After an extremely windy August and September, anglers expected to see far better weather with less windy weekends; however, Mother Nature seemed to take control and dished out some terrible weather for anglers along the coast.


Ski Boat:

Sodwana Bay, the fishing has started to pick up again with reports of dorado landed on poppers as well as Konas. There have also been a handful of snoek on small bullets spoons and plastics being trawled quite shallow.


Cape Vidal, there have been a few bigger tuna coming out in the deeper water on live bait as well as on the  bigger Halco Max raps. The odd dorado have also been boated on konas and poppers, fished around floating debris. Dagga and geelbek are still landed in the evenings on live bait and whole sardines. 8/0 to 10/0 circle hooks are the preferred sizes of hook for these fish as they have very big mouths.


Umdloti has been very quiet the past week, there have only been a few snoek and small dagga caught. The snoek in the early mornings on Kingfisher Bonnie spoons and the dagga on the other hand have been coming out on live bait.


Moving to our local water, there have been a few small tuna, snoek and sailfish boated as well as a few dagga and geelbek. The geelbek have been caught quite close on live baits, whole sardine and mackerel. The dagga and sailfish have been a bit deeper on live bait and konas. There have been a few kingfish, just outside the harbour mouth on spoons, drop shot and live bait. The small tuna have been off the bait marks on live baits where the snoek have been coming out on bullet spoons.


Umkomaas has been doing rather well the past week as reports have come in of decent game fish being caught either spinning or trawling live bait, the guys fishing bottoms have also been doing very well.


Port St Johns, the bottom fishing is still on fire as many fish have been boated, especially in the deeper water. Whole mackerel, whole sardines and live bait have been the baits of choice for most of the fish.


Rock n Surf:

Kosi Bay area has been very quiet, not a whole lot has been happening for both spinning and bait guys. A few reef species have been coming out from the bait guys and a few small GT’s in the lake caught on stick baits and small plugs.


The guys spinning in and around Sodwana Bay have not been too successful either as only a few small kingies and queen fish has been caught on small drop shots and small plugs. There have been a few non edibles landed on mackerel baits. There have also been a few small stumpies caught on sealice and chokka baits.


Cape Vidal, the fishing here has been quite good with a few reports of diamond rays and small 3 spot pompano caught. The diamond rays are coming out on mackerel baits and the pompano have been on very small well-presented chokka baits.


Fishing has started to pick up in the Richards Bay area this past week with more and more reports coming in. The fish that have been landed have been diamond rays and kingies, the kingies have been caught on live bait and the diamond rays have been on shad fillets and heads.


Tugela Mouth, there have been a few garrick in the area throughout the day on live bait. There have also been a few of the garrick on jerk minnows in the afternoons; the odd kob has also been caught on chokka baits just north of the mouth in the evenings.


Zinkwazi has been quiet with only a few reports of grey sharks, big shad and the odd small sandy. The grey sharks are taking small live mullet and local sardine baits and sugar mackerel. The sand sharks on the other have been coming out on mullet baits as well as flapped shad.


There have been a few fish being landed in the on the Ballito area on the edible side of bait fishing such as stumpies and bronze bream. The stumpies have been caught on sealice baits on the Mustad Soi 2/0 hook; the bronze bream on the other hand have been on prawn baits on the Mustad Chinu size 1 hook.


La Mercy, the fishing around here has been very quiet the past week with almost no reports coming in on the fishing. A handful of shad is about the only thing happening around there.


There has been a few small pompano, lots of undersized shad and the odd grunter coming out between the piers in and around Durban area. The pompano have been on small sealice and small chokka baits. The shad have been coming out on spoons and sardine baits where the grunter have been more attracted to cracker and chokka baits, but please remember that the shad season is closed now, so all shad caught must be released alive back into the sea.


Warner Beach has been fishing very well with a few grey sharks, bronze bream and blue rays landed. The grey sharks and blue rays have predominantly shown in the evenings on most bloody baits. The bronze bream have been taking prawn baits; there have been a few diamond rays and brown rays starting to come out too.

Winklespruit, the fishing has started to slow down as the garrick are not in abundance anymore and also because shad season is closed and the guys are not using shad as bait any more, the garrick have however been taking mullet as the alternative live bait.


Scottborough, when the water has been cold there have been a few blue rays around, this is also one of the better places to target the flat fish at the moment, as there have been reports of a few browns and sandies starting to come out.


Port Shepstone, the fishing has been very good the past week with a few reports of brusher coming out on ghost crabs and bronze bream on prawn baits. The block has also produced a few small kob in the evenings on small live baits and chokka baits and the non edible fish have also started to come out in the evenings.


Durban Harbour:

Fishing in the Durban bay has been very good; there have been loads of fish on bait as well as spinning tackle, with a number of species coming out on the Yacht Moll Pier and Bat Centre Pier. The guys spinning have been having great success with torpedo scads, kob and sand gurnards have been caught on spoons, sprat sticks and drop shot lures. The Halco Twisty spoon is one of the better spoons when it gets to harbour spinning as torpedo scads and kingies can’t leave it alone. The kob have been landed on olive/pearl and white paddle tails up to 4″ and also white jerk minnows.



Bass fishing in Hazelmere Dam continues to be excellent with reports and pictures of nice bass being caught, and we have heard that smaller lures have been working very well for these fish. Junior flukes, Lizards, C Tails and top water lures have been the lures of choice for this dam. The past week and the darker colours have been more effective than the lighter colours and slower movement with the lures have been getting the most bites. There have also been some bigger bass around which have been taking frogs and small swim baits.


Shongweni Dam, the bass fishing here has been surprisingly good with numerous reports of bass being caught in the early mornings and late afternoons. Black junior flukes and Strike Pro Gobi Poppers have been doing very well enticing most of the fish caught. Natural colour senkos were used to dropshot for the bass along the margins. There were a few big bass that came out on trick worms near the floor by the dam wall, and a Carolina rig with a 1oz egg weight was the trace of choice.


There have been a few carp coming out in Shongweni dam, mostly on specimen traces and tiger nuts, and small baits have proven to be most successful for all the carp coming out so far. Single jumbo tiger nuts or 2 regular tiger nuts either fished as a ground bait or balanced are the baits being used, and the margins have once again been the spot to drop your baits. The fishing in Inanda has been good for quite a while as fish are produced every trip to this dam, both specimen and conventional styles of carp fish have been producing the fish.  The conventional guys have been using floaties, mealies and dough as hook baits and plain mielie bomb as feed. Flavours such as honey, honey glow, passion fruit and banana have been doing really well and we have been informed that a long distance casts have also produced more fish than close casts.


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