So May has come and gone and the first proper winter month is upon us. With June just around the corner, the excitement of the annual sardine run is starting to build. Let’s hope we have one this year…We have just unpacked our new range of rods. These are the Poseidon Eclipse series of Kingfisher rods and have been brought out as a cost-effective series of rods. The range includes two three-piece surf rods, three three-piece surf spinning rods, a bass baitcaster rod, an estuary spinning rod and a few boat rods all at unbelievable prices. If you are looking for a new rod, come and have a gander at the Eclipse range at any of our branches. As always, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all our new video releases and to brush up on your species knowledge, tactics and tips/tricks


Ray’s tip: Spin to win! It’s almost time for the sardines to make their appearance on the KZN coast and bring with them a host of gamefish and sharks. This is also the time of garrick and shad in abundance. This is a brilliant time to spin. Throwing s-bend style spoons is the way to go for the shad. The gold Falcon slim blinker is the out-right winner for shad. Retrieve it slow and feel the vibrations it puts out. For the garrick, you really want to throw a top water plug. The Chaos plugs offer the best commotion and casting distance. Use the needle nose when conditions are calm and the chisel nose when you need to create more surface noise if the sea is up. You ideally want two rods for spinning. The light rod for smaller dropshot minnows and shad, this is normally under 10’ in length and throws up to 2oz max. Then the heavy setup for targeting the garrick and kingfish. This rod is generally over 10’ 6” in length and throws around 45-130g. There are a multitude of options for both rods so pop in and see which one fits your style and pocket.

Ski boat: The ski boat scene has been blowing hot and cold over the last week. There have been some very good tuna hooked and some landed. The snoek have also made their presence known.

North –The North Coast has seen the best of the fishing for the recreational anglers. There have been couta, tuna and snoek being landed on a regular basis and all the facets (Jet Ski, ski boat and kayak) have been sharing the catches. There have been some very good fish landed in the last week. Of particular mention is the 30kg tuna landed by young Kayla Werrett. Well done Kayla, this is a fish most of us can only dream of catching! There have been some snoek around and the paddle ski guys have been having a blast with these backline beauties. Kingfisher regular Quade Kincade landed a trio on a quick paddle up north.

Central – The central zone has seen its fair share of tuna over the last week. Most of these fish have fallen for the very effective popper method. For those who have not tried this yet, it involves throwing a popper close to or amongst a pod of dolphins. The tuna hang around with the dolphins so 9 times out of 10 you will get a strike if you can get close enough without scaring the dolphins.

A reminder that the Umhlanga Ski Boat Competition is on the 16th and 17th June and the excitement is beginning to build. This is another competition that sees Ski Boats, Jet Skis and Paddle Skis pitted against each other. Visit to enter and see the amazing prizes they have in store.

South – The southern zone of the KZN coast has seen some giant wahoo hooked on Aliwal. Lots of these fish have either bitten through the wire or just broken the lighter tackle. So make sure that if you are going after these fish that your tackle is suited to the job. Pop in to the shop and have a chat with one of our offshore staff if you are uncertain. The recently held SADSAA Gamefish Nationals took place at Shelly Beach. There were some very good fish caught and a great competition was had by all. A highlight of the competition was the new All Africa record for Amberjack on 10kg line being broken twice in the same competition. Day 4 saw Andre Opperman landing the new record fish of 28.9kg! Well done sir, this is a fantastic achievement on 10kg line.

Rock and Surf:

The rock and surf scene has fired this past week with some very good fish including some late season inedibles. This has been due to the water temperature drop that we experienced that took the sea temperature down to 20 degrees in some places! This cooler water is ideal for most fish species and causes the flatfish and sharks to feed. This is also a good sign for the eagerly-awaited sardines, for if the water temperature can hover around 20 degrees, we should see a good run this year (fingers crossed).

North –The north zone saw a few very big inedibles landed last week. The big fish have not made an appearance this week, but the brown skates have been feeding very well on the sandbanks. They are suckers for a bay squid (if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on them) as well as a redeye sardine cutlet bait. Further north there has been some good edible action with stumpies, kob and kingfish all being caught. Live bait has been the winner for the kingies while the kob and stumpies have favoured chokka and prawn respectively.

Central –A notable catch from our central region this past week was a Zambezi caught off South Pier of about 180kg. Well done to the angler on a spectacular catch. The beachfront continues to produce fish when other spots have gone quiet. Pompano have been coming out fairly regularly on prawn and sealice baits. The grunter and snapper kob have also made an appearance at some of the piers but have been favouring a nice sardine bait. The resident honeycombs have also been feeding well and a few guys have been stripped while fishing for edible fish and one of these giants picks them up. There have also been some late season flatfish that have fed when the water temperature drops below 22 degrees. This fish have been enjoying redeye sardine baits over anything else.

South – The garrick have not been as wild as the reports may lead you to believe. Green Point and Winkelspruit are the two best spots at the moment. Errol Hayes Point saw a beautiful 6kg yellowtail kingfish caught by Alan Nair. This is what he had to say: “I was fishing for shad for live bait and with no bite I changed to a no 10 karrenteen hook still using my top bung, hooked and landed this fish using my Daiwa Exceler 10’ 6” rod, 4000 Daiwa Caldia reel and 15 pound Daiwa J Braid”. Well done on a great fish! Another notable catch from the same area was a 25kg prodigal son caught by Marcus Padayachee using a live blacktail as bait. Well done Marcus! This is a fish not many can claim to have caught.


The freshwater side of things has been dominated by the reports of fantastic trout being caught in the Stillwater’s throughout the midlands and in the Eastern Cape. The bass and carp have been a lot quieter recently but there are still enough of these around to justify a day or two targeting them.

Carp –The carp reports have been few and far between. If you are catching, please let us know…From what we have heard, Shongweni has been producing some very good fish while Inanda has seen some big carp for the specimen guys. Banana has been the flavour outshining the rest at Inanda. Make sure to mix this in to your base mix or your ground feed. Shongweni carp have been favouring the spicier flavours, in particular curry powder and cinnamon.

Bass –Hazlemere, need I say more? This dam continues to produce large numbers of fish for the bass guys. The flooded margins have provided plenty of area for the fodder fish to breed and there has therefore been a lot of food for the bass to gorge themselves on. This has made them bulk up quite considerably over the season and we are now seeing some good fat fish being landed. Any baitfish imitating lure will see you in the money at Hazlemere as well as bigger soft plastics fished in the deeper water.

Trout – The Stillwater’s are on fire! All of the bigger waters in KZN are producing good catches and very few people are walking away from a trip without at least one good fish. Larger woolly buggers, papa roaches and minnow imitations are producing the bigger fish. If you are looking at starting out in the trout fishing scene or just curious to find out more about the enticing sport that is fly-fishing, pop in to one of our stores and have a chat to someone in the fly-fishing department. If you are looking at a new combo, I cannot recommend the 4wt Daiwa Trout fly rod enough. Although it is a cost conscious option, it is a fantastically light rod that handles fish and casts like a dream (thanks to the crisp action). The 4wt also comfortably throws a 5wt line and is perfect for children through to your burly uncle Steve. Come in and have a feel and you will be pleasantly surprised. Tight lines and screaming reels.


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