There have been a couple of Kingies coming out on small white paddle tail and the small Kingfisher Bonnie spoons. When fishing with a fillet bait for Grunter instead of Cracker, a long shank or so called needle point hook is very effective as the longer shank helps to tie the bait on if need be, usually this will be more successful in deeper water as a fillet bait in shallow water will be harassed by the thousands of small fish that hide in the shallower water.




Info from Jan at The Fish Eagle in PMB,The Midlands Stillwater Trout fishing doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the slightest.  In the 3rd Leg of the Corporate Challenge held this past weekend, 376 fish were brought to the net, of which four fish were over the 60cm mark, along with a shoal in the 50-60cm category.  With waters temperatures hovering around 10 deg. C, the fish are in full spawn mode, and the successful flies used were as varied as a packet of Quality Street allsorts!  The 1st weekend in August sees the Challenge Finals, so we look forward to some interesting fishing as the top performing teams from the legs battle it out for line honours. Winter fishing for Natal Yellow fish (Scaly’s), while also on the slow side due to cooler water temperatures, can provide some solid fish for those that care to try their luck – nothing ventured, nothing gained as the saying goes.  This held true for angler Liam van der Merwe fishing on the lower Umzimkulu this past weekend, landing himself some cracking fish on the Nymph. The Norwegians have the long-term forecast for the week ahead looking great, so make the time to get out and enjoy the fishing!



Carp fishing in Shongweni Dam has been rather slow the past couple of weeks with minimal reports of decent fish being caught, there are however fish being landed on tiger nuts along the margins. Very small baited areas being mouse trapped has been the baiting tactic of choice, as with most venues in the winter months. When fishing boilies in winter, it takes the boilies much longer to release all their locked-in attractors, so try squashing your boilie a bit before casting as that speeds up the process a bit. It’s also very handy to have a pair of binoculars with you to observe the water for any movement in the area. If fishing is very slow, (as it normally is in winter), finding an area where the Carp seem to be rather active in comparison to the rest of the water can be a game changer for the rest of your session. If fishing continues to go nowhere slowly, try fishing thinner and lighter tackle, a lighter hook link and small hook has saved many fishing trip in the colder months from a horrible blank. A squashed boilie on a light trace with a small hook and a handful of feed every two hours or so in the area where Carp seem to be rather active, will almost definitely get you a bite.



Bass fishing in Nagle Dam has started to pick up a bit as more fish are being landed per fishing trip for most of our anglers. The guys that have been catching have been having most of their luck in the afternoons rather than the mornings. In the calmer weather and in the shallower water, our anglers have also had more success using surface lures such as Strike Pro Thai Sticks and poppers rather than crank baits. Drop shotting creature baits and Crawfish very slowly have proven to be very effective in the colder months as that looks to be an easy and large meal that the Bass won’t have to use much energy to get. When fishing for Bass in rivers, try targeting the calm pools of water as they will congregate there more often than not. In dams, Bass can always be found in deeper water or basking in the sun in shallower water as they will always seek warmer water. When the sun comes up and starts warming the water up, try sneaking up on small bays and shallow catchments areas as the Bass will start moving into those areas seeking warmth.



Tiger fishing in Jozini proceeds to pick up with the fishing as more and more reports are coming in about good fishing and decent size fish being caught. Live bait is the bait of choice to get a decent size Tigerfish and Sardine fillet baits are the baits of choice to catch a lot of Tigerfish. It’s always a good idea to catch a Tilapia or Bream to put out as a live bait one side of the boat while you fish with a fillet bait on the other side.

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