A mixed bag of fish including a variety of inedibles from our North Coast as well as the Transkei region has kept anglers smiling as we move steadily into the summer months. Shad have been coming out accompanied by a number of garrick and kob, mostly caught on live mullet or shad.

Rock n Surf:

Kosi Bay has not been too productive on the spinning side with only a few reports of small kingies  on plugs and bullet spoons, but the summer fish are starting to make their way in as a few sandy’s have been showing in the area.


In the Sodwana Bay area, the guys spinning have not been to successful either as only a few small kingies and queen fish have been coming out on small drop shots or Chaos plugs. The bait fishermen have had their fair share of success as a few sandy’s have been landed on mackerel baits, there have also been a few small stumpies caught on sea lice baits.


Fishing in Cape Vidal has been quite a good with a few reports of speckle snappers landed on chokka baits; there have also been a few small diamond rays and small 3 spot pompano. The diamond rays are coming out on sardine blob baits and flapped mackerel baits, and the pompano on very small chokka baits.


Richards Bay area, the fishing has not been too productive with very few fish. The few fish that have been making their occasional appearance have been kingies on small live baits and the odd diamond ray on mullet fillets.


Tugela Mouth, there have been reports of  a few garrick in the area  throughout the day on live shad that have been in abundance along this stretch, the garrick have also been caught on paddle tails and jerk minnows in the afternoons. The odd kob has also been landed on chokka baits just north of the mouth in the evenings.


Zinkwazi has been rather quite with only a few reports of grey sharks, a few decent size shad and the odd sandy. The grey sharks and shad are taking small live baits and local sardine baits either being slid or casted, the sand sharks on the other have been coming out on shad heads, fillets and flapped shad. Land based spinning guys have getting landing a few snoek on bullets spoons in the Jex area, there have also been a few shad landed in the area on s-bend spoons.


There has been a very big sea in the Ballito area the past while making it very difficult to fish for some of our anglers. The summer fish have however started to make their appearance in the evenings, the odd bronze bream has also started to come out on prawn baits. The Mustad Chinu size 1 and 1/0 hooks have been the best hooks to use for the bronze bream as they are extremely sharp, slightly off set with a slightly offset eye which makes snelling the hook a better way of tying it on.


La Mercy, not a lot has been happening, there has only a been bronze bream coming out on cracker, chokka and of course red prawn baits, there has been a few in-edible fish in the area that the guys have been targeting with little success.


There has been a few small pompano, lots of undersized shad and the odd grunter coming out between the piers in the Durban area. The Pompano have been coming out on small sea lice and small chokka baits and the shad have been on spoons and sardine baits, the grunter have been more attracted to cracker and chokka baits.


There have been reports of black fin kingies, grey sharks, brusher, and bronze bream coming out all along the South Coast the past couple of weeks. In Scottborough there have been a couple of greys sharks as well as a few blue rays caught  in the evenings and the mornings on sardine baits and the guys spinning have gotten a handful of shad on spoons and small Rattlers.


Warner Beach has been doing quite well with quite a few grey sharks, bronze bream and blue rays coming out. The grey sharks and blue rays have predominantly shown in the evenings on most bloody baits and the bronze bream have been taking prawn baits. We have heard that garrick and kob have been coming out on live baits in the Winklespruit area.


Port Shepstone, the fishing has been rather good the past week with reports of brusher coming out on ghost crabs and bronze bream coming out on prawn baits. The shad have been smashing s-bend spoons from the rocks and the block has also produced a few small kob in the evenings on small live baits and chokka baits.


Port St Johns has been quite successful with quite a few big kob caught as well as a few brushers and the odd garrick. The kob have been caught on chokka and sardine baits and on live baits and the brusher have been taking sea lice and crabs. The Garrick have been coming out on plugs, jerk minnows and live baits predominantly in the mornings and late afternoons.



Fishing in the Durban Harbour been fairly productive the past week with reports of decent fish being caught on bait as well as on artificial baits. Sardine fillets seem to be the better bait for the grunter the past week as many have come out on sardine bellies in the deeper water the past week. Live mullet proceeds to be the bait of choice in the harbour for kob, and occasional kingie. There have also been a few sting rays in the harbour the past while, the guys spinning have spotted them and a few of the bait guys have been stretched by what they can describe as a sting ray. The guys spinning have also gotten their hands on a few GT’s and Kob mostly on spoons.


Ski Boat:

Sodwana Bay hasn’t been fishing too badly with reports of Dorado starting to come out on poppers as well as on sardine baits with pink skirts. There have also been a handful of small snoek landed on small bullets spoons and small plastics being trawled quite shallow.


Cape Vidal, there have been a few tuna coming out in the deeper water on live bait as well as on deep diving Kingfisher Rattlers. The odd Dorado has also been caught on small konas and poppers being fished around floating debris.


In the Tugela mouth area, there have been quite a few dagga, geelbek and reds boated in the deeper water on sardine and mackerel baits. There have also been a few Garrick in the mornings on live baits on a very slow trawl on the backline and near the mouth.


Umdloti has been very quiet the past week, couta have practically gone off the bite now as very few to none are being caught. They have however been a handful of snoek and dagga caught. The snoek are coming out in the early mornings on Kingfisher bonnie spoons, the dagga on the other have been caught on chokka blob baits in the afternoons.


Moving to our local water, there have been a few small tuna and snoek boated as well as quite a few dagga and geelbek. The geelbek and dagga have been caught quite close on live baits, chokka baits, whole sardine and mackerel. There have been many shad just outside the harbour mouth and around Lime Stone. The small tuna have been off the bait marks on live baits whereas the snoek have been coming out just off Blue Lagoon on bullet spoons.


