What comes after 5 days of good weather…the weekend. This has seemed to be the case for quite some time and unfortunately this week is no different. Although we cannot control the weather, we can control the amount of effort we put in and the time spent next to or on the water. The guys that have managed to put in the extra effort and time have done very well recently. The Kingfisher would like to congratulate the winners of our August leg of the Shad comp on their brilliant catches. Well done Suren Rampursad (1st- 5.1kgs), Kevin Naidoo (2nd- 2.8kgs) and Derlin Naidoo (3rd- 1.5kgs). We look forward to some great catches in September!

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Ray’s tip: Pecker proof.


Peckers have been the scourge of many a fishing trip. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “peckers” are small fish that peck at the bait and are generally considered a nuisance. When you are fishing for bigger fish, peckers can be a big problem as they will reduce your well-made bait to a few scraps on the hook. There are a few steps you can take to reduce the effect the peckers have on your fishing. The most obvious is to use one of the peckers as a livebait. This will most certainly eliminate the pecker problem but is not always feasible. You can also use a tougher bait. Fleshy baits are notoriously soft and easy to get off the hook so they are prone to being pecked off.


A bait that is tough like chokka is a much better option when the peckers are present. If you do want to use a fleshy bait, however, your best bet is to use the Lycra cotton instead of the latex. The lycra is a lot more difficult for the peckers to get off and it protects the bait from being attacked. Similarly, you can put your bait in a piece of nylon stocking (pantyhose). This still allows the smell to escape but will keep the bait safe.


Rock and Surf:


The Transkei is still recovering from the Bayne onslaught…Tyrin and his father Jeremy had a phenomenal season down south and caught some fish that have to be seen to be believed. Well done guys! You continue to fly the Daiwa/Kingfisher/ASFN flag high and show the guys how it’s done.


North – The north coast has been a very interesting area over the last few weeks. There have been a mix of edibles and inedibles on most days but predicting where they will be has been the hardest part of the fishing. Umdloti has been throwing some early season summer fish and there have been some lovely flatties coming out. The edible anglers in this area have also had their share of success with some bronzies, crackers and a decent kob on the catch list from last week. Well done to all the anglers! With the weather that is on its way, scratching is going to be the best bet for this weekend. Choose your target and stock up on traces and sinkers.


Central – The central zone has been dominated by the catches on the piers. These have been 95% edible fish and the occasional inedible picking up a bait meant for an edible. The stumpies and blacktail have been the main fish coming out with pompanos falling slightly behind. Crackers have been the deciding bait over the last week and have out fished any other bait 3 to 1. For these fish, a running trace and light sinker is the best way to entice them (if conditions allow). Keep your tackle light to enjoy the fight.


South – The south coast has seen some very good scratching and spinning last week. The garrick have finally decided to play the spinning game and have left the livebaits and attacked the plugs and lures with gusto. There have also been plenty of shad around but they continue to be a little small. The guys scratching have landed many species of fish including some rare fish. A spadefish came out in this recent Common Venue League competition, well done to the angler on this great catch. Also, the bronze bream have been feeding decidedly well and have attacked all baits with vigour.


Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop sent in this report. “After the excitement of big River Snapper been caught during the week the weekend was an anticlimax for anglers hoping the River Snapper run would continue and the Anglers had to rely on small Grunter and River Bream to keep them occupied. My informants have not reported any exciting catches been made in the lagoon for the entire weekend perhaps they should be fired. The inspectors were on the beach on Saturday and Sunday checking for fishing permits; please make sure you have your permit in your tackle box. I am not sure if you get a warning or a fine.


