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Fishing on the inedible side of things has been phenomenal over the past week. The skiboat guys have not been far behind, posting some solid fish.

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Ray’s tip: When in doubt, put the pink one out.

Dorado, mahi mahi, dolphinfish, popcorn bream, whatever you call them, there is no denying that they are amazing fish to catch (and eat). Their aerial displays and fast runs make them an exciting target, that paired with their amazing colours and great table quality make them a prized sportfish.


Dorries are really great fish to catch. Being that they are structure orientated and oceanic, they are fairly easy to find. They relate to any form of structure in the water as the baitfish congregate around this structure for protection. Fishing for dorries is an active sport. You need to troll around until you spot some form of floating structure be it a boat, log or newspaper. These are the areas to focus on fishing hard. Pitch some livebaits to and around these structures and throw some lures to generate some action, if the dorries are in the area, you are guaranteed a bite. The dorries are clean fighters albeit very strong, so there is no need for the heaviest of tackle. A medium trolling setup will handle them with ease and will allow you to enjoy the fight more.




The offshore scene has been a mix of action and bad weather. When the sea and weather have played their part, the fishing has been amazing. On the other side of the coin has been big swells and pumping wind…not ideal fishing weather.




The north has seen some fantastic fishing over the past few weeks. The summer gamefish have arrived and are keeping most of the guys busy. Areas like Vidal are fishing well, but they are large areas and the best way to get a bite is to cover a lot of water trolling a quality lipped lure (like a Kingfisher Rattler) until you find the fish. Once you have located them, you can focus your energy on the hotspot. The fish that have been coming out are all the usual suspects. The dorado have been filling the fishing ski hatches while the sailies have been keeping the ski boat guys very busy. There are still multiple double hook-ups on these fish while trolling so make sure you have enough hands on the boat to handle the sailfish mayhem. Pink, purple and black have been the colours producing the best results and are definitely the ones to use if you are planning a trip up north.




The central zone has been more busy than usual, mostly due to the nature of the launch during the bigger seas. The harbour launch has allowed many to launch when the sea has been too big to get out anywhere else. The sea has prevented many from getting out to fish but they have been reimbursed on the days when the calmer conditions prevailed. The bait has been wild and some giant mackerel have been coming out. These are amazing table fare especially when freshly smoked, so keep some aside for eating and the rest for the bait freezer.


The dorries and tuna have been the main catches along the Durban coast. These fish have been feeding surprisingly close so do not hesitate to put a bait out behind backline. A live maasbanker has been the best of the lot at the moment. Rig this on a circle hook with some fluorocarbon leader and you are aced. The bottom fishing crews have been winding the geelbek off Durban. There have plenty of these fish around for the evening charters, so if you want to experience some night time action out at sea, give one of the Durban charters a call.




The south has been a bit quiet. The fishing has been stop and start with mixed reports flooding in. The gamefish fishing have been a mixture of snoek around the river mouths and tuna for the guys travelling further offshore. The occasional wahoo has graced the anglers with its presence when the trip to Aliwal has been manageable. The tuna have been caught on a mix of either live bait or poppers. Keep a lookout for the new Kingfisher Rattler Popper launching soon, it has been working amazingly well in the trial runs.


The bottom fishing has been consistent from Toti all the way to Port Edward. The charters and recreationals have rarely come back without a few fish in the hatch. If you are new to bottom fishing, please make sure you are aware of the restricted species and the size limits you are allowed as ignorance of these laws does not provide you protection. Chokka and mackerel have been the baits of choice for the guys fishing on the bottom while live mackerel and bonnies have been the pick of the baits for the gamefish.


Rock and Surf:


The summer fish are here with a gigantic bang! There have been some absolutely amazing fish hooked and landed during the past week and some monsters lost…



The north coast has been on fire, literally. With temperatures reaching the mid to upper 30’s, fishing has been a sizzling experience. Make sure that if you are going up north that you pack plenty of water, sun cream and shoes to walk on the hot sand.


The “banks” have seen an influx of fishermen over the past week. This has been the spot to be if you haven’t opened your summer account yet. The fishing has been insane! Diamonds, giant brown skates, honeycombs and sandies have been the main culprits of all the action. The have been quite a few unstoppable fish hooked over the past week but no tackle would have stopped them. The best bait has been a mackerel bait of sorts.


Best advice is to use the head as a base and then to use the rest of the mackerel to build up a nice big and juicy bait. The short throw has been the winner with the longer throw only resulting in the angler holding pole. The Raggies have been much fewer than they were in previous weeks so the use of a nylon trace is advisable.




The central zone has been dominated by edible fish and the occasional flatfish. The guys fishing on the piers have had the best catches of these while the beaches have been the choice spot for the flatfish. Eastmore, Umhlanga, Beachwood and the basin have been the most productive spots for the inedible guys wanting to get stuck in to a honeycomb or a diamond. A big mackerel bomb is the bait producing all the bites for these bigger fish.


The edible anglers have been having success on all the fishable piers along with the beaches with the better bank structure. Prawn, Chokka and crackers have been the most successful of the edible baits. Fishing to the working water where some foam is present has been the recipe for success. Stumpies, big blacktail and pompano have been the main targets.




