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North The north section of KwaZulu-Natal has continued to produce the better pelagic game fish. The Richard’s Bay guys have been having a great season with some fantastic catches of big tuna and the odd marlin. The tuna have been falling for the smaller Kona-type lures trolled at high speed and have been showing a particular interest to the purple coloured versions. For the guys wanting to give this type of fishing a go, please pop in to one of our stores and grab one of our starter Kona kits. They are a high-quality set of Konas in a foldable bag that make an excellent present for yourself or a fellow Ski Boater.


The Bottom fishing along the Zinkwazi stretch has been good with a wide variety of fish being landed. The catches have included rockcod, a variety of reds and geelbek. We have a limited stock of chokka being sold at R139 per kilo, so get some for your bottom fishing before stocks run out.


CentralDorado have been coming out off Durban and the reports have been flying in with most anglers targeting them coming home with their full quota. These are fast growing fish and are able to withstand increased fishing pressure (as opposed to the bottom fish which are the exact opposite). So if there is a choice on the day, rather choose the pelagics. Tuna have also made their presence felt along the entire Durban coast. Targeting them is best done around any of the bait spots or around a pod of dolphins. Drifting a live mozzie under a balloon while you are catching bait is a deadly method to snare a gas bottle. The explosion of a tuna hitting a popper is also a sight not soon forgotten, so give it a try next time you see a pod of hunting dolphins.


SouthAliwal Shoal has been producing some very nice fish for most of the guys making the trip. Reports have included big wahoo (with countless bust ups) and tuna. The sharks are still a problem so make sure you have strong enough tackle to horse these fish in. Both the tuna and wahoo having been falling for plastics being trolled. These included the 140dd Halco lazer pros (R15 being the colour of choice) and then smaller Kona-type lures. Umkomaas has also seen a lot of tuna and guys have been having great success with poppers and live bait around any dolphin pods.


Ray’s tip: Make sure your dead baits swim straight and don’t spin. This means trolling them at a slow enough speed for one and secondly using a form of bait swimmer to prevent spin. A bait swimmer can be anything from the commercially available Mydo heads to the cheap bottle sinkers which can be slid over the lead hook. The benefit of putting a small bottle sinker on to the lead hook is that it rocks from side to side and gives the dead bait a deadly (pun intended) fish-attracting action. Always check your baits by pulling them alongside your vessel to see if they swim straight.



Rock and surf:


The Rock and Surf  scene has picked up and will continue to do so as we get deeper in to summer. The dirty water is still around and the inedibles seem to be loving it. Reports have been coming in from along the entire coast with everything from pompano to grey sharks. Have a look at the new Saltist grinder rods in action

( as well as the new Saltiga HA reels (


NorthThe summer fish are in full swing on the north coast. The same places (Hlobane and the Mtunzini wading banks) are still producing the goods (see for a look at some action from the past). Anglers have been sending in reports of good hauls of your general summer species with a few prize catches in between. The guys have been getting sandies on the smaller mackerel baits while the diamonds, zambies and honeycomb rays have been favouring the larger bonnie-based baits (or sarda if you are lucky enough to have some in your box). Remember this is the area of large fish, so do not skimp on tackle. Make sure to test all your knots. One of the best pieces of advice regarding the testing of knots is, “rather break a knot in your hands than on a fish”. If you are struggling with any of the knots, be it braid to braided leader or simply attaching a swivel with a figure of 8, please do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly sales people to show you how and what tricks there are to tying the knot.


On Sunday the 26th November, Rakesh Gunpath caught a lonely pompano of 12kgs at Tinley Manor, Rakesh caught this fish using his Daiwa SL30 reel and a mussel as bait, see picture.



CentralThe Umhlanga Lighthouse has been the hotspot in the past week. Most of our better reports along the central coastline have come from this spot. Also, the Seabelle and uMdloti area have been producing the summer flatfish. Most of these areas are well lit and safe to fish at night with your family, so if you have someone new to fishing or who wants to target the inedible fish, take them along for a chance at a sandy or grey shark.


The beachfront is still plagued with small shad. However, anglers using bigger baits have managed a few decent fish as the peckers have not managed to strip the bait off the hook before a bigger fish can come along. One of the better baits to use in this kind of situation would be mullet. It is a hardy bait that puts out a lot of smell once skinned and is favoured by most inedible and larger edible species.


SouthThe southern KZN coast has been producing some very nice kob and other edibles. A few late season garrick have come out amongst the bigger shad which have been favouring any live bait which has been put out. The kob have been coming out on paddletails (the bigger the better). As mentioned before, these are a very good way of finding where the kob are feeding. You can walk a piece of coast and find kob quickly by having a cast with a paddle tail at any likely-looking water. Once you have caught one or had a knock or two, you can stop and fish in the spot.


