The sea has not been the kindest if late. We have seen big seas and large swell periods making the sea very surgy… however, fish have been caught.


Rays tip: Scratch in a patch.

Don’t neglect the small water. Scratching is not about casting your bait as far as possible. It is about putting the bait where the fish are. Much like other forms or facets of angling, a minute fishing in the right location is better than an hour in the wrong spot. Light tackle allows you to probe all the likely looking spots. You will be surprised how shallow the fish can go. Keep your rod tip high when fighting in amongst the rocks as this will minimise the chance of getting cut off. Keep the hardware minimal and the baits small, you will amazed at what you can catch!




The sea has been a stomach-churner in the last week. Those that have braved the rougher conditions have seen some good fishing though.



The north side of KZN has not seen much of a change over the last week. The bottom fishing has been kind to both the charter and recreational guys. The main catches have been focussed around mixed reds and rockcod. Kingfisher currently has great Pota squid in stock that is ideal for all the bottom fishing needs. Closer to Durban there has been a lot of tuna action but the bigger sea has put many off.



The battle of the barges took place this weekend. This is a kayak fishing comp that sees the various kayak clubs compete for the honours. Due to the rough seas, only a few brave souls managed to launch. The winning fish came to Rinalen Naidoo. This was an 8.5kg snoek. Well done Rinalen!

The rest of Durban has been rather quiet due to the bigger seas, but the tuna have been the day savers for the guys launching. Trolling lures has been the best way to find these fish. A Kingfisher Rattler is the ideal lure to troll and colour wise, sardine is the winner currently.



The south coast has still got sardines around in good numbers. This coupled with quite a few other species of baitfish has given the gamefish more than enough to choose from and has lead to poor fishing…

The bottom fishing has been superb and a few great catches have been had. There have been some great Red Steenbras caught recently with some 30kg beasts being landed. There have also been some good rockcod coming out on both the shallow and deeper spots.


Rock and Surf:

Scratching has been the name of the day for the rock and surf fishermen. The sea has not given much gap for anything else.



The north coast has been very kind to the artificial lure anglers over the last week. There have been kingies, snoek and garrick as the main catches coming out. The key with spinning is to put the time in and to keep at it. You need to stick to your guns and fish for your target. Having too many lure choices will leave you spending more time changing lures than actually fishing. Garrick love a plug, kingies love a soft plastic and snoek love a small spoon. This is a good guideline.




The central coast has been the only fishable spot with the bigger seas. Unfortunately this has not resulted in large catches. The shad have been a big nuisance as they have been around in great number but have all but a few been undersize. There have been some good blacktail and stumpies caught on the piers. These fish have fallen for cracker shrimp fished in the deeper water. There have been some bigger inedibles caught. Mainly grey sharks and a few rays.




The south has seen the best edible fishing along the coast. There have been garrick at most of the usual spots. These fish have all gone for the large number of live baits in the area. The lure anglers have tried but the bait guys have been far more successful. There have also been some good kob snatched at night on chokka and live baits. The scratching guys have also had a good run of fish in the gullies and rocks. Baardman, kob, bronze bream and stonebream have been the top performers. In the deeper water you can fish a double hook trace, but the shallower water will mean you have to fish a single hook. Bait wise you will need chokka, prawns and cracker shrimp.




The harbour has been throwing some decent garrick over the last week. These fish have all fallen for a live mozzie. Rigging these with a bridle and a small circle hook guarantees a good hook set. Otherwise, there have been a few grunter that have come out but no fireworks. Cracker and ginger shrimps have been the best bait for these shy feeders. The lure guys have managed some smaller kingies and torpedo scads. These will start to become more prominent in the next few weeks.




The freshwater scene is really starting to hot up with summer beginning to influence the fish behaviour. There have been great carp and bass caught while the trout continue to keep the winter warriors busy.



The carp have been feeding very well and the specimen guys have really had the better luck. The more spicy/strong scents have produced the best results and garlic has been the best flavour hands down. Inanda dam has continued to produce good fish. Midmar has also produced some good bites for the boy’s further inland.

For the conventional guys, the kingfisher has just received a very exciting shipment of Conoflex carp baits. Come in to the Durban branch and stock up on these excellent baits at great prices.



We have to mention the new SA record bass. A giant of a bass landed in Loskop dam caught by Wayne. The fished came in at 7.193kgs!!! That is an absolute beast of a fish. Well done to the angler!

More locally, there have been some good fish coming out at most of the dams with Inanda and Albert falls being the two top performers. Guys fishing the nests have caught the biggest fish while fishing the areas around the nested areas has produced consistent results. For the nest fish, get in their face and annoy them, for the area around the nests, a rattling lure or something that puts out a good vibration will put you in with a good chance.




The trout fishing has continued to produce good fish for all those venturing to the colder berg. The snow has not put the guys (and girls) off and the trout have loved the colder water. The odd patch of warmth has seen a few hatches but these have been short and sweet. The damselflies are around and fishing a thin, mobile nymph pattern in the weed margins should snare you a good fish or seven. Fishing deeper with a minnow or dragonfly nymph imitation will produce the bigger fish but the bites might be further apart.


Jan from the Kingfisher in PMB had this to say


Another frontal system made conditions rather icy conditions in The Midlands last weekend – a 2nd round of snow was reported on the ‘Berg … all gone now, we trust that the melt fed the catchments and gave the rivers and streams a pre-season push … Opening Day (1 September) of the trout River Season is less than 2 weeks away…but who’s counting…!?!


For those that braved the rather nasty fishing conditions in the early part of last weekend, fishing was slow as to be expected with the front, but the pressure stabilized by the end of the weekend along with sunny conditions – albeit still rather chilly with the snows up top!  Stillwater temps are still in the single figures, and the waters are crystal clear – should make for excellent fishing this weekend with the Finals of the TOPS Corporate Challenge taking place on the waters around Nottingham Road.


After the run of good fish in the three Legs to date, expectations are running high for more of the same…of course, our finned-friends don’t read the Rule Book so anglers will be armed to the gills with the usual gamut (i.e. glut) of patterns, ranging from small nymphs to woolly buggers and baitfish.  Bankable colours are always olive and black, fished in combination with an attractor, to lure our wily trout.  Your truly will be fishing, so full report to follow in next week’s news!


Reports from the Umkomaas and also the Bushman’s Rivers indicate that the yellowfish are also about.  The bigger patterns, e.g. jig buggers, have been tempting the fish as opposed to the smaller nymphs previously.


A timely reminder that the Natal Fly Fishers Club (NFFC) have entered into an agreement with the amaHlube Community out on the Giant’s Castle Road, and negotiated access to the “Tribal Lands” section of The Bushman’s River outside the Reserve.  There will be an official welcome function at the Community Hall THIS weekend Saturday the 25th, and NFFC invites all local anglers to attend.  Come and engage with the community, The Keepers of The Stream, and have a preseason sneak preview of the country’s premier wild-spawn brown trout stream!   In addition, some veteran fishers of this stream will be in attendance, and there’s an opportunity to pick their brains on tried and test flies and techniques.  There are also a number of lucky draw prizes including rods, nets and fly boxes for attendee’s.  Open to all fly anglers (not just NFFC Members) – for more information, please contact Jan Korrubel at Kingfisher-PMB.


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