The fishing has been something special over the last week with some good fish being landed both from the boats and the shore. With the weather predicted for this weekend however, it might be time to sort out the garage, clean the fishing stuff and head to the mall with the your partner.

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Ray’s tip: Bait preservation.

Keeping your fresh bait fresh and your live bait alive are two very important aspects to a successful fishing trip. It is no go having a tank full of live bait if they only survive for a few minutes. In terms of keeping your live bait alive, you need to keep the water that they are in nice and cool and well oxygenated. For the shore anglers the best option is to regularly change the water in the vessel you are keeping the livies in and to use a battery operated pump. For the boat guys, make sure the aerator and other pumps are working in your live well to keep the fresh water flowing in. For both shore and boat, it is very important to remove any fish that die from the tank as this will soon start killing the ones that are still alive. When it comes to fresh bait, the best thing you can do is to keep it in an ice slurry. This applies to keeping any fish fresh for that matter. To make the slurry, add some crushed ice in to a box (preferably a cool box) and add some sea water to the ice. The salt in the seawater causes an endothermic reaction that rapidly drops the temperature and keeps the bait or fish very cold and thus preserves them for longer.



The offshore summer season is here and the dorado have signalled the opening of what looks to be a cracker. The bottom fishing has also continued to produce some great catches and we can only hope that the sea behaves itself enough for the guys to launch.


North – The north coast has been alive with game fish. Ettiene Du Preez fishing off the boat Reel Shine landed a lovely couta of 25kgs fishing at Sodwana. Well done Ettiene! The rest of the north coast has also seen some very good couta, tuna and the odd dorado. Live bait has been king (as always) but a lipped trolling lure like the 160 Kingfisher Rattler has also nailed the tuna. A fairly fast troll has been the best method for these lures, thus putting out a good vibration and calling those hungry game fish in. Closer down the coast the Umdloti area has also produced fish for the paddle ski guys. The sharks have been a problem, but the fish have been there.


Central – The central/Durban coastline has been the most accessible in the bigger seas and has therefore been fished a lot harder than the zones north and south where the launches require a thick mat of chest hair and a proper moustache. The bottom fishing has been great and the daga, geelbek and coppers have been the main fish landed recently. Bigger baits have been the order of the day for these fish and a frisky live bait has been the dinner bell for the coppers. These are all strong fish, so check your knots and make sure you are using the best hooks possible. For the J-hook fans, the Kingfisher has just landed stock of the new 13/0 Mustad Ringed Soi hook. This is a beast of a hook that will not straighten for anything. If you are looking for a hook for amberjacks or copper steenbras…look no further.


South – The south coast has had a good few snoek around the river mouths. A slow trolled sardine fillet is a great method to target these fish. Best is to keep a spoon at hand to flick at any action. The spoon also comes in handy for the bonito and sarda. If you managed to land one of these put it out as soon as possible for one of those big couta or a GT of note. The bait and bottom fishing has also been good in the south with most charters and commercials being fully loaded. If the sea behaves itself, it is a great time to get on the water and target some of the early season summer game fish.


Rock and Surf:


Firstly congratulations to all the winners of our annual shad competition. We had some cracker fish weighed and a last minute rush for the top spots. The winners for the September leg are David Barker 5.74kgs (1), Nithia Covender 5.32kgs (2) and Norman Naidoo 5.062kgs (3) (Enjoy your amazing prizes). Well done to all of those who weighed fish in, we hope to see some familiar faces next year, a truly amazing month with the three top fish weighing at over 5kgs each!!! Please note that the shad season is now closed and it is illegal to be in possession of any shad.


In other news, the summer fish are really starting to get everyone excited! The NE wind is starting to blow with a little more consistency which is putting the beaches and points in the firing line for the inedible anglers. The edible guys have not been far behind and have been landing some very good fish.


North – The north coast has already started producing diamond smashes. The whole area around Richards Bay is the best place to head once the north east starts to blow for a few days. This wind combined with a box full of fresh bait is guaranteed to get you a few screaming runs. Remember that you are fairly isolated up north, so make sure you fish in a group and be clever about where you go alone. Mackerel bomb baits are the best all-rounder and this on a full metal jacket trace will allow you to target all the fish up there.

Central – The central zone of KZN has been firing big time. The inedibles have been pushed on to the beaches with the NE wind and the guys have been quick to pounce on these smashes. The main fish being landed have been diamonds, blue rays and grey sharks. A 6/0 Mustad Tuna Circle is the best bet for the small fish with a small bite trace and this with a fresh mackerel head and some cutlets will serve you well. For the Drone guys and the boys who enjoy sliding or throwing big baits on J-hooks will be very happy that the Kingfisher have brought in the 13/0 Mustad Ringed Soi hook to complement this very successful range of hooks. Get yours while stocks last.


South – The south has been a scratcher’s paradise. The musclecracker have been giving the guys horns on the Bluff. There have been many stories of bent hooks and cut leaders. If you are going to target these fish, you need a muscleman crab, some 1mm Maxima nylon and a Mustad Hoodlum 8/0. That will get the fish to the side and prevent you from having to tell the “one that got away story”. There have also been some lovely stumpies caught as well as some bronze bream. Both of these have favoured a pink prawn bait.

