The weather has not been kind over the last while. The sea has been warm, the winds have been blowing and the sea has been grumpy. This along with the colder air temperatures have caused many to pack the tackle away and stay indoors with a cup of hot chocolate. Those that have made the effort to go out and target the fish that are around have been reaping the rewards…

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Ray’s tip: Hydrate!

One of the most overlooked aspects of planning a fishing trip is the packing of enough food and water. It is essential to pack enough water to keep yourself hydrated for the duration of your trip. Note that it says water and not alcohol. Alcohol only further dehydrates you, so it is not a good idea for a fishing trip, not to mention being dangerous. Trying to walk on the rocks after one, two beers is going to end in disaster. Even though we are moving in to a colder time of the year, hydration is still as important as it is in the height of summer chasing diamonds. Make sure to pack at least 1L of water in your bag.


So, history was made this past weekend! A very well done to Mike Wheeler who is the first kayak fisherman to be crowned “King of the Sea”. He won this title by landing a 32.35kg couta during the Saffire King Of The Sea Competition last weekend at Pumula which saw skiboat, jetski and kayak fishermen pitting their skills against each other.


A reminder that the Umhlanga Ski Boat Competition is also nearing and the excitement is beginning to build. This is another competition that sees Ski boats, Jet skis and Paddle skis pitted against each other. Visit to enter and see the amazing prizes they have in store.

North – News and reports from the north has been few and far between. This is more than likely due to all the competitions occurring in the central and southern regions of the KZN coast over the last few weeks. This has meant that the practise fishing has taken place in these regions as well and the north has been left for the purely recreational guys to fish. The news that has come in is that the sharks are being extremely greedy, but the fish are feeding well. The main species coming out have been the tuna, dorado, snoek and couta. These have either fallen for lipped trolling lures or a slowly trolled dead or live bait.

Central – The bottom fishing guys are starting to report some very good catches off the Durban wrecks and reefs. There have been daga, geelbek and a whole host of reds coming out at all the main spots. Pota squid and sardine are the way to go for all these species. The gamefish guys have been doing well when they have been able to launch. The tuna are still obliging and the guys have been catching them in every way possible but with the popper still proving to be the most successful. The couta are around but not in great numbers. Putting a live bait down at any of the popular bait spots is a good way to see if they are in the area. For the inshore guys, the snoek are keeping them busy from Limestone reef all the way to Jex Estate.

South – The south zone of KZN saw the King Of The Sea Competition held over last weekend and there were plenty of decent fish caught by all the different facets. Best of the catches and King Of The Sea was a kayak fisherman that weighed in a monster of a couta. Well done to all the competitors and the sponsors on another great event. In other news, the south zone launch sites have been buzzing with activity. There have been some decent tuna coming out and a proper-size prodigal son was landed by a female angler (fisherwoman?) launching out of Umkomaas. Well done Sarah-lee on your beautiful catch and showing the boys how it’s done (#GirlPower). Also in this area, there have been some massive wahoo seen off Aliwal. These have been monstrous fish that require stout tackle and heavy wire to land.


Rock and Surf:

Mackerel! This has been the only bait that the late-season summer fish have considered eating over the last week. Guys have been throwing freshly-caught redeye sardine in to the same areas but the mackerel baits have been getting the pulls. This may be due to the specific smell or the slightly hardier bait that remains intact even when the peckers are around. No matter the reason, if you are after one last summer fish before winter, you better have some mackerel in your bait box! Unfortunately, the summer fish are few and far between and the winter fish are now the only species to target with any kind of consistency. This means packing away the big sticks for the medium to light gear. It also means Garrick, kob, brusher, stumpies and a whole host of other edible fish. So, this cloud definitely has a silver lining!


North – The north coast news has all come from one place and that’s the scratching boys up in the Cape Vidal-Maphelane area. They have been reporting very good catches of a host of species from the reefs and ledges up north. The bait of choice up there has been chokka. This is mainly due to its versatility as a bait and the flexibility it offers the angler. Double hook traces and circle hooks is the way to go when fishing in these areas as it will reduce the amount of time you spend stuck in the rocks and the fish you hook, you will land.


Central – The central zone has been dominated by a few inedible species along the beachfront while the piers, Blue Lagoon and Umhlanga are throwing some very nice edible fish. The inedibles coming out are diamonds and grey sharks which have both been favouring mackerel baits. The edible species have been shad, pompano and stumpnose which have been feeding very well on cracker shrimp and pink prawns. A standard trace with a 4/0 Mustad Ringer Soi hook will be the way to go for both of these species.


South –The Garrick have started to come on the bite especially at Winkelspruit. Live shad have been the bait of choice for these predators but remember that they have to be legal size to be used. Make use of a slide clip and either 1 or two 6/0 hooks. The inedible species coming out have been some late-season sandies and diamonds. There have also been some good fish hooked and lost. These were more than likely blackfin sharks. As mentioned above, mackerel have been the choice bait to use for these fish.



Much like the last few weeks, the freshwater news has been dominated by the trout being caught in our Stillwaters. These fish have driven many to take up the fantastic sport of fly-fishing and encouraged others to restart their passion. Last week, however, also included good reports of carp being caught in some of our dams.


Bass – The bass fishing has started to slow over the last week. The bites have definitely shifted to the bigger soft plastics worked slowly on the bottom and away from the faster-paced crankbaits. Hazlemere is still producing good bags for the guys fishing for the smaller fish, but if you are after bigger bass then you will have to visit Albert Falls, Midmar or Inanda. Junebug is a popular choice for this time of year and replaces the faithful watermelon-red in your box. A Junebug creature bait or a dead ringer as the go-to bait at either of the dams mentioned. These fished on a Carolina rig, on any deep structure or a Texas rig if you are pitching the baits in to the thicker structure.


Carp – As mentioned above, there have been some promising reports of big carp coming out in certain of the dams. Inanda and Shongweni have been the two best places to go if you are after these fish. Most of the bigger fish reported have gone to the specimen guys who have put the time, effort and feed in to the area they were fishing. The sweet flavours are still holding their own for the time being, but the fish will switch over to the more savoury flavours any day now, so make sure to stock up if your larder is looking a little empty. We still have plenty of feed, prepared particles, boilies, mielies, floaties and pellet baits at our Durban branch, so pop in and stock up on your old faithful’s or try something new…


Trout – The trout news has not changed much since last week’s report. The fish are feeding well in all Stillwaters and catches are definitely getting bigger. The only real difference is the temperatures… There has been snow around and the water temperatures have started to drop. Make sure you are prepared for these conditions, especially if you are venturing in to the water in a float-tube or wading the shallows. Gloves and a thermal under layer can mean the difference between an enjoyable day fishing and calling it early because you can’t feel your fingers. We have new stocks of Xplorer neoprene waders, so come have a look if you are needing to replace your old waders or looking at getting in to the sport.


Bream and Tilapia – The bream and tilapia species have been feeding very well and a few anglers have reported great fun on their days out targeting these little guys. While most of the fish they have caught have been small, they fight well above their weight class. Earthworms and small artificial worms have been the winning baits for these fish. Make sure to scale down to the appropriate tackle (ultra-light) and to fish in the weedy margins with your desired bait. Tight lines and screaming reels.

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