The edible fishing has been amazing over the last week with many anglers putting down the big tackle in favour of the light tackle spinning gear.

Ray’s tip: Bream supreme. There is only one way to tackle bronze bream and that is light. The lighter you can fish the more you will enjoy the fishing, the more mobile you will be and the better the fight you will experience. The ideal setup for fishing for these vegetarian carnivores is a 10-12ft rod paired with a good quality grinder and some decent braid. Luckily Kingfisher and Daiwa have this very well covered with a few options to choose from. My choice is the Daiwa BG 10ft6 HFS rod paired with a Daiwa Saltist 4000 reel and 20lb Triplefish Gator braid. This setup is light and sensitive enough to feel the bream biting while still having the power to land him in any terrain.

Rock and Surf:

On the rock and surf side, the sardine craze has diminished greatly. Even though the sards are still around in large numbers, few anglers are still following them with much enthusiasm. The edible fishing has however made up for this lull and there have been some great catches over the last week.

North – The North Coast has had splashes of fishing success over the last week. The weather has not played fair and the sea conditions have meant that fishing has been tough. The odd days of good weather have seen stumpies, pompano and a host of scratching species coming out to the scratching guys while the inedible fishermen have been left holding pole. Fresh mackerel has been the bait of choice and the only bait to produce any in edible bites while the edible guys have favoured chokka for its versatility. If you are fishing at night, make sure to add some glow foam or a glow bead on to your trace as this drastically increases the fish-attracting ability of the rig.

Central – The central region continues to fish steadily, but slow. The shad that are plaguing the piers and beaches are 90% undersize and strip any bait off the hook in seconds. The other edibles coming out have been falling for prawn and cracker shrimp. These have been stumpies, pompano, blacktail and snapper kob. These are all light-tackle fish and you will enjoy the fishing much more if you target them using your light spinning gear. For those who enjoy fishing at night, the Kingfisher now stocks the clip-on glow sticks that make night-time bite detection a breeze.

South – The south has been a scratching fisherman’s dream. With the sea conditions being unfavourable for fishing big, the rocky ledges and gullies have been the only place to be able to hold a bait and fish successfully. The bronze bream have been full up and Ray’s tip of the week above will stand you in good position to get your bream season to a running start. Remember to get your Mustad Chinu hooks and the small orange floats to increase your chances of fighting these strong rock fish. There have also been some good cracker landed by the guys fishing with “muscleman” crabs. These are very strong fish and demand a solid hook. The Mustad Hoodlum is the hook of choice for most anglers with a few cracker to their name. There have also been stumpies and kob for the guys fishing in to the night.


A reminder that the Kingfisher Biggest Shad Competition has kicked off. This year it will be run over a two month period, August and September, with three prizes each month. The heaviest Shad for each month will receive a Daiwa BG 5000 Reel filled with Daiwa 8 weave 30lb J Braid, valued at around R3000.00, the second heaviest Shad will receive a 13’6” Kingfisher Coastline 5pce (L, M & H tip) Graphite rod, valued at R2,000.00, and third heaviest Shad will receive a Daiwa Laguna 5000 spinning Reel valued at around R1,000.00. Please note that all Shad (fresh) must be weighed at either, The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, The Kingfisher in Ballito, The Fishing Tackle Shop (The Kingfisher) Warner Beach or Tackle Centre, Old Fort Road, during trading hours. Please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm and that the season closes 30th September, re-opens 1st December 2018.



The offshore side of the fishing scene has been dominated by the marauding schools of tuna. These have been eating anything and everything so go out and get some sashimi!

North – The bottom fishing hotspots have not been disappointing to the regulars. The slinger have been full-up and the daga and geelbek have made their presence known. Again we must stress that you use the heaviest tackle available to crank these fish up and avoid the shark tax. 100Lb braid and a 10inch KP will put you in with a good chance of landing more than just a head. The gamefish side of things has been dominated by the tuna (much like the rest of the coast) and most targeting methods have worked for them. There have also been some billfish in the deep for the deep-deep-sea crews. Black and red (Captain Morgan) colour schemes have been producing the best results on the skirted lures.

Central – Yellowfin tuna. They have been wild off the Durban coast. Most anglers have had great success with all the normal targeting methods. One of the best methods recently has been the use of a live bait suspended under a balloon, put out on a trap stick while catching bait. The bait spot attracts the tuna and the action of catching bait puts out a strong attraction signal to the fish. A hapless bait struggling to swim against the balloon is an irresistible meal for the tuna. A 6/0 Mustad Tuna circle hook bridled on to the bait will give you the best chance of a solid hook-up. For these brutes, a Poseidon Offshore series Tuna Ski rod is the perfect stick to bully these great fighting fish to the surface. Paired with some 30lb Maxima nylon on a decent reel like a Daiwa Saltist BG40 will have you paying less tax and putting more meat on the deck.

