Ski Boat:

Sodwana Bay proceeds to be rather consistent with reports of Dorado, small Tuna and a few Snoek. The guys getting the Dorado have been trawling purple konas and flicking live baits where the guys fishing for tuna and snoek have been getting a few of them on spoons and dropshot.


Cape Vidal, there have been a few Tuna and Dorado boated on konas and live bait, there has also been unconfirmed reports of Sailfish chasing the konas but nothing carved in stone. The guys throwing small spoons have been lucky enough to entice a Snoek or two.


The Dagga, Geelbek and Garrick at Tugela mouth proceed to come out in spite of the weather. The Geelbek and Dagga have been quite big taking most live baits sent down, Shad has being the most popular bait for them. The Garrick are still coming out but not in abundance, also on shad baits.


Umdloti to Beachwood, this area proceeds to be rather quiet with very few reports of fish coming out apart from the odd Snoek and Geelbek, the best times seems to be the early mornings  for the Snoek and late afternoons into the evenings with live bait for the Bek.


Our local water has been one of the better spots the past while with reports of Dagga, Geelbek and Cracker boated. The Geelbek have been caught in quite shallow water where the Dagga and Cracker in water that is a bit deeper. Bottom fishing in general has been very productive the past few weeks compared to game fishing.


Umkomaas has been doing quite well the past week too with a few nice fish said to have been landed, mostly bottom fish but there has also been an abundance of small shad around.


Port Shepstone, the bottom fishing here proceeds to do rather well with reports of big fish coming out; there have been a few small Kingies, that’s keeping the guys busy on spoons and drop shot. It’s safe to say that the bottom fishing has been the more productive facet of fishing over the past week with many reports of decent fish being caught from the top right to the bottom of our coastline when the weather allowed it.


Rock n Surf:


A reminder that it’s the second instalment of The Kingfisher Biggest Shad Competition. The heaviest Shad for this month (September) will receive a Daiwa BG 5000 Reel filled with Daiwa 8 weave 30lb J Braid, valued at R3000.00 incl, the second heaviest Shad will receive a 13’6” Kingfisher Coastline 5pce (L, M & H tip) Graphite rod, valued at R1998.00incl, and third heaviest Shad will receive a Daiwa Laguna 5000 spinning Reel valued at R998.00. Please note that all Shad (fresh and not frozen) must be weighed at either, The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street or Tackle Centre, Old Fort Road or The Fishing Tackle Shop, Warner Beach during trading hours. Please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm and that the season closes 30th September, re-opens 1st December 2017.


Kosi Bay, unfortunately not too much has been happening apart from the handful of fish caught on spoon, plug and dropshot. There have also been some unconfirmed reports of sand sharks coming out here and there on mackerel baits.


In the Sodwana Bay area, there have been quite a few Bronze Bream landed on prawn baits, the trace being used is a simple three way trace with a 3 oz. sinker, 1/0 Mustad Chinu hook with a round orange float just above the hook.


Fishing proceeds to be rather productive at Cape Vidal with reports of Diamond rays, Snoek and a few small Kingies landed. The Snoek have been caught on bullet spoons and the Kingies have been on 3 inch drop shot. The Diamond rays on the other have been coming out on 90lb FMJ traces with Shad and Mackerel as baits.


Richards Bay area, the fishing has started to pick up as reports say Kingies have started to be caught in the evenings on live baits and diamond rays on shad heads, the odd sandy and Honeycomb has made its appearance but nothing big. There have been a few Garrick in the Tugela Mouth area throughout the day on live bait; the baits have caught using shad traces or Christmas tree traces. There have also been a few Garrick caught on jerk minnows in the afternoons, the odd Kob has also been landed on chokka baits and live baits around the mouth in the evenings.


Zinkwazi the fishing has been mediocre with only a few reports of fish coming out such as small Sand sharks and Grey sharks on the non edible side and a few Snapper salmon and small Stumpies on the edible side. The Sandies and Greys have been caught on mostly juicy baits but predominantly on Shad flaps, and the Kob and Stumpies have been coming out on chokka baits in the evenings.


The fishing off Ballito is still quite good with reports of Bronze Bream, Stumpies and Mussel Cracker caught off the rocks. Baits being used for these fish range from sealice and crabs to chokka and sardine, the Shad are still in the area causing chaos with most of the angler’s baits.


La Mercy, not a lot has been happening, there have been a few reports of big sharks in the area that have been stretching the guys fishing for Diamond Rays and Grey sharks. The spinning here has not been too bad with reports of shad in the mornings on s-bend spoons and a few very small Kob on paddle tails.


Fishing off Durban always seems to produce fish both edible and non edible. There have been a few pompano, stumpies, grunter and small muscle cracker coming out between the piers on sealice, muscles, cracker, pink prawn, chokka and sardine baits. There have been a spot of Brown Rays and small Diamond rays landed on the beach front on red eye cutlets baits and mackerel heads. There still is an abundance of Shad caught on spoons.