News from the Mtunzini area – “Lagoon, live bait out, reel screams, fish on massive fight lasting all of a few seconds only to find a 20cm  Shad took off with a mullet that took you ages to capture but hey that is the joys of estuarine fishing after all they are nurseries for juvenile species and unfortunately we have to put up with their naughtiness. The guys fishing with artificials are having fun catching River Snapper and Pick handle Barracuda with the off cob on the slow trawl. One of my informants came into the shop after the long weekend to order some rods and while flipping through the catalogue he told us what happened to him “I had just caught a Pick handle when put my bait out and started paddling when crack something took me and snapped my rod” he forgot to loosen the drag and he is not the first person this has happened to recently, please remember to loosen your drag because when something decent hits you they do it as speed (anyway we likes to sell rods).

The baby Honeycomb rays are still in the lagoon and are great fun to catch and give a great account of themselves, please handle them with care and don’t tip them over, we think they practicing to fight so when they get big and are in the surf they can give us a right hiding. The surf has been very quiet in the beginning of the week due to the side wash, however as it was getting dark an angler got stuck into a bus of something that kept him busy for a long time only to be bust off when his line tangled with some reeds and roots, according to the angler this fish would have been his personal best and bossed him properly our guess by the description of the fight it could have been a big something…….  He was using a Shad head with belly and surf board foam to float it, the Shad head was from a big shad, it was slid out to behind the shore break on the incoming tide. Early that evening the same Angler landed a small Shark on a “whole Baby Mac” this was next to the new sand bank that has formed in front of Forrest Lodge.

Next events: In order to accommodate the big boats the Bottoms comp has been moved to the 29/30 September 2018. The reason for this is because the silting from the slipway to the first corner has not been washed away as expected but settled there. The format is the Comp will be fished on  the Saturday with the Sunday being a reserve day, entry fees are ( R350.00 – R450.00) per angler with prizes been awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd then prizes for biggest fish covering 5 Species. We are hoping to make this an annual event and the reason we fishing it at this time of the year is that bottom fishing is at its best”. Thanks Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing for this report.


The freshwater fishing over the past week has been fantastic. The bass have been feeding like it’s the middle of summer while the trout continue to attack flies with real gusto and the carp greedily accept any offering we put in front of them.


Trout – Just a quick warning: There is massive snowfall predicted in the berg over the end of this week and the weekend. It is the heaviest snowfall of the season so please practice extreme caution on the roads to your venue and keep yourself well insulated while fishing. Be safe!

In more upbeat news, the trout have continued to feed very well at most of the bigger inland waters. The fish have been in a mood on certain days, but a small nymph suspended under a bigger dry like a DDD has been able to entice them to feed. For the river fishing, a Gun nymph has been a revelation. This nymph can only be bought from certain tiers but are like gold. Alternately, a well-tied Zak nymph is always a good prospecting fly in new flowing water.


Carp –

The carp are warming up and so is the fishing. Conventional guys are still landing more fish than the specimen guys, but the size of the fish is a lot smaller. Speaking of specimen angling, the Kingfisher has launched four new specimen carp rods (The Daiwa Crosscast, Black widow G50 x2 and the Daiwa Powermesh). If you haven’t had a chance to come look at these rods, make an effort to pop in to one of our branches and give them a test. Also keep a look out on our social media pages as well as our YouTube channel for reviews and more information about these great sticks. Inanda has been the stand out venue over the past few weeks and continues to produce some magical fish. Critically-balanced tigernuts have been the bait of choice for the specimen guys while the classic floaties in an assortment of flavours has worked for the conventional crew. Remember that the Kingfisher in Durban stocks the full range of Conoflex carp products. If you haven’t tried these quality products, come in and stock up while stocks last.


Bass – The bass fishing continues to produce some great catches. The people with access to the smaller farm dams have been landing some giants on the new Reaction soft plastics frogs. This is generally a summer method but the recent temperature rise has put the fish in to an aggressive feeding mood. The rest of the Reaction range has also been producing for the bass guys and so have the new hard plastic versions. Visit one of the Kingfisher branches to have a look at this affordable range of lures. For the soft plastics, black has been the best colour by a small margin with watermelon red closely behind. The black colour with red glitter from the Zoom stable is getting the bigger fish to bite hard. Make sure you have a good stock of worms with lots of movement and you are off to see some big fish in the live well. Take note that the bad weather for this weekend will most likely affect the bass and it might call for some finesse fishing to get them out (Drop shot all the way).


The latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer (17) with Petri de Wet premieres Monday the 1st of October at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144. There are a number of repeats during the week, on Tuesday at 10:00, Wednesday at 10:00, Thursday at 16:30, Saturday at 13:00 and Sunday at 23:00. Series 17 runs for three months, ending on the 24th December 2018. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various angling styles (fresh and salt water) in and around Southern Africa. The first session is the guys fishing in Angola when they landed some amazing fish; you got to have a look at this show. The specimen carp session should be very interesting, our very own Gilbert Foxcroft joined Petri in this session and they managed some awesome carp in Inanda Dam.

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