The south coast has seen, as usual, a mixed bag of edible and inedible fishing. The Garrick are still around for those in pursuit of the gentleman fighter. Most have been caught on lures in the past week as opposed to live bait, but it is always a good idea to throw a plug in the area of your live bait. The scratching has been very productive down south. This was proven when the KZNCAU postal league annual meet was won by scratching fish alone. Bronze bream and stone bream will be the main targets when scratching around the rocks and if you are more prone to fishing on the beach, the stumpies have been feeding well on the sandbanks. Cracker prawns have been very successful for all these species and just the size of the bait that varies. Stone bream preferring a small bait, bronze bream a medium and stumpies a larger cracker bait. The inedibles have also been around down south, but nothing like the action seen up north.



The harbour has been the sanctuary everyone has been running to when the sea is not playing fair. The fishing has not been letting the guys down in the harbour, with many good catches being reported. The kob are feeding very well and the bait and lure guys are catching quite a few. Please remember that most of these fish are undersize and represent the future of our kob population so please let them go safely. The bait guys have been having success on softer mushy baits such as sardine while the lure guys have caught all the fish on paddletails fished slow on the bottom. The other lure catches have been mainly springer, kingies, oxeye tarpon and torpedo scads. These are all great fun on ultralight tackle so get out there and have yourself some sport in the port!


News from Mtunzini: Thanks Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop for this report. Lots of activity in the lagoon with some very nice size river bream landed. The parks board have been very active lately, removing gill nets; they do a great job and work tirelessly at this and mostly during unsocial hrs. The water colour in the lagoon is good as we had no real rain this past week. Don’t forget to take some heavy tackle to target diamonds, they like to take live mullet, there are also reports of shad in the cleaner water at the mouth area. Surf fishing has been good and bad this week with Monday and Tuesday been the best days, NE wind and hot, Wednesday saw a howling SW however those that fished managed a few fish but no big non eds , there are still very big shad about and lots of small kob and baby  hammer head sharks. I took my Christmas present (Saltist Med with a Grandwave X 50HVK and 11.5 kg Kingfisher Giant Abrasion line) and managed a big shad and a lessor sand shark on my fist 2 throws. On Tuesday an angler whilst fighting a diamond on the main beach had is smashed up by a shark before he could get it over the lip and got nothing of the diamond back, was he pumped when he came back, he said it was an awesome experience. The water colour on the main beach is looking good however we were fishing with a Drone this morning and there was a bit of a current beyond the back line and all the big baits were coming back with small shark or shad damage but no pickups. Port Dunford has been fishing well and I expect it to do so this weekend especially as the NE is forecast.





The freshwater scene is alive and well. The carp fishing is going smashingly and the SuperCast order is almost sold out with the amount of guys queuing in to the success of the new flavours. The bass fishing is also in full summer swing while the fly fishers a relishing in the joy of trout and scalies…It is a good time to be a freshwater fisherman.




The warmer weather has seen the bass feeding very aggressively. Surface action is a really good way to start the day. Anything from a stickbait to a popper or a frog will get the bass’ attention in the low light hours of the day. A stop pause retrieve is deadly as it allows the bass to find the lure and generally on the start of the retrieve the lure gets annihilated. Dark colours have the best silhouette and are therefore the best choice for surface fishing. As soon as the sun is up, the bass have been feeding in the slightly deeper water and this is where the soft plastics have been dominating. The Kingfisher Reaction soft plastics have been doing very well and the bass have been attacking them with gusto. The watermelon red and black with silver flake have been the two winning colours since the launch. Use your fishfinder to locate the offshore structure and fish the baits slowly around these areas for the best chance at a summer giant.




The carp fishing side of things has been wild. The dams have seen an influx of anglers since the airing of our Daiwa ambassador Gilbert Foxcroft showing what amazing fishing there is to be had in the KZN dams and the sheer size of the fish available to those who put the effort in. The show also highlighted the quality of the current Daiwa carp line-up. If you are in the market for a new rod or reel, come in to one of the Kingfisher branches and have a look at the amazing rod and reels we currently have for the carp market, you might just rethink your current tackle choices.


The sweeter flavours are starting to come in to their own for both the specimen and conventional guys. All of the major dams have seen good results over the past week with Alberts being the pick of the lot if you want to do specimen or conventional while Inanda has been the dam to go to if you are fishing for a week and have the time to figure out the water and bait your feeding area properly.

Midmar and the other dams have produced fish, but have not been as consistent as the “big two” mentioned above. They are still worth the effort to fish however and will be a lot quieter than the other dams. So if you do not mind the crowds then Alberts is the way otherwise Midmar is the place to go if you prefer the peace and quiet of nature at the onset of summer.




The wavers of the long wand have been having a great run with both the trout and scalies. Those venturing to the sacred yellowfish water that is Sterkfontein Dam have had some very good early season fishing when conditions have been right. Closer to home, the colder weather snaps have seen the trout feeding with reckless abandon while the warmer spells have had the summer insects hatching. The warmer months do lend themselves to fishing on the surface in the early hours of the morning and evening. Larger patterns such as mice and frogs are great if you are wanting to target the bigger fish in the dam although don’t be surprised by the size of a small trout’s appetite. All the stillwaters are still producing fish although figuring out what they want has been the trickiest part of the trip. Once clued in to their wants, the fishing has been very good. The rivers and streams have been very low but the fishing has been good. Nymphing has produced the better fish and is the go to method. Use a yarn indicator for the gentlest approach and a pair of nymphs (zak and PTN). This will get the long rod bending.


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