South – Aliwal Shoal has been the place to be if you are fishing in the south. The elusive wahoo have been around in good numbers, but they have not played the game on some days. These fish cannot resist a frisky, live bonito trolled fairly fast around the current lines. Make sure you have enough daisy chains to get your live bait and take your time to rig the bait properly as the wahoo will not take a poorly-rigged bait. The bottom fishing has been fantastic down south and all the recreational and charter crews have been having great success at the usual bottom spots. A live mackerel has been the king of the baits for the daga, geelbek and copper steenbras while pota squid has been the killer bait for all the reds.

Harbour – Durban and Richards Bay harbours are beginning to hot up as summer approaches. There have already been some great game fish caught at both venues over the past week. The kingfish are yet to make a great appearance at Durban harbour but they are full up and feeding well in the north. The garrick have been available to the persistent anglers and some beauties have been landed in the recent weeks. The grunter anglers have had a quiet run over the last while but hopefully this will change in the near future.


The carp are starting to feed as if summer has already arrived, the bass fishing is starting to pick up and the trout still think we are in the heart of winter…what a time to be a freshwater angler!

Carp – The carp section has been buzzing with the great fishing currently happening at Inanda Dam. Anglers have been travelling from all over SA to come and have a go at this great venue and the booking list at the camping site is evidence of this. With Shongweni off limits, some of the regulars have decided to give Inanda a go and boy did they see some good fishing. The catches have not been limited to the specimen guys; the conventional bank anglers have also enjoyed their share of the excitement. Further inland, Midmar has seen some fish coming out for the dedicated anglers. This is a tough dam but the rewards are worth the long hours. Albert falls is still carrying on with its good fishing and is a fantastic place to go if you need a bite. Black magic has been the stand-out flavour for the last while here and is a must have in your box along with the usual culprits.

Bass – With the recent cold weather, the bass decided to close their jaws over the last week…Catch reports were down and few anglers had great success. Much like the carp, Inanda has been producing some quality fish (must be something in the water) while Hazlemere has calmed down drastically. As mentioned above, Shongweni is currently a no-go zone so do not attempt to go there. The bass should start to respond to the oncoming summer heat and begin feeding more aggressively in the next few weeks. There are still fish on the nests, so the same tactics mentioned last week will still apply. Make her angry and she will bite! Please note that this is in reference to the bass on the nest and not the significant other at home, although the result is the same but the fight is worse…Bright coloured lures help you see when the bass takes the bait and lures with plenty of noise or movement will help annoy the fish sufficiently to attack.

Trout – The trout have been enjoying the colder temperatures that we are experiencing in the berg. The snow has not put them off, but it has kept many anglers indoors next to the fire. The thought of slipping in to a float tube and drifting across a lake while the snow gently falls around you has put most people in to a hibernation state. Unbeknown to these sleeping beauties, the fishing has been fantastic with some big fishing coming out. With the colder water, the oxygen content does increase slightly which promotes the fish feeding. Slow down your retrieves and fish nice bulky patterns to put yourself in with the best chance of landing a winter beast. The time of waiting for the evening hatch with your floating line and dry fly is not now, so put on the sinking line and get to where the fish are.

This info from Jan Korrubel, The Kingfisher – Pietermaritzburg. “Last week’s frontal system brought some lovely rains to The Midlands, just what was needed to break the desert-like dry and dusty conditions and water the recently burned areas.  We can expect the lands to start showing some colour very shortly as the 1st sprouts make their appearance. Prior to the front, the spell of warmer weather has brought out the yellowfish, with anglers reporting fish to be had on the lower Umkomaas at Nyala Pans, as well as on The Bushman’s River below Wagondrift Dam and the lower uMgeni below Pietermaritzburg.  Water temps still on the cool side, but small bead head nymphs (PTN / GRHE etc.) fished in the deeper cracks are doing the business. Some winter bass are also making an appearance as well as bream / kurper in Albert Falls. With just over 2 weeks to go before the Opening of the trout River Season (but who’s counting?), anticipation is running high.  The recent snowfall on The ‘Berg will have put some water into the streams as the melt came off, and given the system a flush and a “spring clean” as we head towards the 1 September Opening Day. Natal Fly Fishers Club have recently entered into an agreement with the amaHlube Community out on the Giant’s Castle Road, and negotiated access to the “Tribal Lands” section of The Bushman’s River outside the Reserve.  There will be an official welcome function at the Community Hall next weekend, Saturday 25th, and NFFC invites all local anglers to attend.  Come and engage with the community, The Keepers of The Stream, and have a preseason sneak preview of the country’s premier wild-spawn brown trout stream!   In addition, some veteran fishers of this stream will be in attendance, and there’s an opportunity to pick their brains on tried and test flies and techniques.  For more information, please contact Jan Korrubel at Kingfisher-PMB. Next weekend also sees the Finals to the TOPS Corporate Challenge taking place on the waters around Nottingham Road.  With the recent warmer conditions, reports from the Stillwater anglers are that the bugs are coming out and a variety of patterns, ranging from small nymphs to woolly buggers and baitfish, have been successful.  Most popular colours at present are olive and black, fished with orange in the form of hot spots or blobs. The weather looks kind, with this weekend’s forecast showing fine and mild conditions – time to get a line in the water! Tight lines and screaming reels.”

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