The fishing has been spectacular over the last week in both the rock and surf as well as the offshore scene.

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As a side line note, the B Nationals and the development nationals are currently under way. Kingfisher’s own Ray Thompson is leading the B Nationals after day 2 and we wish him continued luck for the rest of the competition.




The offshore scene has been doing very well for the last week. Reports from along the coast have included some gigantic tuna up north, some good dorado centrally and some wahoo and couta down south.


North – GIANT TUNA! The north has been producing some amazing tuna action in the last week. These fish have ranged from 50 odd kilograms up to a staggering 84kgs! Well done to all the anglers involved. These fish are around and are definitely worth targeting. Maphelane has been the spot for the bigger tuna, so if you are wanting to catch one of these denizens without travelling all the way to Cape Town, this is definitely the place to go.


Central – The central part of KZN has seen some fairly good fishing in the window periods of good weather. Reports have come in of decent couta and tuna coming out with the odd dorado and sailfish falling for a fast trolled lure. The couta have all fallen for live bait with mackerel outshining the rest by a long shot. For the most successful traces, use some no. 6 American fishing wire all the way through with a single hook through the nose of the livey with two trebles down the side. Add a small green glow bead in front of the live bait and you have a sure-fire way of attracting the nearest couta to your bait. For the Kona gang, the darker colours are still being selected for by the billfish. Red and black has been the winner and would be my colour of choice if I was heading offshore. Remember to add some wire if you suspect some wahoo in the area.


South – Wahoo, tuna and lots of bait! This has been the story for the last few weeks. The bait has been in big pockets off the South Coast for the entire week, these have been mainly shoals of mackerel and mozzies with the occasional redeye pod. Make sure you stock up on bait jigs before our stock take so that you can keep your bait freezer looking good. The wahoo and dorado having been enjoying a fast trolled skirted lure such as a Kona. These along with a lively bonnie have been working extremely well. The sailfish that were feeding well of Durban a few weeks ago have moved further south and there should be a few near Aliwal Shoal.


Rock and Surf:


Ray’s tip, tackle checks, this is as important as getting your hands on fresh bait.  Having the incorrect tackle or tackle that is not regularly serviced can quickly turn and exciting fishing day in to a nightmare. Taking care of your tackle is as simple as washing your rods and reels off with freshwater when you get home, letting them dry, loosening your reel’s drag and cutting up any used traces. Look after your tackle and your tackle will look after you.


North – Inedibles have been full up on the north coast of KZN. We have just seen one of the most hectic weekends fishing in a long time. The wading banks and Port Durnford saw hundreds of anglers fishing and most times you had to use both your hands and feet to count the number of anglers fighting a fish at the same time. When you are lucky enough to be in one of these “smashes” the type of bait is not the greatest concern, but fresh bait will guarantee you get the pull first. Any of your big fleshy baits will work with bonito and Sarda spp. proving to call the diamonds in a lot quicker. The good old mackerel head on a big circle hook (9/0 Mustad Tuna circle) will see you going tight very quickly. Dean Reddy one of the Kingfisher ambassadors landed 20 diamonds, (averaging 40 – 60kg’s) in eight hours on Saturday evening/night. Dean was using his Daiwa Saltist Elite Grinder 14’6” rod, his Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight reel, that’s great fishing, I sure that he slept very well on Sunday.


Central – The beachfront saw a similar smash of fish this weekend but the species and number of fish was very different. The anglers fishing the basin got stuck in to some lovely sandies with some pushing the 70kg mark. With the cold water that pushed in there was a special species that was caught by quite a few guys, the thorntail ray. These are big strong fish that can grow to well over 100kg. The catches on the weekend ranged from 30kg all the way to over 100kg. Well done to all the anglers that got the big boys out, these are commendable catches.


South – The south region has been producing some beautiful bronze bream even though it is very late in the season. These fish have been favouring a pink prawn’s bait larger than normal. Make sure you put at least two prawns on as a bait. This makes a nice bulky bait that the fish seem to just suck in. The shad have decreased in number over the last week but are still around in the early mornings. On the inedible side, the flatties and sharks have been feeding well near the river mouths. These catches have been dominated by the same suspects as the north (diamonds, giant sandies and grey sharks). Mackerel and redeye sardine have been the stand out baits along the southern part of the coast.




Carp – Fishing at Albert Falls proceeds to be very productive around the whole dam with many reports steaming in daily. Some of the areas that are deeper have the guys casting a maximum of 50m and are landing a lot of carp. Mielies and floaties have been the baits of choice fished a variety of traces namely the Rietvlei traces and baby shoes traces. Feed being used is the Supercast SVB plain feed. The guys dropping their baits a bit further with a bait boat or canoe have been some better quality fish on bigger baits such as giant maize and tiger nuts, it’s reported that carp up to 8kg have been coming in the evenings. Distances up to 400m are being fished in search of any type of structure or drop off. Particles in general have been the way to go for most of these fish. Nagle Dam, the fishing has started to pick up the past week as reports of a few decent carp have come in. The sweeter flavours such as Sweet corn and Pineapple have been the flavours of choice as most of the reported fish have been caught on them; this feed is generally high protein or plain. All particles have been doing great as hook baits. Corn, Tiger nuts, Giant maize and chick peas have been favoured hook baits. Critically balancing all these baits has been a crucial part of all the success. Some of the bigger carp have also been coming out on Supercasts 20mm boilies.


Bass – Fishing in Shongweni Dam has started to pick up the past week. Surface lures early mornings have been getting a few bites when the weather has allowed it. Black and June bug baby flukes have also been getting quite a few bites towards the middle of the day. Small spinner baits with grub trailers have been doing very well off the bank throughout the whole day. Hazlemere Dam has been producing many smaller fish in the shallower water along the banks. C-tails in Chartreuse have been doing quite a bit of damage. Small spinner baits have also been doing very well in luring the bigger bass to feed. The Strike Pro spinner baits have been doing an excellent job the past few weeks in producing some decent fish in these difficult conditions to fish in.


The rains keep coming, and the rivers are PUMPING – The Midlands is still quiet… The rain continues to put a spanner in the fishing up in The Midlands – soon to be renamed The Mudlands! – But we’ll take it…happy to see the rivers flowing with gusto and the dams filling up nicely.  While we were hoping that Midmar might have topped last week, expectations are now for this week as the dam is sitting at 96% and there is still some good rain forecast for the coming week.  Spring Grove, now at 88%, is rising steadily and the ailing Albert Falls Dam is slowing picking up, now sitting at just over 23%.


With last week’s rainfall lower than expected, there were some fly anglers that gave in to the cabin fever and headed out to the river.  They found the Mooi still somewhat fast and dirty, but you not going to catch simply by standing around and looking, so an attempt was made…the fish were there, resulting in a good fish of 17” for one of the party taken on a weighted nymph pattern. Another fly angler targeting bass on a Midlands Stillwater reported having a field day on the weekend fishing red and orange woolly buggers. Once the rains slow down, the rivers and dams will clear after this late summer flush, we anticipate some fantastic autumn fishing. Thanks Jan Korrubel from The Fish Eagle for this info.


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