The unsettled conditions over the last week or so have meant the fishing has not been what it could have been. On the positive side of it all, the dams are starting to fill very nicely and the flooded shorelines have made for exciting fishing for the small bass and various tilapia species. This is a brilliant way to keep the kids entertained and doesn’t require any fancy equipment to undertake.

Trout, last week it was incorrectly mentioned that the TOPS corporate challenge took place recently. This was a mistake and a result of misreading a Facebook post. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this mistake and thank you to the dedicated readers for pointing out the error. The TOPS corporate challenge is still taking place later in the year and we wish all the competitors best of luck.

The rivers in the berg are flowing extremely strongly which makes for some difficult fishing. Ideally one needs to fish less bulky flies with more weight to get down to where the fish are. This is the perfect place for tungsten beads! The Stillwater’s are producing very good fish lately and most of the fish have been falling for bigger flies fished fairly briskly.

As mentioned in the introduction, the flooded margins of most of the dams are filled with small bass. These fish move in to the shallow vegetation to hunt the small fish that take refuge in this new habitat and to eat any terrestrial insects that have been trapped in the grass. Fishing for these fish can be lots of fun and is best done with small poppers and weightless soft plastics. Pairing two small flukes on a DJ rig and fishing them in between the submerged grass can result in some surprisingly big fish. You will be amazed to see how shallow a 2kg bass can go. This kind of fishing can also keep kids entertained while you fish “more seriously”. It is also safer in the shallows for them as you can keep them in sight and don’t have to worry about them bush-whacking to get to the fish.

Carp fishing over the last week has not been fireworks… Very few reports have come in to the shop and there have not been many people coming in to stock up on baits. When the fishing gets tough, fish harder. This is particularly true when the conditions are not settled, as they have been lately. This means that if you are planning a trip to hunt some trophy fish, make sure you have enough variation in your tackle box. Variation in the forms of different traces and a variety of baits. For the baits do not be afraid to try natural baits in the forms of insects and worms.

The Durban Harbour has been producing some giant grunter over the last few weeks. All of these fish have come out on cracker prawns and ginger shrimps. The lure guys have also been having a good deal of success with the perch, kingies and torpedo scads. There have been some good fish landed and some even bigger fish lost. Most successful lures are hands down paddle tails. Colour does not seem to be much of an issue but the smaller you can go the better. Look for lures in the 2-3inch range, at a push you can get away with a 4inch. These soft plastics fished on a 1/4 – 3/4oz (depending on size) will be just the ticket to get you the bite.

The big news for the week has to be the upcoming Durban Ski Boat Club Festival! That is taking place on the weekend 28th – 29th April. With over R1.5 million worth of prizes to be won, you cannot afford not to enter. Early bird registration has unfortunately closed however it will still cost only R700 per angler to enter. If you require any more info please check out www.durbanskibaotclub.co.za.  In other news, the couta have been keeping the offshore guys very happy and there have been some respectable specimens coming out for all the facets. The snoek have also been more forgiving than normal and have been feeding more prolifically than normal. Tight lines and screaming reels.

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