Christmas is just around the corner and the sea has already been giving out presents to some lucky anglers.


Ray’s tip: sun protection.


We have all been there, suffered the pain and embarrassment of rocking up at work on a Monday looking like a red and white raccoon. The pain is not pleasant and the mocking is not fun so make sure you take the right measures to make yourself sun-safe. Either cover up with uv-resistant clothing or lather up with some good quality sunscreen (or both). Sun protection goes hand in hand with hydration. These two measures are vitally important, especially as we move further in to summer. Make sure you take the preventative measures before your trip to avoid the pain and embarrassment…



The cold water has made offshore fishing a little tricky of late. There have however been some great catches and really good days had out on the water.


North – Richards Bay saw a beautiful marlin caught this past week. The upper north coast has been game fish paradise with many who made the effort to go up north returning with big smiles. Dorado, tuna and sailfish have been the main catches. Live baits and trolled lures have been the answer up north. Further south, Umdloti has been the spot to be. There have been countless tuna hooked; unfortunately the tax has been very high. Live baits trolled on the likely depth marks has been a sure-fire way to get a few bites. The best action has been on the surface with popper and stick baits thrown in to the action.


Central – There have been some spectacular fish caught over the past few weeks in the Durban area. There have been yellowtail (C. Bashford +16kgs), big bonnies and some yellowfin tuna over 40kgs! The tuna have been loving a live bait or a popper. The new range of Kingfisher Rattler poppers should be hitting the shelves soon, so keep an eye out for these.

For the bottom fishing crews, there have been fish around but mainly at night. The geelbek and daga have been feeding well in the dark hours. Live bait has been the best bait to lure these fish to bite.


South – The south coast has seen limited action over the past week. The windows to launch have been smaller down south so many have stayed dry and waited for better days. Those that have launched have managed the odd snoek on fillet baits and out deeper, a tuna or two on trolled lures. Darker colours have been the order of the day with the black Kingfisher Rattler proving its worth time and again.


Rock and Surf:

The rock and surf side of things has been in the full summer swing. There has been some amazing summer action from splash rocks all the way to Kosi bay. The sharks and skates have been bending the rods and testing the drags of many guys along the coast.

North – The north has continued to be on form. There have been plenty of trophy fish caught in this region over the past few weeks. There have been sandies over the magic 100kg and many more close to it. This are once-in-a-lifetime fish, so if you are ever lucky enough to catch one of these beauties, make sure to take care of it and snap some quick pics before letting him/her go safely. Mackerel baits have maintained their dominance as the best bait for these fish. If you are unsure of what to throw in to the sea, a mackerel head with some cutlets wrapped on the outside will not be refused by a hungry inedible.


Central – The Central coast has seen some very good sized edibles landed over the past week. There have been some large stumpies falling for a sealice bait placed in the working water. With the shad season opening again, there have been plenty of burrowing bream caught along the piers and the blue lagoon area. Some of these shad have been of respectable size while the majority have been hovering around the size limit. The guys looking for inedibles have found them along the beaches further north and in the basin. There have been some lovely diamonds, honeycombs and duckbills landed over the last week. Mackerel and chokka have been the baits of choice.


South – Yellowtail off the bricks. That is a statement that has been repeated recently. This is the second account in recent weeks of a yellowtail being landed from the side along the KZN coast. The first was a batch of fish caught off of South Pier. This fish was landed on the south coast off the rocks on a topwater plug. Well done to the angler!

The rest of the south coast has been a mixed bag. There have been plenty of edibles. Of these, the main catches have been kob, stumpies and bronze bream. Each prefer different baits and target methods, so have a browse of our YouTube channel to see what they are. There have also been a mix of inedibles coming out down south. Sandies, brown skates and honeycombs have been favouring a nice mushy bait (redeye or mackerel).


