With the summer weather upon us and the winds blowing most off the beaches, it has been a mix of success over the last few weeks for all facets of angling. The good days have been great and the bad days have been miserable…


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Ray’s Tip: Ensure to insure!


Tackle insurance is one of the most overlooked things in people’s expenses. Most people do not have insurance on their tackle at all and those that do might only have partial/non-specific cover. Fishing equipment is not cheap, that is a fact. We spend our hard-earned money on our favourite pastime and sometimes forget that accidents and robberies happen. Insurance on your tackle is essential! At the very least you should have it covered under miscellaneous fishing goods that will cover the loss of your tackle a little (depending on the policy). Better still is specified insurance on the higher value items such as the rods and reels. It is very important though that you specify the make and model of the reel/rod and keep the purchase slip as without these specifics you will not be paid out. So make sure that at least your most valued stuff is covered under a specific coverage policy but most importantly that you keep your stuff safe and not to leave it unattended. Be safe.



The offshore fishing is getting better and better. The northern zone of KZN has been the place where all the gamefish anglers have been making their summer pilgrimage. The action has been almost as hot as the weather.




Cape Vidal has been the spot. It has produced some amazing fish of late for all the different offshore facets. Two of the paddleski guys have had some great catches, Jono Rhodes had a great day on the water landed a Wahoo +18kgs and saily +25kgs while Paul Nixon landed a giant of a Queenfish. Well done boys!


The sailfish have been the main draw card to Vidal over the last week. Some boats have had four strikes at the same time and managed to land two fish. A sailfish is a beautiful fish and needs to be treated properly. They expend a lot of energy during the fight, so take your time to revive them before sending them on their way. There have also been plenty of tuna and couta up north while further south in the JEX area, the snoek have been colliding on the backline.




Friday saw a giant of Dorado landed off one of the Durban charter boats. The bull weighed in at 19kgs! Well done to the crew and the angler on this fantastic fish. There have been numerous other good-sized dorries landed over the last week or so. These fish have come out on both livebaits and trolled lures. The guys have been catching them while moving between the ships and not actually on the ships.


This is the perfect opportunity to troll some of the faster action lures such as the skirted kona-type or the Rattler range. This means you can still move rapidly from spot to spot, but you keep yourself in the running for a fish at all times. The guys closer inshore have landed some good sized tuna as well as the odd couta. Livebait has been the king for both these species. A frisky, live bonnie has accounted for more big fish than most other baits. Remember to rig the bonnie on an appropriately sized rig to avoid disappointment.


The bottom fishing has also been doing well with daga and geelbek being the main catches for the past week. This amongst the vast shoals of bait.




The south has had a cheeky shoredump which has got the heart racing in the early morning. Remember to watch the surf for a few minutes to get a gauge of the timing and where the banks are. This is something which a lot of people forget to do and can result in a barrel roll and a lot of damage to the boat and you. Be safe, no fish is worth your life.


The backline guys have had some good fun with the snoek and garrick. The snoek have been a bit smaller than previous weeks, but they are still great fun when they smack a fillet or spoon. The garrick have all fallen for a livebait slowly trolled just behind the backline. For the guys venturing further offshore, there have been wahoo, tuna, sailfish and dorado there for the taking. Fast trolling has been the best method down south and a black and red kona has accounted for some lovely fish.


Rock and Surf:


The rock and surf summer season has gotten off to a great start for some.

The Annual meet for the KZNCAU Common Venue League took place over this past weekend. Despite the amazing conditions there were very few fish caught. The entire competition saw many anglers walking away without a single fish to their name… Despite this, the club which took first place (Absolut Angling) displayed a masterclass of scratching to convincingly win, well done guys!




The north coast has been better the further north you travel. The banks have been the place to be and some amazing catches have been had there over the last four weeks. There have been plenty of raggies in the 80-150kg mark latching on to the big baits being tossed out. These are heavy fish, but do not require the heaviest of tackle to land. There have been some giant fish hooked however, that no tackle would have stopped, so go prepared!


Mackerel has continued to be the best bait for the banks and the more cutlets you can add to the bait the quicker the bite. Make sure to use elasticated cotton so that it squeezes the bait and pushes the blood and scent out. Also, for the raggies, it cannot to stressed enough that you need to make sure your hooks are proud. This is often over-looked when creating a big bait. Ensure your hook point is clearly visible and is not obstructed by any of the bait.




The central coast has been the edible zone. Brusher have made their presence felt when they pick up a bait meant for one of the smaller edibles, leaving the hooks bent and the angler spinning. If you are wanting to specifically target these fish, use proper hooks (Mustad Hoodlum 6/0) and a muscleman crab. The rest of the zone has seen some very good stumpies, grunter and pompano from the beaches and the piers. The best baits have been prawn, chokka and cracker shrimp. These baits can be used separately or as a mixed grill bait. Night time has been the best for all but the pompano.