Umkomaas has been doing rather well the past week too with quite a few guys reporting back with decent catches of muscle cracker in the vicinity as well as some decent kob, there has also been shad caught on spoons and fillet baits.


Port Shepstone, not too many reports of fish, the bottom fishing has been doing quite well but that’s about it.


Port St Johns, the bottom fishing has been the way the go here as quite a few geelbek have been caught out in the deeper water. It’s safe to say that the bottom fishing has been the more productive facet of fishing over the past week with many reports of decent fish being caught from the top right to the bottom of our coastline.





Inanda Dam has been doing very well the past few weeks on the specimen side of carp fishing with reports and photos of big carp landed.  With spring in full swing, the conventional side of carp fishing will surely start picking up soon as the majority of fish will start feeding more aggressively and more often now. Inanda is the type of dam where camping there for a few days is the most productive, unlike most other dams where you can arrive there in the morning and fish for the day and actually catch a few fish. To make the most your fishing here it is recommended to make a feeding area and camp there for a couple of days. Generally in the warmer months your sweeter flavours work much better than your stronger flavours due to the carp actually swimming around looking for food and not having to be ‘lured’ away from their safe zone with stronger flavours. Carp also start feeding in shallower water as they are starting to come out of their ‘hibernation’ state. So one would not have to fish as deep for them.


Shongweni Dam, unfortunately as the weather gets warmer, the barbel come out to play, Shongweni is known for its barbel picking up just about any bait in the warmer months, so catching carp here in the warmer months isn’t impossible, but tricky. In order to not attract the attention of the barbel easily, the amount of feed you put in the water must be kept to a minimum. With that being said, the size of your bait should also be kept as small as possible. Barbel are attracted to large amounts of feed, masses of smaller fish feeding on large amounts of feed and also big baits.


Hazelmere Dam, with the warming of the weather, the bass are starting to feed a lot more often and more aggressively. C-tails, baby flukes and crank baits have worked very well with quite a few reports off the banks as well as off float tubes of many small bass coming out. The C-tails in chartreuse and watermelon red have been doing very well, as well as flukes in the Houdini colour.


At Albert Falls, the fishing has really started to pick up across all facets here as the bass are being caught off the boats, float tubes and starting on the bank now too. Most of the bass coming out of the bank are rather small but fun to catch none the less. The Strike Pro poppers and Thai Sticks have been doing very well early in the mornings while the water was flat and the Senko’s in natural colours have been doing well throughout the day. Dark flukes have also been catching quite a few fish mostly late afternoons when the sun starts going down.

Reports from Jozini are getting better by the week as most recent reports have said that quite a few tigers have been landed, nothing spectacular but at least the fishing is starting to pick up, sardine being the usual bait of choice fished on either a shad trace or a sliding trace.


Jan from the Fish Eagle had this to say. After the late snow and rain of mid-month and last minute winter chill-factor, it appears that summer has arrived with a vengeance.  Daytime temperatures of near and over 30deg.C are warming the waters and in similar fashion, the fishing is hotting up!


Last weekend saw the following events taking place:


  • The Albert Falls Bass Classic where over a thousand fish were recorded, the winning fish coming in just under the 5kg mark;
  • The Umzimkulu Scaly (Natal Yellowfish) Comp on the Umzimkulu in Umzimkulu town was won by Liam van der Merwe of Port Shepstone High with biggest and most fish; and
  • An interprovincial competition between the KZN Fly Fishing Association and Central Gauteng FFA was held on the Mooi River in the Thendela Community, just outside the Kamberg Nature Reserve.  9 anglers fished three 3hr fishing sessions over Saturday and Sunday with a total of 147 fish being caught (and released), fish sizes ranged from 110mm to 530mm. The water was crystal clear which made the fishing technically demanding. Final results had 2 KZNFFA anglers in the top 3 individuals (Gillies McDavid, vice-Chair KZNFFA, and Trevor Sithole of the Thendela Community), with KZNFFA pipping CGFFA to take top honours in the team result.


Last week also saw the World Fly Fishing Championships being held in Slovakia, South Africa coming 16th out of 30 teams, and WP angler Matt Rich the highest ranking individual SA angler at position 44 out of 154 anglers – Well done to all!


The Stillwater trout are still on the prod, with some good catches being reported from the waters of the Midlands.  As the surface water warms up, the fish will head down into the deep looking for cooler water, so fishing deep and slow will be the order of the day.  Popular summer patterns include dragons and damsels, buggers and baitfish, with a classic like Jim Beams’ Woolly Worm not to be overlooked.


The forecast has us receiving some much rain this weekend – much needed with the recent heat, so fingers crossed!


A reminder that it’s the second instalment of The Kingfisher Biggest Shad Competition. The heaviest Shad for this month (September) will receive a Daiwa BG 5000 Reel filled with Daiwa 8 weave 30lb J Braid, valued at R3000.00 incl, the second heaviest Shad will receive a 13’6” Kingfisher Coastline 5pce (L, M & H tip) Graphite rod, valued at R1998.00incl, and third heaviest Shad will receive a Daiwa Laguna 5000 spinning Reel valued at R998.00. Please note that all Shad (fresh and not frozen) must be weighed at either, The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street or Tackle Centre, Old Fort Road or The Fishing Tackle Shop, Warner Beach during trading hours. Please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm and that the season closes 30th September, re-opens 1st December 2017.

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