News from Mtunzini:

Lagoon – “Rather hit and miss for some while others reported good caches of river bream i.e. over 1kg specimens, I saw a picture of 5 on one boat. river snapper and diamonds were also boated together with the odd pick handle barracuda. Most of the fish were caught on sard, prawn and live bait. Most of the action was happening towards the N2 and mouth area while the car park area was very quiet. Some guys were spending the weekend here and fishing in the lagoon when one of the youngsters got his foot cut by something in the water, please be careful and when shoes when wading or playing in the lagoon, unfortunately glass and other sharp objects have found their way into the water, particularly in the public areas.


Surf – Diamonds, shad and snapper kob were the most targeted or caught fish however in between lots of little spinner, black tip and hammer head sharks were keeping anglers busy, I Quote one of my informers” Shot for Shot the guys up and down the beach were into something”, this was both Saturday and Sunday morning, some guys were throwing fish back as they had enough, Port Dunford and Amatikulu were the same let’s hope the fish stick around till Christmas. Some of my informants who were up for the weekend flew some snapper kob out as live bait with a drone, both were taxed behind the head, the debate is whether they should have used 2 hooks or 1. They managed several species of fish over both days.


Ski boat – Nanook went out over the weekend to High Point and on the way managed to get 2 dorado of about 8kg some other boats launched in the bay but at the time of going to press we have had no feedback”. Thanks Nic Maitland from Mtunzini Fishing Shop for this report.




The Durban Harbour has been the place to be whether you are wanting to throw some lures for the kingies or wanting to kick back and watch your float while the mullet school around. For the kingies, fish as light as possible and use some small lures like spoons and dropshots. For the mullet, Albany white bread works the best and is best used on a broomstick float trace with two hooks. Let the float drift in the current and wait for the mullet to take it and go. The grunter are full up in the harbour and are feeding very well. Some specimens have pushed the scales past 6kgs. Cracker shrimp are the best way to target these shy feeders. Keep the tackle as light as possible and you will get more bites and enjoy the fight.



The freshwater scene has been lively. The bass have been enjoying the summer sun and are feeding a lot more aggressively than previously. The carp are increasing in number but the sizes have decreased. All the dams are fishing well and the rivers are not far behind. Go out and enjoy the sun.


Bass – The bass are wild! This is a statement that has resonated in the shop over the last few weeks. The watermelon red Kingfisher Reaction soft plastics have been working very well in all of the KZN dams. Midmar has been producing some very good fish. Weightless flukes and stick baits have produced the majority of the bigger fish. Watermelon red and green pumpkin have been the standout colours. Albert Falls and Inanda have been much of a muchness when it comes to fish. They are both fishing very well and few people are leaving without a story of a giant or a smile about the great days fishing. Soft plastics have been fishing very well. This is probably due to the slower pace that people are fishing these and the more realistic nature of these baits.


Carp – The carp fishing is heating up. The numbers have been much larger than over the previous weeks, albeit the size dropping. The Spiderman dip has been producing some fantastic results over the last few weeks. So well in fact all the stores are sold out of stock. The Kingfisher will be receiving new stock shortly. If you are planning a trip to the KZN dams, make sure to bring some aniseed, banana and garlic with. These are the big three when it comes to carping in KZN (and most of SA). If the carp are not feeding on one or a mixture of the three, sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. The specimen guys have been landing some beautiful fish out of Inanda. This following the success on Hier Gaan Ons Alweer. The key to success has been baiting the area properly and then fishing the spot with larger baits. Tigernuts have been the best hook bait to fish over a bed of particles.

Trout and friends – The trout fishing is starting to wane. The summer insect hatches are making the early evenings a dry fly fisherman’s dream. Watching trout sip insects of the surface while the sun is setting in the distance brings a smile to some and Goosebumps to others. Keep a good selection of dry flies at the ready for such an occasion. You do not need every conceivable pattern but just a variety of colours and sizes in known patterns. Spinner-type dries and elk-hair caddis imitations are my go-to flies. If you want to have a good show, tie on a frog fly and strip it along the weed margins…hold on for some amazing action. Sub-surface fishing has slowed a bit, but the takes have been savage.

The scalies have been feeding well and most of the usual spots have been holding fish. Black nymphs and caddis imitations have been producing good results.


Tight lines and screaming reels.

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