Fishing has been phenomenal on all fronts. The weather has been kind and the sea has obliged, most days. The sardines are still around in full force and this is by far the best run we have experienced in many years…

Ray’s tip: You can’t catch a fish if you don’t have a bait in the water…This may sound like the eternal wisdom of Naas Botha, but nothing is truer. If you do not put the effort in to go fishing and to get out, you can’t catch anything. If it has been a while since you have gone for a throw, why not dust off the tackle and go spend some time in the lovely winter sun targeting some of the great fish that are currently coming out.


Not to be outdone by the land-lubbers, the offshore boys have been landing some great fish. There have been very good catches coming from north, central and south coast regions.


North – Well done to Etienne Marx who took home the R50 000 first prize in the Richards Bay 21 species competition. Etienne won this prize with a couta of 34.8kg! Well done sir, this is a phenomenal catch! There have been some very good snoek coming out on the north coast. This fish have been coming out mainly on spoons and trolled fillet baits. Remember to use as little cotton as possible when making these fillet baits as the snoek can be quite finicky when it comes to what they will eat. Also, with the spoons, keep them small and retrieve them fast. You will never out-pace a snoek (or any game fish) so keep the handles spinning quickly to fool those clever speedsters.


Central – The tuna have still been around on most of the coast, but the local boys have been doing very well off Durban. Kayak angler Miles Elson landed a beautiful 18kg Yellowfin on a livey. Well done Miles! The tuna are ferocious predators that need to eat a large amount of food every day, so you can be sure that there is always a hungry tuna to be caught. The best/easiest method for the boat or engine anglers is to troll lipped plastics around. The Kingfisher rattlers come in to their own for targeting tuna. The best method for the bicep-powered fishermen would be to slow troll or drift with live baits over the wrecks and live bait-holding areas. Remember that these are strong fish that sharks find very tasty, do keep your tackle strong and the fight short if you want to go home with some delicious tunny.


South – The shoal has been firing! Kayak, yes kayak angler, Alwyn Oberholster paddled out to the shoal to land his first wahoo on the ski. Alwyn, well done on achieving your goal and landing a fantastic wahoo of 21.9kg! The south has also seen its share of the snoek action. There have been some bomber snoek over the 9kg mark being landed fairly frequently. All these fish have come out on the same methods mentioned for their northern counterparts, so apply the same rules.

Rock and Surf:

What amazing fishing we have been experiencing over the last week. Most of the reports that have come in have featured the words, “I beat my PB”. There have been edibles and inedibles of mammoth proportions coming out all along the coast. An outstanding pompano was recently landed and released by Paul Badenhorst. This fish measured 92cm and gave Paul a great fight after being released to make someone else’s day. Well done Paul.


North – The north coast may not have the sardines, but Daiwa ambassador Dean Reddy has been showing us that this doesn’t mean there are no fish around. Dean has been landing some great edible fish along the north coast of KZN. Well done Dean! All the usual suspects have been coming out. Catface rockcods, lemonfish, speckled snappers, cavebass and eel-tail barble have been the major contributors to the catches coming out. Make sure that you have enough chokka and sardine/mackerel in your bait box to keep your session going. Also, pack light enough to keep yourself mobile and have lots of water as, although it is winter, the heat up north can still catch you.


Central – The central zone has for a change been the quiet zone. Anglers have either been fishing with the sardine action or away from the sardines. The central zone has had a small share of action with edibles making up all the reported catches. Pompano, shad and stumpnose have been the main fish coming out on the beaches and the piers. Baits producing the bits have been Jap macs and sardines for the shad while prawns, chokka and cracker shrimp have been producing the pompano and stumpnose bites.