Some late season garrick are still coming out in the Toti area along with some of the other edibles (stumpies, pompano and bronze bream). The bronze bream are still full up and are continuing to feed. This has been a good season for them! Remember to stick to your bag limit and release the fish you are not keeping


(see for some information on the species).



With school holidays coming up, an excellent way to entertain the kids would be to take a drive down to the Wilson’s Wharf area with a light 6 or 7ft rod, a 2000 size reel, light braid or nylon and throw small artificial for these game fish. Pulling a White Paddle Tail along the floor can yield good results for the last of the Kob in the area as well as the bartail flatheads who become very aggressive when one of these lures is pulled past. A Strike Pro Arc Minnow pulled through the water slightly faster will attract the bigger game fish such as the kingfish and pickhandle barracuda, these fish are fun as they are incredibly strong and like to run. Surface action lures such as poppers are brilliant fun in the early mornings as you and the kids can watch the fish come out the water and attack the lure, which is always great to experience.



Carp – Albert Falls, there have been a few smaller carp coming out at Albert’s the past week on conventional traces and methods. Plain and sweet baits are being used predominantly; the feed is mostly plain with an occasional stripe of flavour. Small soft baits such as floaties, dough and earth worms have been getting all the bites. Honey and Quarto are two of the dips that have really been standing out the past while at most of our local dams in KZN. Remember to hook your baits into your mealie bombs before casting to minimize the chance of your bait falling off mid cast and also so that your dip doesn’t come off. Shongweni Dam proceeds to be rather consistent with producing fish weekly. Particles has always been the winning bait and feed at Shongweni as the barbell doesn’t seem to leave boilies alone. Feed being used consists of tiger nuts, hemp seeds, kaboem mealies, whole kernel mealies and chick peas. There are hundreds of variations of feed that can be used that will equally as effective as the next one, it just boiles down to preference. Plain and sweet corn flavoured tiger nuts have been getting most of the carp at

Shongweni the past while. Dropping baits have been getting more fish than casting baits due to the baits being dropped being around the margins and structure.

Bass – This is a great time of year for the bass. They are feeding with extra vigour and aggressively attacking most of the bigger baits or topwaters. Inanda Dam has been one of the more consistent dams in KZN with continuous reports throughout the year. The past week has not held the best of weather but that hasn’t stopped many of the anglers from trying. Those who did brave the weather were rewarded quite nicely with decent specimens of bass from the bank as well as the boat. The guys fishing the shallower water have been getting most of their success on weightless flukes and dropshotting lucky john worms. The colours of flukes being used are darker colours such as California 420 and black, where the worms being dropshotted are June bug pumpkin seed. 7″/8″ Senkos and magnum lizards fished deep have been getting the higher quality bass the past week.

Albert Falls has been producing a few quality bass of which most were taken in open water on jigs with a trailer attached. Football jigs have been doing most of the dirty work by enticing the bass in the deeper water. The trailers being used on the jigs range from chunks and craws to twin tails. Colours of the trailers being used are very similar to the colour of the jig, but are being dipped in garlic chartreuse spike it for some contrast and flavour. Early morning top water has also sparked some action in the shallower water. Most of the bass coming out on top water in the shallower water are rather small in comparison to the bass being caught on jigs.

Bluegill – The bluegill have started to come on the bite properly. For the bait guys, flying ants have been the best bait. For the artificial guys, the best bet is small black flies (DDD or black GRHE) or jigheds with small grubs for the conventional anglers. The main action has been coming out in Midmar dam. These are great fun on ultra-lite tackle or fly. They are aggressive little predators that take lures and bait with a lot of gusto. These are also brilliant fish for the lighties and “tag-alongs” to target while you sit and wait patiently for a carp to pick up your bait. Although they are generally quite small, they are normally abundant in most of the dams around KZN and they can keep one busy for an entire day (they also make very good live bait for bass and barbel).



The summer cycle is in full swing in The Midlands – blisteringly hot one minute and cooler with rain the next, making for steamy conditions as the heat returns after the precipitation.  The rivers and dams are looking better, from last week’s wintery cold spell, the rain only discolouring the waters briefly.  Good flows and cooler waters make for happier trout, some good fish being reported in the past week.  On the stillwater front, your larger patterns like minnows, dragonfly nymphs and buggers have been producing, while on the rivers, a mix of dry fly and nymphs are doing the damage.


With the arrival of the summer rains, the bass appear to have gone a tad quiet, while the carp and yellows are on the move. There has been a lot of interest in our Supercast range of carp feed and baits, and for the yellow, small spinners and jerk baits, as well as fly, have been in demand

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