The guys wanting to catch a bigger inedible should focus their attention on the beaches north of Blue Lagoon. Place your bait between two banks or in a deeper hole on a bank to give yourself the best chance of a bite.




The south coast has had a late run of bronze bream. These tasty fish have been feeding extremely well at most of the well-known spots this past week. Get your hands on some of the fantastic pink prawns that we currently have in stock to give yourself a chance at hooking one of these prized tablefish. The rest of the catches down south have been a mix of smaller kob, brusher, stumpies and larger blacktail. These have all favoured different baits (see our YouTube channel for tips and info on these species).


The inedible guys have had a mix of luck. Some anglers have landed giant honeycombs and others a handful of sandies, but the summer smashes are yet to reach the south coast in proper style…




Action in the harbour is starting to peak. The springer and kingies are feeding very well and keep the heart rate up of all the artlure anglers in the bay. There have been some small shad in the bay along with the other gamefish but they have only fed in the morning. The kingies and springer have favoured a rapid retrieve and the smallest lure you have. Any of the bigger lures are being chased but the fish are not committing to eating them. A small paddletail or deceiver is the best bet at getting these fish to eat. The grunter are also keeping the bait guys busy with many fish over 4kgs being landed over the past week.




The freshwater scene has been very active across the entire country. The summer heat has put all the fish in to feeding mode, so whether you like catching barbel, carp, bass, yellows, tigers or any of the other great freshwater species.




The bass fishing is at an all-time high at the moment. All of the KZN dams are fishing very well. Hazlemere is the only dam where the fishing has declined. This is due to the extremely low water levels at this dam caused by the water being let out to allow for the deforestation of the shallows for  the benefit of the jetski population (and the detriment of the fishermen).


The darker soft plastics are continuing to produce the goods. A black or Junebug jerkbait is doing very well at all the dams. In the shallower areas, fish this weightless or better yet, as part of a double-Jerkbait (DJ) rig. The action that this method produces has to be seen to be believed! For the guys who prefer spinnerbaits or crankbaits, this is a great time of year as well. The deeper water requires a lighter line and heavily billed diver while the shallows work very well when fished with a squarebill. The Strikepro range will keep you covered for all your hard plastic needs while our new Kingfisher Reaction soft plastics will have you boating more fish and keeping your wallet/account looking healthy.




The carping is going well. Kingfisher Durban is awaiting stock of the new “wonder dips” from SuperCast. This concentrates have proven so successful that they have sold out across the country. Keep an eye out for the Spiderman flavour, it is a real winner for most of the SA waters.


Inanda has continued to produce some fantastic fish. The episode of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer sparked a full on assault on the dam from all over the country. The large amount of fishing pressure has seen some fantastic fish landed and has proven the effectiveness of baiting an area properly.


Midmar has been having a good run with the conventional anglers. They have landed a good number of smaller fish falling for more natural baits combined with the scented mielieboms. Add some garlic and molasses to the mieliebom and some earthworms on to the hooks. It won’t be long before the alarm starts screaming.




Good trout out of the Swartberg stillwaters. This is probably due to the colder patch of weather we have had recently. There have been numerous good fish coming out of these beautiful stillwaters and it is the area to go to if you are wanting to fish with a great view and still have the chance of some good fish.


The streams and rivers have been the talk of the pub though. This is where all the action is happening (the flowing water, not the pub). Nymphing has produced all of the better fish and has accounted for the larger numbers. The dry fly guys have still been having fun, and you have to admit that a fish sipping a fly off the surface will always get the blood pumping.

In other fly fishing news, the scaly fishing is picking up. The rivers with some cleaner waters have been the place to go. A hotspot nymph or a small flashback is the best point fly to use for these hard fighters.


NB: For all the river fishermen, make sure to take a look at the snake gaters we currently stock, they are distributed and endorsed by the African Snake Bite Institute. They can withstand any of the snakes you are likely to encounter and they come at a fraction of the price of the imported versions. Get yours now!


The latest series of Hier Gaan Ons Alweer (17) with Petri de Wet premieres Monday the 1st of October at 17:30 on kykNet, channel 144. There are a number of repeats during the week, on Tuesday at 10:00, Wednesday at 10:00, Thursday at 16:30, Saturday at 13:00 and Sunday at 23:00. Series 17 runs for three months, ending on the 24th December 2018. As most of you know, Petri and his guests cover various angling styles (fresh and salt water) in and around Southern Africa.

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