The summer fish are here!!!!


Rock and surf




This, once again, has been the section of the coast to be fishing if you can afford the petrol and security guard necessary to fish most spots along the north coast.


Heavy tackle is the order of the day on the north coast. This is apparent when you attempt to beach a decent flat fish on a section of beach with a lip and all you have is a limp noodle of a rod more suited to depositing a well-crafted mielie bomb across a distant horizon in your hand.


Sliding or throwing your bait works well but make sure your backing is ample and your knots are top notch. See out latest species video to learn more about one of the easier target species, the diamond ray.




The Durban coastline along with its northern section has fired this past week. Anglers have reported very good catches of the much anticipated summer inedibles. The north bank of the Umgeni mouth has been a hotspot and anglers have walked away with sore backs and bruised egoes after doing battle with some of the bigger flatties. Closer to the cbd, the section of beach from the north pier of the harbour to in line with Addington hospital has been working well. Once again, diamond and sandies have made up the bulk with a few blue skates and grey sharks thrown in to the mix.




The lower south coast has still produced a fair batch of edible fish with bronze bream making up the bulk of the catches. If you are yet to try the ultralight fishing for these fish, time is almost up.


The inedible fish have also made an appearance along the upper south coast with species such as diamond rays, sandies and brown skates accounting for most of the catches, but a few anglers have managed a hammerhead or honeycomb.


Our very own reel guru, Michael Rodgers showed us how it is done by putting the new 14’6″ azure grinder rod to the test on a feisty sandy.


Tight lines


Off Shore


The summer fish have definitely shown up to the party and most of the anglers who put the time in this past weekend had success. With the sea being fairly treacherous, not many reports have found there way in.




Dorado and tuna are the targets of choice along the northern kzn coastline. Anglers have been both trolling lipped and skirted lures for these fish as well as slow-drifting with live baits. Both methods are extremely successful.


Anglers have had mixed success with bottom fishing on the major reefs and bait marks. The bite has definitely started to slow down and this generally marks the start of the gamefish season.




The anglers fishing around the boats have seen the largest numbers of the dorado. These fish have fallen victim to live baits pitched to them on single J or circle hooks.


Alternatively, if you are wanting to specifically target the Dorado, you can use any of the following methods. You can pitch live baits or lures at any structure you find floating in the sea; you can troll skirted or lipped lures around searching for the fish but with particular focus on areas of change or transition; or you can use the old faithful technique of slowly drifting over reefs with live and dead baits rigged at different depths.

All of these methods have produced Dorado in the past and remember, Dorado love pink.




Bait has been wild on the south section of the coast. Anchovy shoals have been popping up along the entire length of the coast and have been harassed by many of the smaller gamefish species such as snoek and bonnies. The commercial bait guys have reported very good hauls of red eye sardines which is a much awaited bait for this time of year. These baitfish have a lot of shine and a lot of scent which makes them deadly bait for any predatory fish. If you do want to rig them live, handle them as little as possible and preferably use a treble hook.


Rays tip:


Using one of the many additives from the carp world (mainly aniseed and banana) help to make your bait box a lot more wife-friendly. Simply putting a few drops of on of these scents on your bait box before making your bait will improve its smell in the water and will attract fish to your bait much quicker.



Bait fishing as well as spinning have both been rather successful the past week as many of the smaller gamefish have been landed on artificial baits and many edible fish on bait. Cracker, chokka strips amd sardine head or belly have been the baits of choice for most of the eidble fish in the harbour. Live mullet have also been working very well for the kob in the evenings in the deeper water. The 4/0 to 6/0 fine demon circle hooks from Mustad are the perfect hooks for love bait fishing as they are very thin, light and very strong making them the ideal hook to use of you are trying to keep your live bait alive for as long as possible but still get a perfect hook up every time. To get your live bait to the floor you will have to use a sliding sinker above your trace. The weight of the sinker will vary depending on the depth and current.


Hazelmere – large amounts of small bass are still coming out throughout the day mostly towards the banks from the water. A lot of the guys have been throwing bigger lures trying to evade the smaller fish but with little success. The small bass are still picking up the bigger baits just not as often the smaller baits. Grubs have been thrown into the equation as one of the better lures at the moment getting quite a few bites. A grub fished on a jig head has been the most successful method of using the lure as you can fish all the water columns.

Nagle – not too many reports back from Nagle but the few that did come in were very similar in saying that Zoom horny toads, senkos, topwater and crank baits have been getting a few fish. A slow retrieve has been doing better in getting bites from the bigger bass who are a bit lazy at the moment. Small swim baits have also been doing very well catching bass around 2kg to 3.8kg. Crank baits and senkos around drop offs have been enticing quite a few bass sitting just off the drop off.

With the seasons changing and the temperature rising, the fishing has begun to really take off. Lots of Carp in the 2kg-6kg range have been coming out in the shallower waters on conventional tackle at Albert Falls. Specimen Anglers have also had good success with flavours such as FX, Juana, Almond and Bunspice. Sweet and Fruity flavours seem to be working really well for any method, including margin fishing. Specimen anglers have targeted larger fish in the deeper waters with larger baits, specifically larger boilies. These larger fish have been coming out but can often be days apart. Inanda Dam is picking up nicely with a few fish in the 8kg range being caught within 80m from the shoreline. In Shongweni – Fishing has been very good the past few weeks with numerous reports of big carp being landed in the camping area, day visiting area as well as the fish camp. Bait being used for them are tiger nuts and kaboem mealies fished on a standard hair rig and a 3-6oz lead. Sweeter flavours have been doing much better than the stronger flavours for the carp as the barbel have started to pick up most of the stronger and fishy flavours. The margins have been producing the carp as usual as carp usually swim along the margins looking for a free meal that may have fallen into the water from the trees and reeds above.

On the trout side of things this time of year patterns such as the Dave’s Hopper and foam winged Hoppers have been used with great success, which have been fished on floating lines stripped slowly along the surface and mistaken for food by a number of the larger fish. This pattern is extremely effective over grass and weed beds which are submerged by rising waters or sunken by sheer weight. The fish sit in the pockets and wait for the food to come to them, which is why anglers should target the holes in the grass slowly and allows the fish to come up and take the fly.


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