Ski Boat:


It’s that time of year again when the warm Mozambique current pushes closer to our shores assisted by the more prominent North Easterly winds. With this come the shoals of Dorado frequenting our KZN coastline. A fine table fish sought after by all ski-boaters. Dorado are best targeted along a colour line, around anchored boats or close to floating debris out deep using live bait, dead bait, small Kona’s, poppers and the very popular Rattler 150m lipped trolling lure in colours L25, L21 and L23.


Targeting this fish could require covering ground initially so a combination of Rattlers and small Kona’s would be suggested using monofilament or fluorocarbon leaders. This will attract more hook-ups from a variety of game fish but reducing your chances of boating a toothy wahoo.


Yellowfin tunny are present almost all year now. Shoals of bonito are arriving and sightings of our Natal snoek should improve especially along inshore colour lines created by recent rains.


Bottom fishing when the weather allows visits to the deep, continues to be fruitful with geelbek, kob, slinger, soliders, rock cod and cracker being landed.


We appeal to all anglers to stick strictly to bag limits, minimum sizes and closed seasons.


Rock n Surf:

Locally, conditions have kept most anglers at home as the seasonal wind and rain are spot on for this time of the year. However, some hardened anglers are seen along rocky ledges fishing for brusher. When targeting these fish your tackle should be stepped up a grade or two. These fish are found amongst rocky ledges and points and for this reason you should use heavy tackle.  If you fish with conventional tackle, our nylon should be around the 35lb range, the Kingfisher Giant Abrasion is very strong and a heavy action rod like the Poseidon Coastline, 3 piece, 13’6” Heavy is advised. Hooks should range from a 6/0 to a 8/0 Mustad Kendall Round and your trace line should be no less than 50lb.


Reels are also very important and should be in good condition. Machine reels, the Daiwa SL50SHK and the Daiwa Grandwave 50SHVK are ideal as they have the pulling power to get big specimens out and away from rocks. Baits can vary, as these fish are not fussy eaters. The main bait however is a live crab, but sealice, crayfish, whole mussels, chokka and even sardine heads work well. Don’t forget that the crayfish season closes on the 31st of October and permits will have to be renewed again next year when the season opens again. We will remind you closer to the time.


Kosi Bay has started to pick up slowly with a few more reports than previous weeks of decent fish landed by the guys spinning as well as the bait guys. There have been a few smaller game species caught on Anchovy type spoons, rigged with an assist hook covered by a skirt, this method will also work with your plugs. The guys fishing with live baits in the area have also been picked up by GT’s.


Sodwana Bay to Vidal, there have been bronze bream, stone bream and blacktail landed on prawn baits, we have also heard that here have also been a couple of kob caught on live bait and chokka baits. This area has also produced a few brown rays, as well as black fin and zamabezi sharks the 80kg region, these sharks have been picking up slide baits and small swim baits. Sliding or swimming small edible fish are usually most successful when targeting blackfin sharks but we have found that small sharks have worked better when targeting Zambezi sharks. Live grunter, kob and mullet are very good live baits to slide or swim for blackfin sharks and sliding a small edible fish is usually most successful as you can get them further out.


Cape Vidal to Richards Bay, the fishing is still productive with reports of diamond rays, snoek and a few kingies for the anglers fishing in that area. The snoek have been caught mainly on bullet spoons and the kingies on 3 inch drop shots as well as on live baits. Reports say big kingies are coming out in the evenings on the live baits and diamond rays on mackerel heads, good to hear that the odd sandy and honeycomb has made its appearance too.


There have been a couple of Garrick caught in the Tugela mouth area early in the day on live mullet, netted in the estuary. There have been a few bigger sharks swimming around the mouth where they have been spotted chasing fish; the odd Kob has also been caught on chokka baits and live baits around the mouth in the evenings.


Fishing in Zinkwazi is still mediocre with only a few reports of fish landed, small sand sharks and greys sharks in the evenings on the non edible side, (best baits seems to be sugar mackerel) and a few stumpies and pompano on the edible side.


Ballito, the fishing is still quite good in this area with reports of bronze bream and stumpies caught off the rocks, best baits for these fish are sealice and chokka. There have also been a few kob here and there caught on live baits and chokka blobs.


The fishing in our local waters has stated to pick up the past week for non edibles, a few brown and diamond rays and grey sharks coming out on the beachfront on most soft baits. The guys fishing for edible fish have been catching stumpies and grunter between the piers; sealice and cracker have been the preferred baits for both these species. There has also been a kob or two around the mouth by Blue Lagoon on sardine baits.


Warner Beach, the fishing here has been good with reports of decent fish being caught throughout the day and evening. The edible and inedible fish are being caught on bloody bait, white baits, pink prawns and chokka and being the most used baits for the bronze bream.

