Phenomenal is probably the best word to describe the fishing over the last week. The gap in the weather allowed some great catches to be had.

The most exciting news for this week is the announcement of the black Friday sale at all The Kingfisher branches. 23rd and 24th November will see 20% off all products except bait and vouchers. Get to the stores early to make the most of this fantastic sale!


Ray’s tip: Ain’t no use if it ain’t chartreuse!


This might be a cliché but the saying holds true. When it comes to lures, be it flies, soft plastics or hard plastics, the best colour is chartreuse. This bright green/yellow colour works fantastically when mixed with other colours such as white, silver or orange. No matter whether you are fishing in the sea or a dam, chartreuse is the first colour you should be reaching for when you need to make a lure choice. Chartreuse and white works in both clean and dirty water.




The offshore scene has been wild over this past week. There have been wahoo, geelbek, tuna and snoek to name but a few.


North – The north has had some great fishing. The water has been a bit warmer up north. The upper north has been the area where most of the better fish have been caught. There have been some great sailies caught by both the ski boat and paddle ski guys.


Central – The Durban area has been fishing very well for the bottom and game fish crews. The colder water later in the week put the fish off, but the winds of change have brought the temperature up. There have been some jumbo mackerel caught over the last week. These are fantastic eating fish especially when smoked. The bottoms have been mainly daga and geelbek and have only been coming out at night. The game fish guys have caught some fantastic fish including a few large yellowtail off the south pier on live bait.


South – The south of KZN has been a bit quiet. Most of catches have been focussed around bottom fishing. Reds, geelbek, rock cods and daga are the main catches. Live bait and chokka are the best baits to use when targeting a mix of bottom fish. The game fish have been mainly snoek in the inshore waters while the further offshore waters have been tuna and wahoo. Both enjoy a live bonnie…


News from Mtunzini:


Lagoon – “Stripped reels and broken rods culprits ….Diamond rays and big ones, I quote “It was a bit like taking to tooth pick to a gun fight”. Unfortunately although we fish with light tackle on the river the diamonds don’t realize that and will take a small bait however if you are using live bait particularly at this time of year factor them in and try fish a bit heavier than normal. One of my informants related an experience he had after hooking up a diamond before the stone wall, it took off over the sand bank and out to sea as if nothing was happening, luckily when he got to the mouth he could beach his boat and secure it with the anchor before running along the back after the diamond, he could not turn in and the line parted. Some reports were made of kob been caught but we are awaiting more details.


Surf – Firstly to the Anglers who had been fishing in a vicinity of where the shark was found with is head cut off thank you for taking time out to contact us and clarify you had no involvement with the incident. The above mention shark could have washed up on our beach after the big wind we had on Saturday having been caught further South and we suspect the anglers cut off its head and disposed of the carcass in the water thinking other sharks would eat it and it will be all good.


Whilst removing a sharks head is not illegal as you are allowed to keep one per day don’t waste the carcass, eat it or give it to someone who will. Years ago up until the early 80”s this was the “done” thing almost like a buck trophy but the public rebelled against his much in the same way as competition anglers used to pile fish up on the beach this pressure made the sport revisit the way competitions were done and I believe this led to the measurement system currently in place, it was around this time bag limits were being introduced and the practice of cutting off shark heads was frowned upon as it is today. Enough on that.


Fishing over the weekend was very good as can be attested by our informants and the amount of people fishing at Port Dunford, there are good reports of nice size snapper and shad been landed (Please still closed season for 11 days please put them back. We all know by Dec 1 the shad vanish hahahaha) on the non ed side some good catches of guitar fish and flatties are been made. Hang in there.


Ski boat – Yesterday saw 3 boats and 2 jet skis launch, the jet skis left early and were back early as the conditions started to worsen, the boats left after 9 to take advantage of the tides which enabled them to launch and return in the mouth. Not a lot of fish were caught by some of the guys whilst others had more luck, something encouraging was the amount of undersize rock cod been caught because it shows there is a healthy population of them in the bay. Main species of fish caught were squaretail kob, slinger and a lot of snapper kob. One tagged kob was boated and we are awaiting the results from ORI. Whilst the water colour was good the temperature was a bit too low for game fish varying between 21-22 deg.


From the shop – We are expecting our summer order in of stock. Kingfisher have bought out their new catalogue with some very exciting new ranges and changes to some of the old, pop in and let us know what you want us to stock”. Thanks Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop for this report.


Rock and Surf:

The shore-based fishing has been great over the last week. The ambassadors have been landing some amazing inedibles along most of the coast. Proving how imperative it is to make the most of great conditions.


