With the weather being a little up and down, we have had to make the most of any small gap in the conditions. The north east wind has kept the shark guys happy and the sea temperature is starting to warm up for the ski boaters.

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Ray’s tip: Light is right. When it comes to light tackle angling, going light is right. Fish are highly visual and will be put off by thick hook snoots or leaders. When you are wanting to target shy fish, tackle down as much as possible to get the bite. This is especially true when it comes to estuary angling. Grunter for example are a lot more fun when hooked on 8lb braid than 20lb. Bream will sometimes refuse a 20lb hook snoot and force you down to 15lb. Let the fish dictate how you fish and change your trace and bait accordingly.



The boat and ski guys have been doing very well over the last few weeks. When the sea conditions have given them a gap, the fishing has been gun smoke.


North – The north has fished very well for the last week or so. There have been a fair number of sailfish hooked up at Vidal. Some have been fortunate enough to score double or even triple strikes from these beautiful fish. Livebait and trolled lures have been the winners. The skirted lures have not fared as well as the lipped lures but are always worth a try if you are targeting billfish.


Central – The Durban area has produced some lovely fish over the past week. Bait has been scarce so most have relied on lures for their game fish bites. Purple and pink have been the most successful colours for these lures, be it a lipped or skirted lure. Those that have managed to find live bait have caught some great tuna, kingfish and unfortunately some big hammerhead sharks. The water has started to warm up a bit more so the fishing should pick up in the next week or two.


South – The south has been a bottom fisherman’s haven. There have been some big hauls of bottoms over the last few weeks from Toti all the way to Port Edward. Remember that these fish are slow growing and do not handle angling pressure well so rather limit your catch.

The game fish have been a bit on the quiet side although there have been some decent tuna caught by the guys targeting them. Dark lipped lures like the black Kingfisher Rattler have proved to be the most successful of the lures to troll.


Rock and Surf:

The rock and surf anglers have had fantastic results over the last week. The edible anglers have caught some beautiful fish and the inedible guys have landed some giants.

North – The north coast, in particular the banks, has been producing some good fish. The banks have had a run of raggies that continues to keep the guys busy. There has also been more than enough diamonds to go around. Please remember that this area can be dangerous and due to the nature of the fishing, it is best done in a group. This is also a heavy tackle zone; do not bother with the light stick. Mackerel and bonito have been the baits of choice and a combination of the two has sent most fish dilly.


Central – The central zone has produced some fine edible fish over the last week. The piers have been the place to go if you are after a big stumpie or grunter. Good quality prawns (available at Kingfisher) are your best bet when it comes to bait. These fish require an accurate cast, so pay attention to where you are throwing and don’t just whack it out as far as you can. Look for the white-water and place your bait in this area as the working water is where these fish will feed.

The inedible guys have also had some great catches including a few beautiful duckbill rays and honeycombs.


South – The south…a scratcher’s paradise. The south has been the edible spot for the last week or so. Stumpies have been keeping the guys on the beaches busy while the gully hoppers have been having great success with the bronze bream. Both of these fish favour a prawn bait but each prefers a different rig. Keep the bream trace as light as possible and find the fish before you just start fishing. Bream fishing requires you to pack light and keep moving until you spot the fish feeding. The stumpies require good water reading as an accurate cast is necessary to get the bite. Place your bait on the edge of a sandbank or in some working water to get a bite.




The freshwater scene has been alive and well. The carp fishing has been a little bit slow but is picking up when the conditions are right. The bass have been wild and the trout and scalies have been rejoicing in the rivers/streams.


Carp – The carp have been a bit finicky over the past week. The unsettled conditions have put them in a bit of a mood. Once the pressure stabilizes, we should start to see some great fishing again.

The guys that have been successful have had to put in some long hours for the bites. Baiting the area you are fishing properly is vitally important as the carp will not stick around if there is nothing to eat. The flavours and dips are always a hot topic. Banana, garlic and aniseed are flavours that every box should have.


Bass – The bass have been feeding well in the shallows. Weightless soft plastics have been the winner over the past week. The smaller fluke-type soft plastics on a 1/0 wide gap bass hook fished with a jerky action in the shallows has resulted in some proper donkey bass. The biggest of the fish have been taken off of deeper underwater structure. Look out for rock piles or old riverbeds in the deeper water as this is a deadly place to look for a giant. Carolina rigged lures for the riverbeds and jigs for the rock piles. Keep the colours simple with blacks, browns and greens being the most popular.


Trout – The river and stream fishing has been fantastic this past week. The trout has been feisty and have really put up a good scrap. When it comes to stream fishing it is easy to pack far too much. In these smaller waters, fishing the right area properly is more important than fishing the “right fly”. A small selection of dry flies and nymphs is all you need, so l have the giant box at home and just put the essentials in your vest. A selection of nymphs focussed around Zacks, guns and GRHEs will be perfect and for the dry flies, DDDs and elk hair caddis imitations are all you need. The scalies have kept on feeding well and are a species that are fantastic fun on the fly rod. Nymph imitations and caddis larvae are the way to go. Fish the pockets and keep your eyes on your line while it swings. Scalies can be subtle takers, so set the hook if it looks suspicious.


Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop sent in this report. “It was so hot here this morning an Otter was chasing a crab and they were both walking. The lagoon is fishing very well even though there have been big swings in the water temperature and it is still full of surprises i.e. one minute you are catching kob then the next your reel goes screaming off with a diamond ray. It is time to consider using a bit of wire on your bite trace especially when fishing with bigger baits and artificials…..the pick handle barracuda are back. In the surf, the shad and snappers are out in full force, mind you so are the baby sharks, please treat these little guys with care. We just had fun in the shop playing “we going on a summers holiday” a customer phoned in a said “ pack a tackle box we going on holiday with 2 boys”, this got us into the mood for the upcoming holidays and the said tackle box is ready for collection, always nice to do that. Here is a tip, please note the casting weight of your rod, the bigger the sinker does not equate to the further you can cast but how quick you can snap your rod, your rod usually snaps before the 3rd last guide or in that area, meaning we cannot repair it, if you want to lob big sinkers buy a rod that can handle it. Flat fish are here to stay and we hear stories about a few nice bust ups, one sounds like a good specimen of a black tip shark.

Ski boat, well, well at last a tuna was boated by Janie on his Jet Ski, it weighed in at just over 10kg (10.159637kg). For the guys who went out on Monday and Tuesday they were not disappointed with their efforts, on Monday the catches were mainly kob with the odd snapper kob however Tuesday it was different, more snapper sob than anything else and 3 nice rockcod. There was no bird activity on Monday and Tuesday so no game fish were seen or caught.


From the Shop, with everyone on the road please take it easy and don’t rush we will wait for you if you need bait when your arrive or we will open later if need be so you can hit the water at first light, I would rather you spend money in my shop than save it while you in hospital because you took that one chance. No seriously take it easy don’t rush make, the trip an important part of your holiday like stopping for a Wimpy…….” Thanks Nic.

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