Winklespruit, fishing in this whole area has been doing very well as reports of garrick and kob have been coming in these fish mainly caught on live baits, maasbanker, mullet and  karanteen is the bait of choice. The anglers spinning for Kob and Garrick have not been as successful.


At Scottborough  point, there have been a few grey sharks and blue rays landed in the evenings on softer baits such as sardine baits and fillet baits off the point and red eye sardine cutlets has been doing most of the work on a small dingle dangle.


Port Shepstone, the edible fishing has been very good the past few weeks and the non edible fishing has started to pick up too. There have been reports of bronze bream and kob caught on prawn and chokka baits in the afternoon and in the mornings and the odd sandy and brown ray has started to come out off the deep water points.



The Durban Bay is still fishing well with different species of fish caught on bait as well as on artificial baits; there have also been some decent size springer around the Bat Centre on live bait in the evenings. The big grunter has been a bit scarce at most spots in the harbour except for Bat Centre where some nice size grunter has been caught on cracker. The guys that have been spinning have been getting kingies, torpedo scads, kob, sand gurnards, razor bellies, ox eye tarpon and the odd springer. Lures being used for these species are the Halco Twisty spoon which has been keeping the torpedo scads, kingies and razor bellies busy, small paddle tails and Strike Pro shallow divers have been keeping the rest busy. The fish caught at the moment are not very big apart from the springer, so heavy tackle is not necessary unless you are targeting the springer specifically. Fishing live bait at the moment wouldn’t be a bad idea as long as you keep the baits small. Reports in is that perch, springer and kob have been caught in the deeper water on small circle hooks.




Jan Korrubel from The Fish eagle reports that the recent wild weather has put a dent in the fishing of late, but those that have taken the gaps have been rewarded.  There are still some excellent bass being taken at Albert’s Falls Dam and last weekend’s Midmar Classic also provided some good fish.  Customers report that the Zoom, and the new Cullem range, plastics are well liked by the fish!


The Midlands has received some good rains over that last week, and this week’s storm brought some snow to the central and upper ‘Berg, which will give the dams and rivers a good push.  The brown trout are on the prod in the rivers, with a 50cm fish being reported recently. While stream fishing is mostly the domain of the dry fly, those anglers fishing sub-surface nymphs are producing the goods currently.  Some good fish also being reported from the stillwaters – your “go to” patterns currently are woolly buggers, dragonfly / damselfly nymphs, along with the usual suspects in the nymph range like Gold-ribbed Hare’s Ear and Pheasant-tails.


Bass – Fishing in Hazelmere has been excellent the past few weeks as many fish have been landed from float tubes/kick boats on the water. Dead ringer 4 and 6” worms have been getting most the bites throughout the day; the fish are not very big so light outfits would be most appropriate. Fishing from the bank has also been producing fish but not as many as out on the water. Some of the guys have been frogging and throwing swim baits hoping to entice a bass of size but with very little success as less than a handful of big bass have come out on these methods. Inanda has been mediocre the past few weeks with minimal reports of decent fish being caught, there have however been quite a few smaller bass coming out mostly from the bank. The Zoom junior flukes and top water lures have been doing a lot of the work enticing the fish early mornings, small frogs and senkos have also been getting some fish around the water grass in the camping area. A slow to medium retrieve and action has been most successful when fishing with these lures.


Carp – Fishing in Shongweni seems to be going nowhere slowly with very few reports coming in of carp being caught, there have however been a handful of carp playing their part by falling victim to tiger nuts now and then but apart from that it’s been rather quiet. Nagle Dam, the fishing has started to pick up the past week as reports of a few decent carp have come in. The stronger flavours such as Gumtree and Perdeby have been the flavours of choice as most of the reported fish have been caught on them. The feed is generally plain and oozing with protein and is also quite visible. All particles have been doing great as hook baits. Corn, tiger nuts, giant maize and chick peas have been favoured hook baits all year round for this dam. Critically balancing all these baits has been a crucial part of all the success.


The latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer (16) with Petri de Wet premieres Monday evenings at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144 and there are a number of repeats during the week. The repeats are on Tuesday at 10:00, Thursday at 16:30, Friday at 00.30 and Saturday at 13:00. Series 16 runs for three months, ending on the 25th December 2017. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various angling styles (fresh and salt water) in and around Southern Africa.


Don’t forget to check out our new Kingfisher fishing channel on YouTube, with great product reviews, tutorials and new episodes of fishing being uploaded all the time. One of this week’s clips is Ray Thompson and young Ryan o’ Connor fishing for bronze bream on the KZN South Coast, well worth watching.

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