South – Once again the south has had all the action. This is due to the sards staying in large numbers on the south coast. There have been some gigantic sharks and edible fish caught. Some of the highlights include a giant 261kg grey shark landed by Daiwa Ambassador Rorke Hamilton. This fantastic catch was landed in just over two hours and was hauled out on the Daiwa Saltist 8-12oz rod paired with the Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight LD60. Well done Rorke! Other great catches include numerous sharks over 2.5m in length and 200kgs in weight. Another Daiwa Ambassador, Dean Pretorius broke the 240kg mark with an awesome grey shark, Dean was using his Daiwa Saliga Dogfight LD60 reel filled with 80lb Daiwa J Braid and a Poseidon heavy rod, this fish was landed at Splash Rock, Port Edward in just 25min, well done Dean, not so bad for an old man with a gammy knee! Another angler on form is Daiwa Ambassador Tyrin Bayne who has been landing giant after giant with his Daiwa Saltist Elite rod paired with a Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight grinder. Well done Tyrin, keep them coming!


Winter is upon us…

The cold of winter has properly set in. Anything more than a foot out from under the warmth of the duvet and electric blanket has been too daunting for most. This comfort has been the downfall of many a fishing day in winter. Those that have ventured in to the cold have managed some very good fish. Trout have been the main fish coming out as the winter has pushed the carp and bass jaws closed.


Bass – The bass, much like the carp, have been feeding very slowly. As mentioned in previous reports, slow fishing is the way to get the bigger fish. There are still hungry, small bass in the shallows once the sun is high in the sky, but the bigger boys are deep in the channels or the structure. Pitching jigs in to the shoreline structure can produce some giants. These will not be hard hits, so make sure to keep contact with your bait at all times and especially on the drop. A little dink on the end of the line can be a 3kg+ brute. Come in to one of our retail stores and speak to one of our experts about what to use and how to use it.


Carp – Specimen angling is the order of the day with the winter cold setting in. Good strong flavours and well-stocked feeding areas are the best way of producing a good result. Cinnamon is a personal favourite at this time of year and mincing some tigernuts in to the feed has resulted in some very good fish. The local dams are all producing fish, but the bites have been slow and far between. Keep yourself warm and comfortable during this cold spell and stay fishing hard to get the most of the winter carping.


Trout – As mentioned above, the trout have been the star of the freshwater show. There have been great catches happening at all the bigger Stillwater’s. The Swartberg area in particular has had some giant rainbows falling victim to slowly fished streamers. The papa roach has been producing the goods all over. This is a large profile dragonfly nymph imitator that has a lot of movement built in to it thanks to the zonker strip (rabbit fur). This very soft material produces movement even under the slowest of retrieves. Other great patterns to use at the moment are zonker minnows and woolly buggers. Keep the colours dark, with olive and black producing the best results. Remember to fish slow but to mix it up every now and then. There are no rules in angling, so have fun… Herewith a quick water / fishing report from Jan from The Kingfisher in PMB. “Last week’s frontal system put a slight damper on the fishing in The Midlands, and the 15 teams of anglers in Leg 2 of the TOPS Corporate Challenge had to face some cold morning starts – some would say freezing! – Nippy temps and pressure changes for the rest of the day required working for the fish.  The prevailing conditions meant a “tour de fly box” was required to tempt the picky fish, with no one pattern coming out trumps.  It seems, however, that the orange flies favoured by the fish in Leg 1 were not in the favour this time around… Along with a good few fish in the upper 50cm bracket, the biggest fish recorded was a rainbow of 59cm / 23 inches, just a tad behind the 62cm / 24.4 incher recorded in Leg 1.  Joining the top performing 6 teams from Leg 1, the top 5 teams of Leg 2 go through to The Finals scheduled for the end of August.  There will be another 5 teams joining them from Leg 3 which takes place next weekend 19-21 July. The weather Vikings at have some precipitation and single figure temps forecast for the weekend – while the precipitation will put a welcome damper on the dry dusty winter conditions, the temps will keep the fish in spawn mode close to the sides so be on the lookout for cruisers in the shallows.  Sight-casting to these submarines makes for some hearts-stopping fishing as you see a fish accelerate towards your offering…strong tippet might be required as sometimes they just don’t stop and keep going…” thanks Jan.


There is a fish out there with your name on it – your favourite Kingfisher store has all the tackle and accessories that you need to keep the Winter Blues at bay, so pop in to tackle up and get the latest and best info straight from the fishes mouth…!. Tight lines and screaming reels to all this weekend.

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