Much like the sports world is only focused on the soccer world cup, the fishing world is focused on the sardines. The silver tide is working its way up the coast. The sardines are making their presence felt wherever they turn up. The action has been happening from Port Edward all the way to the Durban beachfront.


Ray’s tip: K.I.S.S

We all remember our teachers saying it at school: keep it simple stupid. Okay they may not have said stupid…This rule applies as much to an English essay as it does to fishing. Over-complicating any of your fishing is going to cause a problem (or 7). Keep it simple. Keep your box neat. Only take the tackle and traces you are going to need. Keep your rigs simple. For example: if you are following the sards; choose to spin, throw baits or drop baits. Then pack your tackle bag with only what you will be using for that discipline. Then make up a good few traces and pack them neatly or polish the spoons you will be using. All the work you do preparing yourself before you go fishing will make your fishing so much more enjoyable. So keep it simple.



The offshore side of things has been rather still of late with not much reporting happening. There have however, been some epic couta coming out to the guys who are putting the effort in.


North – The North Coast has seen some good couta and bottom fishing. The couta have been coming out at the high points where a live pinkie or shad is guaranteed to get that crocodile’s attention. When tackling these beasts, make sure you upgrade your tackle accordingly. Step up your wire thickness and length, put away your snoek or shoal couta rods and increase the size of the bait you are using. Do not be afraid of putting that big bonnie out as bait, you might just surprise yourself…


Central – The central zone of the KZN coast has not seen much game fish action other than the ever-present tuna. The tuna are still feeding heavily on any live bait and are attacking trolled lures with vigour. The bottom fishing charters and recreational guys are reporting good bottoms coming out of the usual spots, and very good fish off the secret spots. Pota squid, mackerel, sardines and live bait are your best bet to covering the entire bottom fishing bases.


South – The south has produced some crocodile couta for the guys who know where to target them. These fish love coming in to the shallower water so move in a little more than normal. A big shad, walla walla or bonnie are your three best baits for that crocodile. Much like the North Coast, make sure to upgrade your tackle to give yourself the best chance at landing that once-in-a-lifetime fish. The guys following the sards have managed a few shoalies, some snoek and the odd tuna, but no fireworks as yet.


Rock and surf:

With all the focus on the sardines and their whereabouts, not much has come in in terms of reports from the rest of the coast. As always, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all our new video releases and to brush up on your species knowledge, tactics and tips/tricks




North – The North Coast has been fishing very well for the guys making the decision to drive away from the sardines. There is plenty of fishing to be had amongst the bricks for all manner of edible fish and the deeper points and gaps in the sandbanks are producing some big fish. There have been diamond rays, giant sandies, blackfin and Zambezi’s hooked and landed. So don’t restrict yourself to the south…


Central – The central coast has been rather quiet with the expectation of netting. The sards have rounded the Bluff but netting is yet to occur in any large amount on the beachfront. All the main action is in the South. The piers and the Blue Lagoon area are fishing well for the edible anglers. Shad, garrick and stumpies are the main catches coming out.


South – This area has been the focus of everyone’s attention for the last few weeks. Understandably so as the sardines have been thick on the coast from Port Edward all the way to Durban, with the areas from Sezela south being the hot spot. Both the anglers throwing and pitching baits at the visible sharks and the drone anglers dropping baits have had great success. There have been some giant sharks lost and some denizens landed. If you are going to give the sardine run sharks a go, make sure you have the right tackle. Pop in to one of our branches and get sorted out…


Harbour – The harbour has been quiet, the garrick have moved out but there is always hope that they will move back in, there are also still plenty of shad around in the harbour. The grunter are feeding well on the banks and we have been told that ginger shrimps are out-fishing the crackers. For the art lure anglers, there have been kingies around as well as springer. The main excitement has been around the kob starting to come out, so get your paddle tails and go get a harbour kob on light tackle.



The front that pushed through this week has put most of the fishing on hold as the cold weather causes them to retreat to warmer pastures. This means the fish are more difficult to catch, but not impossible.


Trout – The cold of winter will have you wishing you could install an electric blanket in to your waders. Even with this cold weather and the frigid temperatures, the trout are feeding well and the fish are still hefty.


Bass – Junebug…if there was only one colour for winter, it would be Junebug. For those who don’t know, Junebug is a purple colour usually speckled with a small amount of glitter. It makes a very good silhouette against the bottom but with the glitter it still maintains a “shiny” presence. The fish at this time of year are hugging the structure and deep water like you are hugging the duvet before you get up. So get deep or get close to the structure with a big profile bait for the best chance at success.


Carp – The carp fishing in KZN has taken a dip over the last week, with no reports coming in to the shop of fish being caught. Previous weeks saw good fishing at Albert Falls, Inanda and Shongweni dams. Fish of over 10kgs were reported from these venues. It seems the colder weather from the front that pushed in has caused the fish to seek some warmer water.


Info sent in by Jan Korrubel from The Kingfisher in PMB “The good news (for some) – and the bad news (for others) – is that the major cold front riding the country at present appears to have bypassed KZN.  Apart from a drop in temperature and some mizzle, last week’s forecasts of big snow came to nought.  The snow would have added a welcome boost to combat the winter dry spell, as The Midlands is looking rather brown at present.

While winter in The Midlands is dominated by Stillwater trout fishing (more on that below), other species are available for those willing to make the effort.  There is word of some good bass still coming out of Albert Falls from the bank anglers; soft plastics like finesse worms and paddle tails loaded on spinner jig heads are producing the goods.  Scaly (Natal Yellowfish), while primarily a summer fishing target, are also available in winter, and reports of some better fish coming out of the lower reaches of The Bushman’s River recently (below Wagondrift Dam) have been received.  In the colder temperatures, the fish tend to sit in the channels, so a weighted control fly (with a lightly weighted or unweighted trailer) is the way to go.  Caddis patterns (e.g. olive/green Rockworm, Mustard caddis) are especially popular, as well as a range of nymphs (e.g. Zak / GRHE and PTN in weighted or unweighted).


On the trout front, this weekend sees Leg 2 of the TOPS Corporate Challenge taking place on the waters around Nottingham Road, the event centred around The “Legendary” Nottingham Road Hotel.  The drop in temperature will no doubt keep a few anglers in bed longer than they should be, but those willing to brave the early morning crunch of the frozen dam edges will be rewarded with some large cruisers patrolling the shallows in full spawn mode.  Getting them to eat may be another story altogether, as they now have other things on their mind…!  Hot colours (orange / pink / yellow, and combinations thereof) are popular at this time, especially when fishing multi-fly rigs.  In many cases, the attractor pattern simply gets the attention of passing fish that then turns away and takes the more natural pattern in the rig…but in some cases will eat the attractor.  The bottom line (pun intended…) for fishing multi-fly rigs is to have flies varying in size, shape and colour, thereby offering your target a “smorgasbord” to choose from.  One of them should do the trick…if not, keep changing!


There is a fish out there with your name on it – your favourite Kingfisher store has all the tackle and accessories that you need to keep the Winter Blues at bay, so pop in to tackle up and get the latest and best info straight from the fishes mouth…!” Thanks Jan. Tight lines and screaming reels to all this weekend.

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