North – The north coast has been the place to go if you are targeting a big inedible. There have been some giant sandies landed over the past week including 1 over the 100kg mark and a few over the 80kg mark. Lloyd Pereira one of the Daiwa Ambassadors caught a bus sandie last week at Ballito. Lloyd was using the new Tournament 14’6” “test” rod and his Saltist 8000 reel filled with 40lb Daiwa J Braid. Fresh bait is of vital importance when going to target these and any of the other inedibles around. Mackerel has out fished all the other baits over the past few weeks by a long shot. A head with cutlets is going to be your best all-around bait for this time of year.


Central – The central zone has been a mix of edibles and inedibles. The most controversial issues has been the north pier. It has officially been confirmed that you are now only allowed to fish from the NSRI base to the start of the pier, if you have a licence. This is mainly due to the safety aspect about fishing on the pier itself. The rest of the central zone has produced some very decent edible fish off the other piers and beaches.


South – The south coast has been the edible hotspot. There have kob, brusher and bronze bream to be had along most of the south coast. Chokka and prawn are going to be the two most important baits to have in your box. Baits of choice are going to be either prawn by itself, blob baits or a mix of the two. Look for some working water either near some rocks or a sandbank. For the brusher you are going to want to use a muscleman crab and place it in some rough working water in a rocky gully or ledge.



The freshwater scene has been fishing consistently well over the last week. The dams and rivers have all fished very well for all the freshwater disciplines.


Bass – The bass fishing has not slowed down. All the dams have fished well over the last few weeks and not much has changed. All the previous methods mentioned over the past few weeks will still produce the goods.

Crank baits are really fishing well in all the dams. Jerk baits are one of my favourite methods to use when the fish are in a feeding mood. A bright coloured jerk bait can often produce the bites out of aggression instead of need. If you need a bite when the fish are lock-jawed, try a jerk bait…you will be surprised.


Carp – Finally! The Kingfisher Durban and PMB has received its shipment from SuperCast. We have got enough Spiderman and Black Widow dips to supply most of KZN! The carp fishing has been going very well in most of the KZN dams, both coastal and inland. Midmar is doing well for both the conventional and specimen guys. Albert Falls has been the place to go for the conventional anglers. Sweet floaties have produced the best results.

Inanda is the place to go if you are in to specimen angling. Tigernuts are the way forward for targeting some of the giants in this amazing piece of water.


Fly fishing – The trout fishing has slowed down quite substantially in the Stillwater’s. There are still great fishing being caught out of the bigger dams but there is a lot more effort needed for each bite. Larger dragonfly nymph patterns have produced the best results. On the other side of the trout world, the rivers have been fishing very well. Small nymph patterns have been the way to go for drifting down the streams. Use a small strike indicator; yarn soaked in hydrostop is still the most subtle indicator to use for these small streams. For the dry fly guys, match the hatch. For the other fishing, the scalies have been feeding very well. Find someone to track with you in to the more rural areas of the scalies’ distribution and you are bound to have a great time.


Jan Korrubel from The Kingfisher in Pietermaritzburg sent in this report: “Summer has been here with all guns blazing of late…which has been good for some fish; i.e. yellows, bass and carp.  Not so good for the trout that prefer cooler waters, but for those that have been putting time to the fly, some good fish have been reported.


After a very promising start, we are now back to being in need of some proper summer rain – the rivers are low, slow and warm, especially the upper reaches of the trout streams which are crystal clear with the fish accumulating in the deeper pools.  Water temperatures are now up in the late teens, so fish will be holding deeper pools where possible.  For the rivers, those fish that are reluctant to come up to the dry fly, a weighted nymph suspended below a dry fly (“dry and dropper”) or strike indicator have been producing.


Summer is of course predominantly bass time.  Some 50 anglers competed in the KwaZulu-Natal Small Craft Bass League final at Midmar dam last weekend, where some good fish came out, the winning angler bagging just short of 120cm of accumulated fish length, and the 2nd biggest fish coming in at 3.7kg.  Albert Falls is hosting a FLW South Africa “Cast-for-Cash” event this weekend.  Recent reports have Baynesfield producing lots of fish.


Some excellent scalies have been reported from the Umgeni over the recent spell of warm weather.  Most fish are showing signs of being in spawn, so please handle your fish carefully.

The weather gods are smiling for the rest of the week, so now is the time to take advantage of the Black Friday sale to get the gear you have had your eye on and go target that PB…” Thanks Jan.

Tight lines and screaming reels.


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