The big Shad made their appearance on Saturday and Sunday, the biggest one I saw was 3kg (ORI) but most of them were 50 to 55 cm still nice size fish.  On the Non Eds side a Blue Stingray was landed, these are not very common visitors to our beach. Some Lessor Sand sharks were also caught although not great fighters they are still fun to catch. Again Garrick fishing proved successful in front of Richards Bay Harbor with one Garrick been caught on a Scarborough set up, you can imagine what fun that must have been. The boats that went out into the bay managed a few bottoms and one boat reported not having caught anything and to round the day off they got stuck trying to get back into the mouth. Reports from other Anglers although fishing was slow they managed some Kob and Slinger and stacks of Shad. A reminder Shad season closes from 1 Oct to 30 November.


The channel in the mouth is running very close to the beach going north to Port Dunford for about 200m before you get a gap to take your heading out to sea, a few years ago whilst negotiating this channel a wave picked us up and dumped us on the beach, that is how close you must run. That day we did a surf and river mouth launch. The shop will be hosting a fishing clinic on the main beach on the 24th September from 2 PM, for the experienced anglers it will be an opportunity to meet new anglers and brush up on traces for the beginners there will be people on hand to assist you set up and answer any questions, this is not a formal function but more of a get together. Umlalazi Ski Boat club is hosting a Bottoms Competition on the week end of the 29-30 of September (30th been the reserve day). The format is the Comp will be fished on the Saturday with the Sunday being a reserve day, entry fees are R400.00 per angler with prizes been awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd then lots of other prizes with a lucky draw. We are hoping to make this an annual event and the reason we fishing it at this time of the year is that bottom fishing is at its best. Entry forms will be available.”



Away from land the anglers on their fibreglass vessels have been doing rather well for themselves. Be it paddle powered, engine powered or brandy powered, all the guys have been having a very good run of late with multiple species coming to the hatches.


North – The northern zone has been the snoek hot spot for the last week. The reports have come in of great fishing at all the major spots along the north coast. The best spots have been Blue Lagoon, Umdloti, Jex Estate and Tongaat river mouth. The trolling of fillet baits just behind the backline has been the most consistent producer of bites. This has been the case at all of the spots. Make sure to keep a spinning rod on hand though as it is a lot more fun catching these beauties on a spoon than a fillet. Other than the snoek up north, there have been some decent tuna coming out on all the usual methods and the bottom fishing has also not disappointed.


Central – The central zone has seen some fantastic fishing over the last week. The soldiers being caught by the bottom fishing crews have been amazing. These giants have fallen for both mackerel and pota squid baits mostly on double hook traces. The geelbek have also been around but they have been very unpredictable and thus difficult to target day after day. The gamefish have kept the guys busy with some very good garrick coming out to the guys targeting them. The tuna have also increased in size and we are seeing a few over the 30kg barrier coming out quite regularly. Trolling a fast lipped lure in the likely areas is the best bet to find these hard fighters. The Kingfisher Rattlers have you covered in this area and are available at all leading tackle shops. The best colours are the sardine and purple tiger versions with the pink also being a winner.


South – The south coast is full up with bait. If the freezers are looking a little low, the south is the place to go. From bonnies to cigar scads, you can easily fill your quota if you head down south. The gamefish have continued to elude most of the southern fleet but the odd good couta has come out to the inshore guys. Further in to the deep the Aliwal crew has had a few giant wahoo grace their decks. A live bonnie is the way to go for these guys (keep a look out on our YouTube channel for the upcoming Wahoo species video). The bottom fishing charters and recreational have also been doing well down south with full hatches being the order of the day.



Jan Korrubel from The Kingfisher, Pietermaritzburg sent in this report.

“Last weekend’s 1 September Opening of the (trout) River season was welcomed by the stream fraternity, and by all accounts, it was a good start!  The upper Mooi and Bushman’s are as expected for this time of year: somewhat low and crystal clear and still running cool at 9-10deg.C.  Even after the mid-August rain and snowfall, there is still some silt and algal “snot” around, but that will clear with the next good rainfall.  Happy to report that the fish are there and taking a dry fly – and there’s nothing to beat that!    With deeper holding water, the lower sections (i.e. those parts of the rivers outside / below the nature Reserves), require some dredging with nymphs and streamers and some very good fish were reported.