Warner Beach has been fishing quite well with a few species of fish coming out ranging from Bronze Bream and Stumpies to Grey sharks and Sandies. The edible fish have been coming out mostly in the rocky areas on prawn baits fishing for bronze bream and the in-edibles coming out have been coming out on mackerel baits, sardine baits and whole chokkas slid out.


Fishing in the Winklespruit area has been good as Garrick and Kob have been caught on live baits. Shad have also been quite abundant on spoons and sardine baits and there have been reports of a few Pompano also being in the area that the guys scratching have been picking up.


Scottborough, there have been a few Grey sharks and Blue rays landed in the evenings on softer baits such as sardine baits and fillet baits, most of the fish caught were taken on bite traces due to the Grey sharks being around, if sharks aren’t around when fishing for Blue rays one does not have to fish with wire.


Port Shepstone, fishing along this whole stretch has been quite good as reports continue to come in stating that edible fishing has been very productive as a few Mussel cracker and Bronze Bream have been landed off the rocks on crabs, mussels, red prawns and sealice, some of the guys spinning in the area have also had a bit of action with small Kingies taking their spoons and jerk minnows.


Port St Johns area, we have heard that the fishing proceeds to excel with many reports of edibles being caught now that the sharks have given the guys a bit of a break. Kob and Garrick have been caught on live baits in and around the mouth and mullet being one of the better choices of bait as the Garrick hunt around these areas mainly for the mullet entering and exiting the mouth throughout the day. There have also been big black tail around that the guys have been getting fishing along the rocks.




With all the wind the past week not too many anglers have been fishing the bay, but the few that have braved the conditions have landed some excellent catches of Grunter, Kob and Springer. The Kob and Grunter coming out have been on cracker, sardine and chokka baits. Traces used for Kob and Grunter are generally quite simple, a sliding trace is the most popular trace for harbour and estuary fishing as it can be used to target the majority of the species in these waters. The only things that would change on your trace when fishing for different species is the hook size, trace line thickness and sinker weight. The Springer that have been caught have been taking drop shot and small surface lures in the evening when the water is at its calmest. There have been a few sting rays coming out in the harbour on bigger baits sent down if you’re looking for a bit of fun.




Contrary to how the day started, the frontal system that arrived on Friday put a spanner into the weekend’s fishing.  The barometer fell through the floor, along with the temperature, and the howling winds wreaked havoc not along the coast, but also inland.  We are very sorry to hear about the angler fatality that occurred after a boat capsized in the high winds on Albert Falls Dam on Saturday afternoon.  Please ensure that you follow all safety rules and wear a PFD (personal flotation device) when boating on large bodies of water. On the lighter side, we received a report of an angler catching, and landing, a Serrated Hinged Terrapin (Pelusios sinuatus) while fishing for tilapia and carp on a local private Stillwater!


The Midlands received around 3mm of rain over the weekend, so here’s hoping that this kicks off the spring/summer rains as the rivers could use another 6-8 inches of water (and more in some places).  That being said, there are fish about, fish being taken on both nymph and dry fly. The long term forecast for The Midlands is looking great for the rest of the (working) week, but as to be expected for the weekend, there appears to be a dip late Friday through Saturday, with a light sprinkling of rain. Thanks Jan from The Fish Eagle for this report.


Carp fishing proceeds to excel in Inanda dam with both specimen and conventional side. Floaties and dough have been doing all the work with flavours such as banana, pineapple, tutti frutti and most sweet and fruity flavours. For the best mealie bomb, get yourself a meat mincer and prepare some whole maize by soaking them for 24hours then cooking them at a low heat until they swell and they are soft. Take the mealies and mincer to the water and when the time comes to put your mealie bomb on, take a handful or two and mince it up and you have the best mealie bomb you’ll ever use.


Bass fishing at Hazelmere has been consistently productive in terms of quantity of fish. There have been a few lunkers that have come out but not too many; most of the smaller bass coming out have been on curly tails, c-tails, u-tails and most small worm that have a lot of movement. The slightly better sized bass have been taking crank baits and surface lures. The bass fishing at Inanda has been a whole different story all together, fishing is still rather slow, the wind has been a bit of a problem here the past week making conditions something to challenge, so no reports of big bass off the banks only a few smaller bass. Early morning poppers and tiny crank baits around the water grass have gotten a few bites, not to mention small spinner baits have been getting their fair share of action in deeper water and Mepps spinners in the shallower water.

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2 thoughts on “FISHING REPORT 22ND SEPTEMBER 2017

  1. Kevin

    I live in ballito and haven’t seen hardly any fisherman for a few weeks. I haven’t seen any shad come out. Where are the spots where people have been catching in ballito? I always go to Blue Lagoon to fish as the fishing in ballito has been very bad…

    1. The Kingfisher Post author

      Hi Kevin, we get our information from local guys in the area. I believe that the area that was producing Shad was Chakas high rock. Ray Thompson from our retail store was fishing there and saw one very nice one of 2.2kgs come out. hope this helps

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