Earlier in the week, The Gospel according to Saint YR had some good rain forecast for the tail-end of this week and the weekend – but that has have all but vaporised with the current hot spell.  There isn’t any sign of precipitation in the long-term forecast, but hopefully that will change as summer move in properly.


This weekend see’s the Albert Falls Bass Fishing Tournament 2018 (aka Albert Falls Classic) taking place – there have been some cracking fish already reported from the anglers out and about in practise…patterns and colours a closely guarded secret so far, but pop into your nearest and dearest Kingfisher to see if any new INTEL has come to the fore… 😉


The yellowfish are also on the move, with some excellent fish being reported from the Umkomaas and uMgeni.  Flies of choice so far have been mainly small dark coloured nymphs, but with the day warming up, the first reports of fish taking the dry fly have surfaced…  Not called “freshwater bonefish” for nothing, these are great fishing fish on light tackle, so pop in for the latest info and tackle and get rigged up.” Thanks Jan.


Carp – The carp fishing continues to pick up and Facebook is littered with pictures of happy anglers with their bars of cold. Dams like Midmar and Albert Falls are fishing very well for the conventional anglers while Inanda continues to draw anglers from all over SA for the great specimen angling that is currently taking place there. Our very own Gilbert Foxcroft has made a trip to Inanda and we look forward to seeing the report when he gets back. The conventional carp anglers are doing very well with the stronger flavours and combining these with a sweeter note is doing some real damage in the more inland dams. A particularly good mix at the moment is molasses and garlic. This is a pungent mix that gets the carp feeding strongly. The specimen guys are having success on a mixture of baits and both the boilie and particle fanatics are doing well for themselves. Stick to your guns and fish accurately for the best results.


Bass – There is great excitement as this weekend sees the 2018 Albert Falls Bass Classic! There have been some amazing bass being caught over the last few weeks and the pre-fishing has been going extremely well for some anglers. With all the signs lining up (other than the weather) it looks to be a very exciting competition. The Kingfisher Reaction lures have been proving their worth in the weeks up to the competition and I predict some good fish falling for these great soft plastics during this weekend’s onslaught. If you don’t have them in your box yet, get done to your nearest Kingfisher branch and stock up on these affordable bass-catchers.

In other bass news, most of the waters are starting to warm up. Midmar has been throwing some big fish and so has Alberts. The trick has been to find the fish on the nests and subtly present a highly flexible bait to them. A Wacky-rigged worm has been doing some real damage and is the go-to lure at the moment. Colour has been less important than location and action, but watermelon-red is always a good choice.


Trout – The Rivers are open! The excitement around the opening of the rivers has made the fly fishing section alive with people stocking up on lighter tippet material and smaller flies. This has been a great change of pace from the dredging with big flies and heavy lines for the Stillwater giants. With the rivers in the berg looking good, albeit a little low, your first river fish of the season is waiting for you….


If you are yet to give river fishing a go, it is a lovely way of seeing the countryside while challenging a few wily trout to take your feathered offerings. It generally involves lighter setups and smaller flies but is not out of reach for the novice or beginner. Pop in and we can run you through how to get started or improve your catches. Tight lines and screaming reels

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A reminder that the Kingfisher Biggest Shad Competition has kicked off. The heaviest Shad for each September will receive a Daiwa BG 5000 Reel filled with Daiwa 8 weave 30lb J Braid, valued at around R3000.00, the second heaviest Shad will receive a 13’6” Kingfisher Coastline 5pce (L, M & H tip) Graphite rod, valued at R2,000.00, and third heaviest Shad will receive a Daiwa Laguna 5000 spinning Reel valued at around R1,000.00. Please note that all Shad (fresh) must be weighed at either, The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, The Kingfisher in Ballito, The Fishing Tackle Shop (The Kingfisher) Warner Beach or Tackle Centre, Old Fort Road, during trading hours. Please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm and that the season closes 30th September, re-opens 1st December 2018.


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